Is Nvidia RTX 3060 Best-valued graphics card for gaming

Mar 23, 2021 | Gadgets

Let’s talk about Nvidia’s new RTX 3060 this is probably their best-selling GPU this year. I like the best-valued graphics card for gaming and there is a lot to talk about now. I was going to the boring stuff first like the benchmarks and performance. This is cool stuff to talk about in a bit so this performs as expected it’s good but it’s not surprising right it perform similar to end our text 2070 not as good as 20 semis super and not as good as a 3060 TI but you can get your hands on 1 at the MSRP of $329. it’s a fairly priced GPU but just the presence of the same like the mere existence of yet another skew that you could potentially have stock on a bill to purchase that’s a good thing interestingly it does have 12 gigs of ram which is more than the 3060 tiers as more than a 3080.


The reason why it has 12 gigs of ram is that well I’m assuming that when MD kind of pre-announced their upcoming 60 700 GPU that thing was supposed to come with 12 gigs of ram. so Nvidia being Nvidia they put 12 gigs of him into this card as well to compete so is the Artex 3060 a good GPU for sure like it has great 1080 P performance and doesn’t cost a crazy amount of money. I personally have liked this thing to be 299 just under 300 Bucks but things very fairly priced at 329. the thing is if you go into a store and you have the option to somehow be able to purchase a 3060 TI or a regular 3060 and this would cost you $70 more I’d go for the 3060 TI. it’s a little more but I just feel you get better kind of long-term use on this jeep you in terms of just game performance as well as a nicer looking design. but the truth is stock is a very real issue so having access to this at all is awesome okay I’ll move on to the more interesting topic a few days ago Nvidia announced that this GPU the Rex 3060 would be Softer crippled so that had half the hash rate that it’s actually capable of this in reference to its mining speed.

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It’s mining capabilities and it’s only affecting the arctic 3060 not any of the previously released arctic 30 series GPUs just specifically the Artex 3060 and the reasoning behind it at least. The public pier statement is that they’re doing it for gamers to alleviate some of the supply issues that they’ve had by removing the mining capabilities or the appeal of this cheap. You to minors right because if you reduce the hash rate on this thing then for minors. They’re just they’re not interested in this thing it doesn’t do what crypto miners want to do with an RTX GPU. I tested it and it’s definitely crippled it mines Ethereum like a GTX 1060 it’s terrible and invidious also stated that there can be making these mining-specific GPUs the column CMP’s these are devices without any kind of display outputs. They’re just built specifically to mine and they’ve gone on record saying that the production of the scene Pease won’t impact the production of their G force right there are 2X and GTX cards supposedly won’t be reduced.

The presence of the CMP line maybe it’s true like maybe they’re just selling components that they wouldn’t be able to sell in their gaming products but it’s been controversial to give your brand new RTX 3060. The interest of Nvidia as a company like trying to make money aligns nicely with the interest of the consumer tech to get access to these cards right the people get screwed by the crypto miners there I mean look at the hash rates. If you know anything a crypto mining these numbers are not impressive these are not particularly efficient and unless these cards are really cheap. I don’t think they’re gonna sell especially because the resell on the stuff is going to be terrible so by doing this out of Gate by half think the hash rate of RTX 3060 and by introducing this terrible line upon mining cards. I think the consumers just when the consumers being gamers right now minors no right on day 1 that this is not a great card for mining.


If you’re interested in picking this up as a minor. you’re not gonna maybe there are any softer tweaks. You can you know adjust the bios and use custom drivers but most of these cards going to gamers instead of crypto miners and even for Nvidia a company that’s intent on making as much money as possible. They like that they would rather sell a gaming GPU to a gamer than a minor because a gamer will hold on to the GP for several years make use of the tech that indispensable our money researching where’s miners they sell the jeep you after a year or 2 it goes on the used market and affects the pricing of invidious hold GP structure. It’s a thing so Nvidia keeping their main demographic as gamers and satisfy the needs of gamers.

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