We’re going to be opening up a mystery bag

Today we’re going to be opening up a mystery bag of Apple goodies. So Belkin sent me a bunch of things and I don’t even know what’s in here. I just kinda tossed them all into this bag. So it’ll be an exciting surprise. So let’s just dive right in and see what our first item’s gonna be. This is interesting, it’s a case and a stand for your Apple Pencil. So I’m gonna be honest with you. I don’t remember the last time I’ve used my Apple Pencil because I don’t really ever use my Apple Pencil.

But I know a lot of people, I have so many friends who are incredible illustrators and it’s basically like their lifeline. Like this is something that they use absolutely every day with the iPad Pro. I’m not an illustrator so this, for me, is not something that I would use on a daily basis. If I could use this on my iPhone, yeah I would definitely use it, but I can’t. If I could use this on my MacBook touchpad, yeah I would use it but it basically is rendering itself useless until Apple will let us use more things with it. It’s like, hey, here’s this really cool technology that will only work with one thing. But this looks cool, this is something that, honestly, is a really great idea.

This is where you’ll put your Apple Pencil. Oh, it opens up too so you can take it with you. This is what is pretty sweet because I’ve already lost the attachment to this and it has like a little area so that you can put replacement tips and replacement little another tip. Look at that, that’s sweet, that is a really good idea. Because if I did use this every day, this would be perfect. I would know where my freaking pencil was. I could travel with it, I’m into it. So far, we’re one for one in the mystery box Bag. Let’s move down towards the bottom.


This packaging is incredible, it’s very, very nice. I’m more of a fan of this because I do travel a lot so if you don’t travel this could be something that might be a little bit better for you. I’ve got it, I’ve got the next one. Oh! Look at this. I have never used a third-party Apple Watch strap before. I’ve only used the ones from Apple. It’s for the 38. That’s all right, I know I have some friends that have a 38. It’ll still strap on but the ends won’t be the same size so it’s not gonna fit properly. It basically just feels like the silicon version of the Apple Watch. I really. Like I love that light blue color. I’m not gonna take this one out since I don’t have a 38. I would like to save it for somebody who could use it.

USB-C Cable:

It’s basically a USB to lightning cable but it looks like it’s a super durable one because let me tell you what. I know you guys have probably had this problem. A lot of the Apple cables, they do tend to fail, especially if you’re kind of abusive and I’m definitely abusive with traveling, with daily use, you know pulling the thing out of the wall by the cord, which you should never, ever do. Yeah, we all do it and if you don’t then you’re a better person than me. Bunch of different colors. By bunch I mean four, there’s a gold, silver, the rose gold and the black. I’ve got the black version. This is nice, it’s like a braided cloth-type texture. So here’s the thing, this is a lightning cable and my fingers are crossed for USB-C on the next iPhone. I am ready, I feel like it was just yesterday that I was super upset that the new GoPros were USB-C charging because I was just finally getting almost everything converted to USB micro.

We’re all USB-C baby, except for that iPhone. So… let’s get with it. This is nice, this is so strong that this is something that I feel like I could take out into the wilderness and if I needed to survive, I could definitely hunt an animal down with this and, you know, string it up by its feet. This is sure- We’re talking about if I needed to survive. I grew up in Pennsylvania, we hunted for our food and then the food that we hunted. It’s like if I had to bridge a gap between, I don’t know, one tree to a next tree, there was a pond in between, I could string this up. Like it’s incredibly strong. Like a travel survival bag for sure. We still got three things to go to.

IPhone charger:

Apple Watch iPhone charger. It says it will charge your Apple Watch eight times. 6700 milliamps. It looks like the ring doorbell. I have yet to see a portable charger that has a built-in Apple Watch charger. Like this is pretty awesome, so props. That’s nice, it does charge micro USB which is good. So there are our ports, it has one USB port so you would be able to charge your iPhone. But this is the real winner if you do have an Apple Watch. That’s cool, that’s a real win.

I’m actually quite surprised, I have not even tried experimenting with other bands on this ceramic watch since I got it. But yeah, I’m on the last one so it’s as tight as it can go. We’ve got one more item and it’s an iPhone case. Scratch-resistant, anti-air protect. So I’ve always been kind of iffy about having clear iPhone cases because I’ve had them before, in the past, but a lot of stuff usually ends up falling inside of it and then it just looks kinda disgusting. But I’m down to try. Feels like it’s a pretty flexible material.

I was so excited about getting a jet black iPhone but like, I didn’t really ever get to enjoy it being jet black ’cause I didn’t want it to get smudged or scratched. So that looks pretty cool. Does it look pretty cool? The worst part about cameras that don’t have a flip-out screen is you basically are just, you know, throwing stuff against the wall. And since that’s a picture, it sticks.

But what I did say was I’m not a fan of clear cases which is one of the reasons that I didn’t end up keeping the red iPhone is because the only way that I really would’ve been able to enjoy the red iPhone. I’ve never had a battery charger that’s like this shape before so it fits in small purses and things like that. But thank you guys for watching this video. I hope that you guys did enjoy it. And this is the end, so that’s it.

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