My thoughts about Boys Season 2 – Final Trailer

We’ll talk about the boys I love the boys figure I could talk about this because it’s got to be a Pinocchio joker Jonah joke that I could make some house. Not going through now. But it could happen time to note here that well freaks me out any freak you out it’s all freaking out a little. There’s. Kids should watch those parents you let your kids watch Pinocchio at a young age this is as normal as they get to me.

Don’t do it too on how the voice season 2 we have a new trailer it feels like just yesterday I talked about the teaser trailer now we have what’s called the final trailer the final trailer before the actual final trailer that they’re inevitably going to drop it’s like we were gonna final trailer and then a launch trailer but it looks like a butcher and his friends the spice girls there added again.

Because it’s for the for you’ve seen season one whatever he found out his wife is alive is there all right we got to take these Dicks down and there’s a new one it wasn’t storming chaser or something. I’m a storm front. A storm front that’s a figure storm chasers like that’s true even from a line of attack looks like home under feels like she is stepping on his toes though maybe it’s because she’s getting a bit of the limelight maybe it’s because she’s taking his grand villain scheme regardless. Thank you for making an assessment that was not sincere however now don’t be a lays in my tests.

He did laser them teddy but even though he did lay within 10 days I hope they don’t push home landed to the side and make him as she said a little bit I’m all for a new villain but I just hope that homeland is still the main villain you know no one ended the voice season one as well I hope we see less homeland or next season I bring this up because I’ve seen crazier things also love the fact that Jim Carlo Esposito is in the show not only so I can miss pronouncing his name inevitably least lazily pronounces my way I mean it was the love I do I love him.

I love him and the fact that so many shows games movies property is they’re all like all right we need him we need a villain who’s really going to come to the forefront get him to get him everything about how he’s gonna bring it though he’s so menacing and intimidating a lot of other roles I’ve seen Amanda loved Elizabeth Shue in the show in the sense that she was so good at handling the public she was all about public image and the people in the entertainment industry that’s what threw light honest no upfront straight forward absolutely not but like her they are.

I’ve said this before I’ll say it again looking for the poison cobra kai’s season 3 this is what I’m looking forward to I will give you that reviews season 2 before cover chi season 3 drops I feel like dropping a review for cobra kai season 2 on the heels of season 3’s premiere feel like that’s just a bit smarter that is what I wait for now you know regardless manned the boys one month away I can’t wait because no I’m just saying and your bar don in the movie should be doing a little more new characters just if they’re expanding on the plot that home lander built up in the last one you know the big reveal results.

I have this huge evil scheme they all know the same thing you want to be the same year you got to create the problem so you can swoop in with the solution that’s just the way the world works one thing I love more than heroes fighting villains when the villains pose as heroes but they’re actually a villain I saw the final 3. The for the voice season 2 have you seen it what did you think about.

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