With slogans like now you’re playing with power now you’re playing with superpower and portable power Nintendo’s machines have historically been less powerful. Then many of its competitors from the genesis to the series X and PS 5 Nintendo’s internal can hardly compare but like basketballs little man Mugsy Bogues. It’s found ways to succeed in spite of its lack of power or perhaps because of its EG as it can squeeze in the market where the others can’t and dominate in their own style of play. Even though their magazine is called Nintendo power.

Its actual physical power is not why people buy it the legions of Nintendo nation ours by its consoles because of an overall experience and the company seems to be happy with that it’s cornered a market that is profitable as its clients don’t switch consoles for a teraflop. The twin towers of power have their OP thing it’s gritty games and top-shelf graphics and Nintendo has its family-friendly content more games. you don’t have to spend 20 hours learning the controls and doesn’t frighten users away with aggressive fear-based marketing.

The sense that it doesn’t make you feel as though you need to get one to get with the times to use early 90 Saturday Night Live characters to illustrate. Some of us are like Wayne from Wayne’s world and want what we can’t have the way he wanted that white Fender Stratocaster is PS 5 and some of us are more like cars and we live by his life philosophy and Nintendo’s future. When you buy one you don’t feel as though you just got something that will be relevant and not very long but that you are a part of something that’s timeless. As a company, Nintendo has a 31 year and running history their humble beginnings included manufacturing had food card games and evolve to video game consoles in 1977. They hit major league success with the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985 and had a cult following ever since for many of us Nintendo based memories are safe space a time where no 1 could hurt and we were in control in an out of control world.

I remember when I was a fighter and experienced my first major concussion the dream I had. When I was K out on the mat was of my brother and I and our childhood home in the basement playing super spike volleyball on any S thanks to its history Nintendo knows games and knows fun. Although the medium has changed and will continue to change people are people and people want to get together and have fun whether they’re playing Hawaiian style quickly racing Merrill cards having a Merrill party or cheating at cards and maybe even getting caught Nintendo was and is an instrumental part of that and that’s a reach beyond the light of raytracing graphics.

In just 3 short years the switch has sold an estimated 60 5000000 units worldwide from 2017 to 2020. The PS 4 has done an estimated 113.5000007 years and the Xbox 1 an estimated 60 5000000 in that same time frame so yes Nintendo is doing the big numbers and staying relevant commercially as well as artistically with cultural phenoms like the legend of Zelda breath of the wild and Super Mario Odyssey and critically acclaimed index like creature in the well and hotline Miami collection even though compared to the PS 4 and Xbox 1.

it has less ram less storage and it’s customized video tech rep processor is technically less capable than Sony and Microsoft’s customized AMD jaguar CPU if we’re talking next year the series X and PS 5 specs blow the switch out of the water but Nintendo fans our next level loyal thanks to all the happy memories. The video game company has been a part of their lives many of them spent playing with other people live and in the flesh and as the old saying goes about loyalty. you can’t buy it and you can’t pay enough for Nintendo banks on and that is intended was true power what do you think about Nintendo these days is that something you love or have you moved on to more pretty and green next Gen games let us know.