This episode of WandaVision not gonna be a play by play not going to be a total walkthrough but you know spoiler is nonetheless because it was a WandaVision with that glimpse. We got at the end we have the sitcom gimmick of WandaVision and then the what’s really going on in WandaVision which has always been there I’m just saying I’m glad we have a glimpse of it now so the sitcom gimmick of WandaVision one does very pregnant doesn’t want to neighbors don’t want people to find out. Because I’d be really perplexing someone who wasn’t pregnant yesterday to be giving birth today and you know she gives birth and what she’s going into labor. She’s breaking the pipes in her house and everyone’s pipes in their houses are breaking and that’s it. She gives birth to twins but that’s not really what’s going on in WandaVision because you know I know some of the clues don’t mention something doesn’t mean I missed it just means I talk really fast and don’t script my stuff out.


Every episode seems like you can’t believe you miss that sometimes. They’re right sometimes I did say I just forgot to talk about but I sell the hydro logo on the watch. I totally did miss the sword logo though. Whatever like this our new dogs the friend was like well your brother got killed by Ultron and one was like wait what did you say what’s that around your neck people. We’re talking to you obviously that’s a sore lower open it appears that lady gets ejected like from this round well. I mean from that round from that realm of reality from that construct the reality from that question mark reality. Which does seem to be some mental Truman show bubble it did show that apparently. There’s this area in space-time where this is happening does need to have something tangible like that I will like it.

When a show gives me that clue that’s like Hey you have the stick you have the gimmick by the way here’s a clue it’s not an answer. But it’s a clue to let you know where it’s going pilot episode of heroes season one Isaac Mendez drew on the ground that nuclear explosion in New York and you’re like well that’s the thing we got to stop that I like it. When the show gives me the exact clue to keep me hooked the first 2 episodes of WandaVision felt like the first episodes of heroes season 2. Why am I here I’m pulling heroes references it is seen in that show. I forget how old it actually is season one so good though but it does show me that Disney apparently knew that would happen that’s why critics got the first 3 episodes.

Common Folk:

We common folk we lame and we got the first 2 because someone at Disney some bean counter was like oh well. If we give them the first 3 episodes and they see that hook at the end kind of insinuating and giving them clues as to where it’s going there’s a 40 percent probability that 20 percent of the people enjoy the first viewing 30 percent more. They were like all right let’s make that call is to give the critics the first 3 episodes. But I’m glad we have the Glenstone glad the show isn’t resting on the whole mid-century thing. I still don’t know why that is why that you know of all the constructs of reality. Why miss intrinsic com is it some remnants of hydro you know just a hydro the sword folks apparently. They’re trying to get in there and figure out what’s happening as well I don’t think they’re behind it honestly.

It’s probably her who’s behind it because you know she can manipulate realities in the comic books is one of our powers. I said in my last video nothing in the movie show that she could do that person brought up. When she know gave Tony stark those visions and that was manipulating reality. I see is different though because that’s like that’s giving Tony stark’s manipulating his perception of reality. So basically she gave him a bad Salvia trip which can be an interpretation of manipulating reality but it’s not like this this is literally manipulating in the area of space in the area of reality speaking of Salvia. I thought I was laughing before the show came on to realize that WandaVision is an episode of Tales from the trip right you could say that Wanda Maximoff on this episode of tales from the trip.

Craziest Thing:

She’s all like so this is the craziest thing that happened to me so I took some DMT and then I was in this mid-century sick calmer everything was black and white reality itself was in the 4 by 3 aspect ratio. This is very hard to explain but it made sense when you were there was a laugh track to everything we did and said and then while I was dancing with my dead boyfriends. I was instantly pregnant everything became color and now we were in the seventies then I realize. They’re coming for me and I didn’t actually take DMT it was in fact Salvia tales from the trip that’s right YouTube censors. I say this for educational purposes as a PSA don’t do Salvia kids that will scare you. So the questions are who’s doing this probably one does because no one why wouldn’t it be I think. They’re trying to throw people off of the recorders like Rhonda who’s doing this to you it’s like wheelchairs because apparently.

Rewind Things:

When things don’t go how she might want she can rewind things like she’s in the game parade also to answer that who’s doing this to your question. She’s like I am because I saw my boyfriend’s brain get ripped out right in front of me I just kinda want to hang out with them more. It’s as simple as that in which case are the people in here are they people are they construct like visions apparently a construct because it doesn’t actually mean the fact that he’s dead so we know visions a construct but it is a noticeable thing how vision acts differently than how vision acted in the Avengers movies. I mean the contrast between Avengers vision and bumbling sitcom husband veterans does not really the same person and then the neighbor. You know is like trimming the verbs and he was cutting into the brick-like he was glitching out or something like you didn’t even know it like he was an MP seen cyberpunk 2077 just like this is normal.

We saw that lady get thrown out of this reality ejected from this world out of the SEC fake reality into our world and you know she plopped and landed there because their locations not even from this place. She’s from the outside world and she molds her way yet but the questions. I have it if you take 1 of the neighbors and throw them out well. They just disappear well they are they from the outside world prisoners trapped in this sitcom reality. But they don’t want to be or they construct created for this reality in which case if you throw them out will they live can they live outside that reality really just will just disappear also will her babies disappear outside that reality. These are questions so the question is I’m glad. I have they have any questions before sitcom shtick sitcom gimmick there you go so I enjoyed. This episode largely because yeah that and glimpse it makes things come together. The optimism I saw WandaVision episode 3 have you seen it.