The New Mutants – Movie Complete Review

The new mutants so the new means weren’t anticipated new movie coming up back in 2017. it was supposed to come out in 2017 the delayed till 2018. I know this was come out in 2018. but then delayed and delayed and now we’re here and we came out in a famous thing I think there’s a reason there’s a strategy that they released this movie when there’s not a lot of theaters open across the country. so we can be like all right it came out no we don’t have to think about obviously tenants coming out around the same time it is a different thing going on there I’m saying for new mutants I really think that’s why it means basically revolves around this girl whom she has new powers and now she’s in this hospital.

Because they call it a hospital which have you seen the trailer you take 1 look at this place just like this is not what it is the lack of staff the fact that there are about 5 people in this hospital. so that’s basically the gist of the premise is interesting I’ve always thought that taking the concept of X. men or a world of mutants and giving them powers that are very nightmare fields like this merging of comic book movie and horror movie I just found that fascinating. but there’s a difference between the concept and the execution of the potential in the reality.

The reality is when I was watching this movie I was just for the first half. I was just bored I mean it was obvious that they understood at least they had to get people on the side of the characters you know all right let’s concentrate on the characters that are fair living as your characters are cliche if not boring to just check the boxes you know you have to bet the nice guy you have the nice girl and you have our leader who is a nice girl but then her power is very damaging to other people but I was like this I half expected him what you might as well just have him chewing gum Hey guys what’s up I’m hardcore and I burn people guess who’s the alpha in the room point to the office okay.

It all goes down exactly how you hope it’s going to go down except the fact that you kind of assume that this movie will be a bit frightening the characters a cliche the not that interesting not the third complete. it’s just they do there’s nothing beyond surface-level like they’re like okay for the characters we have to have the nice girl the nice guy in the main girl okay so what do we do with the personalities someone’s like. Well just go to the grab bag of powers over there and allocate powers and I think what you listed works for the characters. Jody further than that I think they want to have a comic book movie and a horror movie and it’s 50 percent of either which means it’s the master of neither all they ended up doing is putting one foot in each pool.

They never committed to all the movies going to the characters. I didn’t really find that interesting finally it’s like starts going down to where the scary scary things start happening. it’s not even that creep for years it’s just bad CG I mean the girl’s power I do feel like this is spoilers. but you sniff it out really earlier like I’m pretty sure this is for power is that she brings out people’s fears and their fears manifest right in front of them and they have to live it sounds familiar yes good is all that a movie that actually did do horror while granted that character might have existed before it was even written I don’t know what they’re doing in some pretty obscure characters and that’s what I do know Laki was my favorite part of all the characters in this movie the one I knew was locked you know that’s cool for the last act in the last Throwdown.

Actually I was entertained by it maybe just because I was glad it finally got it is glad something happened. I don’t know but just all I can say is this movie felt shoddy it felt choppy it felt like the kind of movie that went through a couple of studios was still plays this is the end product. it usually doesn’t work out that well for a movie in that situation the movie does not serve well for the concepts because the concept is amazing and everybody of intrigue in the movies is kind of like up yeah I know what everyone else in the cedar knolls troops like what’s your power you already know.

Before they reveal it who’s behind all this you know you knew from the trailer you know exactly what company is behind all this and it wouldn’t bother me except the fact that is executed like here’s the answer don don don it is just like not. She said probably would have done better to come out closer to login you know still riding that Logan way for it tried to but now here we are it’s kind of past it’s prime actually back on this movie harder than I meant it was not the worst asset ever seen it’s just not memorable and that is to say I’m not going to remember this one in T. minus one day yep already forgot I did like Lockheed though I saw the new mutants have you been looking forward to it are you going to see it in the sense that yes I finally get to see it or just kind of do you want to just get the car in the parking lot at this point what kind of metaphor that was but you know I just want to want to get there finally are you going to save her money for tenet whatever you think to come up below let me know.

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