The Boys Season 2 – Episodes 1 – 3

I don’t understand why we don’t have all the episodes of season 2. It’s like they were like all right in this world war movies are coming out week to week we’re gonna have episodes of the series come out week to week, yes network television we’re going back the beauty video on demand is being lost let’s not go back so that’s stupid. but in a world where we’re not going to get all the episodes of season 2. I understand why we have at least 3 because it takes 3 to really kind of see where the series is going to the boys is set up like every episode of the boys is one-eighth of an 8-hour episode essentially. so I appreciate that they recognize you need 3 episodes in order for us to not realize my here because it’s what it would be like I wanna be like.

I’m glad Billy butcher came back by the end I love him. I love that guy it dawns on me I don’t think I’m supposed to see bill the butcher as a hero. But I do feel like okay I’m glad homeland or how to get in front by Billy butchers back that seems a phone line there where they have this new kind of like what if I do this, wow oh god it’s so dark and it was a 2 would be like Stormfront annoys me should she does if they left me a week to week for the entire week after I saw storefront to build that’s what I’d be thinking I believe she’s annoying just like calling to say you know what she’s from Portland I don’t mean to offend my Portland fans I’m just that you gotta admit that said Portland I do love your kale. But by episode 3 you see you’re like oh that’s where they’re going with storm front it could be a very compelling arc is a home lander who keeps he’s essential.

Just invading the home of butcher’s wife and it’s just like oh Hey I’m gonna hang out here and help raise your kids and it’s an uncomfortable as hell situation absolutely but it does get me to thank you and let’s get out of here the homeland is just like I don’t train myself on him. so this the kid realizes he does have power which is the mom was like no I’m just not going to tell about it will make his life easier in the super isolated super Jurassic Park present. so I understand that now the door’s been opened the genie’s been let out of a bottle you might as well be trained a bit. when home wonder does go back to hang out with the 7 let’s get you super strong and help your flights if you could pick me up we can both fly out of here okay that’s where we wanna go way down to cook.

Everything that started out in the first couple episodes is a tool I hope they go somewhere interesting with this it actually looks like it’s going interesting places by the end of episode 3. so again R. C. why they gave us 3 episodes which also speaks to the fact that I also see why the boy this is supposed to be a branch I understand if anybody here’s what I was gonna wait till it comes out because I love the band shot you know done did you 2 person and I kind of plot out the week of videos and this was on the schedule really threw a wrench and depending on how anyone sees this video gives a maybe I’ll do the episodes week to week maybe I’ll do one video at the end.

When it’s all over and we’ll just talk about the season as a whole maybe I’ll do one episode a week to week and then do a wrap up talking about the season as a whole I don’t know we’ll see how it goes I I don’t plan that far ahead after 3 episodes I can say I’m looking forward where the season’s going it does show that there is a difference between vox and the seventh which the whistle blew now look the world knows about compound vis is going to be a lot of damage control it’s going to be the 7 really remember we maybe just leave them behind or maybe will help him get out of this. I don’t know but I do appreciate it when a show does moves.

Something for because the whole thing was like woo compounds even got to get out there and they did not so this season now and as much as our crew as much as the boys they argue that bigger they fight they are a weird dysfunctional family looking forward to it. We want to binge at the. What move I’m just saying right into whatever question the voice season 2 have you seen it what did you think about it no you have it the first 3 episodes of season 2 I’ve seen it.

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