The house of Mario’s cute little handheld a sold over 150000000 units since it hit shelves in 2004. It was loved and adored back then but could that love extended today we’re going to talk about why the sweet sixteenth anniversary of the Nintendo DS could be the perfect time to get one owning a piece of the past is an international pastime for good reason. It’s fun to pick up old things and wonder and imagine how much work and inspiration went into their creation and how revolutionary certain design features were back in the day 2 screens and a piece of tech isn’t all that impressive 2020 but everyone in 2004 looked at the Nintendo DS sake a Nintendo dual screen like why didn’t I think of that the air to the Game Boy advance the DS is bottom 3-inch screen was a touch screen and both screens.

This week that glide which was also fat-shamed after the DS lite came out as an 8-hour battery life not too shabby for an early 2 thousand handheld any of you older watchers remember how fast ghetto blasters ran out of battery. 20D batteries ain’t cheap not then not now D Massey D anyway. The DS has a calendar it’s one to schedule your gaming meetings with it it has picked a chat the zoom of 2004. NDS download plays for game demos and samples the wifi was also quite something at the time this tech was a quantum leap from Game Boy you did have to connect. The other DS is using friend codes so security was a little tight if someone gave you their DS friend code you knew they really liked you. Unfortunately, its servers are now disbanded.

It has backward compatibility that today’s consoles should be taking notes about you can play Gameboy advance titles on it expanding your library options by double for some odd reason. No, it cannot play Game Boy or Game Boy color games even though their successor. The Game Boy advance can but for the $50 or less you’ll pay for it at a flea market. We don’t think you can complain too much right now you have to pay on lately how much and the region locking on the DS is not a thing. So you can play the weirdest Japanese titles money can buy on the project formerly known as iris the lighter sleeker brighter DS lite is even better with 12:00 hours of battery life and things get incrementally better with the BSI. You get a full extra inch of screen in the bigger and better DSXL. The console is only as good as its games so this Cutie but to them is a group rate.

For the platform gamer who loves the new school masterpieces like Cup had pay homage and tribute to some old school classics like these 3 great sonic games sonic rush adventures and sonic colors. The new Super Mario Bros breathe new life into the NE as a classic. And for those looking to broaden their platform gaming horizons, their star 5 the Kirby derivative whose ultra-cute underwater adventures are charming Merial and sonic alternatives. The ingeniously titled Nintendogs are wonderful for dog lovers too lazy to walk real-world dogs running those virtual canines could ease the stress of even the most stressed-out gamer. It’s better sometimes when playing that game you do end up feeling like Sam Rockwell’s character in 7 psychopaths. As their voice recognition software wasn’t and isn’t all that top-notch and before kids were getting severely hurt playing Pokemon go there was the infinitely safer Pokemon game Pokemon platinum version the 5-star improvement over Pokemon silver version and Pokemon pearl version.

There are a lot of other Pokemon gold mines on the DS well worth Your time like Pokemon black Pokemon white Pokemon black 2 and Pokemon White 2 and lest you not forget Pokemon heart gold and Pokemon SoulSilver. Even though those last 2 sound like they should be prince albums their Pokemon classics another set of games that never meant to cause. You any sorrow and it never meant to cause you any pain are the final fantasy RPGs FF3 and F4. These are Capcom classics that you can play while waiting for them to finish final fantasy 60 come, Joshua. Your father will be expecting and for the truest of true role-playing game aficionados. You can’t talk about RPGs without talking about Zelda and no Zelda collection is complete without the legend of Zelda 4 swords anniversary edition the number of endorphins this sound releases in my brain. Always refills several of my heart pieces. For fans of the bizarre and lovers of the movie being John Malkovich.

There is Maryland Luigi Bowser’s inside story where you get inhaled by Bowser and spend time deep inside your arch-enemy in order to battle a bigger tyrant name awful. If you’re tired of dying every few seconds playing online in call of duty modern warfare. Take it back in we mean way back to the call of duty DS games where you can actually win sometimes. If you’re looking for a true blue DS classic there is animal crossing wild world a real garden of peace for really high strung gamers. It’s a place to go and get a full chill as nothing can truly get to you when you’re riding with the cap. And finally one of the rarest games of the mall which YouTuber Nick Robinson recently resurrected the McDonald’s DS game which you can actually use to learn how to work it makes this restaurant as it was an actual training tool the fast-food chain views great for McDonald’s lovers rare game collectors.

The US president what It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though for another kind of culinary artist wants to have an experience that’s the opposite of fun you can play handheld games is Cory in the house where you play as the teenage head chef of the White House and spend all your days looking for lemon sauce look. they can’t all be gems but with such a wide variety of games that’s bound to happen but the good games trump the bad ones for this now almost classic consul, yeah and for the rock guards out there I almost forgot there’s guitar hero DS that was amazing. The holidays are supposed to be a time of great joy and togetherness but what the hallmark movies don’t show is that there is also a time of great stress.

Sky-high expectations that are tough as nails to me and noise see the Grinch understands give yourself. The gift that’s entering the teenage years that can make the world go away with its historical appeal vast game library and it’s linked to a not so overwhelming passed sure you could play cyberpunk 2077 and accept all its bugs and flaws. But if you want to take a trip to the past and have a good time the Nintendo DS is always up for it and with some going as low as 10 Bucks and $10 on things that only lasted a few minutes and afterward I felt pretty bomb. The US could provide you with hours of joy for that same price if you think of it like what if you got to lose. What do you think about the BS do you only play emulators any old time favorites you’ve been wanting to try.