I like spiderman so it’s probably a smart move on their part but still spider man miles Morales is a new spider man game in the vein of the spider man game that came out for PS 4. The same world as that game and that game you saw the intro of miles Morales and now miles has his own game in which you play as hand one of the things. I will say right out the gate if you were a fan of the spider man game before you’re going to jump right into this kind of like riding a bike in terms of the punch an enemy swing kicking enemy. Those basic moves are the same so you can get right into it from there swing around the city have your scavenger hunt elements in here that’s the game goes to great lengths. Let you know that you were not playing as Peter Parker. This is a different person and they do it wonderfully right from the music that the music in this okay the soundtrack should have a vinyl release and when they do is going to be mine.

This soundtrack is what currently of the vinyl release that’s inevitably going to happen because the music sounds familiar. When you’re swinging around New York you’re like this is the spider man music but it has that hip-hop beat to it. It’s still epically mixed to give it that spider man flavor but also miles Morales also the way he moves is different. When you’re swinging around the city or something clumsy get stylish about it. He’s not just swinging he’s falling with style and I like the fact that he moves differently van Peter Parker would be so easy for them to realize well. We do have the swinging animations from the previous game we can just put miles were always close on there and the miles Morales spider man suit and look at that follow-up new spiderman. It would’ve been so easy to do is we’re gonna lazy but they didn’t do that they went out of their way to make you for like oh this is not Peter Parker this is miles Morales complete with a new movie set.

Because miles Morales spider man has different moves than Peter Parker spider man to turn invisible. You have venom strike really powerful things you can upgrade here those are on a couple of the stealth missions. I was like I could really go for some impact webbing. I’m just sad but that’s to the point if you master the previous spiderman games the new moves in here are like but you haven’t mastered these so you have things to learn here new moves as well as new outfits. Which what I’ve locked the spider verse outfit I use that for a solid portion of the game and I love the fact they have this mod that you give to suit that makes him move in the frame rate from the movie. I just that’s a good bit of fan service I just love that I also love that outfit re has the jacket in the hood that’s just a cool looking outfit but most importantly the character of Miles Morales. You’re playing as the family dynamic the supporting characters how are they’re the ones who are going to bring me into the game and make me really care about miles Morales.

When spider-man takes off miles is now new York’s only spider man for the next few weeks and he has to step up in some really big ways to save the day. I mean I love spider personally his intro in the PS 4 spider man spider-verse. I was like oh yeah I like the kid is cool but now I like spiderman. Spiderman I mean Peter Parker’s also spider man and that’s why miles is kind of the gold standard of how you introduce a new character to be a new hero with the same name as the old hero. They don’t replace each other don’t cancel each other out or anything but you welcome him with open arms because miles is awesome he’s a good kid he has a good heart just wants to do right he exhibits the qualities. What I like about Spiderman I got attached to him I got attached to his family I mean the whole scene with his dad in spider man PS 4 games.

They’re like that’s no moon I mean the family dynamic is an important element in the spider-man story to me anyway that’s the thing that hooked me when I was younger also. I like the villain I mean there are a couple of people who were doing less than altruistic things in New York at this time but the point is the main 1 it wants to focus on is you get were the villains coming from you understand you empathize you sympathize miles Morales does too, however. This is not the way to 1 of those billing dynamics real like I get why you’re doing what you gotta understand. what you’re doing in terms of the technical elements not gonna get too technical. I’m not a technician but being on PS 5. We got to talk about some of the flares that PS 5 has to offer with this game first of all the low times yes the prince is actively short and we know that because the previous spiderman games out fast travel you know you’d be on the subway. He’s on the subway just hanging out doesn’t even give you that animation it’s like you want to fast travel suite now you’re there as the previous spiderman games Eichel fast travels pretty relatively generally speaking unless it’s across the city.

You could probably swing there faster but if it’s just the next sector over that’s. When I found anyways how it seemed anyhow in this game fast travel is truly just faster also graphically you have 4K at 60 frames a second or 30 frames a second with ray tracing which is a way of saying details are better but 30 frames a second set of 60 first place. I played through with all the jazzy raytracing second playthrough was at 60 frames a second either which I can show you here because I don’t export my 50004 or 63 is affected but they both look great in their own ways to which 1 you want to do that’s completely up to you. 1 thing I know for certain is PC gamers are out there like they have to pick between the 2 that are precious.

The game is comparatively short for sure it is reflected slightly in the price and the fact that the game 4999 and is that a 5999. We’re going around just 50 Bucks instead of 60 Bucks now you’re gonna compare it. I don’t know if the previous spiderman games 20 percent longer than the miles Morales spider man game to 100 percent reflected in the price. I don’t think so I think the gap between the 2 is a little longer and that’s where you have to keep in mind they sent me the game for free this is part of the reason. I don’t like it you should for free in terms of review but I like getting things for free because it kind of feels cool. We’ll just keep in mind when I say like the game is still fine you know like what I dropped 50 Bucks on this game yeah it is $50 worth of funding for going around picking up all the stuff and that’s what I’m saying here is all the side quests go into the price for is what I’m usually buying a game I like the core story to feel like a full game.

We can have a bunch of side quests that really beef it up and really Pat it now to get your money’s worth out of this game in terms of length. You have to do all the side quests because of what I did new game plus you keep all your gear. So you’re just powered up ready to go you can go right to the core game you even have to do the side quests of him that man is knocked out. while the core game is pretty short but this game played in the pocket and gave me what I like which is a great story about a hero who doesn’t start out feeling like a hero after that you get attached to him it’s an inspiring story really is I wanted to go around and clean up all the crime not just because I wanted to feel like I played a complete game.

Because I wanted to be the hero that miles is I loved the spider verse but there’s something about the well-constructed game that will get me more attached to the main character just the way it is and this game is that I thought spider man miles Morales was a worthy successor spin-off whatever you wanna call. it was a worthy spider man game with a worthy spider man here that I’m happy to call spider man versus spider man miles Morales have you played it what did you think about it.