Is Xbox & PS5 reason Death Of The Disk

Feb 16, 2021 | Gadgets

The series X and PS 5 the living funerals for disk drives give him a fighting farewell with digital media selling big we are going to talk about the disk drive and the possibility that physical media Blu rays and 4K UHD disc specifically could be facing their final curtain. This is the era of less stuff or will we rebel like teenage Bad Girls smoking in the boy’s room you want something although NewTek frightened some of our others of us are like double oh sevens mentor Kincaid eternally fighting to preserve the old ways. The old ways of the past If I recall my high school business classical actually. There are 5 types of technological adopters innovators early adopters early majority late majority and laggards the innovators 2.5 percent of the adoptive population are the types to have been downloading games as soon as 1980 ones in television play cable came out with Mattel streaming service gamers could download games through a coaxial cable as the company’s frontman baseball legend Mickey mantle iterated innovator consumers pay $12 a month for a selection of 25 games and didn’t care if they failed.


They were first to get this new tech Mattel probably never imagined that although the actual monthly price for that same device hasn’t changed much in 40 years not adjusted for inflation that their idea and business model has grown into a juggernaut of the thing with an estimated 11.5000000000 in revenue in 11/20/20. The innovators communicated their excitement to their followers and social circles trying to convert the next year in line with the early adopters to get it. The early adopters 11.5 percent of all the doctors are the folks who once they know the new tech won’t explode and will give them what they won’t get it you may have seen some of these gamers casually checking stock in department stores and all going at the cartloads of series axes. The employees are swinging around on carts this is of course after they’ve learned that those overheating videos of the series acts were just tricksters blowing vape smoke up archy stirs.

The early majority 34 percent of the doctors take their time with new tech but still like it and flirt with new ideas and products these are the open-world gamers who will download cyberpunk 2077. once the bugs are kicked out and they’ve read a certain number of positive reviews from the early adopters and innovators the late majority also 34 percent of the doctors will get a game or piece of tech as a reaction to the peer pressure they get from their friends family and even the media. I don’t know about you but sometimes it feels like Cano Reeves is going to come and punish me if I don’t get cyberpunks and finally the laggards the 16 percent of the doctors who hold on to their dole and hold on to what they know until they feel the landscape has changed so much that they need to run to keep up.

Disc Players:

This is the last person you need to get a cell phone the game whose first console was an innovator’s 9 or the gamer who just started playing online in 2021 because they’ve exhausted. The experience of playing the CPU okay why did it feel like we were just reviewing for an exam well let’s quit ourselves. where are we now with physical media it’s on the decline in terms of sales and the big dogs are preparing for it Sam Sam the numeral manufacturer of 4K Blu ray disc drives won’t be making any more of them as of February 2019 due to declining sales 5.6000000 Blu ray and Blu ray 4 K disc players were sold worldwide in 2000 164.8000000 in 2000 174.2000000 in 2018 and 3.1000000 in 2019. The writing is on the wall streaming is coming to dominate over physical media thanks to its convenience and accessibility in households. There’s less and less of getting up every 2:00 hours to change movies and on the PS 5. If you’re switching from playing 1 digital game to another when you use activity cards you don’t even have to jump back to the home screen and you can resume from a safe spot and you can switch games even faster on the series axes.

You can pause and switch to another digital game at a previously paused spot using the quick resume function for the gamer of the day less stuff around the home is more as we want to travel lighter and be happier with less training its furniture. We go on tour even now in a digital way we now have access to so much more Sony and Microsoft are still making disk drives but are offering less expensive all-digital alternatives for their consoles so it looks like we’re in a laggard phase with digital media many games movies and other media content are not even available on physical media like let’s say for example this video the first media free video game. We were able to find with space war created in 1962 by MIT Egghead Steve Russell for the PDP 1. So since digital games have been around longer than some of your dad’s should we accept that even collectors may have to let go of physical media.

Consol War:

The eternal war of the old versus the new is forever fought in the now and that war has left many pieces of physical media in its wake let us have a moment of silence for those pieces of physical media that have been swallowed up by the tsunami known as the future the 8 track. The audio compact cassette tape. The Betamax HD DVD Father time is not coming to tack. We are told we want and deserve better at every screen magazine ad and innovator friend. We encounter and we believe it and once we get a taste of it. It’s hard to go backward in lifestyle is there no hope for the preservers the romantics the remember of good times. He’s always in the story of physical media there are inspiring resurrection stories vinyl has been coming back more than Arnold even to the disbelief of those Bruce Willis is out. There that think it’s been back enough the CD and DVD well past their glory days are still Kickin do blue-ray discs have that kind of staying power.

CD’s and DVD’s

If necessary even return power in my opinion they will phase out slowly over the next 5 years given the late adopters and laggards. The time to let go and even sometime tomorrow the tech inside as good as the PS 54 K UHD is can support up to 100 gigabytes per disc. But games are growing and growing in magnitude PS 6 game should surpass 100 gigabytes per game on average easily vinyl CD’s and DVD’s are much cheaper to produce than Blu rays pressing a 2 sided vinyl liquor costs an average of $400 for a master and then 100 presents go for about $2000 or $20 per vinyl CD’s cost an average of $1000 to master and $0.50 to duplicate and DVDs 2000 a master and $1 70 to replicate to contrast Blu rays will run you $40000 to master and $2 per unit to replicate and numbers on manufacturing a 4 K. UHD Blu ray are scarce.

you’re probably looking at $60000 plus for a master and well over $2 per disk on average unless innovators find ways to decrease these costs down the line look for the Blu Ray and 4 K UHD to be terminated. There will always be the Die Hard holder honors who will preserve and trade what Blu-rays and 4 K UHD is they’ve collected these historians will show off their collections and rare gems proudly to those passing through their museum-style living rooms and basements. They will say that the quality of the digital copies doesn’t match the Blu ray and 4 K. UHD quality. They’re absolutely right especially when it comes to movies but this war it looks like it will be 1 by a digital majority maybe they’ll make a movie about this war Sunday a digital-only release of course since we all can’t live like millionaires. We can at least game like them and digital media allows us that luxury that seemingly infinite choice. This is the future Mickey mantle advertised to us in 1981 with a television digital gaming only a millionaire and want to play any other way what do you think about the future of Blu ray discs and physical media is at the end.

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