What’s on my iPad Pro 2020! Which I’ve been using.

Today we’re gonna do a what’s on my iPad. I’ve been using my iPad so much more since we’ve been in quarantine. Since I’ve been spending so much time at home, I’ve been editing on my Mac Pro, so I don’t necessarily use my MacBook as much. So now I’ve been using my iPad for everything else, but editing. I’ve been using it to edit photos, to play games, I’ve also been using it to watch Twitch streams, watching YouTube videos, I’ve been using it to track my food like I wanna go through and show you guys all the apps that I’ve been using.

Someone asked me the other day if I was on a deserted island, what piece of tech would I take, and normally I would have said my iPhone. But I think I might change that to the iPad, iPad Pro with magic keyboard, and Apple Pencil. So I guess that’s three things. No, that’s just one. This is one package. Before we get into what else is on my iPad, I need to talk about Raid Shadow Legends. A huge thank you to them for sponsoring this video.

A few weeks ago they reached out and asked if I had ever played the game and at that point, no, I had not played it. I’d seen so many of my friends playing it before, so I thought that I would give it a shot, since I have a lot of free time, and basically all I’ve been doing is, playing video games anyway. What I love about this game, is obviously the graphics are awesome, I love RPG games. But this is a game that I can keep playing, while I’m also doing something else. I’ll get into that in a second. It’s free to play and the graphics, are actually really good. It’s not really a mobile game, because you could also play it on the PC. I love it when games give you daily rewards for logging in. They’ve also upped the daily login rewards from 90 to 180, So I kind of have my daily ritual now, while I’m having my coffee, I open up the game, collect my rewards, play a few battles, upgrade my champions, and then I can continue on with my day.

I like to use this model in the easier battles when I know I’m gonna win, and I don’t have to put forth much effort. So while I’m writing an email or editing, I can be over here working on upgrading champions, raiding dungeons, and also going through the campaign modes. I feel like I’m just scratching the surface, being a few weeks in.

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Now my iPad’s dead because I didn’t charge it last night, and I’ve been playing games. So here’s everything that I have on my iPad. The first page is just really not that interesting because I don’t ever actually swipe to find my apps, I swipe down. I type okay, I want Twitter, Twitter shows up. I want Twitch, Twitch shows up. I want to email, email shows up. So this first page is kind of all the basic Apple apps. You’ve got FaceTime, Calendar, Clock, all the way through to the measuring app, to settings, and then it starts getting into my actual apps. I have Gmail, Control Center, which I use to control my Elgato lights at my streaming setup. Streaming slash zoom slash conference call, slash video game setup. This is the Microsoft Teams app. So I use that a lot of times when I’m doing different conference calls. People use so many different conferencing systems now. Twitch, I think we all know what Twitch is. MyFitnessPal, I’ve been trying really hard to track the foods that I eat, especially during the quarantine.

MyFitnessPal is a really not fun reality of food tracking. I don’t think I’ve tracked anything yet today. Next, we have Photo Booths. I don’t think I’ve ever actually ever opened this, on my iPad. Oh, cool. Yeah, that’s a good shot, that’s great. I’m gonna make that my profile picture. Shortcuts for creating Siri shortcuts. These are still Apple’s things, iTunes or Tabs. I need to put these all in a folder. GarageBand, that’s what I’ve been using to record my podcasts with my sister. Keynote, Numbers, Pages, iMovie, iTunes U, Houzz. LumaFusion for editing. I love LumaFusion so much. This is one of my favorite apps. This is how I feel like I could survive, by just using an iPad. And now especially with the trackpad. Lightroom for editing photos, Hot Lava is another Apple arcade game, Angry Birds, that’s a VR game that I covered in my iPad video. Minecraft Earth, Shapr3D, Statue of Liberty also an AR app, Jedi Challenges, Forensics Detective that was also the game that I covered.

Access forensic tools, that will help you tie the evidence to one or more suspects. – Nettie, I’m trying to solve a crime right now. That’s an AR camera that has been around for a while. IKEA store. An IKEA place that kind of go hand in hand, with the IKEA place app, is the one that allows you to place items into your space. Let me try to put this chair. This looks great. So right here, I’m gonna put the chair outside of my studio. It’s crazy ’cause you can like to move it around too. So obviously that doorframe wasn’t there. You wouldn’t even be able to tell if that chair wasn’t there. Monster Park. This is also really funny. I’m placing my scene. Who needs friends when you have this game in quarantine. Froggipedia, you can dissect a frog, TikTok, I think we all know what that is. I also have Excel and Word on here, because my sister and I have been using spreadsheets, to track items that we want in Animal Crossing. I know it’s absurd. Apogee MetaRecorder. That’s what I use the height mic for, I can record it directly on my iPad. HBO Go, I’ve been watching Westworld.

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