Reason Behind Apples HomePod Failure

Mar 18, 2021 | Gadgets

Apple has now discontinued the HomePod exactly 1 week after discontinuing. The I mac pro now I get why the I mac Pro continued 2020. I mac was just as powerful and the upcoming apple silicon. I mac would just eliminate the need for a pro model but a HomePod being discontinued as well. It doesn’t make any sense well as someone who’s been using the HomePod since the day it came out. I do have a lot of thoughts on it so we don’t any further review here’s why I think the HomePod sales Apple’s HomePod was first announced on 6/20/17 at WWDC and its main purpose was to be a competitor to Google’s home and Amazon’s Alexa how over it constantly got delayed and was only released in 2/20/1808 months after it’s unveiled. I got it right when it came out I also happen to have pretty much every single Google home that Google made props to go before sending them over and I ended up being quite disappointed in the HomePod.


The HomePod was severely lacking for example C. recount even set multiple timers on the HomePod which the Google home easily can not only that but with scenery. You would even struggle with basic such as turning the lights on and off because if you said that in a bit of an unexpected weight searing would get confused the problem here is that Apple doesn’t have 1 theory but 5 series there’s a 0 on the iPhone. There is 1 on the mac there’s 1 on the apple watch there is 1 on the Apple TV and finally, there’s 1 on the HomePod. They all work differently

For Example:

The HomePod cannot show you photos because well it doesn’t have a display and the Apple TV cannot show you the calendar because the Apple TV doesn’t have a built-in calendar app. It’s pretty much this entire mess where not only is your recent early lacking. When compared to the competition but it has these sub-variants of its which are even worse. I even tweeted a bunch of times about how bad theory was on the HomePod where I would say something and it would randomly start playing a song instead even today in 2021 after so many software updates 4 out of 10 times. When I tell my whole point to for example turn the lights off it would actually turn them all out and vice versa yes apple. It just works so it was pretty obvious that the main reason why the HomePod fields were and the reason why the series so bad is because apple cares about your privacy or at least so they say that’s the point. We’re read doesn’t get access to a lot of your personal data like the Google assistant us and because of that, she is severely limited now.

Third-Party Services:

The second reason why the HomePod fields were the services you see both Google and Amazon support a ton of third-party services. The HomePod only supported apple services which meant that if you happen to use Spotify you could not use the HomePod as it only works with apple music not only that but if you had a mac and wanted to buy a HomePod but didn’t have an iPhone or an iPad you could not use the whole board at all as you need it and I was device just to set it up so you need an iPhone or an iPad ends an apple music subscription just to use it. Which was quite a lot for something that should have been a fairly simple device to use and it wasn’t the lack of Spotify that was the major issue here but the lack of order services to you.

For Example:

I’ve had a bunch of smart robot vacuum cleaners from companies such as Neto eco backs and I robots and the old support voice and even full automation but guess what all of those are through the Google assistant’s none of them work with Syria and that is because apple is way stricter in terms of whom they give help get access to and because of that the consumers are the ones who end up suffering. I really think we should have a balance. When it comes to privacy I do like the fact that I was concerned about aids but I don’t think that the way you’re doing it is right.

For Example:

If they had a message user saying Hey we can give your HomePod more advanced smart home functionality. If you’re willing to share some basic data with some third parties in that case I would have said yes this way of not giving us features because of our privacy rights and then it not giving us an option to choose differently is pretty messed up in my opinion anyway aside from the severe lack. Service is another reason why the HomePod fields were its price you see a trend in for $9. the HomePod was pretty much the most expensive smart speaker that you could buy even Google’s home Max which got discounted to around $300 was significantly more powerful than the HomePod was while at the same time offering you a truly capable digital assistant not only that but with the Google Home Max you bought it and you could straight up using it’s with android or iOS it didn’t matter and it’s supported plenty of third party services including free ones as well with the HomePod aside from having to pay $314.

I said before that you also need an iPhone or an iPad as well as an apple music subscription and on top of that Seery was significantly worse than a double assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. so why did apple even broader launching it well aside from wanting to enter this new home system markets the HomePod did in fact have something that Google or Amazon didn’t which was the son quality remember. When I said that the Google Home Max was significantly louder than the HomePod well it was louder but the sound quality coming under voids was noticeably worse than the HomePod. The HomePod sounded outstanding especially for the device of its size and if we got low enough to fill a small flat but I think that my favorite thing about a home party was just how well it picked up the audio. it had 6 microphones and they were all so good that even at maximum volume. I was able to invoke Siri’s ends inwards every single time I could also be in a completely different room and it could hear me from pretty far away for us.

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