Russell Crowe: Unhinged – Movie Review

The one hinges movie were Russell Crowe plays a guy’s pretty unhinged in terms of movies living up to its title this is probably it’s up to the premises is a lady she’s a single mom she lives with her brother one day she’s having a really bad day and then there’s this guy in his truck and he’s not moving when the light’s green so she just she honks at I don’t mean like honks Adam she goes full I want to speak to your manager now just.

She was born out of it to Russell Crowe’s like I think I want to stop the out of this lady Terrorizer and kill people we’ll make a day of it and that’s what it is is a horror movie in which Russell Crowe is just a really terrifying maniac and he’s terrorizing the lady was I I would call it horror I mean just definitely thriller but in a world where Halloween is horror then this is a horror I mean Halloween is about a guy who stocks a girl and kills people in on hinges about a guy you stock lading kills people so if one is a horror both have to be yeah sure it’s all about execution.

But I’m just saying Russell Crowe was pretty terrifying I don’t say that lightly when maximum radius over here is just he’s doing his thing you’re like look you see this is why people avoid altercations really it’s not just the possibility that when you get into an altercation might be a fight if there’s a fight you might get knocked out of you get knocked out it ends there that’s not the bad premise so you know that’s not the worst-case scenario is you had an altercation with someone who’s just that board has that much time on their hands and they’re just gonna with you now and you know to put your money in a pot burn your house Russell Crowe was really good.

When he’s being that guy and he’s doing is really intense psycho thing which is seen as a diner I was like this is intense and uncomfortable in that I enjoyed this movie gave me some thrills it’s simple to the point pretty intense defense it’s intense among its true sequences involving a minivan and a station wagon. Just Sam to make it work and there’s something about this promising his general premise of this movie of like just careful whom you pass offer carefully whom you get into the crosshairs out of that I’ve always just kind of found fascinating because it does when you’re watching it you have that feeling of okay happen to you you know that movie it could happen to you this should actually be called it could happen to be here I’m just saying it’s more likely that someone’s gonna psycho out on you then you win a lot of tickets so it’s more applicable for this movie the title that is.

All right I’m editing this video right now and I just found the poster so I just saw that the catchphrases he could happen to anyone. Which is pretty intense it’s more intense than it could happen to you but you know they thought of it could happen to you don’t have there’s your update back to your regularly scheduled program. You have to take some late certainly suspend disbelief it’s like this lady in this movie was she was making all the wrong decisions until she was and I was always like lady why are you doing this thing and she was like oh now I’m gonna do that thing it was always after I thought it and so it was one step behind like she should have done that one step ago I mean they write their way around it you know like all right.

We have to make things happen so she gets distracted you know riding like riding in movies like this goes but there was one scene, in particular, Russell Crowe is just Plattling on the phone and she’s driving I’m like were you driving too though are you just driving in circles are you circling the block I feel like I should be like a huh oh god this really terrifying yep I’m pulling of the police station right now thanks you have my phone awesome. You will find you and really the whole thing gets set off with bad decision making because when she realizes Hey this truck wait a minute a second following me this lady is like for me to call the cops wouldn’t dip like don do that I’ll just make a mad she’s like.

I’m gonna follow your advice I guess yeah who wants an official police report in case this guy really loses it who wants a paper trail you don’t want that’s just you know smart and in the end, the movie was simple it was a simple premise it had it’s thrilling and had it scares and I was entertained I mean yeah great half the reason I was entertained was probably that I was like whoa I mean the movie theater I almost forgot what this was lucky so yeah that probably added to my enjoyment sure it’s just the kind of movie now that is playing in a movie theater, not near you so that the guy to move you need to drive 100 miles to watch this weekend now for what it was as I watched it I enjoy is the kind of movie that if it’s on TV I’ll keep it on that movie all right cool let’s see Russell Crowe is loser saying I had a good time with this moving all required all right so unhinged not a lot of Peter showing it in the auditorium today wasn’t that packed.

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