How To Make The PERFECT Vegan Tacos!

Today I would be making one of my favorite recipes. I wanted to share it with you. This year I am going to be baking a lot in sharing some of my favorite recipes and family recipes with you guys, including the one today. Today’s recipe is one that is beloved in our home. Because everyone likes it and you know that if you have a lot of different people and they got a lot of other food things going on and you don’t want to make a dish in three different ways. This recipe may be a winner for you as well as of today. We are going to be making cauliflower chickpea tacos.

This recipe came about in our house because my sister Molly she can’t have dairy she’s lactose intolerant home sadly and mamma mia have been a vegetarian for a couple of years now and me I’m a foodie okay it has to taste good long story short this recipe has no dairy it is vegan. It tastes delicious; it does all of those things which in this house is a win. I’m going to stand by this but with this recipe. I did not miss the meat in a taco because it’s tough for the ground to be into the chickpeas. I have protein and the way the cauliflower seasoned in the sauces. We make ours so good didn’t miss it delicious, and it’s rare. When those things happen, and when that happens I like to share good recipes so let’s make some delightful chickpea cauliflower tacos it started I make this dish with two sauces the first in the league in lime Graham.

We’re just going to throw everything in the blender. So it’s super easy to skip into your blender we’ve got one Cup the vegan sour cream quarter Cup of cilantro. When all those leaves none of the stands and to, it was was a fresh lime juice. This that get there you get in there lastly a little salt and pepper to taste what is going to put a little bit in here I didn’t measure these before I just go with my heart. My heart tells me that. That’s good just pop on the lid and blend it up till 12 combined looking and smelling good now I’m going to be using a little painting bag for more controls. I place it in caps, and I’m going to pour the first sauce in here. This also is a little bit ready, and that’s why I like to use a piping bag to like do an artistic like Shafie garnish.

You don’t need to do that you could just take a spoon and do a little drizzle. If you’d like just to know this also supposed to be then it’s supposed to move even. think you substitute the vegan sour cream for a vegan yogurt. Which you can do, and I will put that measurement in the description down below if you’re at the store. They don’t have vegan sour cream, but you find vegan yogurts that also work well with this recipe. It won’t affect the taste the tea is very very similar, and it’s great. I would have the stuff that is I’m let’s make our second sauce I think it’s also we’re going to be making is a vegan southwest sauce. But it’s a spicy Mayo, and it was using vegan mail this is a brand. I’m using today but follow your heart is another perfect vegan Mayo brand they taste delicious also making this house is optional if you want to skip any of these they do have like vegan options like spicy Mayo sauce is at the store.

I had these making it a fresh medium bowl. We’re going to mix together all of these ingredients again only to all of them down below I’ll start the sauce off by adding the vegan Mayo then add the white vinegar now here comes the delicious spices. We’ve got a little chilli powder garlic powder onion powder ground Cuman fresh lime juice and cayenne powder then once again that mix until well combined. I’m going to be using an electric hand mixer just make things a little bit easier you can use whatever you’d like.

I’m young so fresh in my place that’s what it’s supposed to look like Aaron smell like it’s so spicy my mail just started drooling is watering. It’s just salivating it’s like. I’m going to skip this again into a piping bag. But if you’d like to keep it in a little ball like this and then drizzle it on your tacos, you can do that as well. It’s your kitchen you can make those decisions those are you can do whatever you’d like I just like to do this because when I get hungry, I get a little messy so the more control for me the.

I’m going to get every drop in his bowl because I like to put this on everything this is so good. Why spicy Mayo just everything spicy anything like a spicy ranch all things better he mentioned some fries with cheese. You know what you could do that as a baked potato with cheese loaded with drizzle on the top. It’s taco time let’s make some tacos you’re going to need one can of garbanzo beans butter chickpeas and one medium size cauliflower. I’ve already watched it and cut into 2-inch pieces, Which are like called floormats big fancy. But 2-inch pieces that’s what we’re going for over here. He wanted to be a sound bite size now for the good one’s beans though we’re going to wash them over the sink somebody gets a strainer and gently rub together to take off the skins I do this because it helps with flavor and texture a lot now if I am eating vegan food. It needs to be like restaurant quality okay I have to enjoy it, and this one step is an extra step, but it is worth it now you can skip this step just cook the beans as they are, but this will make a big difference with flavor and texture.

You were is picky is me a foodie. This is an excellent step to do all right. Let’s head over to the sink. Cole flowers already and watch these guys for one can of garbanzo beans chickpeas into a strainer and run under warm water for 2 minutes. While the water is still running read the beans together vigorously in your hands to get off those skins and then take your skinless beans back to the baking station are fresh check fees we just rinsed off all of the skins, and they’re going to pour into the bowl of cauliflower.

I’m just going to move this over here why makes up some more spices in a medium wash medium-size bowl I mixed chili powder ground Cuman garlic powder onion powder some salt lime juice oil and water another little spicy mixture over here they mix till well combined. Flavour Molly can you smell that from feet away I’m still hungry. You might think talk faster road meet have lunch. I’m going to do it now let’s bring this back and pour over the top in the U. then tossed together until everything is evenly coated.

I’m going to be using a big wooden spoon to do so. But you can use anything spatula your hands. I don’t know what we’re making here is our meat replacement. It’s got great texture it’s got a great flavor. It’s got protein so just make sure to get everything coated now. It is time to bank line a baking sheet with parchment paper lately greases the surface he would kill. For your call for our in chickpeas evenly on top of the baking sheet evenly spread them around just like thanksgiving some space like that perfect now is going to pop this in the oven to bake at 400 degrees for about 25 to 30 minutes. While that is baking I’m going to match up the little avocado I love the avocado as a topping. It’s just a bit extra to these tacos. Just like that perfect and then you’ve got this pit right in the middle that’s what I like to do now be careful don’t get your fingers with the sharp cutting knife. Just like that and then pop it out of there boom and then we’re going to cut our little avocado.

Cut little cubes so just hold on top of the cutting board again be careful don’t get your fingers. I cut some strips this call hot dogs and hamburgers I’m just feeling down all right with that little cubes like this group of men do both, and sometimes I just eat him just like this I’m just like. But today I’m going to share yeah we skipped out all the good stuff you’ll remember. Although they’re still good for you they have so many nutrients, and I can’t believe when I was growing up I didn’t like I was wrong with me I thought it was a vegetable just like this gross green vegetable and I was like I’m never going to eat those then I grew up, and I tried, and I was like these are delicious, and they’re kind of creamy and someone’s like a weird like cheese. But it’s not meant for quite good, and it’s I was missing out now using a fork just mash it up for this topic I’m just going to keep it simple you could add stuff to it.

But I’m just going to put fresh avocado random tap once is mashed up ready to assemble our tacos just pop this out of the oven it’s still very warm but not hot to touch and welcome to the delicious taco bar now let me show you how to assemble one of these delightful Jeffrey call flow goes. I’m going to destroy them with my face I am so hungry. Well, a bigger breakfast this year see the yogurt with granola did not hold me over to some of the easier to start with your tortilla I like the smaller tortillas are just more comfortable for me to eat because I’m short. It’s fascinating up your tortillas you can do this on the stove or the cheap microwave. But make sure that they’re a little warm before you serve them. I’m going to be using corn tortillas because I love them. But I think they’re a bit too sweet and then they also have to R. T. as their half flour half corn for when Mike and I have to compromise, but today since I’m right again we don’t have to compromise because I’m only making them somewhat Kathy the cornstarch.

Let’s put this together now I’m going to put this here I’m just going to assemble one you going to pick up some of our chickpea cauliflower there right in the middle just like that and put it on first on the bottom like the meat. But a little red cabbage on top gives it a little crunch great texture now drizzle both of your sauces on top I grab these other refrigerators and using a piping bag so it can look really might look at this little Michelin Fauria. Nice the other one I like to do zigzags through yeah I’m a small scoop of fresh avocado you can use a small spoon. But I want to use a small ice cream scoop right into forget to squeeze a little fresh lime on top, and I know you think well there’s already a line Jews all over here that land uses. Since you made it unlikely there is, and I love lines so just a little bit just like that all right and there you have it that is it all right. It’s so good. I hope you guys enjoy this Post.

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