Every Thing about Asus ROG Phone 5

Mar 21, 2021 | Tech

Let’s start with the design real quick here so there are 2 phones I have here the regular-based RG phone 5 as well as the ultimate edition. The first thing they’ve gone away with the kind of designed gimmicks that they used to do on the previous iteration so RG 12 and 3. They had these design elements on the back of the phone to give the illusion as if there’s some kind of thermal dissipation or thermal elements on the exterior that was particularly functional and they’ve gotten rid of all that stuff is just a nice aesthetic back. The regular RG phone 5 has a glossy glass back there are some red accents but the RG logo lights up and you can control it pretty extensively in software. I’ve seen a lot of RGB lit phones before like this tech isn’t new but this feels really well-engineered they’ve done it in a nice manner so it doesn’t protrude.

It doesn’t feel like some afterthought it feels like it was built to have this kind of lighting and it looks really nice it actually reminds me of the lighting on the G. 14 Zephyrus laptop the other device I have here is the ultimate edition and this one slaps. This is the white and blue-backed phone and it’s got this kind of matter per lesson finished too. it’s not like glossy finishes got this super clean vibe to it and there’s also this monochrome OLED LED screen on the back of it and this is so cool to me. It’s once again flush to the back of the device it feels really well built. It doesn’t feel like we just added this in at the last second and you can customize it. you can have it show battery percentage you can have children incoming call it not caller ID but just a notification that calls coming through and you can customize it with your own artwork.

Image Quality:

It’s really cool they’ve clearly put a lot of thought into this and the image actually rotates depending on the orientation of the phone. So it’s never like an upside-down image they’ve done a good job on this thing others also a brightly colored sim tray on both these phones. The white one has bright blue and then the base model in black has a red one and they both have good luck have fun that’s right into them I do wish that the white one with the authorization had a different colored trim like the frame of the phone was like silver or also white. If you like that would look better but this still looks really cool.

The actual functionalities funds what makes them special makes them different from regular nongaming phones is really a performance. These are running snapdragon triple eights but because of thermal engineering. They’re doing you can get rid of heat better-set pieces does this stacked PCB thing here’s 2 layers on top of each other and it uses a vapor chamber graphite materials to get you to know the system and in very demanding games that push the system hard, you will notice a difference in sustained performance one thing that you’ll notice is that the PCB on the RG phone 5 is right in the middle of the phones that allow the heat to disperse more evenly and also allows them to run split battery system which will talk about in second other also bear triggers on the top of the device.


I guess top in landscape mode there are touch-sensitive areas that you can use as shoulder buttons on a controller in the first 2 generations of the RG funds. I never like to like the technology was a cool very good idea but they just never felt responsive enough. They’ve tweeted to the point where it feels a lot better it’s not perfect right not gonna feel like a regular shoulder button on the controller because there’s no traveling press. It is just a touch-sensitive impact but it’s good to use key mapping and gets crossers your games. If they don’t have them and there’s also an inverted color mode you can spot enemies will be easier in the dark. It’s kind of questionable as to how fair all the stuff is like there are certain games out there that if you have across here and you have a flip into negative colors. I can give you a really clear advantage but the onus is on you others also use a PC port on the side so you can charge your phone while you’re playing games without the cable getting in the way and there is of course the active cooler the fan so this is been redesigned for this year and now connects to the phone using a different mechanism used to connect with the use BC passed through now.


It uses pogo pins on the bottom which I think is a better connection system and this one connected gives you some back buttons. It gives you RGB lighting on the back as well as a kickstand and for my test, it doesn’t reduce the thermals by the ton. It’s like 3 maybe 4 degrees cooler on the surface when you have the fan running. If you’re hard to the core with mobile games then maybe this is something you’d want to implement in order gaming but I think for most people they just go without it but it does come with the ultimate edition. It’s a separate add-on if you purchased the basic model but on the white super duper addition, it comes in the box the speakers on the RG phone 5 are really good. They’re loud they’re clear and the stir separation is fantastic they’ve always been good though right the RG 123 they’ve always had great speakers isn’t in these phones and they’re just even better this year they’re noticeably louder I will say though and I said this last year as well that if you’re in portrait mode like if you’re scrolling through Reddit and you’re watching a video in vertical the stairs separation now.
Sound System:

The sound system is excellent for gaming and for media consumption. There’s also the return of the headphone Jack if I’m not mistaken this is the first phone that comes to my memory that where they removed the headphone, Jack. When you’re and then they brought it back last year on the RG phone 3. I ripped into them for not including the Jack and other reasons like they’re saying that there are space limitations because of that 5G antennas whatever the reason it didn’t make sense to me that a gaming phone wouldn’t have headphone Jack. They brought it back and this isn’t just for gaming right anyone who’s purchasing a phone like this would appreciate headphone jacks. So I’m glad it back ends it’s got a really high-quality tack to it and yes as a quiet deck. It’s a good 1 now the screen has some bigger bezels on the top and bottom with the forehead and the chin of the device. I feel like a device like this you have to have big bezels like it’s a gaming phone Razer phone as often in landscape mode in your palms are touching the sizing you do not want accent a misclicks you don’t want accidental swipes on this thing.


I’m glad to be included or they kept bigger bezels. It’s not as big as the RG phone 3 but I wouldn’t want them anything on this and I also think that the quality speakers that are behind these bigger bezels like you got big bezels are device like this I’m glad they’re there so if you’re looking at this in like those puzzles are too thick. You’re wrong the bill to like this on purpose the screen itself is 1080 P 40 for her to the very fast and fluid gaming screen but it doesn’t get super bright it’s 800 nits of the top end and I feel like on a device like this if you’re playing games indoors perfectly fine. But when we go outdoors you will notice a deficiency is not massive but if you compare it to like an OnePlus phone or a Samsung phone like this is like the best screens. This does feel a little bit dimmer than you might like the battery still huge is a 6000 of our batteries the same size as the previous RG phone 3.


This year they split into 2 separate batteries at 3000 milliamp hours per battery and because they’re 2 separate batteries you can charge them simultaneously with 165 or charger. It’s super-fast charging and because of this split better design, you get better thermal performance as these bodies are being charged. They’re just able to handle the heat in a more efficient manner no issues also allow the user to adjust the charging options so instead of going to 100 percent charge every time. They allow the user to tweak down to 90 or even 80 percent and this extends the life of the durability of the battery just basically the more you charge a phone to its full capacity.

The worse it is for battery over a long period of time so by allowing the user to tweak that stuff it just makes these phones lost little bit longer which is nice to see unenthusiastic on like this note the camera systems not gonna go too in-depth on the camera because it’s clearly not the focus of the phone. But it shoots reasonably well with pretty good dynamic range and low light photography but 1 thing I noticed. I feel like this phone is probably more susceptible to water damage than your average smartphone in 2021 and I get it there’s a lot of ports really difficult to seal all that stuff. The people buying this phone probably aren’t scuba diving with it but I just would have like to see that especially for a premium phone like this but overall RG phone 5.

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