The Boys Season 2 – Episode 5 (My Thoughts)

I feel like we’re in hero season 2 territory with the boys season 2. The characters go on arcs ID we don’t know what to do with them, and that will show. But we’ll create a lightning lady hopefully that’s enough. Which to be fair storefronts 1 of the more compelling characters this season. I think this isn’t as flies are a lot of cracks in the armor in that universe in the universe of the boys after the first three episodes. I’m glad that they’re moving the story forward respect every great hindsight look I am after the fact I’ll do something or say something after it’s too late after I send the texter the phone calls done I’ll be like 0 sure. I do that all the time, so that happened with that video was like video live is like own less them putting compound V out there and people knowing about it’s going to take away from some of the tension in the shower.

But all address that if that seems to be the case will now I’m addressing it because it seems to be the case for me in season 11 of the things. What I like about it. I get it; this is subjective. But I feel like I’m probably not alone here is the fact that there’s a super shady organization. But everybody loved them everyone loves vote, but we know there are these morally compromised superheroes. But everyone loves them we know the people are like no other great the 7 for life. But we know because our crew knows. But your nose the boys they know so there’s a peek behind the curtain that we get we see the truth. We see everybody just taking the bait, and falling for it is unwinnable. They’re unbeatable because public perception of them is so positive any move you make against them you’re going to be the even though you know you’re taking on supervillains, not superheroes. It just shows the power of public perception, but now there are a lot of cracks in the armor for vox and the seven because you know everyone knows compound V.

They noticed a super illegal drug that bought paid parents to give their kids to make them superheroes people no vote shady now in this episode we see there’s a cell phone video of homeland or laser eyeing this bad guy. That up collateral damage she kills civilians to that cell phone footage out there people. They know that they start losing faith in home lander keys down 9 points or something like that what point what does he run for president. But I don’t know we got half the points back anyway so right there are many cracks in the armor that all happened at the same time. If what if there was a cell phone video homeowner killing somebody the people didn’t know about compound V that Bone thing or they found out about compound fees, so you know public perception maybe votes taken ahead.

People still love home letter that’s what I thought it was going to be homeland during the 7 taking the side of the people against vice. Because it looks like that the first three episodes whatever he’s like we’re not bottles of booze. He’s siding with people though he doesn’t care about people, it would still save face for the eyes of the people in the eyes of the people then homeland to kill someone on a cell phone. I guess not, but there’s no consistency in the universe. Because people are still looking forward to this dawn of 7 movies, Actor celebrity whoever takes your pick one in your mind’s eye they were making a movie. They had a franchise, and then there was cell phone video of them committing manslaughter I feel like production of that would grind to a halt but it’s like people care and they’re losing faith in homeland during this season.

This episode at least but then that movie still being made that would be our whole thing is that they didn’t touch on the VAT. it was just like people hate home under for a hot second. Then that’s not going to maybe they’re creating a point with broad oval jokes on Twitter that will cost someone a career or job but not actual violence like we hold marks to a higher standard than power maybe so do the lazy writing or they’re making that point I don’t know. Still, Occam’s razor says it’s probably lazy writing. So I’m going further with the end of there not being consistent in this season of the boys in season 2. Black Navarre has followed butcher to this house and Senate plant all these home alone bombs and Blackmore’s trip in a mall and then they kind of get into a showdown with a black market which butchers like Hey I have pictures of homeland just kid let us go all right to release them on the internet.

There are a couple of things. One I think we finally found out why Cameco’s been wasted all season again. Look like they’re going to go in an exciting route with her because storefront killed her brother. Now also season one left us off with super terrorists out there she goes off on her friend she follows her. After all, they don’t know what to do with either of them, and she turns out she’s a man, and our friend Frenchie starts lecturing her like this is not, so it’s okay. She has killed more people than you I’m pretty sure or at least the people. She’s killed they’ve been in more brutal fashion you’ve ever done she ripped the guy’s face off for Chrysler how do you rate the beginning off no I did not think so remind me of the fly to with the fly vomits all you know the digestive on the guy’s faces face script and house the fly to doesn’t matter.

They still probably fight no art because both soups and they can do that granted no war might kick. Because they’ve been before it didn’t work out too well for her, but the point is. If she is there, but you won’t have this whole like take one for the team thing, and then maybe he’ll die perhaps he won’t I’ll say that about this season every character’s equally useless. So I don’t know if they’re going to kill anybody it’s always on the table in my mind this person might die because they’ve done Jack. This season so I mean there is that too I do feel like that’s the reason for them sending her away on her quest of no quest at all so they could have this moment with black the warmer there overpowered.

She was like Hey here’s the black man I have these pictures of homeland or sun, and if you don’t leave us alone that will go out there on the internet in which I guess vox pretty stupid because of all you do all right like you don’t want these pictures going out there it’ll make you look bad to make homeland or look bad here’s the thing Vaught already looks terrible because everyone knows about compound V. and motherland already looks awful because there’s a video of him killing somebody granted. I guess people will see that home lender rate, but you’re his wife.

But they won’t I mean that’s what you’ll say it is but this wanted terrorist on the news is saying that it’s kind of he said he said sort of thing it’s also the third damaging thing in the eyes of the people that vote will come across this season also provide has any brains. Whatsoever they’ll be like all right, so he just threatened us with a mom and a kid that nobody even knows about isolated in this big Jurassic Park pen nobody even knows where that is all right no are go to that house kill butcher’s wife bring the kid back here Divock and reunite him with the home lander in our spring will be yes home lender has a kid with a lady.

He loved very dearly but kept out of the limelight because she didn’t want to be in public life and she died of cancer very tragic that’ll be a good job showing your cards there, but your cow is about not going to. Do that tomorrow I feel like that would be the logical move for them. I don’t I try to keep it open-minded, optimistic appraisal of the situation going okay maybe this iron itself out. But season 2 is just it’s not season one every episode I’ve always left at that same reaction like that’s it all right let’s today’s post goes I don’t know hopefully it makes for a fun post for you here on my site. When I talk about it but just the boys season 2 I kind of see as that sequelitis that season. The fact that I’ve seen other shows go through I mean granted this episode still had cool things just like the season is had cool things home lander laser eyeing an entire crowd of like this is either the last season they do ever, or this is not happening.

It’s in his imagination turns out it’s in his dream still was a pretty sweet scene and I don’t feel like that could very well happen eventually I mean the thing that keeps homeland or from Iraq hitting many people. I feel like is the public perception he loves being loved. But if that gets taken away black but looks like it’s happening this season he might snap what’s called to lose was Elizabeth Schuh she kept them at bay this new girl dared now. The respect he doesn’t listen to your she works for him. You have seen it what you think about it.

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