The REAL Reason Why AirPods are So Successful!

Mar 17, 2021 | Tech

Airpods third and most recognizable brand of our list your buds on the markets by far the rebels were a company they would be the 30 second largest company in the US and that’s just how big they were back in 2019 alone in fact I can probably bad that every single 1 of you reading this post knows at least 1 person who has a pair of AirPods. I believe that there isn’t a single reason why AirPods was so successful but instead 3 with the first 1 being the timing. You see the pods were introduced back in 2016 and that was when the world is your phone market was still in its infancy. I mean sure we did have quite a lot of wireless over-ear headphones from Bose and beats but wireless your phone markets were severely lacking.

For Example:

The powerboats 2 were actually 1 of the best options in 2016. They had a good sound quality with impressive 6-hour battery life. The Plantronics backbeat goes to were also a very good option as they offered a case. When you build you charge them on top of the 4.5 hours of battery life the Jaybird X2 sports were also a very popular option. They were sweat resistant and also had an industry-leading 8:00 hours of battery life but you can probably tell that all of these wireless earphones had 1 thing in common. They weren’t truly wireless back in 2016 almost all wireless earphones on the market had a cable connecting the 2 earbuds together and that was because the way they worked was that only 1 of them connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and then the second year bond connected to the first by a cable.

The cable is needed as the book of a standard that most of these earphones were using which was for Plano wasn’t efficient enough to drive to your both at the same time as it only had a band with 1 megabit per second another reason for having a cable in between was that the chips inside of these earbuds were not that efficient eaters so you need a fairly large battery to keep these going for a few hours. Therefore in almost all these models, the battery was included in that separate remote control panel which was sitting on the cable itself so you had a market that was lacking which apple could have easily taken advantage of which they did but then they decided to do something even more brave courage. The courage to move on to something new for the better is all of us.

Headphone Jack:

They decided to remove the headphone Jack from the iPhone 7 while also marketing the AirPods and they did this in a very smart way to F17 still came with headphones in the box only that they were lightning headphones and if you want to use your own headphones there was a 3.5 millimeter to lightning port adapter included in the box at no extra charge. This way you’re basically telling you that the AirPods word the future while at the same time not necessarily forcing you to use pods was how apple managed to market and sell well not only that but he knew that if they made the bold move such as bass auto manufacturers would likely follow and the whole world would start transitioning to the wireless your phone era an era in which apple would easily lead because of the second thing that made your point so successful.


The experience you see only the competition the AirPods were true wireless earphones being that there’s no cable connecting them and in fact, both airports connected to your iPhone and both of them together would make sure that the sound going into your years was perfectly in sync. This was made possible thanks to apple’s custom W 1 chip as well as with the 4 seals which managed to significantly lower in the park and some shin while also increasing the transfer speeds by a factor of 2.6 times different success was the first iPhone to feature Bluetooth 4.2. Therefore if you had success or New York your AirPods would work best however apple did manage to make them work on iPhones as old as the iPhone 5 by likely applying some insanely clever tricks you manage the band with and by doing this anyone with an iPhone released in the past 4 years could use AirPods but on top of just being fully wireless earphones the AirPods were way more than that.

For Example:

They were extremely easy to connect you just open up the leads and the AirPods would automatically connect to your iPhone not only that but your pots ported multiple apple devices. So you can switch to your iPad your mac and even your apple watch by just tapping on the sound output pretty magical. This was something unheard of as with pretty much every single pair over us your phones on the market at a time you have to hold the party boats and got to wait for LD like to blink then go to your Bluetooth settings and connect them from there and you have to do that every single time. you wanted to connect a new device but AirPods were different and aside from this, there were also extremely smart. They had proximity sensors so that you could take 1 of your posts out of your year and the music would automatically pause and then play.


When you put him back in and it wasn’t just that you see apple is well known for their unique design sweater is original iPhone. The first iPad 40 original iPod or 1998 I mac 40 MEG for Cube and so on apple definitely once your products do you stand out from the rest. They intensely made your pants white so that they would be merely standouts. When you’re walking on the streets they also gave them one of the strangest shapes ever for nearby however it was a shape that would actually fit most years. I remember when I said that competition at something like 4.5 to 8:00 hours of battery life well the AirPods 24 Apple managed to do it is by giving them a carrying case which would automatically charge them. The moment they were put inside but even without a case the AirPods would still last you for 5:00 hours each which was not as good as the 8-hour battery life of the T birds excuse but still more than the majority of the competition out there apple achieve this by using the custom W one processor on top of that needless to probe into the standard.

I mentioned before and they’re softer and harder optimizations men that you could literally be rooms away from your iPhone and AirPods would still play crystal clear music something that the competition is always had issues with as most will disconnect. if you didn’t have a clear line of sight but there was one more reason which may be pots and successful as they were and that was the price with a price of $159 you could argue that the pods were very expensive and state you were in fact your paws were priced just $10 more than what an iPod nano used to cost expensive.

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