How far are we from ready player 1 gaming in some ways? It feels like we’re already there we’re going to look at gamers and the VR gaming tech of today and guesstimate how long it will take for us in the real world to get to 2040 fives oasis. Virtual boy was pretty laughable even in 95 but more recently virtual reality machines like the PSVR and oculus 1 and 2 have made even the heaviest of haters take. We are seriously omnidirectional treadmills are a present-day possibility and haptic controllers are a thing so the last piece of the puzzle is full-on haptic bodysuits as the graphics in VR games are improving by leaps and bounds other things like oasis is pay to play is already a reality in so many games. Which tease us with extra in-game cash skins characters vehicles and straight up what is that why can’t I stop thinking about it I needed now stuff I’m the 1 who does in order.

Some of us already need games like we need air as they can be a beautiful alternative from real life. It started with arcades they were the gateway then home consoles then reality TV. This is real life this final part is single disk around them better home consoles and then the real hard stuff VER. we’re still chasing the dragon with immersive interactive entertainment sci-fi has put its finger on it now all the tech has to do is catch up. Ready player 1 takes place a quarter of a century from now. I don’t know about you but after 2020 I’m just about ready to believe anything as far as the gaming tech goes we probably won’t even need that long to catch up to James Halliday’s future 2033 seems more reasonable as we went from PlayStation 1 to 5 in only 26 years.

So let’s have that number as 13 years from now feels like more than just a lucky guess the fully operational haptic suit should be out by then and by that time. You the viewer might have sent teams of your own living in your house read this post again on your kids is twelfth birthday or so and see if we had the gamer right we already have massive sandbox games where we can do almost anything like GTA 5 games that go on forever and ever like No man’s sky and instead of playing with action figures. You could have immersive virtual superhero experiences in games like Batman VR.

It’s only a matter of time before we use games to physically act out our deeper needs. As we turn another major technological corner as a species we have to ask. The childhood I think I remember goes like this there was happiness joy of farm maybe loving parents who curiously look like Superman’s adoptive parent’s imagination quite ice cream. I didn’t need video games if I wanted to be Superman all I had to do was pretend it all seems like paradise but maybe it wasn’t all good in the hood maybe there was more darkness than I remember less fun less joy there might not have even been a farm.

if only there was a place I could escape a room where I could go to be anyone the star. The 100 percent center of attention all the time forever sounds like paradise. I want to remember haven’t even known even better underway sis reality bites sometimes but video games can never really hurt us okay maybe a little. I thought but the real world will always need escaping from and like all video game players. We’re just looking for the next level of that What do you think about the future of VR is it a good thing for the human race will you let your kids play BR let us know.