We’ve all been waiting for that is a big-budget blockbuster movie-going experience theatrically released. We’ll take anything at this point turns out the trailer for Godzilla versus Kong of battle royale make the 2020 election looks like a game of cake that’s also coming to HBO. I’m glad there was a compromise there is really like some movies you got to see on this grand scale so I’m glad it’s coming to theaters and also HBO Max for people who like I don’t know theaters in my state I don’t even know of are there any at all national. I don’t know it’s like you notice the things of King Kong but you know it’s different they’re changing it up because it is a different telling of the story of Kong brazen shackles is being brought over on the boat not to necessarily make money on Broadway and now Godzilla is freaking out for some odd reason like Godzilla is just kind of flipped and turned into a villain.


We don’t know why there’s something happening in there I’m sure someone of the conversation of like Hey you guys saw Pacific Rim we can build a big robot in fact we can make it look like Godzilla will call a mecha Godzilla will fight Godzilla this is way too expensive fine. I know a guy will bring over it which case comes like a lonely talk to the kid com seems to be like I don’t like people but the kids all right it looks like comes I got right the fact that the kid asking Godzilla wrecked my boat or I’ll punch him in the face. You got till it’s a fight that’s happened for onscreen. it’ll happen again on screens for the spices just system navigable I will say Godzilla has better-ranged attacks so hopefully for Kong doesn’t fight Godzilla online otherwise got delicious gonna zone in the entire time like a big do you know what I’m talking about. I mean you know we can count on another city to destroy it because it’s kind of what happens cities and fall to the clash of these Titans and it’s like they’re like hey look at this place are nice all right.

My Concern:

This place up for good measure believing to the fan some floors acts thing from Avengers infinity war so what I thought of any way I don’t know why I did differences Kong went for the head my concern with this movie. The whole thing is really the human element thing that’s a reasonable concern because it’s a Balancing act you know it’s a balance that this movie has to reach in using humans to take the audience through it. But also not having these humans who are definitely not as interesting as monsters clashing overshadowing. The monsters and detracting from that experience so I hope they strike the balance you know because in a world where Godzilla is freaking out it’s gonna be this whole human investigation of like all-wheel why is Godzilla freaking out he was so nice before is he experiencing Godzilla upon far he’s just thermal waving people for no reason apparently.

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I thought the trailer for Godzilla versus Kong solid trailer you see Godzilla wait for it fighting Kong. For doesn’t hurt that it’s just it’s that trailer that’s the blockbuster feeling of a theatrically released film. The lot of us probably won’t be able to see it the actor cliff maybe well maybe I will I don’t know what the future is not written but it gives you that feel in a trailer that I haven’t experienced in a very long time. It’s a feeling I missed so I’m glad even if the movie gets delayed until 2028 or whatever glad I got that feeling with this trailer also sees using Optimus prime’s words. All right so the trailer for Godzilla versus Kong have you seen it why did you think about it.