Samsung Galaxy Book S (2020) -Intel Lakefield Laptop!

Mar 24, 2021 | Tech

The Samsung galaxy book S is not your regular laptop in fact this is one of the most unique laptops on the market right now that’s because this laptop actually features Intel’s brand you into lake field architecture also known as Intel hybrids technology Which is a major departure from anything that ends all has done in the past. We’ll be taking a closer look at what lake field is and how this architecture could really change everything in terms of how you use your laptop. We’re also going to be a very new giveaway at the end of this video so stay tuned for that as well. We have a standard motherboard of the laptop and on pretty much every laptop today we have components such as the CPU the GPU memory the display controller the USB type C or thunderbolt controllers. The audio controller and all these separate components or placed onto the mortarboard.

Hybrid Technology:

This however is Intel’s new hybrid technology also known as incels lake field architecture which uses a dramatically different design so in so I sent over these really cool lego pieces for us to show you how Intel’s legal processor is actually working. This is a pretty tall processor with multiple layers to it Intel’s calling this 8 for various 3D packaging designs essentially 3D stacking multiple IP layers onto a single piece of silicon in order to shrink down the motherboard and save internal space on the bottom layer. You can see things such as the arctic controller USB type C controller the storage controller for US rebuttal storage as well as the storage controller 40 NVMe storage then the second layer goes right on top and this is where we get the actual CPU cores.


Intel’s legal architecture actually features a very all the number of courts like no relief in which the US 5 courts that’s because one of the core is the big one right here. This is a sunny cove architecture chords so this is based on L at 10:00 AM to process and it’s pretty much what you would find in Intel’s tenth generation Isaac processors and then to the left of that we have 4 small trimming chords which are still based on intended me to process but they use much less power than the big sunny cove core. They’re similar to Intel’s older atom chips but use an old-new architecture that promises much-improved performance. This is why Intel’s Lakefield architecture is also called incels hybrid technology because it uses 2 different processor architectures on the same chip also on the second layer.

We have the GPU which is based on Intel’s chained up in graphics so again very similar to what we would find in Intel’s 10 Jan Y series end users are processors and then finally on top of that second layer. We have the ram these kinds of the integrated package on package memory is sometimes used and phone chipsets but this is a first for Intel the memory is dual channel 2. So in this case we have 2 layers of the ram modules here resulting in essentially what is a quad-layer processor but okay Daniel so you save some space but look at how big the whole CPU is like this thing is massive crazy fake and you know crazy massive well first of all this is called a SOC or system on a chip as a lot of the main components that you would normally find on the motherboard. I know parts of the actual processor and the number 2 this is a lego model of the actual processor the real thing is actually very very small. So the real thing is actually about the same size as a fingernail and when it comes to heights it is only one millimeter tall so that’s pretty nuts holy smokes but Why what are the actual benefits that are insoles Layfield architecture slash intel cyber technology actually provides us.


The first big benefit is the massive amount of internal space that you save inside which translates to a much much thinner device and not only that but this is also a finalist processor meaning that you also save a lot of space inside due to low fat being required. I’ve kind of been teasing. This laptop behind all these really cool lego pieces of the intellectual architecture but there you go this is the Samsung galaxy book has and the reason why this laptop is so unique is that well this is the first device to actually use Intel’s hybrid technology slash Layfield processors and as you can probably tell this laptop is unbelievably thin at only 11.8 women your stand and is that a stick us point by the way and 950 grams in terms of its weight the galaxy book S is an extremely portable laptop.

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