The 2 most rushed most anticipated most hyped pieces of machinery sold out like hotcakes and are facing some alleged overheating issues and there’s about a 90 percent chance of them working. I’m thinking of the PlayStation 5 liquid-cooled system seems like the perfect fix so why did Sony and Microsoft just do it. We’re going to go over 3 reasons why we think they did it cost statics and the risk of making the problem even worse. In the movie fight club, the narrator teaches us that if you take the number of units of a product in the field Hey and multiply it by the probable failure rate B then multiply the result by the average out of court settlement CNG does 8 times B times C well that equals X. if X is less than the cost of a recall.

We don’t do one to parallel that the risk analysts at Sony and Microsoft must have calculated that the number of consoles in the field a multiplied by the projected low failure rate of being multiplied by the cost of returns C. We don’t think these overheating machines will cause so much damage they’ll have to settle out of court made a value of X. Which was inferior to the cost of installing a liquid cooling system in the PS 5 and series X and S in other words installing a liquid cooling system would cost more than the returns. They get from faulty overheating systems thanks fight club also keep in mind that the increased unit cost would be transferred to the consumer trumping up those already fairly high price tags.

The next-Gen consoles are big machines they don’t want to make them bigger like our blockbuster movie stars. We the people want our electronics leaner tighter stream is Bochy seems old dated slow on the healthy liquid-cooled system would be just that thank you thick Porky chunky. We want our machines to look the way we want to feel sleek sexy handling liquid coolers can grow and are probably noisier than Microsoft’s vapor chamber or Sony’s liquid metal system and are always happy get fit a fatty under the TV not comfortably anyway not no more Liquid cooling is not a foolproof system as pointed out by YouTuber Linus from Linus tech tips.

It’s their pumps that add an additional mechanical point of failure going to a liquid cooler you just be trading problems on top of making the machines more expensive. The console makers risk making the part that’s failing a more expensive one to fix. If you’ve already got a PS 5 wars series X and they overheat you could give them away to worthy families like YouTuber Phoenix resale this for you guys I hope they like it. The gaming community forcing Microsoft to tweet this you can go to Travis Scott or Michael B. Jordan’s house and ask them.

If you can play their machines I’m sure there’s never break or go to Daniel Kaluuya is house and play the Xbox series sex and hopefully, you don’t fall into the sunken place. When you’re there sink into the floor or you can do with the wise old owls do and wait patiently for the next wave of next Gen machines until then old games will have to do unless. You’ve heard of this old school more reliable console called the PC do you think the PS 5 in series X should be liquid-cooled and he released a horror story to tell us.