The real camera of the OnePlus 9 Pro

Mar 25, 2021 | Tech

OnePlus smartphones are known for 3 things fast speeds the Plano west and an underwhelming camera. I end up using a Samsung as my android phone of choice and that’s because some phones have an outstanding camera with great performance and there is really nothing to complain about them. However, I’ve always wanted to use a one-plus device as my main phone, and don’t get me wrong. I’ve already done that multiple times before but after just a few weeks of use I always found myself switching back to Samsung mostly because of the camera being far superior one plus have massively improved their cameras with the one plus a pro to the point where it was almost as good as apple’s or Samsung’s but it was never quite on par well now OnePlus has partnered with Hasselblad decorates their best camera.


My experience and thoughts on the brand new one plus 9 pro and the one plus 9. In case you haven’t heard of Hasselblad they’re 1 of the world’s pioneers in terms of camera technology their camera was even used to capture the very first photo on the moon as part of the Apollo program back up from the verge. When OnePlus announced their partnership with Hasselblad even sent us this is super exciting media kids with a photo of the moon presumably taken what has about camera. I was so excited just like you was under the impression that this was game-changing for 1 plus initially thought that this phone which featured the most insane level of zoom on a smartphone or if not that at least a unique camera sensor developed in partnership with Hasselblad or at the very least a custom lands maids what Hasselblad but now none of that happens because the only involvement that has about had was in terms of the color science.


what it means is that Hasselblad has worked with 1 plus to make the colors of the photos that you take way more natural but that’s pretty much. it OnePlus did tell me that I do have a 3-year partnership with Hasselblad and that in years 2 and 3 they will have some actual hardware but for now, they only have the color science so now you’re all probably wondering is this a big improvement that Well I’m sorry to say that it’s not easy when users complain that one plus cameras were bad the pretty much never complained about the colors like the main issue was the poor low light performance of the sensor as well as the poor image processing. Which resulted in a lot of noise and a lot of softness in the image in general no one really complained about the colors but OnePlus decided that they had to fix the colors apparently, unfortunately, this doesn’t even work as it should as by default when you take a photo it won’t actually use has a let’s color processing but one plus instead so the only way to actually use hustle leads is to switch to the promo code and then take a photo from there which is pretty bad because most people would just use the default camera mode especially when you have a fast-moving subject.


You want to quickly take a shot you know want to go through modes just to get the right colors. So not only is his alleged involvement so small but OnePlus is pretty much hiding. It’s in another mode so the real question is the color science that’s you know you have to go through so much trouble to actually use it and find it is good and I would say yes kind soon as you don’t get the blue shift that he normally gets for the iPhone and a lot of photos on you like that but I also found that the shadows are usually quite deep to the point where the phone ended up using a lot of detail. I’m not sure this is a glitter knot but in pro mode even with everything on auto, it tends to blow out the highlights like crazy to the point where I’m just better off shooting in the normal Camelot so, therefore, the only way Adam moments to take good advantage of hassle.

Color Science:

Let’s color science is to switch to pro mode and then take a photo with full manual controls save it as a raw file which you would then add if you ask me not 1 to tell me that they do plan on bringing hassle. Color science to main Caramon but we don’t really know when that would actually be so until that happens how supplies involvement is something that the majority of you would never make use of okay but does this mean that this is a bad camera not at all so I do think that they do have some really good harbor. Since it’s a 40-megapixel sensor with the 4 by 1 pixel binning it’s a Sony sensor I’m X. 79 now it’s not as big of a sensor as on yes 21 older.

For Example:

Buds it is a bigger censored than on yet until pro and the toll from Max it supports 12 bit raw. It’s which is pretty impressive for a smartphone, as well as 4K and 120 frames per second, ends 8 K at 30. You know something phones I’ve had 8K video since the galaxy S20 line but it was only at 24 frames per second and I also believe that a frame rate actually dropped lower than that as the footage was quite choppy but this 1’s super smooth which I do like and that 4120 is also really nice to have for when you want to slow down the footage the front camera is now a 50-megapixel sensor which is 3.2 times larger than the sensor in the iPhone full Promax.

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