New Cool Features in Upcoming MacBook

New Cool Features in Upcoming MacBook

As a laptop reviewer I try my best to stay impartial I don’t have brand loyalties I don’t have preferences for one company over another. It really is you know what is the best option available right now for someone looking to buy a new device and I’ve been called an Apple fanboy and some of it has been called an apple hater but I won’t have a conversation today about the apple. Line up the M1 apple silicon-based off and this is good hardware. It’s so good to the point where it’s actually made it more difficult more complex to purchase a new device for a lot of people so I want to draw attention to the base model MacBook.


The Macbook air so is a device that has an amazing battery life like 11 to 12:00 hours of real-world use this is 40 maybe 50 percent longer than a competing windows laptop of the same kind of battery size and because of the performance the M1 ships are weirdly capable even the family’s MacBook air can keep up with some of the best of out there, it’s a very energy efficient platform and also the screen like the MacBook airstream on a device you’re getting high resolution 400 nits good color accuracy that kind of spec does not appear on $1000 windows laptop. You just don’t get good screens like that at that price point there are some hardwood efficiencies like the mac books. They have a limited selection of ports right now the screens have no touch capabilities and the bezel stick on it’s not a particularly nice looking or new looking device anymore and there’s very little use a repairability on this device but in terms of the fundamentals the stuff that really matters. When it comes to a laptop using the MacBook just does it really really well.

Apple User:

If you’re an Apple user or like a long term mac user then this is great news even if you don’t have apple silicon right now in the future if you pick up advice it’s gonna have apple silicon but for windows users, this stuff is just too good to ignore. If you are deeply entrenched in windows then you have no choice right but if you’re someone that can you could use a windows device. We have a preference for windows or your work for just optimizing around windows or your apps are just you know you just prefer windows for whatever reason. This is where things get complicated so there are some windows devices out there that can match with the M1 MacBook can do in certain categories but none of them can do it. As an overall package certainly not at $999 and as a reviewer I can’t ignore this I can’t pretend as these windows devices exist in a vacuum and like the mac, books don’t exist it’s irresponsible.

It’s like a windows family thing to do the other day I did a review on the LG gram this is a great device for someone looking for a super-thin super portable ultralightweight device. I reviewed from the perspective of a windows user right if you are someone who wants to buy a Windows laptop this is a great option but then in the comments, someone mentioned that I didn’t compare to an M1 MacBook and he’s right I should of like it. when I made the post I put my mind into the mindset of someone who’s looking for a windows device and usually. If you’re looking for a windows device you want a windows device right so I didn’t really mix the 2 but then when I look at this objectively take a step back and kind of look at the bigger picture of LG Graham as a great of devices. I would say that for most people who are actually interested in picking up a gram they’re probably better off with a MacBook which is a painful thing for me to say to someone trying to buy a windows device especially on this site but that’s just the reality of the situation because the M1 mac books are so good right now the great battery life good performance great screens excellent keyboards.


They’re just really good devices and then the rumors point to 14 or 16-inch mac books with upgraded silicon new design language mini LED screens return of MagSafe more ports an SD card slot. I’m sure they’ll be super expensive but they’ll be good and what I think about it. It seems like there’s no immediate or easy way for Microsoft to combat this certainly not with X86 like you see what Intel and AMD have come out with recently those chips are really good but they just can’t compete with the energy efficiency of what M1 mac books have to offer like any such as hardware rates are also softer. If you look at like the surface pro X and this is a product that you’ll understand a second why didn’t this is a product from Acer. It’s the spin 7 but this has the Qualcomm chip like that arm based windows laptop that is very energy efficient and this was a great product and it’s still it’s brand new I don’t think this is on the market yet but this doesn’t have the software to make an ecosystem like this work and the reality is I don’t think any other company could have pulled this off like apple can make this happen apple made this happen because the rules are so strict to their consumers the user base.

The real camera of the OnePlus 9 Pro

The real camera of the OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus smartphones are known for 3 things fast speeds the Plano west and an underwhelming camera. I end up using a Samsung as my android phone of choice and that’s because some phones have an outstanding camera with great performance and there is really nothing to complain about them. However, I’ve always wanted to use a one-plus device as my main phone, and don’t get me wrong. I’ve already done that multiple times before but after just a few weeks of use I always found myself switching back to Samsung mostly because of the camera being far superior one plus have massively improved their cameras with the one plus a pro to the point where it was almost as good as apple’s or Samsung’s but it was never quite on par well now OnePlus has partnered with Hasselblad decorates their best camera.


My experience and thoughts on the brand new one plus 9 pro and the one plus 9. In case you haven’t heard of Hasselblad they’re 1 of the world’s pioneers in terms of camera technology their camera was even used to capture the very first photo on the moon as part of the Apollo program back up from the verge. When OnePlus announced their partnership with Hasselblad even sent us this is super exciting media kids with a photo of the moon presumably taken what has about camera. I was so excited just like you was under the impression that this was game-changing for 1 plus initially thought that this phone which featured the most insane level of zoom on a smartphone or if not that at least a unique camera sensor developed in partnership with Hasselblad or at the very least a custom lands maids what Hasselblad but now none of that happens because the only involvement that has about had was in terms of the color science.


what it means is that Hasselblad has worked with 1 plus to make the colors of the photos that you take way more natural but that’s pretty much. it OnePlus did tell me that I do have a 3-year partnership with Hasselblad and that in years 2 and 3 they will have some actual hardware but for now, they only have the color science so now you’re all probably wondering is this a big improvement that Well I’m sorry to say that it’s not easy when users complain that one plus cameras were bad the pretty much never complained about the colors like the main issue was the poor low light performance of the sensor as well as the poor image processing. Which resulted in a lot of noise and a lot of softness in the image in general no one really complained about the colors but OnePlus decided that they had to fix the colors apparently, unfortunately, this doesn’t even work as it should as by default when you take a photo it won’t actually use has a let’s color processing but one plus instead so the only way to actually use hustle leads is to switch to the promo code and then take a photo from there which is pretty bad because most people would just use the default camera mode especially when you have a fast-moving subject.


You want to quickly take a shot you know want to go through modes just to get the right colors. So not only is his alleged involvement so small but OnePlus is pretty much hiding. It’s in another mode so the real question is the color science that’s you know you have to go through so much trouble to actually use it and find it is good and I would say yes kind soon as you don’t get the blue shift that he normally gets for the iPhone and a lot of photos on you like that but I also found that the shadows are usually quite deep to the point where the phone ended up using a lot of detail. I’m not sure this is a glitter knot but in pro mode even with everything on auto, it tends to blow out the highlights like crazy to the point where I’m just better off shooting in the normal Camelot so, therefore, the only way Adam moments to take good advantage of hassle.

Color Science:

Let’s color science is to switch to pro mode and then take a photo with full manual controls save it as a raw file which you would then add if you ask me not 1 to tell me that they do plan on bringing hassle. Color science to main Caramon but we don’t really know when that would actually be so until that happens how supplies involvement is something that the majority of you would never make use of okay but does this mean that this is a bad camera not at all so I do think that they do have some really good harbor. Since it’s a 40-megapixel sensor with the 4 by 1 pixel binning it’s a Sony sensor I’m X. 79 now it’s not as big of a sensor as on yes 21 older.

For Example:

Buds it is a bigger censored than on yet until pro and the toll from Max it supports 12 bit raw. It’s which is pretty impressive for a smartphone, as well as 4K and 120 frames per second, ends 8 K at 30. You know something phones I’ve had 8K video since the galaxy S20 line but it was only at 24 frames per second and I also believe that a frame rate actually dropped lower than that as the footage was quite choppy but this 1’s super smooth which I do like and that 4120 is also really nice to have for when you want to slow down the footage the front camera is now a 50-megapixel sensor which is 3.2 times larger than the sensor in the iPhone full Promax.

Samsung Galaxy Book S (2020) -Intel Lakefield Laptop!

Samsung Galaxy Book S (2020) -Intel Lakefield Laptop!

The Samsung galaxy book S is not your regular laptop in fact this is one of the most unique laptops on the market right now that’s because this laptop actually features Intel’s brand you into lake field architecture also known as Intel hybrids technology Which is a major departure from anything that ends all has done in the past. We’ll be taking a closer look at what lake field is and how this architecture could really change everything in terms of how you use your laptop. We’re also going to be a very new giveaway at the end of this video so stay tuned for that as well. We have a standard motherboard of the laptop and on pretty much every laptop today we have components such as the CPU the GPU memory the display controller the USB type C or thunderbolt controllers. The audio controller and all these separate components or placed onto the mortarboard.

Hybrid Technology:

This however is Intel’s new hybrid technology also known as incels lake field architecture which uses a dramatically different design so in so I sent over these really cool lego pieces for us to show you how Intel’s legal processor is actually working. This is a pretty tall processor with multiple layers to it Intel’s calling this 8 for various 3D packaging designs essentially 3D stacking multiple IP layers onto a single piece of silicon in order to shrink down the motherboard and save internal space on the bottom layer. You can see things such as the arctic controller USB type C controller the storage controller for US rebuttal storage as well as the storage controller 40 NVMe storage then the second layer goes right on top and this is where we get the actual CPU cores.


Intel’s legal architecture actually features a very all the number of courts like no relief in which the US 5 courts that’s because one of the core is the big one right here. This is a sunny cove architecture chords so this is based on L at 10:00 AM to process and it’s pretty much what you would find in Intel’s tenth generation Isaac processors and then to the left of that we have 4 small trimming chords which are still based on intended me to process but they use much less power than the big sunny cove core. They’re similar to Intel’s older atom chips but use an old-new architecture that promises much-improved performance. This is why Intel’s Lakefield architecture is also called incels hybrid technology because it uses 2 different processor architectures on the same chip also on the second layer.

We have the GPU which is based on Intel’s chained up in graphics so again very similar to what we would find in Intel’s 10 Jan Y series end users are processors and then finally on top of that second layer. We have the ram these kinds of the integrated package on package memory is sometimes used and phone chipsets but this is a first for Intel the memory is dual channel 2. So in this case we have 2 layers of the ram modules here resulting in essentially what is a quad-layer processor but okay Daniel so you save some space but look at how big the whole CPU is like this thing is massive crazy fake and you know crazy massive well first of all this is called a SOC or system on a chip as a lot of the main components that you would normally find on the motherboard. I know parts of the actual processor and the number 2 this is a lego model of the actual processor the real thing is actually very very small. So the real thing is actually about the same size as a fingernail and when it comes to heights it is only one millimeter tall so that’s pretty nuts holy smokes but Why what are the actual benefits that are insoles Layfield architecture slash intel cyber technology actually provides us.


The first big benefit is the massive amount of internal space that you save inside which translates to a much much thinner device and not only that but this is also a finalist processor meaning that you also save a lot of space inside due to low fat being required. I’ve kind of been teasing. This laptop behind all these really cool lego pieces of the intellectual architecture but there you go this is the Samsung galaxy book has and the reason why this laptop is so unique is that well this is the first device to actually use Intel’s hybrid technology slash Layfield processors and as you can probably tell this laptop is unbelievably thin at only 11.8 women your stand and is that a stick us point by the way and 950 grams in terms of its weight the galaxy book S is an extremely portable laptop.

Every Thing about Asus ROG Phone 5

Every Thing about Asus ROG Phone 5

Let’s start with the design real quick here so there are 2 phones I have here the regular-based RG phone 5 as well as the ultimate edition. The first thing they’ve gone away with the kind of designed gimmicks that they used to do on the previous iteration so RG 12 and 3. They had these design elements on the back of the phone to give the illusion as if there’s some kind of thermal dissipation or thermal elements on the exterior that was particularly functional and they’ve gotten rid of all that stuff is just a nice aesthetic back. The regular RG phone 5 has a glossy glass back there are some red accents but the RG logo lights up and you can control it pretty extensively in software. I’ve seen a lot of RGB lit phones before like this tech isn’t new but this feels really well-engineered they’ve done it in a nice manner so it doesn’t protrude.

It doesn’t feel like some afterthought it feels like it was built to have this kind of lighting and it looks really nice it actually reminds me of the lighting on the G. 14 Zephyrus laptop the other device I have here is the ultimate edition and this one slaps. This is the white and blue-backed phone and it’s got this kind of matter per lesson finished too. it’s not like glossy finishes got this super clean vibe to it and there’s also this monochrome OLED LED screen on the back of it and this is so cool to me. It’s once again flush to the back of the device it feels really well built. It doesn’t feel like we just added this in at the last second and you can customize it. you can have it show battery percentage you can have children incoming call it not caller ID but just a notification that calls coming through and you can customize it with your own artwork.

Image Quality:

It’s really cool they’ve clearly put a lot of thought into this and the image actually rotates depending on the orientation of the phone. So it’s never like an upside-down image they’ve done a good job on this thing others also a brightly colored sim tray on both these phones. The white one has bright blue and then the base model in black has a red one and they both have good luck have fun that’s right into them I do wish that the white one with the authorization had a different colored trim like the frame of the phone was like silver or also white. If you like that would look better but this still looks really cool.

The actual functionalities funds what makes them special makes them different from regular nongaming phones is really a performance. These are running snapdragon triple eights but because of thermal engineering. They’re doing you can get rid of heat better-set pieces does this stacked PCB thing here’s 2 layers on top of each other and it uses a vapor chamber graphite materials to get you to know the system and in very demanding games that push the system hard, you will notice a difference in sustained performance one thing that you’ll notice is that the PCB on the RG phone 5 is right in the middle of the phones that allow the heat to disperse more evenly and also allows them to run split battery system which will talk about in second other also bear triggers on the top of the device.


I guess top in landscape mode there are touch-sensitive areas that you can use as shoulder buttons on a controller in the first 2 generations of the RG funds. I never like to like the technology was a cool very good idea but they just never felt responsive enough. They’ve tweeted to the point where it feels a lot better it’s not perfect right not gonna feel like a regular shoulder button on the controller because there’s no traveling press. It is just a touch-sensitive impact but it’s good to use key mapping and gets crossers your games. If they don’t have them and there’s also an inverted color mode you can spot enemies will be easier in the dark. It’s kind of questionable as to how fair all the stuff is like there are certain games out there that if you have across here and you have a flip into negative colors. I can give you a really clear advantage but the onus is on you others also use a PC port on the side so you can charge your phone while you’re playing games without the cable getting in the way and there is of course the active cooler the fan so this is been redesigned for this year and now connects to the phone using a different mechanism used to connect with the use BC passed through now.


It uses pogo pins on the bottom which I think is a better connection system and this one connected gives you some back buttons. It gives you RGB lighting on the back as well as a kickstand and for my test, it doesn’t reduce the thermals by the ton. It’s like 3 maybe 4 degrees cooler on the surface when you have the fan running. If you’re hard to the core with mobile games then maybe this is something you’d want to implement in order gaming but I think for most people they just go without it but it does come with the ultimate edition. It’s a separate add-on if you purchased the basic model but on the white super duper addition, it comes in the box the speakers on the RG phone 5 are really good. They’re loud they’re clear and the stir separation is fantastic they’ve always been good though right the RG 123 they’ve always had great speakers isn’t in these phones and they’re just even better this year they’re noticeably louder I will say though and I said this last year as well that if you’re in portrait mode like if you’re scrolling through Reddit and you’re watching a video in vertical the stairs separation now.
Sound System:

The sound system is excellent for gaming and for media consumption. There’s also the return of the headphone Jack if I’m not mistaken this is the first phone that comes to my memory that where they removed the headphone, Jack. When you’re and then they brought it back last year on the RG phone 3. I ripped into them for not including the Jack and other reasons like they’re saying that there are space limitations because of that 5G antennas whatever the reason it didn’t make sense to me that a gaming phone wouldn’t have headphone Jack. They brought it back and this isn’t just for gaming right anyone who’s purchasing a phone like this would appreciate headphone jacks. So I’m glad it back ends it’s got a really high-quality tack to it and yes as a quiet deck. It’s a good 1 now the screen has some bigger bezels on the top and bottom with the forehead and the chin of the device. I feel like a device like this you have to have big bezels like it’s a gaming phone Razer phone as often in landscape mode in your palms are touching the sizing you do not want accent a misclicks you don’t want accidental swipes on this thing.


I’m glad to be included or they kept bigger bezels. It’s not as big as the RG phone 3 but I wouldn’t want them anything on this and I also think that the quality speakers that are behind these bigger bezels like you got big bezels are device like this I’m glad they’re there so if you’re looking at this in like those puzzles are too thick. You’re wrong the bill to like this on purpose the screen itself is 1080 P 40 for her to the very fast and fluid gaming screen but it doesn’t get super bright it’s 800 nits of the top end and I feel like on a device like this if you’re playing games indoors perfectly fine. But when we go outdoors you will notice a deficiency is not massive but if you compare it to like an OnePlus phone or a Samsung phone like this is like the best screens. This does feel a little bit dimmer than you might like the battery still huge is a 6000 of our batteries the same size as the previous RG phone 3.


This year they split into 2 separate batteries at 3000 milliamp hours per battery and because they’re 2 separate batteries you can charge them simultaneously with 165 or charger. It’s super-fast charging and because of this split better design, you get better thermal performance as these bodies are being charged. They’re just able to handle the heat in a more efficient manner no issues also allow the user to adjust the charging options so instead of going to 100 percent charge every time. They allow the user to tweak down to 90 or even 80 percent and this extends the life of the durability of the battery just basically the more you charge a phone to its full capacity.

The worse it is for battery over a long period of time so by allowing the user to tweak that stuff it just makes these phones lost little bit longer which is nice to see unenthusiastic on like this note the camera systems not gonna go too in-depth on the camera because it’s clearly not the focus of the phone. But it shoots reasonably well with pretty good dynamic range and low light photography but 1 thing I noticed. I feel like this phone is probably more susceptible to water damage than your average smartphone in 2021 and I get it there’s a lot of ports really difficult to seal all that stuff. The people buying this phone probably aren’t scuba diving with it but I just would have like to see that especially for a premium phone like this but overall RG phone 5.

The OnePlus 9 patnership with Hasselblad Camera

The OnePlus 9 patnership with Hasselblad Camera

I’ve never really loved the camera systems on OnePlus phones. If they’re good they’re often really good for the money but they’re never great camera systems except for the month of April. This was the first and only camera system to date I feel was a truly great campus in the came from 1 pleasant recently the companies come forward saying that there 1 plus 9 and 1 plus 9 pro camera systems were developed in partnership with Hasselblad. The famous Swedish camera company that sent their camera to the moon to take pictures of lunar landing is an iconic photograph that I think most of you have seen but in terms of how it’s relevant to smartphones. We’re about to find out so recently the company as well as the CEO of the company people out and putting stuff on Twitter and on their social media pages these like pictures and compared to photos of what their new camera system is capable of and I want to talk about that so in this tweet here they’re drawn attention to the ultra-wide capabilities of the 1 plus 9 series.

Camera Quality:

I’ll try once from a competing smartphone and then you have a second photo from 1 of the 1 plus 9 phones. So the difference is pretty obvious right the new ultra lands heavily reduce that whole fish I’d bowing of the image now to someone who uses the ultra-wide lens a lot on his phone that’s pretty cool like I don’t mind the fish. I actually think that in certain shots to give this kind of dynamic action vibe to it but there are times. When you’re shooting landscapes or buildings or scenes with a lot of straight lines in them and having that distortion kind of ruins. The image that OnePlus had a whole bunch of shots taken on the new ultra-wide and I can’t tell whether these are taken with the 1 plus 9 of the 1 plus my pro and also can’t tell how much post-editing has been done in these but they do look nice and more importantly. They are seemingly distortion-free which is pretty neat coming from a smartphone camera now the way that they’re doing it is through a freeform lens on the IMAX 766 sensors.


This lens can correct the distortion before even hits the sensor which is kind of neat and if you look at those images it seemed pretty convincing. The second thing we’ve talked about is the new custom sensitivity they’ve made for the main like the flagship censored the IMAX 79. It’s the successor to the sense of I was in this thing and it’s supposedly custom made specifically for the one plus 9 series and this sensor is supposed to be stacked it can shoot 4K video at 120 frames per second you can shoot 12-bit raw images and has Sony’s new digital overlap each year which is supposed to be really fast whether taking 2 exposures at the same time or almost the same time and able to merge into one with a clean image. But because it’s super fast they’re able to use that same tack in video now supposedly. We’ll have to see but if you’ve noticed none of this has anything to do with possibly like this stuff is the harbor and I don’t think it’s dependent on their partnership with Hasselblad as an even. If they didn’t have that partnership did still have access to these new sensors and new lenses so where does the house but really come into play here like what are they actually doing in this partnership.

Software Particularly:

I think the answer lies in software particularly in color so in their original media statement. They mention that they’ve worked with house of lead to develop some new color science for the camera systems and that’s important but I don’t know how valuable that really is when it comes to the OnePlus camera systems like it’s all of the colors were terrible, to begin with right I will say that there have been issues that were especially when it comes to switching lenses even the OnePlus April had this issue. If you’re switching between like the zoom lens on the white and the ultra-wide there is like a slight color shift between them like summer pinker some wore green and I’m assuming that this partnership can resolve issues like that but the color’s important but this was a very expensive investment and as a part of me that worries or at least wonders how much of that 50000000 is just for licensing right just for the ability of the privileged with but has applied on to the back of your phone in the real question.


The most important question should be asking yourself as a consumer once the reviews are coming out and you look at the stuff like how much of this color size or how much of these improvements really matters to you as an individual. Because everyone’s different on the stuff like I personally love the nights get mode on the OnePlus a pro. I think this phone does it better than everybody else better than apple’s iPhone is better than the pixel’s better than Samsung’s Galaxy phones. This phone has this uncanny ability to shoot that nighttime scene outside my condo really nicely and I like it I like that stylized look that he gives but it’s not for everybody. When it comes to colors because colors are a big part of this house supply partnership right now colors are very subjective some people like realistic-looking images that flatter some people like stuff to be more vibrant more exaggerated or stylized.

There’s nothing wrong with that but there is a difference in people’s taste now me personally I think that this partnership is going to be I think it’s gonna be legit and it stems from this it sounds me tension right OnePlus has intentionally drawn a lot of bibles to this partnership and if for whatever reason it’s not legitimate and it’s not you don’t yield great results one plus is gonna look like clowns straight up there. If they know that right so I don’t think they were drawn as much attention as they did to this whole partnership unless they actually had something to show for it. I hope it’s going to be good I really think I should rephrase. I hope that this is the year that OnePlus goes from right where they’ve always been that kind of mid-tier good product to something that legitimately competes with the best of the smartphone cameras that would be pretty cool.

The upcoming Feature of the iPhone

The upcoming Feature of the iPhone

The iPhone 13 is going to be like you’ve seen all the leaks and you know that the effort 13 will have a smaller notch a 120-hertz display and a larger main camera sensor with the ultralight angle module getting autofocus and therefore a mac remote as well all of these are really nice upgrades. The real question is what happens after the apple 13 inch you call 1 of the most well-known and 1 of the most accurate Apple analysts dropped some pretty big news recently shedding some light on what Apple is planning to do next. we’ll be discussing the technologies that apple is considering implementing in their upcoming. The first one that I want to dress is that Apple will not be switching away from the lightning ports at least not for the foreseeable future according to this research reports mining Chico states that the main reason for apple wanting to stay with lightning is of course the revenues that apple makes from the MFI program.

For Example:

Apple one is the durability of the cable itself which ironically is actually better with third-party manufacturers. the lightning connector itself is identical but to be able to get that MFI certification third-party manufacturers have to pay Apple a royalty fee which is a fixed percentage of every lightning cable that third-party manufacturers self and this alone is rumored to be an industry worth billions of dollars. If apple switched USB type C they would say goodbye to the entirety of that revenue which seems to be the main reason why Apple doesn’t want to switch yet another reason seems to be the water resistance so according to Ming-Chi Kuo’s report switching to USB type C would actually lower the water-resistance of the phone. We don’t actually know why this is not detailed in his reports but my guess is simply.

Water Resistance:

The fact that the lightning port is slightly smaller and with smaller opening water will be able to get in that easily but at the same time. We do have plenty of android smartphones that are water-resistant and also have a USB type C port. I mean sure they don’t have apple’s insane 6 meters of water resistance but most of them still have 1.5 meters which is already very very good so any other day the main reason. Still seems to be the revenue which really sucks because the iPhone is what’s preventing myself and many other users from being able to carry just 1 single charger and 1 single cable and charge all of our devices using that so if lightning is here to stay for a while what is going to happen with that portlet iPhone. We all heard about well it makes you cool he said that when the iPhone will switch from lightning it would be to Max safe but he also said that the maxi ecosystem is not mature enough, therefore, the iPhone will continue to use lightning for the foreseeable future.


Now we have seen reports that Apple might launch a cordless iPhone in 2021 from John Prosser mark Gurman and even mean to go himself but it seems like they won’t be doing that this year and maybe not even next year and the ends depending on how maxi evolves. I’ve said it a bunch of previous Post that in order for mac seems to be able to replace lightning he needs to be faster than lightning and at the moment charging by maxi is twice as slow as charging by lightning. When it is fast enough that apple will be exclusively using macs safe on the iPhone and it looks like he has the type C Everywhere else and something else. I mean scores reported is that in 2022 some of the I phones will drop the knowledge the favor of notes a full-screen display but a punch-hole camera instead and because things that at least a high-end iPhones from 2022.


The iPhone 14 pros will feature this bundle camera which is pretty crazy and I don’t even know if I believe the sleek but at the same time, this is Ming chi Kuo who’s being super accurate in the past in terms of features and designs. He didn’t get all the dates right but features and designs he was super accurate so I don’t know it’s just such a weird report and that’s because ever since the iPhone 2017 Apple has had this massive knowledge which is finally rumored to be getting smaller in 2021 we have 113. It was rumored to be going away entirely at some point in the future which means you go now states that this will only be in 2023 run in 2022. it’s been initially reported and in the meantime, the iPhone will probably have a punch-hole camera. Which I think is just a horrible idea but why Daniel all android phones have a patrol camera and they do look so much more modern than the iPhone does and yet that’s true but you see the issue here is literally the fact that all android phones or using a design like an apple, on the other hand, is the only 1 that has a knowledge like this which means that the iPhone has a very recognizable design.

The REAL Reason Why AirPods are So Successful!

The REAL Reason Why AirPods are So Successful!

Airpods third and most recognizable brand of our list your buds on the markets by far the rebels were a company they would be the 30 second largest company in the US and that’s just how big they were back in 2019 alone in fact I can probably bad that every single 1 of you reading this post knows at least 1 person who has a pair of AirPods. I believe that there isn’t a single reason why AirPods was so successful but instead 3 with the first 1 being the timing. You see the pods were introduced back in 2016 and that was when the world is your phone market was still in its infancy. I mean sure we did have quite a lot of wireless over-ear headphones from Bose and beats but wireless your phone markets were severely lacking.

For Example:

The powerboats 2 were actually 1 of the best options in 2016. They had a good sound quality with impressive 6-hour battery life. The Plantronics backbeat goes to were also a very good option as they offered a case. When you build you charge them on top of the 4.5 hours of battery life the Jaybird X2 sports were also a very popular option. They were sweat resistant and also had an industry-leading 8:00 hours of battery life but you can probably tell that all of these wireless earphones had 1 thing in common. They weren’t truly wireless back in 2016 almost all wireless earphones on the market had a cable connecting the 2 earbuds together and that was because the way they worked was that only 1 of them connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and then the second year bond connected to the first by a cable.

The cable is needed as the book of a standard that most of these earphones were using which was for Plano wasn’t efficient enough to drive to your both at the same time as it only had a band with 1 megabit per second another reason for having a cable in between was that the chips inside of these earbuds were not that efficient eaters so you need a fairly large battery to keep these going for a few hours. Therefore in almost all these models, the battery was included in that separate remote control panel which was sitting on the cable itself so you had a market that was lacking which apple could have easily taken advantage of which they did but then they decided to do something even more brave courage. The courage to move on to something new for the better is all of us.

Headphone Jack:

They decided to remove the headphone Jack from the iPhone 7 while also marketing the AirPods and they did this in a very smart way to F17 still came with headphones in the box only that they were lightning headphones and if you want to use your own headphones there was a 3.5 millimeter to lightning port adapter included in the box at no extra charge. This way you’re basically telling you that the AirPods word the future while at the same time not necessarily forcing you to use pods was how apple managed to market and sell well not only that but he knew that if they made the bold move such as bass auto manufacturers would likely follow and the whole world would start transitioning to the wireless your phone era an era in which apple would easily lead because of the second thing that made your point so successful.


The experience you see only the competition the AirPods were true wireless earphones being that there’s no cable connecting them and in fact, both airports connected to your iPhone and both of them together would make sure that the sound going into your years was perfectly in sync. This was made possible thanks to apple’s custom W 1 chip as well as with the 4 seals which managed to significantly lower in the park and some shin while also increasing the transfer speeds by a factor of 2.6 times different success was the first iPhone to feature Bluetooth 4.2. Therefore if you had success or New York your AirPods would work best however apple did manage to make them work on iPhones as old as the iPhone 5 by likely applying some insanely clever tricks you manage the band with and by doing this anyone with an iPhone released in the past 4 years could use AirPods but on top of just being fully wireless earphones the AirPods were way more than that.

For Example:

They were extremely easy to connect you just open up the leads and the AirPods would automatically connect to your iPhone not only that but your pots ported multiple apple devices. So you can switch to your iPad your mac and even your apple watch by just tapping on the sound output pretty magical. This was something unheard of as with pretty much every single pair over us your phones on the market at a time you have to hold the party boats and got to wait for LD like to blink then go to your Bluetooth settings and connect them from there and you have to do that every single time. you wanted to connect a new device but AirPods were different and aside from this, there were also extremely smart. They had proximity sensors so that you could take 1 of your posts out of your year and the music would automatically pause and then play.


When you put him back in and it wasn’t just that you see apple is well known for their unique design sweater is original iPhone. The first iPad 40 original iPod or 1998 I mac 40 MEG for Cube and so on apple definitely once your products do you stand out from the rest. They intensely made your pants white so that they would be merely standouts. When you’re walking on the streets they also gave them one of the strangest shapes ever for nearby however it was a shape that would actually fit most years. I remember when I said that competition at something like 4.5 to 8:00 hours of battery life well the AirPods 24 Apple managed to do it is by giving them a carrying case which would automatically charge them. The moment they were put inside but even without a case the AirPods would still last you for 5:00 hours each which was not as good as the 8-hour battery life of the T birds excuse but still more than the majority of the competition out there apple achieve this by using the custom W one processor on top of that needless to probe into the standard.

I mentioned before and they’re softer and harder optimizations men that you could literally be rooms away from your iPhone and AirPods would still play crystal clear music something that the competition is always had issues with as most will disconnect. if you didn’t have a clear line of sight but there was one more reason which may be pots and successful as they were and that was the price with a price of $159 you could argue that the pods were very expensive and state you were in fact your paws were priced just $10 more than what an iPod nano used to cost expensive.