There’s an age-old question that we all ask ourselves at one time in our young adult life probably the most important question ever asked should we buy an arcade game. We’ve all thought at 1 or another man with 2021 trying to shake off the slimy muck that was 2020. It’s time to revisit that idea you might think it’s crazy at first to invest in such a clunky block of retro gaming but what are the pros and cons of such a purchase that could bring you true childlike happiness or will it send you down a dark pit of despair as you get stuck on a level. You’ll never be able to pass well let’s discuss right now. Look I’m not going to lie to you the world is an incredibly advanced place technologically speaking I mean I can speak into my watch that connects to my Amazon account and within a day or a drone can drop off a package on my front doorstep all because I don’t want to put on pants and go brave the apocalyptic outside world.


It’s kind of insane when you think about it that technological advancement has definitely carried over to gaming in recent years probably one of the only good things to come out of 2020 was the release of both the PS 5 and the Xbox series X both of which are incredible looking and wield a truly impressive amount of processing power nifty new features. I heard there is a limited edition PS 5 that’ll actually do your taxes for you and make you breakfast in bed every morning but even though these new gaming systems offers some of the most stunning graphics ever seen and immerse you in storytelling that’s so realistic it sometimes feels like you’re watching a live-action movie rather than playing a video game.

Who has time for all that like excuse me for a second while I go check all my local retailers to see if any of the new consoles are available at the moment before spam bots flood? The system and by the mall and even if I could get through you’re telling me I have to find time to sit down and play a 400 plus our game not counting the installation time and then try to work in playing that on a daily basis schedule’s pretty packed. I have to do things like check my fridge constantly to see if new food magically appeared I have to spend an hour looking out my window to make sure the neighbors don’t steal my lawn gnomes and I have to rewatch. The office for the seventeenth time it’s a busy life so forget all those fancy gaming consoles who need them right think about buying a classic arcade game instead yeah you know the ones remember.


When we could go out to eat at places and you’d go to a pizza joint or bar to eat and while you wait you see that classic Pac man sitting in the corner and look at that you have yourself. The next recorder in your pocket so you play it remember that rush of excitement you felt that thrill of the chase as his scarf down fruits and avoid spooky ghosts well what if you could have that feeling all the time 2021 doesn’t look like it’s going to magically fix every bad thing in 2020 which means going out and socializing might still not be a thing so why not bring some of that entertainment right into your own home by buying a classic arcade game. Look I know what you’re gonna say arcade games aren’t that exciting in the long run why would I want to play Frogger. When I can play assassin’s creed Valhalla well that’s fair for those individuals who have the time and commitment to play console games.

You should stick with those but those aren’t for everybody some people just like to place an easy as games on their phones and call it a day an arcade game would be perfect for those people you’ll save your phone battery life plus give you a bit of a bigger screen to work off of and don’t you say some of those old arcade games aren’t hard enough. They’re extremely difficult especially as you rack up more and more points trying to beat your high score sure the controls for the old arcade games aren’t super fancy usually. They’re just a joystick with like 2 buttons but the amount of concentration that those games take is just plain crazy there’s no pause button no wait until your last move no save options no you just stand there and devote the time with your precious few lives than when you lose.

video games:

In the beginning, some say video games are mindless but I think arcade games will keep you focused help you hone your hand-eye coordination, and keep you cool under pressure all things that will help you in your future plus having an arcade game will immediately make you the most popular guy in the neighborhood. it’s such a novelty item that people want to come over and play when you hang out with them Hey maybe you can charge them all according to start the game and slowly start making back your investment. I should probably talk about the cost Austin is going to be a big factor here because these arcade games aren’t cheap any of the classical ones will probably cost you close to a minimum of $3000 and that’s not a small amount that’s a good chunk of change. It’s not something you can splurge on one Saturday afternoon plus you have to take into consideration that these machines won’t last forever if it breaks down and you need a spare part for it.


It’ll probably cost you another arm and a leg to get it fixed as you could easily see but Gillian Ayres having a game room back to the arcade games but for the everyday people who need to do things like I don’t know pay for food and rent yeah that cost isn’t going to be an easy one to swing so my advice if you do want an arcade game and are like many people who just don’t have $3000 burning a hole in your pocket search out old bars and restaurants that are closing. We try to buy their game off them for a deeply discounted price cost isn’t the only reason why you shouldn’t get an arcade gaming machine in 2021. You also have to think about the space it takes up arcade games are big and clunky. They’re perfectly suited for bars in general arcades but you try to squeeze in one of those into your living room not only will it take up a lot of space. It’s not like arcade games match whatever style you have for your living room unless of course, you have one of the retro gaming vibes to your apartment or house.

Classic Arcade Game:

But who has that nowadays and even though you may like the look and feel of an arcade game in your home isn’t that a little too old school. I was saying before we live in a technologically advanced age you could play almost any of the classic arcade games on your phone for free or even buy a much cheaper console that specifically has every single classic arcade game on it with those options available. it becomes a question of are you buying the arcade game to play or just because you like the visual aesthetic of an old school machine. if he absolutely just wants to play the game there might be better options for you out there overall. It sounds like there are a lot of good and bad reasons to buy an arcade game machine in 2021 it might be a ton of fun but also set you back quite a bit of money for something that’s not alternately worth it.

They were only like a few 0 Bucks instead of 3000 would that make the decision any easier right now for me. It’s the cost that’s really holding me up but that might not be the same for you. you might have a passionate love for arcade games and see the value of dropping whatever amount of cash to add to your collection or to spice things up at home. It’s 2021 now I’m not gonna judge you either way. If arcade games make you happy then absolutely. you should save up and buy 1 we’ve had a tough year instead of being hesitant about what we love we should treat ourselves a little bit don’t you think I think we deserve it.