Today we’re going to be talking on the iPhone 11 accessory

Today we’re going to be talking on the iPhone accessory. I’ve been wanting to do this topic for a while, so when I decided to finally shoot this I went through and thought of all the things that I have been using most frequently with my iPhone. Some of the things are pretty common, like, obviously, an iPhone charging case, but some are not so common, as another massive satellite phone. I’ve been such a huge fan of Mophie for so long and a huge thank you to them for sponsoring this video.

I wanna talk about Mophie’s iPhone charging case. What I love so much about this case is you can charge it wirelessly or you can also charge it with a USB cable, and this will pass through and also charge your iPhone. It’s also a pretty slim case, as you can see. I’m such a huge fan of wireless charging, I also hate carrying multiple cables. So to be able to charge my phone not only wirelessly but also by using USB-C is such great news. There’s also a power button on the back so you can turn the case on or off and you can also see what your charge is at. And I also have something else to go along with this. This has been one of my favorite charging stands.

This thing has been around the country with me, I haven’t been traveling internationally much lately. But this is what I now travel with, so I don’t have to ever bring any cords or cables. This is also by Mophie. This charge is not only your Apple Watch but it’ll charge your AirPods and your phone at the same time, or anything else that’s Qi wireless compatible can also charge it here. You might notice that this is the size of another accessory that we’re gonna be talking about here shortly. I cannot stress enough how amazing this is. So these are my old AirPods case that actually happened to be encased in a little Nomad leather skin, this thing is amazing. So I can charge my AirPods, my Apple Watch, and my phone and my charging case all in one.

This thing has been so great. It’ll also charge the new AirPods.
While we’re talking about Mophie products. So I’ve kind of, sort of destroyed this one because it has been traveling with me everywhere as well. In my gear bag this is a little AC adapter, but what’s great about this is it gives you two USB ports and also a USB-C port. And this, itself, is a charger. It also charges wirelessly. So you can set your phone directly on top of it and my phone’s charging right now. I like this a lot too because this does give me three of USB ports, so when I am traveling this also acts as a little USB hub. So this I don’t leave home without.

I was mentioning the case. So it’s like a little leather case that goes over the top of your AirPods. This is made Nomad and it’s really cool. It also comes in brown leather as well. But I like how well it matches all of my accessories. Gonna put my watch back on now because I’m missing out on all this activity. All this moving around. Come on, I should sort of work out! Obviously, another accessory is the new AirPods Pro. I’ve been using these a lot. I still travel with both my old AirPods and my new AirPods, just mostly because I’m afraid that I’m gonna lose one of them and I need to have a backup.

Iphone 11

Because I’m always editing so if I don’t have some sort of headphones I’m gonna be in trouble. Next up this is a weird accessory but I felt bad that my phone would always see me on my MacBook, so I didn’t want it to feel bad anymore so I got it its own MacBook. And I think that it likes it. This is just a little silly mirror that I found. I don’t actually use this on a daily basis. Oh gosh, maybe I should. I thought it was cute, I just found it in my drawer. Next up, I showed you guys this in the beginning, but this is a Garmin satellite phone. And you might be wondering how this is an accessory to my iPhone.

But when I am hiking or out in places without reception this connects to satellites in the sky. Thank You, Garmin. And there’s also an app on my phone so I can use the satellite phone to text and communicate with people even if I don’t have cell reception. This also has an SOS button so this can alert authorities or rescue people hopefully nearby to come to save me somewhere. And I’ll also text message a bunch of my emergency contacts in here. So I don’t really ever leave home without this. I actually almost did have to use this when my friends and I were in Montana.

It was really scary. And I had my phone, I was ready. Thankfully, she was okay and they had some people there on hand that worked in the park and they were able to bus her and get her the help that she needed. I definitely recommend if you’re an avid hiker or somebody who does do a lot of outdoor activities where there is no cell reception. I love it Next up, this is, I can’t even call it an iPhone accessory, but it’s sort of is an accessory, it’s basically its own standalone camera but it works really well with your iPhone. So this is a little tiny Steadicam. You guys have seen the review of the Osmo Mobile before, I’ve also done videos on this little guy. They also have an entire line of drones, which you guys have also seen me a review.

But this little thing is so great because it’s so small you can get some shots that you never could get before. Because you just plug it right in and you can see everything that you’re filming right on the front of your iPhone. You can also edit videos in the app, you can shoot really cool time-lapses. It’s just really awesome if you do travel a lot. It’s probably one of my favorite iPhone accessories. It’s not actually an iPhone accessory, but you know what I mean. Look how steady. If there was an earthquake right now we’d be ready. Actually I wouldn’t be ready ’cause I think a lot of my emergency supplies have expired.

Now, this isn’t the version that I wanted to show you because I lost the version that I wanted to show you. But I will show you what I wanted to you show but show you ’cause I don’t have it anymore. This is a little tripod mount and this can open to various sizes depending upon your phone size. The one that I lost had extra places that you could mount these extra arms on to. And it was awesome because you could put a light, you could put a microphone or, I don’t even know, like another phone on top of it. But I lost it and I don’t know where it is and I think about it a lot. I think that’s all of the stuff that I wanted to show you guys today. Well, that’s it. I hope you guys enjoyed some of these accessories that I’ve been using for my iPhone. I’d love to hear from you guys.

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