Let’s talk about the wheels the wearable Stephen king’s silver ball it’s a silver bullet that came out in 1985. It’s a werewolf movie it’s a mystery movie. It’s a mystery movie about who’s the werewolf and it’s very Stephen King also a movie that scared the living hell out of me. This movie before I saw the job as I was a little kid and it was a movie I was like okay I’m sleeping under my covers from all that like you know help people sleep under the covers. The covers are a magical force field that keeps the werewolf away and I sleep with my head under it and now I got to choose because oxygen depletion is a thing is your breathing under the covers. So do I want to poke my head out and take a breath and take a chance for them to come face to face with the werewolf or do I just keep my head underneath so I would do I think we just make a Hollywood for a solid month after watching silver bullet scared me to death for the characters in this movie?

The one I love Terry BUC as the uncle is the alcoholic self-destructive yet cool to his nephew and niece’s uncle. I mean there’s an arc with him at a point he stopped drinking is like his nephew going Hey there’s a werewolf out there and you’re like all right. We’ll help you out I guess if I kind of believe you which I do kind of believe you it causes him to stop drinking and being so self-destructive but it’s you gotta pay attention to it’s not like anyone. You’re suffering really produce a solid arc with him but he’s also amazing. I was the cool uncle he just feels like the kind of vocal you want to have his own. He’s really calling for his paraplegic nephew hill building this rocket wheelchair that’s completely not within code will probably get the kid killed.
It is so easy to see Gary Busey is just the crazy guys like all it’s crazy Gary Busey but the dude has a catalog of performances in roles in movies where he’s a really good actor. I thought he crushes it as the uncle and silver bullet also. The late Corey came in his youth he’s a paraplegic can’t you start to be like wait a minute. I think there’s a walkable from those down so he is the star of the show as true Stephen King small town. In that Stephen King way, this movie really does concentrate on the small-town drama and Hey there’s this supernatural element that’s rearing its head and none of the adults believe there’s a supernatural thing that’s why a kid in a Stephen King story. This is so important because the kids have the imagination to take that leap like most of the time in the real world.

They’re just kids being kids with imaginations and they’re ridiculous and that’s why we defer to the adult opinions but there have been enough Stephen King stories out there that show that in a Stephen King story. These kids are the ones who have the imagination enough to see the truth needful things a town full of idiot adults just fallen for any kid with a sniffed out Leland gaunt and Bryan rust did look where that got it but that’s the point kids have that superpower of perception. I was like Stephen King illustrates that and this was the movie that terrified me. This was in fact my job not only did I see this before side jobs but it was more likely that a werewolf was going to kill me than a shark-like jaw was intense but it never scared me as much as a silver bullet.

This movie is very near and dear to my heart you’re getting a peek into my soul with this post When I would look into the deep dark blackness of the would that be like yet wearable territory but I still say it’s more likely that a werewolf would kill me in the northwest then a great white shark. I just that’s real to me I still want to look into the woods I get this uneasy feeling. It’s probably because of this movie silver bullet excels. When it is being jobs and that is one thing you don’t see the creature that’s when the silver bullet that is scary that’s when it’s at its most intense you know just has the POV camera that shaky camera makes it feel different than the rest of the movie. The snarling of the wire will really scary intense stuff. When you don’t see the wolf that it’s at its most intense couple of wearable transformation scenes really horrific imagery. I like those but in the end, when the movie starts getting brasher is like okay now you can see the wolf.

It’s just not a scare you’re like aw you just look like a guy in a fin Baron fit well that’s not scary seeing the shark in jaws never compromises. The feeling of the job seeing the world from silver bullet doesn’t compromise silver bullet but I really like revisiting silver bullet as I was watching silver bullet this time around it was like yeah this is something kids probably shouldn’t watch at least the kid in the late eighties. I’ve fundamentally changed forever plus my parents tried their best to get me not to watch things like this but whenever they were occupied. I knew I had the TV guide I enjoy it even watching this time around I rob was really hooked by and it’s the Stephen King town. The Stephen King execution of Gary Busey in Corey Hamm vat all works for me. When you don’t see the werewolf.

This movie is actually a great wearables movie it just ends very abruptly you know I don’t know if the book ends this abruptly it probably does because it ends kind of like a book but a movie should kind of pad the ending to give the audience time to kind of decompress from the experience. You look at the book the Martian it ends pretty abruptly after mark Watney is rescued in the movie. It has a whole extra scene where he’s on earth and he’s giving a lecture just gives the audience more time to go we’re breathing would be compressing where all right now we can go back to the world. I think the silver bullet could be used to seem like that doesn’t have that subjectively to me. I love silver bullet for a first time watch if you’ve never seen it. It’s fun to be like who’s the work will I think silver ball it’s a good time no alcohol requires a silver bullet have you seen it what did you think about it.