Cobra Kai Season 1 and 2 Complete – Review

I watched cobra kai all from an episode of season 1 through season 2 gets better and better every time I watch it also spoilers because I have to talk about the end of this season. Because this is a big part of the impact, it leaves you within the fact it’s all that so spoiler alert watch cover crises into before you watch this show. Season 2 it does with the sequel should do is it’s stepping it up it raises the stakes without losing what it was that made it enjoyable, to begin with, season 1 ended Miguel wins the tournament in John Preece shows up which total Mandela fact Martin covert died. I don’t know why I just didn’t so when he was like always dead I’m like yeah they wrote him out of the universe because there is an excellent addition to season 2.

When Chinese like okay we’ve got to go back to the drawing board a bit because Miguel is fighting dirty. I don’t want to be the karate teacher that tells my students to sweep the leg or I don’t want my students to at least believe that’s how they should fight it shows that Johnny does want to do right by the students. Who wants to be a good teacher who didn’t enter the devil. Who kind of gets the error of some of the students and things start going wrong for Johnny. But you do see wide Johnny wants to you know you want to give this guy a second chance though I would argue if you’re dealing with that guy he had the second third and fourth chances are 1 of the things I was like a cobra kai’s it showed perspective you know what’s good at showing you the view of the other side in cobra kai seasons 1 and 2 Daniel comes across as a bit of a smarmy Precht he’s always passive aggressive Johnny talks down to on there at that restaurant Johnny orders the cores is like what Daniels like nothing John enjoy your cruise.

I like really would before you said that Derek could you look back and try to keep your like yeah he was then too. I know we’re supposed to root for him but to go back and to watch karate kid after cobra kai you see it with different lenses. I know I see Daniel is this kid with a short fuse is pretty quick to get into fights that might have been on the path to be. Still, Mr. Bianchi found him and put him on the right way makes the karate kid meet those a bit deeper and those are the layers to karate kid that cobra kai the series is retroactively peeling back and exposing. You see that with hawk has become full-blown bully mode when you look back to where hockey came from you know a bit of a flashback with hawking season to your like it’s this how bullies are made, but John trees aren’t the only addition to season 2 sting ray Paul Walter.

He is so ridiculous to find the guy’s so funny. He’s funny and endearing he’s a perfect fit for cobra kai is he too old to be in that dojo. But they joke around with that, but in gushing about what I like about cobra kai what works for me, the point is it just has a remarkable amount of heart the whole thing is about redemption the entire thing is about Johnny trying to be the best version of cobra kai possible whether it be the start of a romance with Miguel’s mom and Johnny Weatherby the father-son relationship with Johnny in McDowell stemming from the fact that he was an absentee father. He feels that he knows the mistakes he recognizes that he wasn’t there for his son and if his son had him now, he would be a father to a son but his son’s just resentful.

When this father-son relationship between him and his student Miguel he sees the opportunity to be the father he never had the father he never was just something nice about that you know it’s like it makes you root for Johnny. But for me a surprisingly enjoyable and surprisingly heartfelt part of this entire season 2. When he caught up with this cobra kai bodies just, it’s like Dara Johnny’s on this path it however they like one ‘s a pastor now they’ve all moved past cobra kai. But then they start talking about junk crease messed them up and they took those lessons into their adult lives. When you learn that rob garrison the guy from karate kid you know the journey get a body bag guide back guy. he dies in the show, but he also died in real life it makes us sad, it makes it a real goodbye was just kind of crushed here that is cobra kai season 2.

It had to step it up you know do that next chapter make the stakes higher but don’t lose who you are don’t lose what made season one great it does all that I think it did very well it does still have the teen drama I’d be kind of baffled if it didn’t because I thought teenagers school are I mean you’re still dealing with teenagers in high school and every karate kid movie has a romantic interest. So whenever it starts overcooking on that angle, this girl breaks up with this guy and Her thing that’s got the show still keeps me focused on what I like about the show and yes the catalyst to the big Throwdown at the ends as it is a girl saw her boyfriend kissed another girl fight ensues in school look at that information doesn’t seem too spectacular. Still, my god that fight was damn entertaining. I wouldn’t say I like the fact that our season.

When we had our tournament season 2 you have a straight-up fight these kids are out for blood man, and I mean the warring dojos of cobra kai and me Augie Delgado Joe it’s come to ahead. I suppose I give that catalyst to pass. because Hey well if you talk about a fight in high school how else would go down to it leaves you on a very dark note. Because Miguel shows mercy and then the nineties heartthrob teen. Do Johnny sun in the show looks like the flash went back in time snatched up some nineties heartthrob from 1995 ran through the speed force dropped him off in 2018 was like you’re going to cover cut have a fun point is Miguel gets knocked over rail falls a flight of stairs smacks is back like he’s in bad shape and the fact that it leaves you on that note. I think she is so good because it just gives you time to soak it all and I’m left thinking about Johnny’s left playing that somber rendition of cruel summer it’s a great version I may or may not listen to it quite a few times. Which cold summer played in the original karate kid.

When Daniels at school I think it was his first day of school in a pleasant cobra kai season to the very last episode. When we go back to school after summer Bennett plays this version of cruel summer when John is just reflecting on his failures you feel like Johnny wanted to redeem his past with the present you know he wanted to do right by his students he wanted to do right by Miguel. It was so close to it. I saw a little bit of fan anger the fact that Johnny and Daniel never had their fight. But I always felt like they had their fight they had to fight in the tournament yeah there’s new beef sprouting. But it’s not really with Johnny it Daniel should fight John Creasy should fight him. I was more interested in the fact that they sat down at dinner, and they started to break bread. They shook hands, and it’s always that close enough thing ever they were so close this season with flashbacks and execution builds up what cobra kai means to Johnny, and you feel the fact that this guy wanted cobra kai.

It should have been you know the lord of the rings when Gandalf comes back Gandalf the white use like. I’m sorry mom as he should have been doing Johnny in cover chi John is like this is cobra kai but its cover because it should have been junk crease comes in and makes it cobra kai’s it always was in Miguel Johnny surrogate son figure gets possibly paralyzed Miguel’s mom wants nothing to do with Johnny after this. We’ll see him anymore cherry on top of this you can go back to the drawing board nope. He lost cover kind of John Crace, and that’s just what is left with he walks away which weirdly I find that to be black. That’s an excellent ending to the story I don’t know what season 3 is going to bring us but if this was the ends I’d be okay with it being an ending not that I want the show to end I wanted to go on if they can keep this up. But I find it to be a good ending in the sense that I don’t know if you agree to let me know.

But I wanted to be a good ending in the way that I find Avengers infinity war to be a better ending than Avengers end game I mean to think that Tony stark becomes Iron Man because you want to protect the people he put in harm’s way is company sold weapons to terrorists. Then it builds in there are more Avengers. They have to stop the threat of lucky in that building there are more Avengers, and then they have to stop Ultron which Tony stark also created and then it builds in Thanos is coming up, and I was like nope have you get vaporized evil wins the end that’ll teach you to be good because good is dumb. Something dark and messed up but I don’t know it’s a good ending it’s not a fulfilling ending, but this is 1 of the maybe I’m in a dark place maybe 2020 did that to me.

When failure happens in cobra kai Winn action and consequence occur when they use in the show make a decision that leads to bad things you feel the gravity of that failure. More importantly, you feel the gravity of that failure on the shoulders of the previous generation, and more importantly than that you think that those characters were regarding it’s not just enough that you believe it you got to know that they believe it. They do like after Miguel’s in the hospital after he died I don’t remember Willie walk again no 1 knows Daniel and Johnny or in the elevator and you expect that Daniels probably think alike I’ll you did this Johnny it’s your fault. Still, in the end, you know that they both feel like they both failed their students that’s an essential thing, and that’s the thing that cobra kai does so well is it’s a story of Johnny and Daniel. What’s the development of the previous generation while also having a new generation of students are making it their information as well. When the new generation does something that leads to bad things are leads to very dire consequences.

It’s not just on the youth is not only on the students is not only on the new generation. It’s on the old age to its both of their stories making one continuous story. It is weird to me that cobra kai does that better than Certain other properties that take place in this galaxy or a universe far far away, and that’s why when cobra kai steps into the whole this is teen drama going down. It doesn’t just feel like the isolated teen drama it leads to an outcome that then reflects on the teachers and that’s where we leave on Johnny sets tears in eyes staring into the sunset drink in hand realizing that some people get to be the smarmy used car salesmen guru of the valley. While others get punished for daring to crawl out of the hole they dug that they call their lives penalized for daring to try to get out of the shadow of the sins of their past the kid he saw the sun might never walk again and lose the love interest loses business to the devil loses heart and the respect of the students all because he dared to try.

Where we leave off with Johnny, I don’t know what the future of cobra kai is I don’t know what season 3 is going to have I’ve kept my dear out of all the rumors I heard maybe it’ll take place in Japan. Still, for cobra kai seasons 1 and 2 I think it’s an enjoyable watch it’s a fun watch it’s a light-hearted watch it’s a fun watch. But also has heartened by the end of something big about seeing somebody. Just carry these burdens, we step back and think about that Johnny sitting on a beach reflecting on the fact that if he had never entered Miguel’s life. Miguel’s experience would be better is intent aside vats what’s going through his mind, and that’s. That’s a shitty feeling the empire strikes back at the karate kid series R. as a cover because season 2 have you seen it what did you think about it how does it compare to season one you like one better than to better than one whatever you think comment below let me know.

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