This movie starts in there’s no Pixar short of the beginning that’s part of the experience I don’t see what anyway maybe they’ll put it later I just throw off the whole vibe. So the new Pixar film the biggest Pixar film you’ll see on the that’s just the way it’s going to be for a while. He wants to be a jazz musician he’s a middle school band teacher at the moment but he has this big opportunity in any dice which caught me off guard. I didn’t know what the movie was about this is 2020 is the year where I don’t have to see trailers because I don’t go to the movie theater so I’m like if I don’t have to watch trailers.

This is the year right just I have largely stayed out of trailers. I thought it was about a guy pal around with Casper turns out he does not a man full of that 1 way to go is he doesn’t want to go to great beyond. He’s not ready in the breaks through and goes to this other place which is great before I believe. They call it which is where souls start out and they get props to go to earth very LDS city meets up with the soul who’s the only soul smart enough to steer clear of earth. Don’t worry you can’t crush a soul here that’s what life on earth is far better than 22 knows. what’s up also that’s the best line in the movie shocks they show up at the trailer park trailer told that once all right now we have a journey of self-discovery in which 2 people are going to walk the spirits I suppose are going to help each other find out about each other in a story that goes straight to the Seoul. But I was a lot of set up for one video but there’s a lot to like about this movie. Every first of all Jamie Foxx plays the voice of Joe Tina fey plays 22 believe Tina fey plays 22.

It sucks when you get information wrong to the video if you like less permanent as they are now but they did well together. They worked as a parent I love the story of Joe because Joe is characters the one that asked the real question is the entire time. I was like yeah 20 to Tina fey’s character. I agree wholeheartedly moving on to Joe granted throughout the movie 22’s gonna get brainwashed into being convinced that she’s wrong. She was completely right avoiding risk 5 what a Downer this video I’m sorry I mean to be a downturn just saying that you can hang out in some cosmic wonderlands. You know given the choice of the 2 but I really gravitated towards the story of Joe you know he’s the guy who wants his shot hasn’t really gotten his shot hasn’t regretted it in life he wants to have that shot like there are a lot of mature themes in this movie other Pixar movies.

This is probably the most mature that’s not to say you know sex drugs and rock and roll or anything like that it’s not like that but in terms of the themes. It’s dealing with it’s just there seems that in my experience kids don’t really contemplate yet. I mean they will eventually when they’re no longer kids when they’re old enough to be adults who have possibly made the wrong decisions or at least made decisions in their life that are provoked them years after the fact to reflect on their lives and wonder. I make the right decisions that you have to be old enough to have made monumental decisions in your life enough to where you possibly have regrets that’s really. The demographic of the movie soul in which case is probably its greatest strength and maybe its biggest weakness more of a strength and a weakness for me because I connected with that you know because we all think about that stuff for a lot of takeaways.

I had this movie that made me think back to actually a conversation I had with my dad a couple of days ago restock of my dad’s really talented in music and electronics. He made electronics his career because that paid the bills when he had years married and had kids he was talking about how if you get was given the choice. He would have stuck with music more but if he had made his hobby his career what do you’ve gotten sick of it because at a point you kind of got burned out electronics music is still his passion to this day so would that be the case if he had made music his career I don’t know but this is the takeaways I had from Seoul. They’re actually pretty monumental form doesn’t intend to take away but it was for me such a matter is actually great terrible lesson monologue in here that really put that into perspective for everyone else but again it’s one of those things that I don’t think kids are really going to connect with it’s good to Have they have that lesson to reflect back on but for the sake of this movie.

They’re probably gonna be like I really dig the part where the person and the cats are calling around and it’s a person cat buddy movie and Pixar’s always have teams that hit with adults and kids. You know the family movies in the sense that parents can take their kids to these movies and not want to leave it out there now like I’m here for the kids I hope you’re having fun no adults can log into really well. I really like that I took away something from this might be the Pixar movie where adults select all wow that’s perfect and stuff and kids alike I want to watch cartoons the deeper themes of this movie might go over their heads because they’re just not very yet. I also like the bars where deal with people in that Transtech Tino this state in-between states basically the people you think are hippie crazies and like whatever they’ve just figured it out this began to Disney Pixar movie.

They could not have Joe Rogan on any substances in here but if it wasn’t a Disney Pixar movie. He would have been I promise in the end I really dug soul I heard like you know everyone cries at the end of this movie I didn’t cry was what got hardened horrid human folks look at my face. I’m just here now but it was a really touching movie. I really dug it it’s a touching character film and a relevant human fell just in terms of the philosophies of life and how to live in how to see your life. Your talents your calling in life that’s an important thing in a world where the questions on such matters seem to grow exponentially the questions grow the answers are fewer and what to do this is a movie that attempts to give you a good philosophy to look at and I was entertained you know if I can have both that’s ideal but it’s another win for Pixar. you probably already have all right so soul have you seen it what do you think about it whatever you thought.