Reacting to some of the content that’s on my phones

I’m going to be reacting to some of the content that’s on my old phones. I went and got a couple of them out. One of them, I’m so upset, I cannot for the life of me remember the passcode. I keep trying, but it says my phone is disabled for 1,167 minutes. disabled for 1,167 minutes. This kind of feel like a time capsule. It’s like a portion of my life just frozen in phone form. And this could not be a better video to integrate LastPass into because, one of the things, if you guys don’t know, I always have a lot of different phones.

They even have this great feature where if you don’t want to come up with a new unique password, they’ll make one for you! So with LastPass, it will remember all of my passwords. I’m able to quickly login to new phones, and devices, and computers. It works on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac. I love LastPass, I’ve been using it for the past couple of years. It’s made it a lot quicker and seamless when I get a new phone to review. I just login to LastPass and I instantly have access to all of my accounts. So thank you LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video.

Now I cannot wait to get into seeing what’s on my old phones. So these are the main phones we’re going to be checking out today. This is the iPhone 6, which came out in September of 2014. It’s been my dream to be first in line for any Apple store event. This is it, like, we’re here, we’re first. This is the iPhone 6S which came out in 2015. It’s the day of the iPhone 6S launch. You don’t want to come. Well, there’s nobody else here, surprise. First in line for the phone. One of the newest features is the force touch, so you’ll be able to “peek in” as they said.

They have definitely seen some better days. I almost always have had cases on my phones. So they’re not in too bad of a condition. I did turn this on already, and I didn’t want to connect it to wifi because I didn’t want all of these apps to update. The craziest part is seeing Vine on here. So just going through I feel like I have a lot of the same sort of apps. It’s just funny to see as the old logos, because obviously in 2014, a lot has changed since then.

Image Source: Apple

I guess this would be the end of 2015 then when I got rid of this phone to upgrade to the iPhone 6S. The Ugly Booth. I used to go to Hot 8 Yoga all the time. Looks like I was still potentially, maybe using Canon. The ship, that was a really great shipping app. But they went under. Clash of Clans, oh my god I used to be obsessed. What I really want to see though is what are some of the old photos that I have on my phone. The last few photos that I have on here are me buying this phone. are you buying this phone? I was in North Carolina, I remember I was on a family vacation. This was us in the car on the drive to North Carolina.

I was measuring Matty to see what his size was in relation to the Apple watch. in relation to the Apple watch. He had such bad allergies. He used to just like lick and itch. That’s Matty hiding under my drone. So it looks like in 2015. I just can’t believe all these cute little pictures of my dog. One of the craziest things though is going back to this older phone. Which is still a really good phone. I know a lot of people that still have iPhone 6’s as their main phone. Like, it’s running very well. I kind of almost miss this fingerprint reader. It’s just really, really nice. I wonder what some of my last emails were. Doesn’t look like anything that interesting. A bunch of spam.

I plan on coming back but this vid took forever. He is good. We just napped. Nothing at all has changed in our conversations at all. This is the original iPhone. Look at this thing. It’s so beautiful. This is the one that I bought on eBay. So this one actually does turn on. If it is charged. This looks pretty legit. This over here is was my original first iPhone. I feel like this phone, I’ve got a lot of history. This was what like made my first viral video. You’re beautiful, and you’re perfect. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not. And then I saw that I did an iPhone original versus iPhone 11 video. It was really fun because we went out and took some photos. I’d say video but this didn’t shoot video yet.

So we basically just did a photo comparison of the original iPhone to the iPhone 11. It was really pretty shocking how good these photos still were, considering how long ago this phone was released. 2007. The original iPhone with one page of apps. The original iPhone with one page of apps. Let’s take a little picture, What an incredible device. Like, this changed everything. This is another one that I got. This one wasn’t mine. I did have this phone. This is one that I did an unboxing of on my channel. I wish that this other phone would startup. It’s not letting me do anything. iPhone is disabled. I guess I’ll keep trying. See you in five years. Well, thank you guys This was really fun, just to go back and see what apps were on my phone. And also I’m so happy that I found this one phone because I never had my stuff backed up to the cloud back then.

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