Mortal Kombat 11 has come to the PS 5 not a PS 4 version for the PS 5 but a PS 5 version of Mortal Kombat 11 called Mortal Kombat 11 ultimately just to cover my bases again. They sent me a download code for the game but then I realized that if you put in your PS 4 desk into your PS 5 you get a free PS 5 upgrade for the game and all your content at all transfers over not as a PS 4 version. But the PS 5 version in which case me getting mortal combat 11 ultimate for PS 5 was no longer a full-price game. So I went ahead and bought the DLC gave the code to my friends that go head again but in case I just need to tell you they gave me a code they did I hope my friends having fun with all right so bases covered.

We talk about Mortal Kombat 11 alternate which for PS 5. We’re gonna talk about some obvious things or to talk about better load times an easy way to see the fast load times. When you highlight the character in PS 4 version was like I like the character, okay taking a second. All right there you go there’s the skin that you have for the character despite the version much faster much more instantaneous to see the version of the character. You actually have also look times in the match is much faster much improved and the 4K resolution for me an easy way to see the higher resolution is in the dead pool stage fatality in the PS 4 version. The Deadpool fatality the steam coming off of the skeleton made it look really pixelated. it was like everything else around the skeleton was high def but the skeleton through the steam just info get bumped down the low rose or something. but the PS 5 doesn’t do that it’s much more detailed.

It was an easy way for me to see that I mean I export my videos in 1080 so I imagine this video is not doing it justice but trust me when you’re tired it’s noticeable. But then K 11 ultimate is ultimately a new DLC pack with 3 more characters. You don’t have a news story that comes along with it like Mortal Kombat aftermath. So you don’t get a circular story that ends up exactly where it started bleeding basically exactly. I mean if you’re buying the $60 MK 11 ultimate game and you haven’t bought any of the Mortal Kombat 11 DLC that came before it does come with all the DLC but if you’ve kept up on the Mortal Kombat DLC that has come out thus far the new content. You’re gonna be rocking is the addition of 3 new characters wind rain. Which I guess is a fan favorite of never gonna rain person personally you know those characters in fighting games are like people love.

I just don’t really play isn’t the big win for me is Malina. Malina is back also she’s going once again that when characters die in a mortal combat game no matter how bad will come back but I’m always impressed with the fact that she’d never played exactly the same as Mortal Kombat 9 ax 11. She does play differently combos are different though they have the same flavor to them 40. she’s vicious ferocious feral and brutal and I just love her to death with her character in the case of my host Mortal Kombat characters are always one fatality. I prefer to the other AS one fatality review turns into a spinning ball of size and burns through the person. I like the end post she does but that fatality as a whole doesn’t hold a candle to the one where she rips open the opponent’s abdomen reaches up through their abdomen.

The fingers come out the face she grips the face and she rips the face down through the guts and she’s holding the face and they die. There’s something to show men shipped there that one ‘s very creative I love my fatalities brutal and creative and I say I love that one and this time around. we have Sylvester Stallone as himself or as the Johnny cage voice announcer. So eloquently puts it, John. You said it buddy John Rambo it’s in mortal combat 11 voiced by Sylvester Stallone no it’s been apparent for a while and the crude now the round. The big movie nerds like the movie references in mortal combat they’ve been around for a while and sometimes a really obvious sometimes. They’re deep-cut you like it did they just rest wow but it’s exponentially grown as they’ve had more movie characters and Mortal Kombat games the fact that they got Sylvester Stallone is John Rambo Peter Weller is robocop car here.

You can to the gala as Shang soon and Keith David as spawn. You feel the movie love there you can tell they were like we have to get them to voice which also makes the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger does not voice. The terminator sticks out like a sore living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. Tom his impersonation it’s not a bad one you can tell that that’s the voice. They’re going for but it still sounds like an impersonation. You have to be reprogrammed to protect John Connor do you recall him in 88 waits while the bad guy. It feels different than the other characters who are voiced by the ones who played them in the movie is our voice them in the animation responded actually adding. I just found out that there is a moral combat movie skin pack for more come out 11 featuring Bridget Wilson as Sonya Linden Ashby as Johnny cage and Christopher lamb back in this fight is about personal injuries with a few extra Bucks. So I would have like that too been a part of the whole $15 deal say because now it’s 20 does speak of the fact that like I said movie nerds and the intro dialogues are so fun.

The fact that you see you in here John Rambo reference shall con as shall Connie says his name but that’s just that’s next level. If you just you’re like John Rambo’s in mortal combat but we’re talking intro dialogue spawn and robocop amazing bad language makes for bad. The feeling Perfect meal that mother too good the problem with MK 11 ultimate on PS 5. I don’t know if it’s a PS 5 thing or an MK 11 ultimate things just across the board but is definitely the problem I was having was the connectivity. I mean you can get into the towers of time just fine you can do a casual versus match just fine but getting into the king of the hill was a bit of a pain in the though eventually. I was able to do it and so was my friend I was like Hey can you try these things out he did the same as me. He finally got into the king of the hill but in terms of towers of time those group raid towers, 3 have to team up with 2 other people those socks you’re either is there waiting for it to connect with a couple of other people forever and it just never does it.

You find the connection with one other person but not a second person so it’s just 2 people taking on the enemy, not 3. I was actually talking with this do it online and I teamed up early all right. I guess we’ll 2 men rate it. I guess he was new to Mortal Kombat 11 because it was like I didn’t know they were supposed to be a third person. I thought it was just too I was like no that big blank spot under us that’s for another human so yeah I did it just waits forever and connects to nothing or connects to one other person. I will say it’s rare it never happens because it did connect to other people once tried many times because I want to get that truth. We were to team up with 2 other people finally connected to other people only happen once never happened before hasn’t happened since again. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the crossplay we’re just PS 5. I had my friend tested out he also has a PS 5 and he had the same problems in Iraq.

So yeah that’s a pain in the daytime the compromises the whole fundamental element of Mortal Kombat and that talk of trophies brings me to trophy talk in which if you have the PS 5 version of Mortal Kombat 11 and you’ve gotten your platinum before you got all your trophies in the PS 4 version. You can now get all those trophies again for the PS 5 version new set of trophies I mean same trophies but you can just get them again and I was curious about that all your content transfer some. From your PS 4 version so it was like does not know what is the story mode doesn’t know how many trusts. I’ve opened up and it does give you a bit of a bump it gives you a boost to help you out as the same apparently know what you have and haven’t done so instead of opening a couple of chess in the crypt or whatever you had to do. I just had to open one and it was like great here’s your trophy for opening up all those chests to sometimes.

You get a bump like that we just have to do one thing instead of the whole group of things not for everything but you still have to go through the classic tower with 10 characters still did that still have to fight 50 online versus matches luckily those did connect just fine. I did that also story mode all the chapters were unlocked and marked as completed. so I just did the last chapter in which you know Luke Tang you fight chronic on it was like great. I’m having fun with Mortal Kombat 11 again I thought we were done yeah it’s like Mortal Kombat 11 is kind of a gift that keeps on giving for a price so it’s the gift that you keep buying the point. We’re done with Mortal Kombat DLC you know the past would speak to the president the fact that we’re done no fear is another good point. I don’t know if they’re going to have another one but the roster is actually a lot of fun. it’s a great roster of characters and I’m personally not ready for Mortal Kombat 11 to be done and move on to the next thing that now the role might do or someone to come out 11 ultimate have you played it. what do you think about you have the connectivity issues that I’m having are you enjoying the content most importantly are you having fun with it.