The OnePlus 9 patnership with Hasselblad Camera

Mar 20, 2021 | Tech

I’ve never really loved the camera systems on OnePlus phones. If they’re good they’re often really good for the money but they’re never great camera systems except for the month of April. This was the first and only camera system to date I feel was a truly great campus in the came from 1 pleasant recently the companies come forward saying that there 1 plus 9 and 1 plus 9 pro camera systems were developed in partnership with Hasselblad. The famous Swedish camera company that sent their camera to the moon to take pictures of lunar landing is an iconic photograph that I think most of you have seen but in terms of how it’s relevant to smartphones. We’re about to find out so recently the company as well as the CEO of the company people out and putting stuff on Twitter and on their social media pages these like pictures and compared to photos of what their new camera system is capable of and I want to talk about that so in this tweet here they’re drawn attention to the ultra-wide capabilities of the 1 plus 9 series.

Camera Quality:

I’ll try once from a competing smartphone and then you have a second photo from 1 of the 1 plus 9 phones. So the difference is pretty obvious right the new ultra lands heavily reduce that whole fish I’d bowing of the image now to someone who uses the ultra-wide lens a lot on his phone that’s pretty cool like I don’t mind the fish. I actually think that in certain shots to give this kind of dynamic action vibe to it but there are times. When you’re shooting landscapes or buildings or scenes with a lot of straight lines in them and having that distortion kind of ruins. The image that OnePlus had a whole bunch of shots taken on the new ultra-wide and I can’t tell whether these are taken with the 1 plus 9 of the 1 plus my pro and also can’t tell how much post-editing has been done in these but they do look nice and more importantly. They are seemingly distortion-free which is pretty neat coming from a smartphone camera now the way that they’re doing it is through a freeform lens on the IMAX 766 sensors.


This lens can correct the distortion before even hits the sensor which is kind of neat and if you look at those images it seemed pretty convincing. The second thing we’ve talked about is the new custom sensitivity they’ve made for the main like the flagship censored the IMAX 79. It’s the successor to the sense of I was in this thing and it’s supposedly custom made specifically for the one plus 9 series and this sensor is supposed to be stacked it can shoot 4K video at 120 frames per second you can shoot 12-bit raw images and has Sony’s new digital overlap each year which is supposed to be really fast whether taking 2 exposures at the same time or almost the same time and able to merge into one with a clean image. But because it’s super fast they’re able to use that same tack in video now supposedly. We’ll have to see but if you’ve noticed none of this has anything to do with possibly like this stuff is the harbor and I don’t think it’s dependent on their partnership with Hasselblad as an even. If they didn’t have that partnership did still have access to these new sensors and new lenses so where does the house but really come into play here like what are they actually doing in this partnership.

Software Particularly:

I think the answer lies in software particularly in color so in their original media statement. They mention that they’ve worked with house of lead to develop some new color science for the camera systems and that’s important but I don’t know how valuable that really is when it comes to the OnePlus camera systems like it’s all of the colors were terrible, to begin with right I will say that there have been issues that were especially when it comes to switching lenses even the OnePlus April had this issue. If you’re switching between like the zoom lens on the white and the ultra-wide there is like a slight color shift between them like summer pinker some wore green and I’m assuming that this partnership can resolve issues like that but the color’s important but this was a very expensive investment and as a part of me that worries or at least wonders how much of that 50000000 is just for licensing right just for the ability of the privileged with but has applied on to the back of your phone in the real question.


The most important question should be asking yourself as a consumer once the reviews are coming out and you look at the stuff like how much of this color size or how much of these improvements really matters to you as an individual. Because everyone’s different on the stuff like I personally love the nights get mode on the OnePlus a pro. I think this phone does it better than everybody else better than apple’s iPhone is better than the pixel’s better than Samsung’s Galaxy phones. This phone has this uncanny ability to shoot that nighttime scene outside my condo really nicely and I like it I like that stylized look that he gives but it’s not for everybody. When it comes to colors because colors are a big part of this house supply partnership right now colors are very subjective some people like realistic-looking images that flatter some people like stuff to be more vibrant more exaggerated or stylized.

There’s nothing wrong with that but there is a difference in people’s taste now me personally I think that this partnership is going to be I think it’s gonna be legit and it stems from this it sounds me tension right OnePlus has intentionally drawn a lot of bibles to this partnership and if for whatever reason it’s not legitimate and it’s not you don’t yield great results one plus is gonna look like clowns straight up there. If they know that right so I don’t think they were drawn as much attention as they did to this whole partnership unless they actually had something to show for it. I hope it’s going to be good I really think I should rephrase. I hope that this is the year that OnePlus goes from right where they’ve always been that kind of mid-tier good product to something that legitimately competes with the best of the smartphone cameras that would be pretty cool.

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