M1 Mac Mini vs Intel – Is Intel ACTUALLY Better

M1 Mac Mini vs Intel – Is Intel ACTUALLY Better

This is the brand new M1 the mac mini and I know it kinda looks identical to the 2014 mac mini but it’s actually fully Neil. This is also the most affordable mac that you can buy right now and also possibly the most powerful Mac ever. These 2 machines I like the MacBook Pro and the MacBook air where they pretty much look identical to the Intel models. The Mac mini actually does have a lot of visual changes the first one being the color the until one came and still comes in space grey whereas the M one model only comes in silver which kind of makes me think that Apple is targeting this model. All at entry-level users and then next year they might have a mac mini pro model that replaces the into the model and then also comes in space gray that is my guess. If I’m right but aside from doubts the mac mini also drops to thermal 3 ports as we only have 2 instead of 4 now which I think is a massive downgrade and then it also drops the 10 gigabit Ethernet ports in favor of just one gigabit Ethernet ports another massive downgrade for pro users.

Upcoming Mac:

Why I generally think that there is a mac mini pro coming next year at some point but right now the new and one like many has considerably more empty space inside as the logic board is quite a bit smaller now and then consumes 60 percent less power and while it still has a fan in mostly run silence. The entire machine runs very cool as well as opposed to the Intel counterparts which well. You’ll get to see not just the seconds now in terms of the specs on these 2 machines or in some model is almost entirely maxed out so it has the top of the line 6 core Intel core I.7 processor eighth Gen the 32 gigabytes of ram and 2 terabytes of storage and then on top of that we also have an RX 5700 X. The eGPU connected to this mac model using the Razer core X. extra graphene closure and we will be using the GPU for a few benchmarks testing that the graphics performance on the smacks me as well now the M one mac mini. This is legally the baseline model with 8 gigabytes of ram and no would you peel and unfortunately it is not supported okay benchmark time.

We first ran a booth test to see if there was any difference and yes there was quite a major one so the into the model but it up and 32 seconds well. The M1 model but it up in 19 seconds yep a pretty major difference between the 2 and the time it took to wake from sleep was also improved by it not as much as the match. Books were but we still got to see an improvement. The intellect many take 4 seconds to wake up from sleep all the M1 model to 3 seconds however the MacBook pro and 1 and the Medicare the only took 0.5 seconds and the reason.

Why the mac mini actually took longer:

Because it also had to power the extras play which itself you know took a while to turn on so there you go the actual wake from sleep time is likely very similar to the MacBook pros and reality next up. We tested to see if your performance using a bench 5 running natively on both of these machines and here. The intermodal golf 1000 73 points in the single performance well the M1 guards 1000 717 that’s a 60 percent improvement not only that but in the multi-core performance well the into model golf 5000 418 points the M 1 got 7000 500 81. The 40 percent improvements.

For Example:

MacBook Pro had a 200 67 percent improvements over at the insult Eric and that’s mostly because well the MacBook air in so only has 2 cores and yet 1 has 8 Cory’s deals on mac mini have 6 cores and the M 1 McKinney has aids so the difference isn’t as massive turns up the core counts as compared to the MacBook Air. We tested the cine bench which runs a continuous test that stresses on the CPU over a longer period of time or then the spiky tests that geek bench fronts and hear the intermodal guards 7000 100 75 points well. The M. 1 guards 7000 700 648 much smaller difference than I was expecting here, to be honest of just 8 percent now into the clock speed the Intel model was running at 3.49 gigahertz well the M 1 was running at 2988 what was even more surprising though but the fact that he installs model was drawing 64.83 watts of power.

When rendering the cine bench benchmark well the M. 1 was just drawing 12.75 watts and even scored higher. When it came to a temperature is the Intel models running at 97AC well the M 1 was running at 60 degrees and you almost couldn’t hear that fan at all when the M. 1 model where is the fan on the insole was spinning like crazy. We also measured the chassis temperature with our high end floored thermal camera at the end so the model was at 41AC well the M one was sitting at 33 degrees next up we wanted to do some real-world testing starting with Lightroom so we imported 220 draw photos on both of these machines which include inductive and dots the end she files up to 50 megapixels in size from different cameras. The intellect many took 40 seconds to imports well the M one interesting actually took longer and 44 seconds then we applied some edits and we copied and pasted all those edits on to all the other children 27 raw photos and the intermodal took one minute and 3 seconds to pay these attitudes.

M1 Speed:

The M1 actually took longer and one minute and 7 seconds not you should be aware that light has not been optimized for you and one ship just yet so everything is running through Frazetta on the M1 mac mini. So it’s pretty impressive that we got almost the exact same numbers now the fact that the M1 got lower could be due to the fact that it has less ram than into model we have 8 gigabytes on the M1 versus 32 on the insole but even then there wasn’t as much of a difference as I was expecting not when it came to the fluidity of scrolling through Lightroom library they were both pretty much identical so the experience was very very smooth on both then we wanted to see how fast both of these machines would open up a few native mac OS apps so here we have final cut pro compressor motion calendar notes safari settings and text that it’s an opening all of them at the same time took 14 seconds on the intellect many compared to just 9 seconds on the M1 mac.

2021 iPads MASSIVE New Leaks!

2021 iPads MASSIVE New Leaks!

The 2021 iPads or just a few weeks away the leaks and rumors are saying that there will be 3 of them. 2021 at the pro the newly redesigned iPad mini as well as a brand new 10.5 inch entry-level iPad 2 of which are set to be unveiled at a March. IPad pro this 1 will finally feature selectable changes since that 2018 redesign and those 3 big changes would be in terms of the display the performance and the connectivity because the display the biggest change. They will be getting here is mini LED. This has been reported by mark Gurman Mexico and a bunch of other sources and even learn more about what’s merely technology. it won’t be as good as a lead but still, a major improvement over the LCD panel that we have now is you get individual zones that can adjust their brightness independently this means that we are watching content at night. You’ll get perfect blacks in most areas of the image and when you’re outdoors the display will get super Brites which will make it easier to view the contents on the next upgrade is in terms of the performance.

Major Changes:

The 22 at the pro was a major change not just in terms of the overall design but also in terms of its performance it featured apple’s A12 X processor which was up to twice as fast in multi-core performance as the A10 X inside the previous iPad pro then 2020 at the pro-only feature. The A12 said which was really just the better-been version of the A12 X would 1 extra GPU core enabled with performance being pretty much identical to the A12. What it means is that we haven’t really had a brand new iPad pro processor since 2018. Ouch, weaker fudge I chuckle Bates has been super accurate in the past we did back in 6/20/20 that a new iPad pro with the apple a 14 X processor was in the works keep in mind that this was after 2020. The pro had already come out which was back in March and this tweet was from June so he was simply referring to the next I pro here the A14 X is also said to be very similar to the apple and 1 chip found inside the latest Max.


Since the MacBook air doesn’t have any cooling we could potentially see similar levels of performance with a brand new iPad pro which means that we could again see that almost doubling of the multi-core performance to look what we got back in 2018 with a jump from the A10 X GD a12X and that’s pretty insane. Finally, we have the connectivity upgrades 885 G 5G 5G 5G which is pretty self-explanatory the iPhone got 5G in 2020 with the Eiffel twelves and I’ll get the pro is getting into love to dream has been extremely accurate in the past tweeted also in June as a response to fudge that this new iPad Pro will include immediately display as well as the brand you Qualcomm X 555G modem which fun fact is the exact same 5G modem found in the iPhone 12 line. So that’s pretty great as it means that we would be getting the exact same 5G.

Speed Performance:

Speeds as an iPhone 12 which has had some incredible speeds already and it also means that if you’re the kind of person who’s always on the go then this type of pro will be better for you than something like a MacBook which doesn’t have any seller connectivity. At least not, for now, the 1 accessory that is supposed to make get the pro closer to MacBook is of course that magic keyboard John Prosser mentioned in 1 of his recent videos that he’s heard that Apple will also launch any magic keyboard in March but I personally don’t see apple redesigning the VI. The pro magic keyboard anytime soon as it only came out in 2020 and the new iPad Air which launched 10/20/20 also features support for his keyboard. So I don’t see Apple making any changes to its but I would say that if there is a chance that we’ll see a new magic keyboard that magic keyboard will actually be the 140 I’m back as the 1 that we have right now actually come out in 20156 years ago but then at the same time it wouldn’t make any sense for Apple to drop.


You know random keyboard during an event that’s supposed to be focused on the iPads if the keyboard isn’t I’ve been related John also states that he believes that this keyboard is for the upcoming I pro meaning that Apple will likely have to make some changes to the body of the iPad pro maybe repositioning that smart connector or changing the dimensions of the body in order to maybe make even intentionally. The previous keyboard incompatible which I really hope that’s not the case because they’ll be such as county moved to force people that recently bought a magic keyboard and that also want to upgrade to a new iPad to buy a $300 Keyboard again thank please don’t do that speaking of accessories and your apple pencil has been leaked by leaker Mr whites and this new 1 looks very similar to the second Gen only that it is glossy and the tip itself seems to have changed too now there is a very good chance of the reason.

Why apple has changed the tape:

This pattern from 7/20/20 shows that Apple was considering adding color sampling to a future version of the apple pencil which means that you could touch an object in real life. We are open so and then the pencil would allow you to paint with that exact color on your iPad pro super cool but yeah we’ll wait and see now in terms of the iPad mini. This 1 right here is the iPad mini 4 which I’ve had since 2015. When it first came out now apple did launch the iPad mini 5 in 2019 but all the changes were minor as it is I remain unchanged and the biggest improvements that we got for the apple pencil and the performance world but this year at least. We would finally be getting an iPad mini redesign it seems to thank you call reported that a brand new iPad mini will launch in 2021 that will have an 8.5-inch display now he did report it back in 6/20/20 so quite some time ago but this is also when he reported that a 10.18 iPad will launch which ended up being the iPad Air in October only that it had a slightly larger 10.9-inch display.

iPhone 13 is going to get some massive changes

iPhone 13 is going to get some massive changes

We’ve seen so many reports that the I from 13 is going to get some massive changes such as a smaller knowledge or even dropping the charging port entirely walls some are reports are claiming that it would literally just be an iPhone 12 S with minimal changes aside from some minor camera improvements so which one is it well. This is why we are here to find out to get a Cemex ready and here are the latest exit rumors one comes to the iPhone 13. I’ve been making leaks Post since 2013 that’s 8 years ago and even when I’m not actively talking about an upcoming device in the Post I do read a lot about him and from what I’ve been reading on the iPhone 13. It looks to me that’s we would likely get these for big changes with the first 1 being the lack of a charging port so magical 1 of the most well known and also 1 of the most accurate Apple analysts showed us in 2019 apple’s upcoming smartphone line up for the next 2 years his 2020.


I can prediction showed us that there will be 5 models 8514-inch model all the way up to a 6.7-inch model all with only displays as well as a brand new 4.7 inch LCD model and not only down but Mexico also said that the 2 higher-end models will have a triple and caramel Joel while the 2 lower end models would come with a dual-camera module with a 4.7 inch iPhone only having a single module. All these predictions came true when apple launched their 2020 iPhone lineup like literally every single thing that means you could predict in that tweet 19 reports came true almost a year into the future so that’s pretty impressive so what has he said for 2021 day well he said that Apple will be launching at least 2 unique items this year 1 being an iPhone as he 2 plus with a 5.5 or 611-inch display well the other 1 being an iPhone withholds the lightning ports you know for list iPhone essentially now do keep in mind. This report was from 2019 so apple’s plans are likely to have changed since however a more recent report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman from just earlier this month claims that Apple is in the discussion of removing the charging ports in favor of full wireless charging.

Now fun fact mark Gurman has actually been way more accurate than even Ming chi Kuo in fact according to the apple truck websites need to cool how as a 78.2 percent accuracy of over 100 friends rumors well mark Gurman has 89.1 percent out of 400 into rumors and being in this industry for the past 8 years myself at least. When it comes to reporting on leaks I have to say mark Gurman has definitely been 1 of the most accurate apple leakers over the years and if 2 of the most accurate apple leakers are saying that Apple could potentially remove the charging ports. There’s a very high chance that they’ll actually do it now in terms of how I feel about that I don’t think the market is ready for such a switch yet you see Max safe which Apple introduced with the iPhone 12 was in my opinion a failure and that’s because it was twice as slow as lightning it was more inconvenient and more expensive then again just by using lightning.


So I think the advantages of Maxie will be visible once more third-party manufacturers start introducing products such as car mounts maxim charging stands and many more but until then Maxine is inferior to lightning in every single way. so I think that for apple to fully switched to mac save they would need to first make Max save much faster than lightning and at the moment. It is twice as slow but do no comments what do you guys think of a poreless iPhone and the second big feature that yes and 13 said to come with ease finally the height refer free to display and yeah this is pretty self-explanatory. We’ve had high refresh displays on smartphones for actually the past 4 years now and we’re at a point in time where it is actually very difficult to find a new flagship or even a mid-range smartphone and not have a high refresh rate on that in fact most Shelby phones even dirt cheap ones like the pot co X3 NFC. which retails for just about 10 pounds it feels like that they acted you come with 120 cards refer friends play to bridge the items will Promax which cost almost 6 times as much only comes with a 60-hertz panel thanks talk about why in many.

iPhone 13 Battery:

Who missed that Apple sells in high volume and they just couldn’t get enough display controllers for 120 hertz but that is set to finally be happening in 2021 with 2 of the models getting 120 hurts that you pro models alongside an LCBO display report coming from South Korean website. Alec essentially confirms just that however they did have a mixed track record in the past but have only been a panel that could allow the iPhones to finally have an always-on display you know like android phones have had for so many years now personally. I feel like 120 hertz is a must on the next iPhone they just wouldn’t be able to get away with still having 60 herds in 2021 but I also hope that the battery is affected as the iPhone 12 line the next day. I’ll be worse battery life than the iPhone 11 line as Apple made the iPhone spinner and reduce the battery size as a result okay Daniel from a different time.

The Evolution of GIGABYTE Laptops! (2000-2020)

The Evolution of GIGABYTE Laptops! (2000-2020)

Laptops have evolved dramatically over the past 2 decades as I remember back when we still have those netbooks that were still small but also so incredibly slow and now we have left us with 8 core processors all of this play RGB backlit keyboards and more processing power than a high-end desktop computer from just a few years ago. This post will take a trip down the memory lane gigabytes has decided to partner with us on this whole project work will be taking a look at how the laptop industry has evolved since the early 2 thousand up until today 20 years later. We split this video into 5 different eras 2 2000 2005 era ET doesn’t N. 15000 102019 and then finally presents chosen 20 so between 2000 2005 this was really when the laptop industry started taking off more and more people especially ones in the business space who are always on the go started switching from desktop computers.

Laptop Display:

You simply carrying the laptop with them and during that time most laptops look very similar. They had a 4 by 3 aspect ratio a lower solution display usually 1024 by 768 pixels which only 14 to 15 and display resulted in a PPI over 85 which was incredibly low so the text was super pixelated on laptops like these and that display was also an LCD panel with extremely poor colors and viewing angles the build quality was also very poor. They were all made out of plastic they were very thick and very heavy and the battery life was about 1 hour long and that was really in the best-case scenario and the performance was just a bit small but a single-core Intel Pentium M processor about 200 56 megabytes of ram and the 40 gigabytes hard drive these laptops were mostly used for emailing and taking notes and of course web browsing but that was pretty much kids playing games are running pro ABS was really something that he would reserve to you a desktop PC instead then-president 5010 was the era of netbooks.

Size & Display:

You know those really tiny and fairly cute laptops that were extremely portable but unfortunately, severely underpowered gigabytes FirstNet book was the M. 912 this 1 had an 8.9-inch display funny how we now have smartphones are almost as big as that the display was 1280 by 768 resolution panel so a higher resolution than in the previous 2000 2005 era only smaller display which actually resulted in a. Higher pixel density of 100 67 PBI now the colors of the display was improved but the build quality remains mostly the same which was plastic and because of how small these networks really work the troubles were actually a major downgrade from regular laptops interest of the actual performance the amount of ram. It had increased to 1 gigabyte well in the storage to 160 gigabytes but the CPU was actually a downgrade you see that single-core Intel atom chip was really well known for its sluggishness which combined with a thermal said I was talking about before resulted in a pretty unpleasant user experience now the battery life was indeed improves with the M. 912 being able to last for about 2:00 hours and while gaming on these machines was still not doable and Steve case still remains mostly.

The same as in emails and web browsing these netbooks give us the very first vision of how it was to have an extremely portable laptop you can carry with you anywhere you go networks like these would really lay the foundation of what was to come than we had the 12015 era which is what I call the era of ultrabooks because that is when many factories started making those insanely thin laptops which it would mark it as a razor-thin and also incredibly portable cultural books were really the follow up to the netbooks buds with the larger display. It is our body and better specifications a good example of this was the gigabytes you to 44 it’s you and laptop which featured an incredibly thin 18.5 member of the body and the weight of just 1.59 kilograms the display resolution also improved with 1600 by the 914-inch panel and the PPI over 100 31 so it down Grange that a PPI from the netbooks but a major upgrade over the standard lead. Tops before the colors were still very washed out as these would only be improved in the next period and this period was also when we started seeing a heavy focus on the performance of the U2442 N even though it was an ultrabook he featured a dual-core I7 processor with up to 4 threats.


You want to brand was increased to 8 gigabytes a massive upgrade over the previous netbook era storage was also increased to 1 terabyte yes almost 10 times more than the netbooks. This ultrabook also came with a dedicated GPU the Nvidia 6:40 AM graphics making this laptop actually suitable for gaming on the go not only that but this was also when we started seeing Thunderbolts making their way onto laptops third bottle out for transfer speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second compared to 5 gigabits per seconds of USB 3 so overall this doesn’t intend shows and 5 periods was 1 of my favorites as we not only started getting thinner and lighter laptops but those laptops also got a pretty major boost in terms of performance and then we had a 2015 to 2019 era which was really when dedicated gaming laptop started being mass-produced these were even thicker and heavier than regular laptops but featured some very impressive performance 1 of the very first gaming laptops of this periods was the gigabyte P 35 X which featured a 15 inch 2880 bicycling for resolution display bumping the PPI D 211.

This resulted in some razor-sharp text and images that would significantly improve color and viewing angles over all the previous generations and I’m only dead but this laptop came with a quad-core Intel I7 Broadwell processor 2.5 terabytes of storage a beefy dedicated GPO the Nvidia GTX 980 with 8 gigabytes of video memory and It’s also 16 gigabytes of ram these items were capable of playing pretty much any game and fool maxed out settings something that was previously only possible on a desktop PC and then towards the end of this 20152019 periods much loves too many factors including gigabytes have launched their own dedicated gaming line of laptops with a completely different naming scheme then there are business-oriented machines.

For Example:

Gigabytes launched the chorus line aimed at gamers and then the airline aimed at creatives in 2019. We got to see the or as 15V 9 which featured 1920 by 20 to resolution display at 15.6 inches a drop in PPI T100 41 Bucks. This was also when we started getting high refresh rate panels so this model had a 100 44 hurts panel meaning that it could show up to 100 44 frames per second in a game compared to just 60 giving you a noticeable advantage in competitive gaming this period was also when we finally started seeing many factors focus greatly on the design. When he or his 15 V. 9 featuring a full metal build than a plastic builds and since this was a gaming laptop.

It also came with an RGB keyboard which can be configured with different effects does seem to your liking or even your game and the specs were really really impressive too with an 8 generation Intel 6 core I. 7 processor 16 gigabytes of ram a 2 terabyte hard drive ends. He 512 gigabyte SST which gave you both incredible speeds for your operating system and a ton of space for your games men study or is 15 V. 9 was no joke and of course that we also had an even more powerful GPU this time which was the Nvidia RTX 2070 which I’m only meant that he could play any modern game at maxed-out settings and up to 100 44 frames per seconds but he could also take advantage of raytracing in significantly increase the realism in games along cited.

AirPods Max Review Complete Failure or Simply Incredible

AirPods Max Review Complete Failure or Simply Incredible

I’ve been using the AirPods Max since mid-December on pretty much a daily basis and unlike most reviewers who have just use them indoors back in December. I want to remain at you see my family and I had a chance of using your points Max on my flights as well as in some other loud environments and really test all the noise-canceling so you’re my final thoughts on the AirPods Max so gonna snacks ready and enjoy. Now as a disclaimer I am not an overhead helpful person the only over-the-head headphones that I’ve used the word the beats solo to the Audio Technica and 50 X as well as the audio Technica M70X both of which are actually studio monitor headphones. They have a Fairly flat profile also I’ve only used those for editing or watching back or videos. I pretty much never used them for watching movies or for listening to music or podcasts buds I have actually used the ear pods, Max, just for adults so for someone who’s been mostly into your headphones more specifically the ear pods and AirPods pro. The plans Max have impressed me in a lot of areas while also disappointing me and some other areas for me at least.

HeadPhones Quality:

When I look at a pair of headphones I have 4 major things that I care about number one some quality number 2 compatibility number 3 noise-canceling and number 4 the battery life. When it comes to sound quality there pretty many 3 things that most people care about 8 vocals B acoustic range and see distortion in terms of vocals. I’m actually a pretty big podcast listener like I listen to you at least an hour a podcast every single day and the AirPods Max sounded so good that a lot of the times it gave me the impression that the person speaking was actually there itis would wait for him NTPC’s podcast the Joe Rogan podcast, as well as a diary of a CEO and I, was just blown away by the sheer clarity coming out of these headphones. The AirPods Max sounded as good as your pots pro sounded in comparison to the regular AirPods acoustic range was also very impressive as I was able to hear sound from as low as 10 her. it’s all the way up to 15000 hertz I could then kinda here up to 20000 herds but the sound was very quiet it’s and yeah it was not great about 15000 hertz however my audio Technica’s M50X is could actually go from 10 her it’s all the way up to 20000 herds and overall he sounded noticeably richer.


I’m mainly a podcast listener myself but I do of course listen to music too and what I’ve noticed with your plans Max is that what you’re listening to alternative for classical music. So since the generals that have a lot of background instruments that aren’t that loud well I was actually able to hear all of those instruments perfectly separated from one another which was pretty insane and I try to the same thing with my AirPods pro and all of those instruments were basically gone or they were so quiet that I just couldn’t tell them apart from the loudness of the main beats. It’s one of those things where the pod’s Max kind of gives you this 360 degree feel where if you close your eyes you can actually imagine the orchestra just being in front of you. They’re pretty impressive however in Europe was Max was noticeably quieter than the Sony X him for his or the audio Technica M50X is level 20 to 30 percent and because of that, I found myself that a lot of the times. I had to almost Max on the volume on your points Max and the Sony is that actually have more kick in terms of the base.


if you’re into that it’s just that the base was in the distorted at high volume worries on your pledge Max. It was not overall great features of music especially for an alternative in classical or genres like techno and electronic which acted you listen to the most where it really gets you it’s just that alternative and classical was where I could really see them shine. It’s just that like I said I feel like I can hear more by using the M50X is that when compared to the AirPods Max which do cost more than 3 times more now I have tried using that 35 pounds let mean to you through finding a headphone Jack cable that apple sells separately ends up it’s fine like the cable itself is a super thing and just screams low quality and unfortunately I haven’t really noticed any major difference. when compared to using these via Bluetooth something interesting is that if your AirPods maxim battery left noise canceling would actually work while you In the cable and you can also use the dial to adjust the volume which I found super strange as you also have the system toggle so here you need to make sure that the dial on your balls Max themselves is out to Max and then you can further adjust the volume on the device that you’re listening from but don’t get me wrong.

Sound Quality:

If you’re looking for Bluetooth headphones these sound absolutely incredible and if you’re coming from the airports pro. You’ll definitely be able to tell a major improvement from them fun fact I’ve had the parts pros Instagram between 19. When they came out and that actually use your prospects more into single month abuse than my AirPods pro since I got them and that’s simply because the usage is different for me the AirPods macs are indoor headphones as I almost never use these out on the street but a writer. when watching a movie or listening to music or podcasts at home as especially for movies date do you actually sound better than even my 7 surround sound system and that’s because of spatial audio which works so well but unfortunately, I do moments it only works on an iPhone or an iPad however you can try by neural audio clips such as Tucker zone which is a one of a kind experience. I left a link for that description by the way and you don’t need spatial audio to experience it or even AirPods Max so definitely give it a try.

I promise you that you’ll be blown away now I have had some connection glitches worthy puts Max would connect to a device noise canceling would be activated but then they would have this weird humming noise and no order audio could be played on the AirPods is having to be about 6 times and the only way that I felt to fix. This was to put them back into this market leave them there for about 2 minutes and then take them out and they would work properly so really weird but overall. I’m very impressed with the sound quality it’s just that they’re still not as good as a decent pair of headphones some of which are noticeably less expensive than the AirPods Max now inches compatibility they’re fine so like I said I’ve never actually used a pair of over the head headphones for more than maybe 30 minutes at a time. I am but that definitely changed with your pals Max back in December. I traveled to my home country Rumania.

This is before the whole second string of covered by doing and I use them on my flight my train as well as on the road probably for more than 12:00 hours continuously and they did actually get super uncomfortable and heavy but that was because I was also wearing a facemask I would say that maybe after an hour of use I did start noticing that they were quite heavy not in my hands but on my ears and I had to constantly re-adjust them but they were never unbearable to wear of course the fact that they’re built out of aluminum and stainless steel beams that while they’re probably the most premium Bluetooth headphones on the market they’re also the heaviest you can tell they had been quite a bit it’s to improve comfort but it’s quite unfortunate that Apple doesn’t let you tell the ear cups in words as this would have made traveling much easier.

Why I’m Not Reviewing the S21 Ultra!

Why I’m Not Reviewing the S21 Ultra!

I’ve probably gone back and forth on reviewing the S21 ultra at least 5 times now and in the end, I came to the conclusion that I will not be reviewing this phone not because it’s bad but because it is selling goods that are it’s actually boring. Your CBS 21 ultra is what I would really call the perfect found it literally takes every single box that would once in a phone except for one. Which is the fun factor after having useful both phones were to pass you now. I strongly believe that they are the future and while the S21 ultra is the best phone that there is still just the traditional smartphone that will slowly be forgotten in the face of the upcoming era well for the bulls. So without any further ado, this is not a full review but what are a few reasons why the S21 old Troy is by far the best phone you can buy right now while also being one of the most boring ones, unfortunately. Okay, so it would be S21 old Troy Simpson has not only fix the issues of the S20 ultra. But pretty much reached the highest level of where traditional smartphones can be yes for example the S21 old Troy has my fevered smartphone designed by far at least from the back.


This matte black monolithic look which looks absolutely incredible kind of reminds me of the Xbox series explores some reason because they’re both and that’s a black monolith. I’m pretty sure that this is the phone that agent 47 would use the massive terror module on the back shows everyone that you have a camera with a phone strapped to it started and the other way round this phone screens pro more than any other phone that has pro in its name or maybe not. When compared to the Xperia pro but come on no 1 should really buy that phone can you wait while the back looks stunning I can’t really say the same about the fronts the note 20 old truck to me at least looks far better mostly because of the squared-off corners over at the reason. Why I find yes 21 old Troy boring is because well it is just a traditional smartphone wars phone such as the galaxy that flip or 2 counties that full to their smartphones that give you more is that flip gives you. This super cute square 1 folded fits pretty much anywhere and then unfolds into a regular smartphone while does that full 2 is a standard smartphone.

Folded Phones:

When folded which then unfolds into a tablet S21 old Troy has none of this it is just your traditional smartphone and even though it has better specs than both is that flip and is that folds. I promise you that if you were to use any of the foldable for just a few days you wouldn’t be able to go back to regular smartphones welcome to the display same thing here S21 old Troy has by far the best display that you can find on a smartphone it is a 6.1830 200 by 1440 resolution panel with a 120-hertz refresh rate. A native resolution this time and 1500 nits of peak brightness that just destroys something like an iPhone 4 Promax display which only has a 60-hertz refresh rate. It is smaller low resolution and with the lower 1200 nits of brightness, you know what destroys the Estonian all chose. This plays well the Zedd folds his display which is not only bigger but it also folds making it easier to put in your pockets and it too has a super high resolution alongside a 120-hertz refresh rate.

It is again 1 of those things where the S21 old Troy is the best in this category but not the best in terms of smartphones overall not only that but phone such as the galaxies that flip and the doctors that full to you they have something called flex known word to Haynes connect to keep this place open at an angle and then the apps themselves will adjust the content for this dual-screen view super useful in apps such as YouTube where you get to see the video on the top and then the comments on the bottom or in the calculator app and a bunch more first-party apps the set flip also has a tiny display on the outside for viewing the time and your notifications which actually separate from the always-on display which is also present all of these make the S21 ultra looks so boring in comparison or should I say so classic because in a way. This 1 reminds me of the iPod classic when compared to the iPod touch apple-touch was more innovative and more features. It was you know more flexible and more usable being a touch screen but then the iPod classic had more storage just like this 1 has in some ways better specs a better camera than folding phones but folding phones give you so many more options than likely there is 1 thing that yes 1 OSHA has that none of the full doubles do and that is a super impressive camera we’ve recently done a very detailed chemical person it will re-put yes 21 old Troy against the I controlled from Max.

Older Version:

The pixel 5 as well as the as 20 older from last year and tested 35 different scenarios S21. I’ll try that I’ll be my personal choice. As not only did it have a very good photo all around but it also had some outstanding unique features such as 10 X optical zoom when compared to 4 X on S20 ultra or 2.5 axles get control Promax. It also had a macro mode which works surprisingly well alongside a super high-resolution 108-megapixel sensor which allows you to crop into your photos a lot. We’ll have a second zoom lens at 3X which is perfect for portrait mode shots on top of the pretty notes 8 give it a recording capability of this file. These are things that full phones do not have at least not yet mostly because the camera module like on S21 ultra takes up a lot of internal space and we’re already pretty limited with internal space and full doubles but even to mention that the whole idea of hold the walls is for them to be as thin as possible.


When you do old them the thickness is still quite manageable if I could pick one feature from the S21 ultra but I would like to have in that full 3. They’ll definitely be this camera and even then I’m not saying that the camera is at full 2 is bad by any means as it’s actually using the same of main sensor as on the standard S21 and the S21 plus as well meaning that well you don’t get that massive 100 megapixel resolution the sensor itself is actually very good in low light this pixels are bigger it’s just that you’re missing out on that crazy 10X optical zoom in favor of a more traditional 2X and you’re also missing out on macro mode but not in doubt you still get a very good camera with full doubles in fact you could argue that there is a very unique feature that full doubles have Caroline is that traditional smartphones will never be able to get so remember that flex mod well you got to use that for taking photos too and what’s really cool about that is that it essentially acts as a tripod meaning that you can get some incredible low light photos which you couldn’t deal with yes 21 older at least not unless you had an actual tripod or some sort of improvised stands and there are plenty of other cool things.


What does that feel to you like you can use the back cameras as front cameras and take some super high-quality self is that way? If you want the possibilities are almost endless and my point here is that S21 ultra has very good quality but then there’s that folds you is way more practical and once we get a quality of S20 adults with a camera inside is that full 2 Well. There will be 0 reasons to get a nonfolding phone over a folding 1 aside from the price, of course, no performance-wise yes 1 old Troy aids grades actually haven’t had any issues with mine even though I do have the expense model here in the UK and I cannot say the same about the S20 older from last year which has gotten quite hard on a few occasions same for the note 20 all trucks both axis models of course what’s really good about a foldable one that holds you in is that fleet is that they only come in 1 Cebu configuration and that’s not an accent is but a Qualcomm processor instead and with a snapdragon 865 plus.

For Example:

I was able to play some very demanding mobile games like call of duty mobile and the highest possible resolution and frame rate that have 0 issues with it I’ve also never had does it feel to lag on me in the 5 months have been using it for you so absolutely superb performance my point here is that while S11 ultra is the most powerful android phone on the market especially. If you go 4 to 512 gigabytes of storage 16 gigabytes of ram model is it full to which comes with last year’s snapdragon 865 plus Prosser and 12 gigabytes of ram is already insanely fast although I got to say that I am quite happy that something as resolved most of their issues on the excellence model of S21 ultra as it’s now much closer to the Qualcomm model than ever before I think the only problem performance-wise. If you could call it is the fact that there’s no micro SD card slot so you have to rely on that internal storage in the base model only comes with 120 eights which I mean for a phone that costs this much I think that’s just not great now what was the battery life this is where it gets super interesting so although the S21 on all truck comes in a larger 5000 apart battery compared to his at the field who’s 4500 lane park the simple to actually last me for a longer.

Apple AirTags complete Review & Information

Apple AirTags complete Review & Information

Let’s talk about what the air attacks are first most of you have likely already seen our previous tech post but for those of you who have into essentially these tiny trackers, you would place inside your bag on your keychain pretty much anywhere you want and then you’ll be able to track that attack and therefore that item they wrinkly from apple’s find my app which you can find on your iPhone iPad or mac or even on iCloud.com. The idea is pretty simple and in fact, it is basically identical to these tile trackers which have been around for more than 8 years now there is only one big difference between the tell tracker and the apple trucker and that is the fact that the tile communicates via Bluetooth where is the apple tracker not only uses Bluetooth but it’s also rumored to have that you want chip inside also known as an ultra-wideband shape which allows for a much more precise localization would lose. If you can locate objects up to about one to 2 meters of accuracy that can be less with newer belief standards however with ultra-wideband technology he kept looking at devices with up to 5 centimeters of accuracy and this is what the apple tech tracker.


We’ll be using as opposed to just Bluetooth now the way these truckers work is quite interesting for something like the tile tracker. If you lose your bag ordered tile users that walk me reply as long as they have the tile app installed. They would automatically become finders and your attack would automatically connect to those phones and those phones with them paying to tell the server that hates Daniels title has been found. The only problem with this is of course the number of title users so in my area there are 1499 title users according to the tile app at least now you might think that’s actually a large number but when you realize that this is actually a very large part on the map of the Greater Manchester area which includes 2.8000000 people you’ll realize that its number is actually. The very tiny this is where the tax functionality will come into place as pretty much anyone who has an iPhone and is running on the latest version of iOS will become a finder for your inner tack but it means that if 50 percent of the total population greater Manchester as an example has an iPhone that would mean that 1.4000000 people in my area.

IOS Version:

We’ll be iOS users now according to reports from 12/20/2081 percent of the iPhones were already running on the latest version of iOS which would translate to over 1.1000000 eligible finders in the greater Manchester area. So that’s 700 37 times more chances of finding your item compared to your tile which is a massive difference. You’re probably wondering RT every tax even secure what if you have your airtight your back and someone with an iPhone walks near you. We don’t mean that everyone would know where Daniels tag is and therefore you will not really the secret Federighi actually gave. They wired some insights into how did you find my functionality works, When I was 14 for this to work you need at least 2 apple devices. Let’s say that you have an iPhone and tag which is in your bag. A bag which unfortunately got left on the bus both of which are given a private key by apple. The first time you sign in to iCloud on these devices now that’s key is identical to these machines and it is encrypted so that only these 2 machines have the key and can read it for the sake of simplicity let’s say that this key is A B C each device in the find my app including the tags will constantly emit a public key so think of this as an identifier which can be picked up by other devices in the area.


So like a rescue beacon on the ship this public will reset every few minutes and the rules based on which it will reset or based on the private key. So very similar to how the 2-factor authentication actually works again 46 simplicity let’s say that the rule the public key is generated on it is that the characters 13 info 5 of the public key or the first character is in the private key. We’ll have something like an exclamation mark B hashtag C question mark and then the next cold will follow the same rule just with author Brendan characters. If someone with an iPhone walks by it will be able to detect the public key that the air attack has been sending and send it to apple servers alongside the encrypted location over the air tag was found now since this is all encrypted. When he gets the apple. Apple will not be able to track where you actually are or even know which device the public keys belong to instead. When you open up your iPhone and start looking for the air tag your iPhone will generate all the public keys that can be generated using your private key rule and then look through all the public keys stored on the apple server until it finds a match.

Loss Devices:

When it does your iPhone will know that bad loss device belongs to you. The iPhone then grabs the encrypt the location of the tag from apple’s servers and encrypts it using the private key and this way it will know exactly where your every tech aids without anyone else knowing. I hope all of this makes sense but yeah this is pretty much how it works the device that finds your air tag will only be aware of where it found it and knows whom it belongs to an apple won’t even know that that is your air tag as they wouldn’t have had that private key to read whom it belongs to you and thinks the apple’s push for AR. We’ve seen reports that you would actually be able to trigger an R model and see exactly word dear tech aids once you get close enough to it and of course, that’s all this functionality will apply to not just the air attacks but order apple devices to so Max would you chip in apple’s own silicon. We’ll be able to be located offline as well as all the recent iPhones and we have to live in a newer without you one shape which is also known as the ultra-wideband technology that I mentioned before they will be able to be located even more precisely than the ones without it so far so good but I do have a few concerns regarding your tax the first one is, of course, the price we just don’t know how expensive.

Price & Weight:

The tags will be and if I had to guess I would guess about 49 pounds in the UK. I would like CDs to be like 29 pounds or even 19 pounds but I just do not see that happening my point is that these will be very likely the most expensive tracker is that you can buy. The tile tracker circa 19 pounds the bringing something trucker cost 29 pounds and this is why I expect apple’s one to be at least 39 pounds. If not even more like 49 pounds also to send someone it does lack the ultra-wideband technology other moments and so does the tile one so it kind of makes sense for your tag to be more expensive my second concern is when it comes to supported devices. I mean sure it will support pretty much any iOS device whether it’s an iPhone or an iPad but it’s very likely that Max supports will not be there just like how the mac is still missing the AirPods pairing functionality that iOS has them not only does but something’s on tracker works on android as well as on iOS well to the extent where you can download the app it’s just that they will need to update so that you can see the tag and yeah because at the moment the tags in there for whatever reason Intel tracker or he works perfectly with both iOS and android walls.