Wanda Vision the most compelling episode if that’s not the word. It’s the most satisfying episode of Wanda Vision. First of all spoiler warning for Wanda Vision. This week was a deficit forecast total episode for some spoilers for Wanda Vision. We’re gonna get right into it because you’ve been warned about the boys all those answers for I’d like a little more answers doesn’t ring a sitcom world because we got those not in a trickle all at once shows like here’s the episode folks here’s all of its 2 starts out after everyone comes back from the snap. The blip you know the phantoms thing everyone got snapped away so when they came back so we can see that we saw after they came back. They all threw down and fought but this shows when people reform what happened starts out with Monica Rambeau who is the little girl from captain Marvel because you don’t just make an extraterrestrial superhero friend.


When you were a kid and not you know kind of get into it all when you grow up Elliott from ET did not have a normal life. when you grow up you know his career path. He got into some crazy stuff I promise probably smoking a lot of pot in a trailer trying to tell everybody out there on his little podcast that aliens are real was on Joe Rogan. That’s a fact so now she’s come back to work she works for swords sword. We’ve seen glimpses in logos throughout Wanda Vision. It’s I do get asked though like were that I suppose these are also answers will get going forward but in reality, it’s a production thing. They were like all right we’re gonna do Avengers which shield and you know we’ll start out there and we’ll expand it as it goes there were a lot of situations were sort of would have been pretty helpful. They just kind of weren’t there possible for the sake of the MCU world sort got a lot more funding after the shield was compromised by hydro so but now we have soared.

Monica Rambeau another ager like they’re supposed to be a town here and there’s not so they need to find out why they can’t find the town of Storybrooke and for a while and Wanda Vision was like what does this remind me of this town that’s hidden and no one knows is a town there because there’s not a town there to them. But there’s a town there with its story broke from once upon a time before I think of anyway maybe scarlet witch should have done that when she blasted Monica out of the reality should be like home and it comes with a price Danny so sort brings in a crew of different specialists including kat Dennings and we haven’t seen in a while. I’m glad she’s still part of it just got to feel part of the MCU like you see that sometimes the MC was like that was a supporting character.


We’ve moved on now it kind of cracked me up it should start seeing broad catches as I need to TV as in an old one not flat easier way to do that be like a room full of fellow nerds which one of you is a retro gamer. Well, that’s a lot of hands it’s a lot of CRT center definitely a very well right now. I’m just saying man we nerds we love the sea are tasteless. It wasn’t for me that was really satisfying not just because of the answers I got not just because of the connections you see going back you know what it was like warm to what’s happening who’s doing this do you want to we now see what happened. What people outside of the town reality bubble what they were doing to try to connect with her and find out what was happening but I found a satisfying for that reason they were asking the same questions like wait there’s a stick.

The characters outside the fake one division reality and the reality have the same questions as I do as a person outside the reality within the reality misery loves company. But it’s not just misery just everything loves company misery loves company confusion loves company happiness loves company with everything loves company every emotional state so yeah satisfying to say but I think I actually loved most is seeing the characters watch Wanda Vision in the same way. We’re watching walking division. it forms some connection between that and the concept of higher dimensional beings watching us you know if they’re watching us it probably does feel like a sick on the back and then I saw the connection between something. I kind of think about it gonna be a bit of attention anyway attention from one division but it still is how I process this episode.

Ghosts Black:

I guess it’s relevant if it’s me talking about this episode which I think is probably what demons ghosts black masses all these things that the stories that we have, if they’re real and not just psychological plays not just something made up in people’s minds, don’t believe in demons are ghosts. But it probably would be some higher-dimensional beings trying to interact with our third dimension but they can’t you wouldn’t see them as they are we would see them as weak hands per our third-dimensional reality collector 2-dimensional beings. We try to interact with them and we put our finger into their realm. it’s a 2-dimensional thing so they’re not going to see a finger that just going to see a line that forms in front of them and then goes away because I can’t see the 3-dimensional object on a 2-dimensional plane. They can only see 2 dimensions of these 3-dimensional objects in a world of you know hauntings that aren’t just cricket.

He pipes in old houses you know black masses that growing corners. If they’re real they probably are that these higher dimensional beings trying to interact with us but it’s just hard for them to do that’s if that’s what that is but I lend more credence to VAT possibility of and you know ghosts and ghouls and goblins and then in the end, if they’re watching us it probably is a lot like the agents of sword watching this Wanda Vision that calm. I just got a kick out of that Right and I like the fact that that connection hit me seems like a stretch for this episode of Wanda Vision to make me think of that big of a leap but the someone who does talk movies this is something. I think about when I’m not talking movies so it’s always enjoyable when something that is entertainment that I make videos on kind of forms a connection for even if it might not have been intentional.


It’s just I enjoyed what happened to the beekeeper Gardasil hazmat suit turned into a beekeeper outfit and the rope that he was attached to turn into a jump rope because when things go into this Wanda Vision world there now accurate to the time. So that’s what the beekeeper was but as much as she’s like not but you know rewinds the broadcast you goes back is like nope. We’re going to go ahead and splice it ended now that didn’t happen but I’ve been to the beekeeper guy is he now outside the world because when they’re watching one division looking at it they’re aware that these splices, in reality, happened just disappear hope is all right and in the end.

We get the answer after Monica was blasted out she’s like I quite literally turned to the camera says it’s Wanda it’s all want us. The insinuation is one that is doing this she’s doing this probably because she wants to hang out with her dead boyfriend should reality out there sucks for her it does deal with cosmic microwave background radiation. Which is the echo of the Big Bang and they’re detecting the same energy signature in this one division reality. so if I’m hearing it right she’s using the same energy that created our universe to create her one division reality so it’s not just an illusion it is literally a little bubble reality she’s created to reality on top or inside of another reality. Its manifesto you know that there is still out there it’s Peter Fonda I don’t know as much as we’ve been told it’s one that’s all Wanda we saw a few episodes left in the words of the great Kane faith promises more twists before this drama unfolds completely, in the end, this episode one division.


I really dug it just for the execution of people watching reality and just that makes me think about our reality here that wasn’t the MCU’s intention. But that’s what I liked about it maybe it was an I don’t give the MCU enough credit. I don’t know I will say if next week we just go back to the one division world. We’re just living sick calm life again that’s going to feel like a backslide. I hope they balance it out don’t know but this episode was some solid payout for a dog. I saw one division episode 4 have you seen it what did you think about it.