The first 2 episodes of Wanda vision because that’s just how I talk about TV shows I guess for the running for the first 2 episodes of Wanda vision. Wanda vision is a new series on Disney plus stars wanted vision the title would entail it is executed like a mid-century sitcom What we have to go on and I feel like that’s how I have to judge because that’s all the show gives me you know like I mean we know some bullshit going on. We know some fuckery is going on because the MCU isn’t a mid-century. We don’t know why it’s bullshit you like or do you see in a good place is she in some sort of snap purgatory is an issue in that episode of Batman. The animated series The Batman figured out because all the words in books were all scrambled around you don’t know if she knows it or not I know that she can manipulate reality is but nothing in the MCU’s ever shown me. She could do that so maybe this is the start of that you know comic books and their comic book adaptations on screen.

Comic Books:

They’re different you know like as she’s magneto’s daughter in the comic books which could be now that they have the X men. Which would actually be really awkward because Quiksilver Sir brother quicksilver is also magneto son but the quicksilver that’s magneto son is not the same quicksilver that’s her brother you just any house beside the point. But you know something’s up you already know that because you’re already very familiar with the MCU. Which is kind of working against Wanda’s vision. Because it’s relying on your attachment to the MCU to keep you intrigued. I know that because if you’re judging it based on these 2 episodes for judging the show based on just the 2 episodes it’s not that intriguing actually not that clever is sick on either I know it’s bullshit that comes like a parody of a second. But it’s not executed that way it’s executed lake a couple of episodes of the sitcom cheers episode one of Wanda vision.

it’s Wanda and vision’s anniversary wanders planned a very romantic dinner with vision things. He’s supposed to bring his boss and his boss’s wife over. They’re going to have a couples dinner wind is very I’m prepared for that so she has to prepare a meal in the kitchen without them figuring out that she wasn’t prepared all right and then the here’s episode do vision eats a stick of gum which comes up his inside so we act so weird and loopy and drunk the entire time but while he is weird to be drunk and literally gummed up on the inside. They have to perform a magic trick in front of the town so should never give them like that’s what it is that’s all. when the show doesn’t give you enough of that intrigue to really hook you and keep you going for the rest of the show at least in the first 2 weapons are only give you a couple of glimpses at the end of the first episode like it zooms out.

Wanda’s vision on TV:

There’s a TV work it’s like the doctor claw V was just an arm with the remote and someone’s watching Wanda’s vision on TV looks like the super evil lair colors like the back had to be on his way. The arm of one of the Turks from final fantasy 7 is watching one division on TV like okay that’s where it was just one thing in the first episode was at the very end you just one quick glimpse in the second episode. you know on the radio you hear some voice computer core wonder who’s during the streak and so that’s what you have also some beekeeper look into crawls out of the sewer and time goes backward and then it’s like it didn’t happen. But these are very quick glimpses of things that’s all you have the other 58 minutes of these 2 episodes put together because each episode is half an hour long. It’s not that funny is not that interesting just much rather prefer the intrigue being built up by interesting character interactions interesting tension that’s building is just not if it really happens on the first 2 episodes of Wanda vision anyway.

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This is where I do understand why shows released episodes a week to week still in a world. Where some shows just released everything at once because it keeps the internet talking. If you look at Mandalorian people were talking about man to Laurie and week to week chatter lasts a week and then the next week rolls around there’s another episode, not chatter last week so you get a lot more online chatter about your show YouTube videos go up it feeds the machine. They get more out of it that way. I totally get it where you look at the Netflix formula cobra kai people talk about it for a week or 2 and then it’s done but I really think Wanda vision would benefit by releasing all the episodes at once. it’s like Wanda’s vision was filmed and executed as a show where all the episodes will go up at once to these first 2 episodes that were just a subpar sitcom that is fine because you could binge the whole thing so by the end of the day.

Wanda vision Mystery:

you have your answers in the intrigue builds throughout so an hour of sitcoms that’s it works and here I am in my head going okay is the whole MC you being a part of it working for it or against it. I mean if you show the control group these 2 episodes of Wanda vision. what do you think most people be like why do I care about the show where the characters are not interesting interactions in there and is an intriguing drama mystery Twilight Zone thing that is executed like a sitcom. it’s not that interesting but with the MCU backing, it is easy to be like. you know I’ll give it a chance we’ll see where it goes. it’s not that I’m not intrigued as to what’s going on I am but I am because I know the MCU and I know this world isn’t what the MC windows so obviously something’s here but that’s my knowledge of the MCU making.

The show intriguing not the execution of the show itself I really think this set up which is the first 2 episodes just dragged on at first. it was kinda cool clever and different but then I’m like okay. Let’s get on to actually getting to the interesting part of this weird Twilight Zone world but we never got there was just some great be sick common. I was sick all right under the third episode next week I guess. I feel like a grumpy deck I don’t like being a grumpy deck on the go head to speed this up to get to the end of the Wanda vision the first 2 episodes have you seen.