10 Nintendo facts for you now these delicious morsels of information about Nintendo aren’t state secrets and most of you will likely know about a few of them but hopefully, all of you don’t know all of them is important things to know about the company. Especially if you’re a huge fan in the year of our lord late-stage capitalism 2021 very few companies out there work how you think they do so strap in because we’re taking a look at 10 sometimes weird sometimes cold and sometimes no good facts about beloved video game maker Nintendo before so he left. The walking behind it decided to start producing little boxes you can insert the strange new things called compact discs into to play video games on Sony tried to collaborate with an established player in the video game industry Nintendo.

Disc Games:

The story goes like this Sony wanted in on video games so they will produce an add-on for the SNES to play disc games. They will release a new system that would play both cartridges and disks the Nintendo PlayStation. This obviously didn’t work out and intend to announce to deal with rival electronics company Philips to develop a CD-based games platform leaving Sony to go off and do their own thing. Supposedly 200 prototype units of the PlayStation exist and occasionally they’re spotted on the lock-on option for absurd amounts of cash Nintendo is an old company that’s pretty well now it’s not uncommon for boom arrest data types to revere the days of super Nintendo above all other petty desires of the flesh but what you might not know is just how old Nintendo actually is the company was founded way back at the end of the nineteenth century in 1889.

The company was originally founded by who’s a hero yeah I’m out she to produce how-to food or Japanese playing cards through the 19 sixties. Nintendo experimented with various business models until settling on video games in the late 19 seventies into first gained international acclaim with the release of the any S or Nintendo Entertainment System in 1977 but the company has been around for nearly 100 years anyway back in the days of the Nintendo 64 goldeneye changed pretty much everything shooters on consoles had a bit of a rough start due to the technical limitations of both controls and hardware but golden I managed to tap into something magic for many. The magic was at its strongest in the game’s multiplayer what you might not know is that the gold nice multi-player took just 6 weeks to make all the way to the end of development according to the composer of the game’s music nobody even like the idea of multiplayer. We’re incredibly reluctant to put it together which is why it only came together late in development once it was working the team began to understand what they had on their hands but if they had had their way originally it wouldn’t even be part of the game.

Revenue Nintendo:

When we talk about video games today we often look at Nintendo Microsoft and Sony as competitors as peers as if 1 company is responding or should respond to another this idea is deceptively disingenuous because these 3 companies exist at vastly different scales. For example, in 2020 Nintendo took in approximately 1.3000000000000 yen in revenue 2020 so he took in approximately 8.3000000000000 yen in revenue, and Microsoft in 2020 took home a staggering 140 $3000000000 in revenue Nintendo is much smaller than sound who is in turn much smaller than Microsoft. This means that on a fundamental level Nintendo not only doesn’t want to directly compete with Microsoft and Sony it can’t if you smash fan we’re sorry then you’re probably sorry too if you don’t already know the longest-running smash tournament in the US. The big house got hit with a cease and desist from Nintendo because 20 twenties event reportedly required the use of illegally copied versions of super smash brothers melee as well as made use of an unsupported mod the slippy online net code legally speaking by all accounts Nintendo seems within their rights but to shut down a fan-funded fan-operated passion project literally exclusively about playing 1 of their games during a year where playing these beloved games with friends and loved ones were particularly hard.

Because of some archaic legal technicality that allows you to do so is in no uncertain terms just a huge middle finger to Vance joy-con drift has become the biggest gaming hardware failure scandal since the infamous red ring of death like Microsoft Xbox 360 line of consoles. Nintendo hasn’t exactly been great at responding to the disaster and while the worst problem Microsoft did eventually acknowledge their problem at least offer to repair brick consoles this is like 2 in recent memory a mother suing Nintendo on behalf of her kid because of multiple defective joy-con suffering from the joy-con drift issue. If you are familiar with the issue itself it’s not complicated many switch users report problems with joy-cons drifting moving without their input over time this affects different people to different extents and can or cannot be solved by replacing the joy-con to this day people still think of Nintendo as a company that makes games just for Nintendo platforms people wonder what life would be like if these games went through other platforms.

Good News:

The good news is you don’t have to wait for Nintendo has already launched 7 mobile games on iOS and android that brings series like Super Mario and knees and fire emblem and animal crossing to platforms Nintendo didn’t make. There is also a good number of licensed Pokemon games on other platforms out there now no this isn’t a flagship Zelda coming to PC which would be kind of redundant when you think about an emulator like senior but Nintendo for years has been and continues to bring their games to other platforms. Nintendo is also pretty well known for its consumer-friendly stance on microtransactions they don’t put them in their games even still people were worried in the lead up to animal crossing New Horizons release wondering.

If the beloved series would be perverted by Microdrones actions that didn’t happen thankfully but if you want to peek behind the curtains and a darker timeline you can go ahead and download animal crossing pocket camp contenders mobile animal crossing game that’s full of all the traditional micro-transaction fine you find mobile games for games like animal crossing selling items and money and time savers to the player really messes with the fundamental nature of the game’s progression an economy which can be seen pretty clearly.

Portable Console:

When playing pocket camp if you missed it control and hitmen 3 are out now for switch the twist is that they are playable on Nintendo’s portable console only by way of clouds streaming cloud streaming for games become exponentially more popular with the launch of services like Google stadia. The switch is an excellent candidate for such service because the switch is more than capable of streaming and playing even cyberpunk 2077 through the cloud with this technology the switch could play PS 5 in series X games without issue though as always with these kinds of services how livable the latency is it’s going to be the deciding factor and there’s no good way to know how smooth your experience will be until you try it out on your internet connection Nintendo like apple has a reputation for being unfriendly to modding modders emulation hacks exploits all of it. They are fans of their fans trying to use their products in ways the company doesn’t sanction what you might not know is that Nintendo is in regular contact with the hacking community.

It’s not uncommon for Nintendo to approach a certain hacker to discover an exploit and make a deal to pay them higher than for sometimes. Even try and intimidate them into keeping whatever they discovered secret it’s not always some shady process any allegations of intention in us are by their nature impossible to verify but it’s true Nintendo has dealings with hackers in yet another attempt to keep their platforms closed thinking back to the first entry on our list. The Nintendo PlayStation what do you still like to see something like that today shouldn’t handle trying to compete at the high end and genuinely bring their games to other platforms or do you think then tendon size and business decisions are what make them the company we all know and love I was here the game or think it’s a little bit about but the thing is made possible by emulators like seeing you and use you are massively inspiring and definitely whet the appetite for Nintendo games on new platforms.