Justice League The Snyder Cut Official Trailer Review

We have a trailer for Zack Snyder’s justice league. This trailer had one purpose which it did for fell and that was to show us that there was a completely different movie that was planned differently than the one we saw different from then justice league. So bring on a rendition of Hallelujah and let’s see the clips and generally the clips are like Hey you didn’t see this did yeah that’s different isn’t it only my movie doesn’t exists only see black suit, Superman, there even seems rose like that is the same stand on all that’s different though you see some scenes new contacts and Steppenwolf looks completely different. As armor looks like it’s living tack or something of all rebelling what better not dip that we all forgot about although.

I will say spoilers what did he dies Joe Morton get vaporized in the trailer shed I like jazz even the aspect ratio is different on the job simply rocking at 4 by 3 aspect ratio. I imagine is just for the trailer. but we do live in a world where there’s a black and white version of Logan there’s a new R. Logan so be careful with that Snyder you have me wanting a 4 by 3 aspect ratio version of the justice league.

when it comes out on VHS so make a man want like that don’t know what I want that this is inferior in every way I will I minored room. I have a VCR hooked up to one of my C. R. teases and I got the VHS is to go along with them. Because we get a glimpse of the dark side in this trailer which I’ll be honest I was like.

The missing his armor bed but I mean it’s one shot it’s. Shot it’s not the same it’s one shot in this trailer that’s all you could have dark sides who knows I’m not going to break down like we used to do this differently with dark side from one shot. so sure Darkseid’s gonna be savage besides like the guy who voiced dark side your did you see that clip on the internet.

where you kind of like the did a voice in this audio clip which like it could be the dark side you’re like whoa it given a hint about the dark side and he sounded awesome. so looks like all the nightmares that Bruce Wayne was having are just about to come true and again how. News what is it was axed nighter giving that link between someone getting and Hallelujah Nite owl and silk specter. Zacks Snyder and his justice league get At least in the context of this it’s getting. I’m there is that yeah the trailer did its job, Zack Snyder, giving us all right.

Hallelujah, it’s coming out also Hallelujah for boxes put their faith I listed but probably more likely that Hallelujah. it’s coming out it might be great it might suck but I was glad he has the opportunity to give us his symphony though I will say this fast forward 40 years from now with Zack Snyder’s justice league is generally speaking seen as the justice league that happens and people start telling their kids about that movie that we called the justice league in which Superman had a CG I face and kids alike wide what did it really yes the jays terrible if I could find a copy I would show you.

Because everyone got rid of the copies in the super rare point is in the world of hard copy collecting that’s how becomes valuable so hold on to your Josh Disley copies. I’m just saying I’ve seen this happen before we’re not exactly like this. But and Ben Affleck is back as Batman now I guess the bat fleck is he’s back not just in this movie. but it’s going to be in the flash movie although with monologues like this. Stephens phone how many houses. About us. Addis United. There is 0 doubt as to why also the fat man versus Superman warehouse Throwdown seen that scene was always awesome anyhow so the trailer great look I know we’ve all heard that the movie’s going to be different. Different in scenes scenarios footage contacts but it’s another thing to see it now we’ve seen a glimpse into that are so the first trailer for Zack Snyder’s justice league have you seen it why did you think about it comment below.

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