New Cool Features in Upcoming MacBook

Mar 27, 2021 | Tech

As a laptop reviewer I try my best to stay impartial I don’t have brand loyalties I don’t have preferences for one company over another. It really is you know what is the best option available right now for someone looking to buy a new device and I’ve been called an Apple fanboy and some of it has been called an apple hater but I won’t have a conversation today about the apple. Line up the M1 apple silicon-based off and this is good hardware. It’s so good to the point where it’s actually made it more difficult more complex to purchase a new device for a lot of people so I want to draw attention to the base model MacBook.


The Macbook air so is a device that has an amazing battery life like 11 to 12:00 hours of real-world use this is 40 maybe 50 percent longer than a competing windows laptop of the same kind of battery size and because of the performance the M1 ships are weirdly capable even the family’s MacBook air can keep up with some of the best of out there, it’s a very energy efficient platform and also the screen like the MacBook airstream on a device you’re getting high resolution 400 nits good color accuracy that kind of spec does not appear on $1000 windows laptop. You just don’t get good screens like that at that price point there are some hardwood efficiencies like the mac books. They have a limited selection of ports right now the screens have no touch capabilities and the bezel stick on it’s not a particularly nice looking or new looking device anymore and there’s very little use a repairability on this device but in terms of the fundamentals the stuff that really matters. When it comes to a laptop using the MacBook just does it really really well.

Apple User:

If you’re an Apple user or like a long term mac user then this is great news even if you don’t have apple silicon right now in the future if you pick up advice it’s gonna have apple silicon but for windows users, this stuff is just too good to ignore. If you are deeply entrenched in windows then you have no choice right but if you’re someone that can you could use a windows device. We have a preference for windows or your work for just optimizing around windows or your apps are just you know you just prefer windows for whatever reason. This is where things get complicated so there are some windows devices out there that can match with the M1 MacBook can do in certain categories but none of them can do it. As an overall package certainly not at $999 and as a reviewer I can’t ignore this I can’t pretend as these windows devices exist in a vacuum and like the mac, books don’t exist it’s irresponsible.

It’s like a windows family thing to do the other day I did a review on the LG gram this is a great device for someone looking for a super-thin super portable ultralightweight device. I reviewed from the perspective of a windows user right if you are someone who wants to buy a Windows laptop this is a great option but then in the comments, someone mentioned that I didn’t compare to an M1 MacBook and he’s right I should of like it. when I made the post I put my mind into the mindset of someone who’s looking for a windows device and usually. If you’re looking for a windows device you want a windows device right so I didn’t really mix the 2 but then when I look at this objectively take a step back and kind of look at the bigger picture of LG Graham as a great of devices. I would say that for most people who are actually interested in picking up a gram they’re probably better off with a MacBook which is a painful thing for me to say to someone trying to buy a windows device especially on this site but that’s just the reality of the situation because the M1 mac books are so good right now the great battery life good performance great screens excellent keyboards.


They’re just really good devices and then the rumors point to 14 or 16-inch mac books with upgraded silicon new design language mini LED screens return of MagSafe more ports an SD card slot. I’m sure they’ll be super expensive but they’ll be good and what I think about it. It seems like there’s no immediate or easy way for Microsoft to combat this certainly not with X86 like you see what Intel and AMD have come out with recently those chips are really good but they just can’t compete with the energy efficiency of what M1 mac books have to offer like any such as hardware rates are also softer. If you look at like the surface pro X and this is a product that you’ll understand a second why didn’t this is a product from Acer. It’s the spin 7 but this has the Qualcomm chip like that arm based windows laptop that is very energy efficient and this was a great product and it’s still it’s brand new I don’t think this is on the market yet but this doesn’t have the software to make an ecosystem like this work and the reality is I don’t think any other company could have pulled this off like apple can make this happen apple made this happen because the rules are so strict to their consumers the user base.

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