The upcoming Feature of the iPhone

Mar 19, 2021 | Tech

The iPhone 13 is going to be like you’ve seen all the leaks and you know that the effort 13 will have a smaller notch a 120-hertz display and a larger main camera sensor with the ultralight angle module getting autofocus and therefore a mac remote as well all of these are really nice upgrades. The real question is what happens after the apple 13 inch you call 1 of the most well-known and 1 of the most accurate Apple analysts dropped some pretty big news recently shedding some light on what Apple is planning to do next. we’ll be discussing the technologies that apple is considering implementing in their upcoming. The first one that I want to dress is that Apple will not be switching away from the lightning ports at least not for the foreseeable future according to this research reports mining Chico states that the main reason for apple wanting to stay with lightning is of course the revenues that apple makes from the MFI program.

For Example:

Apple one is the durability of the cable itself which ironically is actually better with third-party manufacturers. the lightning connector itself is identical but to be able to get that MFI certification third-party manufacturers have to pay Apple a royalty fee which is a fixed percentage of every lightning cable that third-party manufacturers self and this alone is rumored to be an industry worth billions of dollars. If apple switched USB type C they would say goodbye to the entirety of that revenue which seems to be the main reason why Apple doesn’t want to switch yet another reason seems to be the water resistance so according to Ming-Chi Kuo’s report switching to USB type C would actually lower the water-resistance of the phone. We don’t actually know why this is not detailed in his reports but my guess is simply.

Water Resistance:

The fact that the lightning port is slightly smaller and with smaller opening water will be able to get in that easily but at the same time. We do have plenty of android smartphones that are water-resistant and also have a USB type C port. I mean sure they don’t have apple’s insane 6 meters of water resistance but most of them still have 1.5 meters which is already very very good so any other day the main reason. Still seems to be the revenue which really sucks because the iPhone is what’s preventing myself and many other users from being able to carry just 1 single charger and 1 single cable and charge all of our devices using that so if lightning is here to stay for a while what is going to happen with that portlet iPhone. We all heard about well it makes you cool he said that when the iPhone will switch from lightning it would be to Max safe but he also said that the maxi ecosystem is not mature enough, therefore, the iPhone will continue to use lightning for the foreseeable future.


Now we have seen reports that Apple might launch a cordless iPhone in 2021 from John Prosser mark Gurman and even mean to go himself but it seems like they won’t be doing that this year and maybe not even next year and the ends depending on how maxi evolves. I’ve said it a bunch of previous Post that in order for mac seems to be able to replace lightning he needs to be faster than lightning and at the moment charging by maxi is twice as slow as charging by lightning. When it is fast enough that apple will be exclusively using macs safe on the iPhone and it looks like he has the type C Everywhere else and something else. I mean scores reported is that in 2022 some of the I phones will drop the knowledge the favor of notes a full-screen display but a punch-hole camera instead and because things that at least a high-end iPhones from 2022.


The iPhone 14 pros will feature this bundle camera which is pretty crazy and I don’t even know if I believe the sleek but at the same time, this is Ming chi Kuo who’s being super accurate in the past in terms of features and designs. He didn’t get all the dates right but features and designs he was super accurate so I don’t know it’s just such a weird report and that’s because ever since the iPhone 2017 Apple has had this massive knowledge which is finally rumored to be getting smaller in 2021 we have 113. It was rumored to be going away entirely at some point in the future which means you go now states that this will only be in 2023 run in 2022. it’s been initially reported and in the meantime, the iPhone will probably have a punch-hole camera. Which I think is just a horrible idea but why Daniel all android phones have a patrol camera and they do look so much more modern than the iPhone does and yet that’s true but you see the issue here is literally the fact that all android phones or using a design like an apple, on the other hand, is the only 1 that has a knowledge like this which means that the iPhone has a very recognizable design.

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