Dune – Official Trailer (My Thoughts)

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you wake up to some glorious.s it is actually isn’t the first time I’ve seen a trailer of sorts to the dune movie. when I was watching tennis it was one of the greatest things ever I’m sitting there in the theater. But was still a solid minute or so of footage seem like a minute maybe 30 seconds and preserves a minute. but I was sitting in the movie theater. I was there and I just heard the words and then I had a reaction it was pretty much like remove your hand from the books. Hello down this I haven’t been this excited for a movie trailer or a movie in a very long time.

I love dune I know the eighties movie is flawed. but I still love it. it’s pretty fundamentally impossible for me to separate the objective filmmaking element and my enjoyment. then I’ll just say I watched all the time yeah at a point in my adult life is like. it is flawed still like it but admittedly even though that is the case I have felt for a while that the story of the dune has a lot to offer the big screen. so when I heard didn’t even the new was the 1 to do it that was perfects Blade Runner 2049 even if you didn’t like the movie there is a fundamental thing to take away from the execution of the movie and that is he gives you a gorgeous movie that does pay respects to the source material.

I heard this movie coincides more with the book I haven’t read the book. I have this edition of the book I’ve had for a while haven’t read it. I would like to read it before the movie comes out fire emblem path of radiance isn’t gonna beat itself. It sounded worse than I intended the fact you know what now that I have the booklet listed with some now you’re ready to go happy face. There we go that’s good that’s excited face them now holding a book like a douche all that is to say I like what I have seen in this trailer thus far I mean I will say this trailer has a more concise plot than the old movie dead this trailer polities is told like yeah your ancestors weren’t good leaders who like all my dad’s a good leader has a plan and she’s like he’s gonna lose that well he’s gonna go to dune he’s going to have that I was gonna lose that too you have to step up and be more debate.

So here we are on the quest of poetry is which well the tradies in this trailer which again you know I haven’t read the book now. because I just said in this Post but maybe the books like cell he was a boy is a man who looked 14 or so the old movies like hi autumn all boy it did but it looks like he’s ready to save the universe or at the very least a galaxy or 2 but this policy is like I don’t know I’m unsure of myself I have questions and I need answers and so I can get behind that he looks like he’s on the quest you knows like I will start out with poetry he’s the boy actually become public trade he’s the man. I shall become deeper you see a couple of brief images of Stellan Skarsgard as the Baron Harkonnen which when I heard he was Catholic great casting he’s gonna need a fat suit for sure which it looks like he has but again we’ll see a couple of brief glimpses the side of his face him coming out of his oil bath and that’s it but even in those couple glimpses he looks like he’s gonna be menacing.

I’ve always felt it was great casting the cast in this movie is solid Jason Mahoney yes I still am beard you look like it was all like. Now is like permission to come aboard Sir I have no beard the school record to see if without a beard Oscar Isaac as a leader tradies Rebecca Ferguson as lady Jessica Rebecca Ferguson is simply perfection I would marry her I mean I’ve never get married. but if I was to be married if I was to get married it would be to Rebecca Ferguson regardless I’m a huge fan she’s amazing and I think she’s going to be great as lady Jessica but to use that I’ve we’ve seen Batista of a humorous but the taste of the tragic and now we’re going to see but he said the vicious 10 daily time and actor has something that can break them away from that M. C.

You will fight typecast I enjoy that for them I like that they have that opportunity I’m interested to see what they can bring to it this could be a big moment for the day and I’m happy that she has do you see things that are familiar to the old movie for me in this movie in this trailer for the movie anyway like that scene in the old dune. when the sandworm eats the Technodrome Patrick Stewart’s like my god what a molding stop sucking login what a monster the sandworms looking Norma so I will say I missed the 3 mice dynamic of this that this looks like just a big hole now it does not look like an eyeball it looks like an iris that’s sand that’s a sandhi Bob know the difference it’s important regardless game of thrones in space my friends were doing should be and that’s what it looks like that even the move could bring us here or at least the first 4 seasons of game of thrones.

When it was great before the showrunners had to go off on their own didn’t have George. Martin’s work so they kind of were about as organized as a monkey trying to football that game of thrones we had to do in the trailer looks great I even like the font is that weird because it’s kind of it’s the same. The letter or symbol just does you it is just all 90 degree turns of the same shape I don’t know if it’s just I was like that’s pretty slick modern and that never crossed my mind to be possible most important thing is to wait a minute that’s not Helen Mirren. I thought it was the first of the dune trailer have you seen it what did you think about it.

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