The Boys Season 2 – Episode Number 4

The boys it’s not that picked me up it’s great but it’s not the kind of pick me up to cover kind of yeah. but right now a person for a season 2 of the boys is hit so now we talk about that. so right it moves forward in terms revelation all the spoilers. this is a spoiler Post what I talk about episodes a week to week there’s no real way for me to talk about it other than spoilers out there that is I never took 4 actually this is halfway through season tune our way there so some things are now happening I feel like the crew the boys are being divided not being divided in terms of tension just they’re kind of going their own way which here we starlight that’s running right.

I was on the color Starfire and mother’s milk whose name always makes me think of homeland or because of that saying they’re going their own way trying to find out about this compound B. which mothers milk is great he’s one of my favorite characters in the show I thought he was great in season one but season 2 he really is the leader of the group needs right now what is I like him and then they come across as late as like yeah this super racist killed my brother oh by the way that’s super racist source super self-righteous kale crunching friend from Portland Oregon as not so right just use a super races douche bag. There’s tension between her and a home lander that’s growing because homeowners like that phase at 7 she’s talking about branding look we got to work on your brand which is what I love the boys that’s why I love the voice of some weird double speak just a second ago but bear with me I always felt like the boys was a peek into the mindset of the entertainment industry.

You have all these self-righteous actors telling people how to think how to votes. They don’t know what the real struggles of people are actually like odds. They’re just chasing that clout for the sake of their image and Brendan the boys is one of those shows that just kind of puts that into that perspective like yeah those entertainment industry one alongside pre should the boys for that I feel like a storm front is it’s another piece of that puzzle Blackmores cool now. I mean it still seems like a murderous. but he’s kind of awesome babies good maybe he’s bad maybe has a gambling problem. I don’t know anything about it but the fact that I know the least about him is what makes him intriguing.

But also makes some good humorous moments I just like the scenes with black no water in it whether he’s just sitting next to an IT. Person a tech person and they’re super nervous sorry just cute someone over on the piano searches killing on the piano there’s like a black mark. but butchers started to get concerned with the shuttle. Because butcher is mean the warpath. He was offline for the sake of getting revenge for his probably dead wife. He was on the warpath for years before we even met him was on the tip of the iceberg of that in the end.

The last season he finds out she’s alive and then the beginning of this season he’s far away from there doesn’t know how he got away from there. Now he’s like all right I gotta find her again and now he finds her again and he actually shows up and talks with her that’s a lot that happened in a very quick amount of time. They can spend the whole season approaching like a call to get back to work really quickly about a time. it was like he was there he was done he was back he’s talking with her and she’s pretty much like all right. I’m gonna go with you we’re gonna escape and she’s like I don’t think I can go with you.

Because I don’t think he would accept my kid what she is right which is like he’s a suit made by Foxconn’s and you know she has a reaction to it just pretty much like at a point you will try to get me to drop him. He’s like you’re not wrong but here’s the thing about it is she says that you’re alive the fact the butcher’s alive means something happens with the homeland during battles at Eurasian. I guess the situation as she was like if you kill butcher I will kill myself in front of the kid my son also home lander biologically speaking your son. So the reason that’s weird to me is that it’s like when it comes to butcher in the kit butcher wins in the sense that will put your dollars I will tell myself in front of this kid us mentally him up forever. I do you will just have damage now and she’s fine with that but when it comes to butcher and the kid when they leave the facility.

The kid wins she doesn’t want to go out there with her kid and butcher in a world work maybe butcher will try to get her to choose but you’re over him it is very strange to me you can at least leave and then cross that bridge when it comes but you’re just another kid maybe. but for available to go to protect the kid I actually do like the kid that could be some growth with butcher maybe they’ll eventually do that which is weird she acknowledges staying in the super-prison. Why not all have a home under coming to terrorize us rather than just leaving now it means if put your starts to be a deck you can then leave butcher also offer your road makes me a little nervous.

I hope they know what to do with him now that his entire reason for his warpath is basically not there right now look I don’t know what they’re gonna do it but your but just don’t draw him that’s all I’m saying I don’t know I’m probably being paranoid but it’s paranoid that I feel like is justified but it was a good next chapter and I was hoping they would go in interesting rap with storm front and they really are but also we have to ask ourselves would you. Question for the philosophers I suppose is so the boy’s episode 4 of season 2 was halfway through what did you think about it you think the going in an interesting direction does butcher arc kind of a freak you up to make you nervous when everything comes up below let me know.

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