There are certain internet rivalries that cut deep DC versus Marvel in the diesel versus the rock star wars vans versus other Star Wars fans. There’s the rivalry that will never end the one that has lasted since the early 2 thousand and will likely continue until the end of time Xbox versus PlayStation that being said in 2018 a small olive branch in this bitter bitter conflict was offered on a little game. You may have heard of Fortnite an olive branch called cross-platform play. once upon a time games were just built for the single-player experience. The developer would give you a nice plumber to jump through a world or super-soldier who wanted to shoot through a planet filled with space demons weirdly enough that still describes games that are coming out.

The difference is that this type of experience is no longer the only way to play in fact games like the Avengers make it seem like publishers are desperate to be done with that whole single-player experience altogether that’s because no matter how difficult the boss. You can make it will never compare to another human character sorry from software try as you might make as many dark souls you want but men will always be the most dangerous game more importantly online play will always be the most profitable game. You see no matter how much money could be made in offering new story content for your favorite RPG. it will never compare to the thrill of spending a ton of money on upgrades or loot for weapons.

You can use it to take down another player this entire business model started off on surprisingly shaky ground. The original Wolfenstein and doom started the craze with computer-based online competitions then things took off with its software’s quake world which put in a serious commitment to its online play. The game became a sport with players obsessive over every inch of the map this addictive new gameplay feature took off and became a true sensation which led to more titles like half-life and unreal tournament which blaze new trails for.

The online gaming genre things finally got to consoles with the Sega Dreamcast which was the first to offer this functionality, unfortunately. it was a bit ahead of its time internet functionality and availability wasn’t able to catch up to the rising demand to play against your friends from the comfort of home. Sega’s big launch into new territory did little more than paving the way for Sony and Microsoft on the market with their never-ending war for online dominance don’t feel too bad for say get up they had. The chance to get in with both companies and turned them down I mean I never thought sonic the hedgehog look like a great businessman so now that the functionality was out there everyone will be able to play together pretty soon right wrong technology maybe 1 thing. But business rivalries are a whole other problem over time.

The Xbox 360 in PlayStation 3 arrived that whole internet fad had really taken off many households now have high-speed internet that could support online play. Both devices were equipped with online functionality social media services and most importantly an online store with your credit card 1 click of a button away so with all this interconnected body. Why couldn’t these 2 Titans just play nice and let it all play together well 1 answer has more than a little to do with the game called halo you see Microsoft wisely spent a ton of money acquiring this property that could serve as the face of Xbox. This ended up becoming the choice that launched the Xbox into legend status sure the single-player campaign with the master chief was final but this game was all about the multiplayer while many still enjoyed getting friends together with that split-screen over beer and pizza life the real game was in the inevitable online explosion.

Halo was a first-person shooting online playing sensation not only that but you couldn’t play it on a PlayStation all those covenant monsters might as well have had the Sony logo plastered on their faces luckily that was far from the only sensation in town. The call of duty modern warfare franchise has become such a big game for online play that is probably the first franchise many long-time players think of when asked about online gaming the fast-paced battle of rage. Hollis is much an art form as it is a video game at this point the brutal showdowns between fans of the series was remarkably like the one had by its 2 main distributors instead of kill counts to track Sony Microsoft had daily active users the thinking.

There was that if you want to play with your friends then that would be a selling point to get you to buy a PlayStation or Xbox the more daily active users each had signed on to shoot and dismember their bodies. The stronger the chances were more their buddies buying a console to join in on the carnage that is a very modern style of warfare indeed that method of business continued on and on with the new titles releasing every year to try and tip the scales toward or away from the other. This heavy competition was the center of the generation expands passionately defended PlayStation or Xbox his superiority finally enough all of this effort over online play exclusives and super gritty games lost out to Nintendo’s silly week console that allows grandparents to bowl with the grandkids in the living room literally no one thought freak in.

we sports would be such a huge deal that’s the funny thing that happens when you sell games though you never know which surefire hits a-gonna flop and which flops are gonna hit harder than you could’ve ever imagined. Luckily it seems as if the competition is changed a bit during the current generation the idea of Xbox and PlayStation players actually being able to go head to head was once a fever dream and then it wasn’t on the subject of how no one knows what games are going to hit or not let’s talk about pub G. if you were going to gamble on what battle royale franchise would define a generation it would seem like player unknown’s battlegrounds was the one to bet on I imagine not a day goes by someone who worked on doesn’t look in the mirror and ask how in the world did we lose to 49 by all accounts. Fortnite looks like one of those games that would be a $0.99 app store shooter literally no one place objectively it has none of the things that the big shooters before it happened.

It doesn’t have the gritty war-torn tone of call of duty the sci-fi spectacle of halo or the cynical humor borderlands with its cheap cartoony graphics and somewhat simple world. Fortnite barely even seems like a contender like we sports before it though there’s something Fortnite has that rakes in the most players crossover appeal young Gen Z. players love Fortnite millennials love Fortnite even Jack black love sport not it has become such a sensation. The players are literally paying people to train their kids on the game or to even teach them the dances its crossover appeal doesn’t just stretch to different generations of gamers though but also to different ways to game case in point.

If you took out your phone right now and downloaded Fortnite I bet you could be in a game before the end of this Article seriously race me and I bet you could win in a world where every new call of duty game almost needs a second PS 4 to store. The game you’re playing on the first PS 4 is insane. So it’s fitting the Fortnite would be the 1 to bring Sony and Microsoft together as of 2018 Sony finally caved on cross-platform play for Fortnite. This was a huge ship for gaming that could affect the future of the PS 5 and Xbox series next generation the idea that we could all be able to enjoy the call of duty or get disappointed by whatever EA throws at us together was at as much as this could be good for giant titles it’s likely even better for growing.

The player base of smaller titles at the end of the day gamers often flock to small games like rocket league among us and fall guys games like these depend on growing their player numbers quickly across multiple platforms. The more platforms people can play these titles with their friends the more games like these. We will see you thrive what we truly want our gaming experiences that are new and special ones. They push the gaming industry in weird ways that aren’t necessarily decided by a board room meeting more than anything else. We want to play these games together. There you have it how cross-platform gaming finally became a thing if you have any thoughts on the future of gaming.