We are doing a Mac Pro upgrade! 1.5 TB RAM

We are doing a Mac Pro upgrade, and this is something that really, to be completely honest with you, my Mac Pro really doesn’t need this upgrade, but since I can do it I’m going to. One of the highlights of the Mac Pro originally was this is something that is built for the future. There are so many different things that you can install to upgrade this computer that it’s a little bit overwhelming so we’re gonna start very simply with 1.5 terabytes of RAM and a new 8 terabyte solid-state RAIN drive. In addition to some internal upgrades, we also have the Mac Pro wheels. I know a lot of you guys were making fun of me, and people but I really wanted to check them out, and I thought that these wheels really needed a proper review.

Also, that Mac Pro is heavy we do move it around a lot in the studio especially for shoots like this, so if I’m able to wheel that thing from my office into here I don’t know… I think it’s worth $800. because I used to ask for RAM and hard drive upgrades for my birthday and Christmas, and this is where my dad used to get it from, so this is kind of crazy that this is all coming around full circle. I am very excited. They have so many different upgrades they also have this incredible 8 terabytes solid-state drive that I have been using for editing everything recently.

The best thing about it is, going through them you’re going to be saving so much money on different upgrades like RAM and drives, as opposed to directly through Apple. I ran out of space when I was editing the 8k Mac Pro unboxing so Johnathan actually told me about this Thunderblade drive, and it has completely changed everything. They have a bunch of different sizes.

This is the Accelsior 4M2 8 terabyte solid-state drive, and I just looked at their website, they have one of these that goes up to 16 terabytes. This looks like something that I get my sushi in, but there are 1.5 terabytes of RAM.
Looks like we’ve got everything ready, time for the upgrade. Upgrading the Mac Pro was even easier than I originally thought. All I had to do was unscrew these screws, remove the faceplate, and pop in our drive, replace the screws, and the faceplate, and that was it. And moving on to 1.5 terabytes of RAM, these faceplates popped right off giving you access to add or remove RAM, and in this case, we are adding 1.5 terabytes. Mac Pro can use either dim or Grimm, but they can’t be combined. So Grimm modules must be all the same size, it’s also worth noting that only the 24 core and 28 core Mac Pros have the ability to be expanded to 1.5 terabytes.

Image Source: Apple

Got the solid-state drive installed got the RAM installed and I was just about to install the wheels. I’ve got my little bit that they included, and I’m reading the directions and I get to number 8, it says: “use a flexible screwdriver with this bit,” that comes with the wheels. So now I need to find a flexible screwdriver or some other solution to try to get these legs off, and I will continue this video. So Home Depot has curbside pickup, so I basically just have to drive up, call them and they will give me my screwdriver. – That’s good because – there are so many people. – The line’s probably really long it’s the weekend. – Everybody must need a flexible screwdriver. So now that we have the tools that we need to install the wheels it’s really really simple. I have my directions over here and basically, there’s a screw that is inside of these legs, unscrew it, pop off the legs, and put on the wheels. This is super flexible I hope this works because I don’t even know. There are two little prongs that help you guide this into the end here. You put those two little pins into the slots, and we are off to the races.

Let’s plug this guy back in and check out our upgrades. Everything is set up, I would say this is the first time I’m booting this up, but since I had a day, I did actually already boot this up and verify that everything works properly. So you guys, we have the 1.5 terabytes of memory all twelve slots. You guys here we popped in the solid-state drive. So this here is the software that these drives use, it’s called SoftRAID. These are the two drives that I have, this is the one that we just installed.

You can also go here and you can set it to be optimized for the work station server, digital video, digital audio, or photography, and my Postmates just arrived which is really great news. But inside here if one of your drives does fail, this will hopefully allow you to not lose any data at all. I do need to figure this out because it says that there is an IO error on one of my drives. But in the meantime I’m incredibly happy with my upgrades, I know this is definitely something that for what I’m usually editing it’s definitely overkilled, I am well aware of that, but man this is gonna make 8k editing so seamless. So now that means maybe a camera upgrade is in order.

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