Wonder Woman 1984 – Movie Review

Wonder Woman 1984 – Movie Review

I find it interesting I don’t know why they would mention it was Batman gonna be like most inflict harm to 94 like why would they mention. I don’t know the point is there are things that worked in this movie at the top we have gal Gadot as Wonder Woman I mean this isn’t just her second movie being Wonder Woman either she’s been wonder woman and with the 4 movies right fork fifth.

Movie Story:

if you include the Snyder cut I mean she’s better on Wonder Woman 1984 than she was in the original Wonder Woman. She’s so good Wonder Woman at this point she makes me feel bad for doubting her ever wonder woman the original Wonder Woman. There were a couple of emotional scenes of really stick the landing with me as much as I imagine. The movie wanted to Wonder Woman 1984 there are a couple of emotional scenes and absolutely sticks the landing more also Steve Trevor and the Wonder Woman Steve Trevor dynamic once again Chris pine is back as Steve Trevor and I was a little afraid of I was gonna be like up the same shtick different movie than the previous Wonder Woman movie. Wonder Woman from famous Kera and she comes to our world becomes our world. She’s a fish out of water Steve Trevor’s her guide so it’s fun to see her navigate our world or at least our world as it was in World War 1 but this fish out of water scenario.

They had it works because it’s just a fun way to poke at the absurdities of us of humans in 1 of 1984. Wonder woman’s been in our world for decades. She’s been here for a while she knows how it operates and now Steve Trevor is the fish out of water because he hasn’t been around since World War 1. I was afraid I was just gonna feel old but they do enough in this movie to keep it feeling new that’s not really. The same kind of eyes looking up the world. Wonder Woman wasn’t from our world at all she knew nothing of our human idiosyncrasies completely new experience for her so what is different having someone who knows nothing about the world and someone who knew about the world decades ago. Just isn’t familiar with it now but this all worked it was kinda like that episode of Star Trek the next generation called relics for Scotty is in an episode of Star Trek.


The next generation opens up the dilithium crystal chambers like let you know that your dilithium crystals are gonna fracture injuries. We composite the crystals while they’re still inside you know so he knows about diluting crystals. He just doesn’t understand how the technologies change and evolve whereas if you take someone from 1870 to show them that lithium crystals are gonna be like I know nothing about that so they had a new spin on that take. They did from the first Wonder Woman entertainment also Pedro Pascal. Pedro Pascal was actually really good now I’m not saying that trump metaphor kind of way. I’ve heard that from around I mean maybe he is maybe he isn’t I don’t I suppose if you want to see that you’re going to say it felt like in the Bush administration any movie that had to do with what or at all just like a GI Joe rise of cobra obviously it’s a metaphor of George but it’s not too.

I think read the cover came out after Pointed suppose you’re gonna see it. If you want to see it but when I’m talking about Pedro Pascal from this movie when I’m talking about Maxwell lord. I’m just talking about a comic book movie villain thought. it was a really good comic book movie film because it was different than what I thought. it was gonna be I don’t know what I expected from the guy I don’t know what I expected from the character. But his character interested me and the logistics surrounding the character and why he’s a threat. I thought it really compelling because it’s kind of unconventional. You don’t just have okay the supervillain who super-powered and the superhero who super-powered and they fight because that’s what superheroes and supervillains do you have your toe to toe fight like lex Luthor in Superman.

Pascal’s character:

Lex Luthor is much more intellectual than Pedro Pascal’s character in this movie. Pedro Pascal’s much more emotional it’s much more interesting much more fascinating much more complex has much more to tell about just people in general humanity as a whole in a world. Where Wonder Woman can’t just beat up Pedro Pascal’s character because she’ll literally turn his head into silly putty. if she tries to punch them in the face. I guess they felt they need a big physical fight at the end of this movie and that’s Regina comes in but it does feel like cheetah was thrown into this movie just for that it is played by Kristen Wiig and they’re like 3 phases of cheat on this movie. You have Barbara who’s super awkward you know she’s not confident so you need someone with that comedic timing to deflect with jokes and just you know what I thought she worked. I thought Kristen Wiig work for that then she gets a lot more confidence in this movie again Kristen Wiig works for that is cheating I don’t know because we don’t really get a good look at it and get a good look at you know because the fight takes place at night.

They did that because they’re clearly doing that trick that Hollywood’s been doing for years. If not decades to hide shoddy CGI we just have the CGI take place at night but in the end, it was just this fight that happens at the end for the sake of it happening and that’s the reason she’s in the movie. I really didn’t feel the pay off with that not at all after that cheetah monologue. I suppose were swinging in the things that didn’t really land for me at the beginning of the movie. I thought it came across as a bit cheesy like the movie as a whole I’m not talking about the flashback scene of her which is a little girl and she’s an infamous character that I didn’t need because it didn’t really link to anything. I think she repeats a phrase from there should have the phrase you don’t need to build up for a phrase. I feel like this because robin Wright all the Amazonians there were there under contracts to be in the movies of the ruler.


We’re gonna fill that was I’m in the movie a flashback at the beginning that really doesn’t die in anything but now I’m talking about the mall throw down. There’s something about that mall throw down it. I felt like I was watching a comic book movie from 1984. You know that kind of cheese has now come back to comic book movies. I guess and maybe that was the intent. I just don’t think it didn’t want any favors. I don’t think it did the movie favors could tell people were on strings that the fight looked a bit unnatural. I just started off on the wrong foot for this. We’re going okay I guess comic book movies have gone back to visit some of the other effects also didn’t seem too polished. I granted the last Wonder Woman movie kind of fell into that also it on hold for going for continuity there’s a scene where she’s running after these trucks were like the cadence of your feet and your speed it looks like you’re floating.

She’s Wonder Woman so she can do that kind of way but more like well the CJI it’s really noticeable cut away at the movies a bit too long. it feels a bit too long because there are a lot of elements in this movie that they’re all churning together in the movies. What 2.5 hours is on like that you didn’t really need to be a could just be Maxwell lord and for me that would’ve been a not for now you have to build a cheetah for 1 fight to happen at the end of this movie and that’s the sole reason that said the third act of Wonder Woman 1984 is a better third active than the original Wonder Woman movie. If you take cheated out of it like by and large the third act of this movie really did work for me Brexit by the third act of this movie. I was like I’ve seen this in another movie this is the third act of another Jim Carrey movie like someone saw the third act that is Jim Carrey movie.

They’re like but if we put Wonder Woman in there why not I don’t know I just couldn’t help to think of it I would be traveled if you don’t hear that in 9 out of 10 reviews it actually has a good lesson to good plea for humanity it came across as a bit cheesy. When it’s hammering it home sure a bit sappy but what can I say I’m a cheesy sappy human is gonna work for me but the first 2 acts of the previous Wonder Woman movie. I thought were far superior to the first 2 acts of this Wonder Woman movie. Wonder Woman 1984 that said I really did gal Gadot Chris pine’s chemistry together. I really like the Wonder Woman Steve Trevor dynamic that kept it going for me also Pedro Pascal as Maxwell lord. Those 3 characters keep this movie afloat absolutely there’s a great movie somewhere in here it doesn’t always shine through. You’ve already seen it did you enjoy whatever you think.

The Mandalorian Season 2 FINALE! (My Thoughts)

The Mandalorian Season 2 FINALE! (My Thoughts)

Spoilers this is the thing where it’s like when I say spoiler alert don’t watch unless you’ve seen it. I know there’s a percentage of people who are like I would not put house boiler is going to be and do I care about the spoilers love your Star Wars. The person has a basically telling family like my brother I know that he wants to binge amando. This is the finale there are things to talk about but really there’s one thing that people want me to talk about maybe I’m projecting. This is the thing I want to talk about other things leading up to it and which I’m going to talk about those first 2 starts out and they get broken chance help which I’m glad to get book contends help before I was like she really missed the boat on sticking around Mando and getting straight them up getting into a black man and I was like Hey you want to go get my get in now you want to she looks a Boba Fett and she’s like you’re not a man to Laurie.

Movie Scenario:

The scenario is Boba Fett was a Mandalorian and then they wrecked on that mate and not a man to Lorraine and then they retcon the rec con in the Mandalorian and made Boba Fett. A Mandalorian invoke at 10 the would-be leader of the Mandalorians well I think it’s a pretty good handle on who is in is not a Mandalorian tells Boba Fett no you’re not a mandatory do not take a shot every time. I say Mandalorian I don’t want you to die but man I just got it I was I don’t know if confused or frustrated. I just think back to a time when you could know what was going on in Star Wars and you didn’t need a doctorate in the degree titles the galaxy far far away elegy point. They concoct this plan and get into the imperial cruiser because Mandel’s like I want to get grow grew back and that is the plan in their dark troopers first.

I was like oh dark troopers is going to be metal then one gets through the door and Mandos fight the dark trooper which is I mean the pretty dumb though it’s cool that he was punching Mandos had his helmet wasn’t taking any damage. Because it’s super strong but even they were denting the walk with his helmet I just kind of funny that there’s a dark trooper supposed to be there super dangerous next-level droid but he’s like I can’t get through his helmet. I don’t know I guess the more I try to put any machine worth its salt bill I can’t get through the are but you know what still as Williams. That’s right ma’am no no you have a broken leg now you’re which makes it even funnier than that science is there’s always solve the human elements and now these aren’t suits.


They’re not troopers there dark troopers and droids we’ve taken a human element out we’ve perfected the soldier but any human soldier would have adapted to that situation and broken a limb federation makes droids jet. I beat droids Republic makes troops defeat Chennai empire makes sure it’s Amanda beats dark troopers asked the rest get blown out of an airlock so that was that internet chatter about the dark trooper. Forgoing to bat for people who like to troopers there finally came in and they come back to die again. We’re getting back soon my friend Susan we’ll talk about it but Mando shows up to grow selling which marketing has the dark saber to baby grow good man does like I didn’t care you can give the dogs ever I just want the kid I just won’t grow to go back not getting into like I can feel it.

The connection hits me where I live to take a pledge to you now this isn’t our first Bioware game. We’ve all been there right on some assassination or something persons like wait let me just do this thing. Just give me a second I’m totally not gonna draw a weapon on you or try to kill you or alert the guards. You know mock Getty and be in the village start swaying in the dark saber at Mando. They get into a fight which is a hot toys spoiler right there because hot toys really say. This is our mock Gideon figures hot toys are usually pretty accurate to what happens on screen and there’s a dark saber blade that is Maaf Gideon swinging the dark saber and I was like he has not swung the dark saber in the series yet which means in the finale.


He’s going to get into a fight with the dark there he’s got it now you gotta know your product what to watch out for that sure and the dark troopers come back they were in space. They’re like dude we have rockets is fine but is looking pretty dire they’re about to bust through the door in one X wing fighter shows up and I was like okay so the new Republic is it’s gonna be one X wing fighter like Jost one and then a bunch are gonna show up the whole fleet is going to be fine. But now it’s just one X wing fighter and it took me there was a trickle of realization after that I was like one X wing fighter and then jet I wrote person plopped down. I was like nope you know because I can’t fully I can’t give myself over to that kind of hope.

These days is dead I don’t know if it’s 2020 or just my age in general. I do not trust or hope it is for a stake in these lands where you start recognizing those boots really quickly. When I saw the black glove only on 1 hand the only on his right hand the other hand had no glove. I was like o my goddess looks like I said a lot of like Luke Skywalker they were showing his face at first. I didn’t care the whole life and I was like you don’t even have to show his face the fact that it’s Luke that’s enough for me. Because we’re getting what we wanted as fans walk for sense was it 2012-2013. We learned Star Wars movies were coming back there was gonna be an episode 7 time flies for you have that hope for that scenario. we’re everyone’s it’s this dire situation people need hope they need a hero and Luke comes in to save the day people thought that was gonna happen in the Las data and it didn’t and all they wanted.


They wanted because it is as simple as these people love their heroes and they love their heroes acting here relic and Luke straight up as a hero. The hero Eckley tires these dark troopers down he makes these droids look like the battle droids in phantom menace yes sh a number now. We’ve come full circle to jet I beat strides I will say when you grab that 1 dark trooper with the forcing crushes them I was like. The son of Anakin Skywalker all right the very Anakin Skywalker move right there I like guys like the fact that that connection was there and he gets to the prisoners like there’s a Sebastian Stan another doing that deep fakes CG. But not deep fake so it’s a CG I face that they did for Grand Moff Tarkin and lay and rogue one but which yeah you can totally tell it’s the CD I face I got I wished they recast that uncanny valley you know it’s like a real human just feels more human.

You appreciate the scene but you can’t help but feel like and the CG I face funny Lucasfilm Disney. They’re weird you know like on one hand like we can’t recast people on the other hand there like sometimes. We can maybe it’s like if they want to bring him back for more things all right then recast and which will make the CG I face stand out more because like yeah see I faced Luke then shortly afterward real face luth. The fact that he has one glove and one hand without a glass one could call him it’s cool hand, Luke. I’m done but it’s going to wipe out about I just dead but there was a part of me that was like is he going to say I’m Luke Skywalker her rescue because that you know the chain of thought starts happening is like well invoking tend to be like your lose who now but he didn’t say that was invited inside.

Subconscious Fan Moments:

It was just one of those weird subconscious fan moments we’re going to get it but that would have been J. isn’t something cool I didn’t do that he just pops enemies. I’m here for him which can we just kind of take a chuckle at the fact that both K. 10 was in the room with the son of Anakin Skywalker and just didn’t know it but then after this moment of Omar guard Luke is back and he’s doing exactly what we all do to not Jake knows grumpy uncle Jake Luke then were met with this emotional moment were man dell has to give grow grew to Luke Skywalker and grow doesn’t really want to go and grow. Who wants his permission and you know we touch Hellman I’m like yeah I should once his face he takes off the helmet foreman. This is really good moment man like the whole thing with Mando that I like is that you feel like when we first saw him he was on the path to basically be in the other Boba Fett.

The next Boba Fett but then there’s this moment where he’d eat the packages this kid and he just makes the callers as I suppose is another reality out there from manta yeah this fictional character so who’s not I guess but you know written for him and his character there is where he was like yeah I’ll give the kid over. I’m a bounty hunter and he doesn’t find his human connection. You didn’t know we needed but you know we dead it’s just a fundamental story of connection and growth which means when he has to say goodbyes just it’s sad you know it’s a touching thing because I’m Luke Skywalker you know take care of them looks like I well I tried. The publication is the implication grow who died is or are we just wipe it all that from Canada because Disney is already wiped away cannon once before we had all those books. You know those Timothy Zahn Bucks erred in the empire and all that and Disney was like that’s no longer canon now.

These are cannons so they could just be like yeah and this is 789 they’re no longer canon because we can do that because we’ve done it before. who knows where they’re going but I’ll tell you this Mandalorian season to board on its sleeve Mandalorian appeared to be a couple of things is exactly a couple of things that Mandalorian season 2 showed. it actually is which is a fun Star Wars show to scratch that Star Wars edge that’s the easy 1 but also a hug to springboard other spin-off series for other characters that are also happening whether it’s a soca Boba Fett book with what it sees apparently called now pose Christine. it’s inner Boba Fett goes back to the job as old palace repeated Fortuna is that he has become hot for tuna the Hutt Boba Fett kills them and because both of the hot which is good.


I think it’s good for both of that I think that’s a place that I could see him ending up but that’s my point star were show to scratch that Star Wars edge hub to springboard other spin-off shows. But also the thing that was they have their work cut out for him on this 1 but bring Luke and was definitely that right direction for it in the Mandalorians up thing to get fans back on the side of Star Wars giving people. This smart call and also pretty 3 to say I do have questions though there are things that leave up that are unresolved you know it’s good to do it’s good to have something lead into the next season Amanda has a dark saber here in the dark saver I guess because the dark savers kinda like ones and Harry potter. I suppose as someone who does not have a doctorate in the degree of a galaxy far far away all the checked out as I did.

it for a large section of my life and then the lord just exponentially tenfold grew and now I’m just like you know what I’m pretty solid on the first. It very results in there’s that Sir this scenario as I took it was Mando beat Maaf Getty and he has a dark saber but he earned a dark city. Because he beat him in their fight so it’s like you can just give the dark saber to Boca tan she has to be you wanna fight Amanda is like I don’t want I yield here it’s like God doesn’t work that way. you know people will know you yield and she will be seen as a leader so you have to fight the implication being either Mandel were both contains going to die in this duel but Mandel got the dark saber by beating marketing didn’t die so I suppose book at 10 just has to beat him in a fight is like all right well we can just plan this out make it like a WWE event.


you know it’s like we’ll make it look good for the fans but in the end the scripts. We know where the script is going to take the winner at first I was like whoa that’s a really sticky situation there and 1 of them has to drive it doesn’t look like 1 of them actually has to do with the market it didn’t see a Mandalorian season 2 in the end. I dug at it so it’s 1 of those shows I still think you need to watch from beginning to end like the week 2 weeks fine but I want to sit down and now watch it from beginning to end keep saying and like the show’s over sh district was going on. I mean without the Mando baby Grogan dynamic I don’t know at the beginning was episodic there was some flown at but really epic episodes that I really dog most of which tied into pre-existing Star Wars characters that I like but this is exactly how you want to finish off the season 2 finale by giving people what they wanted in 2015 parts of the Mandalorian season 2 finale. Have you seen it I hope you have a view of this post well what did you think about it would you think of the finality would you think of the season as a whole?

SPAWN (The Animated Series) – Review

SPAWN (The Animated Series) – Review

Spawn the animated series of some college. The enemies there is a spawn that came out on HBO in the nineties came out around the same time. The movie was the nineties spawn craze was everywhere folks if you have an art class in junior high or high school at that time your fellow classmates were drawing spawn end of the story. The story of spawn in the animated series movie comic book. It’s all generally the same al Simmons is a mercenary who gets killed. This all goes to hell in the double box Mel bulls just like you want to see your wife one day again. A general in my army and you can go see Alice like shares some 5 years later Mel bowls and send them back with the burned-out messed up face. It’s been 5 years so one has moved on so you really get screwed in the deal was really cool song interview back.

Spawn Review:

I think the interview was actually on the spawn VHS in the nineties but Todd McFarlane was talking about the HBO series and getting that greenlit and he took it to a number of studios. Saturday morning cartoon style sounds good it was like not really what I’m going for the HBO of course overlooking all hello murder at this serrations mayhem crime sex blood. We could do that also if you didn’t get the gist of their I will blatantly tell you right now. This is not an animated series for kids no this is as radar is rated Rever was in animated form or otherwise sex murder nudity violence Death.

Do not bring the kids to the enemy to respond was on HBO for 3 seasons which at the beginning of each episode of the animated series you have Todd McFarlane. There is kind of this philosophical crypt keeper rather maybe he’s given your philosophical questions like what would you do at the moment of death. The voice from the darkness offered you the chance to live again one is in terms of perception invalidity. I thought it was great to have Todd McFarlane and it nigh.t I just enjoy the fact that he’s there to spend some philosophical questions for the episode on how they pertain to the epicenter and for my money. They do a great job of illustrating the themes of spawn.

Hell Spawn:

You know the tragedy of what Spahn is one of the things they do well as the fact of like well. where does al Simmons and then the hellspawn begin? There was something in the movie when I saw it I was like I just kind of feels like all Simmons comes back as a hellspawn. I guess but he still Alice Simmons in the animated series you feel like this is a hellspawn. who was once al Simmons not necessarily the same. it’s kind of a theme that I saw on Alan Moore saga of the swamp thing where it’s like at what point is the fact that you are the aggregate of the memories of someone at what point are you not them of that it’s actually something again in the animated series as well as the movie. But I feel like the animated series really hit home is the fact that spawned digs up the body of al Simmons the right there like well that’s the physical body.

This is the physical body but you have it so if there are 2 separate physical bodies are you really a question for the philosophers going to say oh yes. Because of the soul but his memories are so fragmented and he’s not really dealing in the same reality of al Simmons. In fact, his memories are so fragmented at first he could be pacing the hallways of blind manner and that’s what I loved about the animated series he definitely does feel like a race though he starts peeling back the layers and remembers who he was as al Simmons more as time goes on but I first used the ball of instinct. I do think the animated series illustrates better the fact that he’s a hellspawn who was once a man rather than he’s a man who is now a health spa.

Animation Style:

The animation style for me totally works it just captures that tone of this dark up underworld of New York’s lot of shadows in terms of lighting. it reminds me of Batman the animated series but the characters don’t have the squared jaw art style of Batman the animated series. So I guess it kind of reminds me of gargoyles if gargoyles were dragged through the rated R Coles but in terms of animation style and tone you can totally tell they wanted to create this cinematic feeling in animated form which kind of goes as that no that’s really what animation usually is or should be but it doesn’t always feel that way you don’t always see that kind of cinematic effort thrown into an animation. But they really did was spotted twin the horror movie elements used.

When showing spawned this batch people in the film the water investigative elements of people looking into him and researching these kills. It totally gives this urban legend to meet those to the character of Spock it was a great vibe for the series. But this mythical hell Rafe persona is really seen from the way some people get this batch you know someone’s gonna kill somebody and you see those chains in the Cape come out of the darkness just wrapped around someone and supplement to cover might be a Batman begins. The way should say Batman begins reminds me of sponsons Spontini out before Batman begins you know that scene where he just sucking people into the shadows imagine that but it’s those chains from Spahn’s outfit in the Cape. The second man and then you see compound fractures and death.

Keith David’s voice:

We cannot talk about spawned without talking about Keith David’s voice has spawned Keith David at this point was no stranger to voice animation is the voice of the Goliath thing gargoyles also he is the voice of spawn for people who’ve watched the HBO series. He sponte David as the voice of Spahn is quite frankly quite simply perfect he’s perfect because he has that voice that lends itself to being that sense of security and compassion for the flashback scenes with him and wonders. When he’s human but also the voice of a health plan to do just has that voice that can be either just also why it’s amazing they got Keith David the voice spawn in Mortal Kombat 11 not only does it add validity the fact is like yeah he’s the voice of Spani Spahn here but I’m glad that Keith Davis just because it’s not like he’s done with spa on which gives me hope for the future. Which will talk about his second pay 1 can hope it’s free to hope there were a couple of things in this series that left me wanting first of all clown in seasons 1 and 2 is varied the clowns kind of the baby sitter for a new hellspawn it’s always been aired around Spani pops up every once in a while Tonson talk some, unlike John Leguizamo in the movie spot like John Leguizamo in spawn.

The movie was the comic relief I think he did a great job as a clown in the spawn movie in fact he’s a standout and John Leguizamo remains 1 of the most underrated actors working. But the movie Spahn was still PG so that comic relief was there to kind of lighten. The mood and keep it PG for the rating system. I imagine they speak that series cloud is just off is a real son which I think represents a demon of hell more accurately like if there is a hell I imagine someone who’s from hell a demon from hell is probably more along the lines of the clown from the enemies. The response then you know the funny clown from the movie but in seasons wanted to climb was there to taunt Spahn nip at his heels a bit show up uninvited in season very. He’s just his absences very much felt I don’t know if clowns absence in season 3 was because they were like.

Season 1 of Spawn:

We’re kind of on the verge of getting cancels we’re gonna throw a lot of stuff on the wall and hoping it sticks. We got to move things forward faster so season 3 delves more into the fact that hell has soldiered on earth. But so does have been and they’re clashing but this hellspawn doesn’t seem to be a complete and total of this conflict there which takes us back to season 1 of spawn. In which in 1 episode they introduce the character Angela and they just she’s never in the series again that is something that sticks out like a sore thumb. You can’t help but reflect what which even if they’re not gonna have a back so glad they delved into what it looked like that set up which is the fact that there are have been soldiers as well as hell soldiers. But it’s weird that she was even touched on if they didn’t show over again the only thing I can think of is a licensing issue of some sort I believe Neil Gaiman wrote her arc. So I don’t know if like Neil Gaiman’s like no that’s my character I don’t know which brings me to the fact and the point yes it was canceled and you feel it.

It was canceled but they got to wrap it up it ends like all right I want to get my soul back done cancels. The end up all right share and topic for those been trying to get a new live-action spawn movie made. When he heard talk about it it sounds like he is sensual wants a spawn movie to be in line with the spa on HBO animation but the live-action version in which case if given the choice of having a new live-action Spahn wrestler. I think the HBO spawn series is worth a watch for you. it’s not the fantasy sci-fi spawn going on a rampage romp that maybe you want maybe that’s what you like about the movie. if the spawn movie always makes you feel like it was missing something we should enjoy the spawn movie and that guilty pleasure kind of way. I don’t know how many times I’ll be playing Mortal Kombat 11 using spawned from getting my kicked I audibly say out loud usually but if given the subject matter of spawned.

The movie made you feel like it was missing something like that could have gone deeper with some of the themes check out the HBO animated series. You might find what you’re looking for there I mean the DVD of the entire series is 12 Bucks on Amazon. it’s not that expensive I would like to see a Blu-ray release absolutely I hope they do that the fact that they haven’t again shows that there is not much interest in reviving the series but I do think the series is worth a conclusion. One can hope for is a Todd McFarlane’s spawn or spawn the animated series have you seen it what did you think about it.

Fatman (2020)- Movie Review

Fatman (2020)- Movie Review

I don’t know what I was expecting with this movie but at Mel Gibson military and a hitman so I just expected this really gruff angry means Santa with guns to go crazy. it’s not that it’s not bad at all but still, we’re talking about let’s get our Christmas spirit aren’t we. In fact, so fat man refers to Santa Claus and I just read the descriptions are not intended to be a recap but okay Mel Gibson plays Santa Claus in a world word Santa’s. While real and believed to be real bye everybody. I mean of course Israel and Arab world kids who shouldn’t be reading my blog but apparently do from the get-go. This guy selling this baseball back to Walton Goggins and it says something like made in Santa’s workshop and they’re both yeah I wasn’t worth about 900 to 1000 Bucks because Santa is real.

Financial Machine:

We all kind of know what the world is interesting in that sense because of it kind of breaks down the whole machine. The financial machine that Santa is as Santa says in this movie is the biggest stimulus that America has a whole lot of revenue generated from Christmas. But his business is declining and scared of losing it because the government’s likable the money. We give you is based on how many presents go out and kids are just shitty are now sold more call is going out then-president so he gets less money and so he has to make cuts although that was actually pretty faded, to be honest with you. I have done I did it when the movie has something that we all kind of take for granted like how does Santa get funding how was he able to make all these toys went to production then in the end it has something like this that explains that but also explains that yes and can fall on hard times.

We’re gonna set like that also I really like Mel Gibson as center goals. I mean Walton Goggins is our hitman and he’s exactly what you need to hitman in this practice to VA this kind of a weird guy was some quirks but hitman quirks like he has this little hamster with family care is hamster everywhere. It’s like someone who read a comic book was like a hitman. They need a thing you know he needs a little pad or something that was with him that he really cares for but he kills human beings. So he works but Mel Gibson I thought it was really good again I thought it was gonna be this like weird cartoony Santa Claus version. Some hardcore Santa that was just completely unbelievable. They’re just like suspend disbelief we’re here for fun but the movie actually had a bit of heart and it’s brought by Santa and Mrs. Claus to get her in a second.


if you really feel for the guy every cent is depressed because the world is depressing and it’s getting worse. We feel like he failed the worldly feel like he failed children everywhere his business is falling on hard times. This is seen grease addressing all the elves in the workshop and he’s talking about okay. We’re going to help the military make weapons just you know to pay the bills and keep the lights on. When he’s talking his eyes are glazing up and he’s doing that old man. You know like this is what we wanted but we’re gonna get there also Merion John Baptiste is amazing as Mrs. Claus she is V rock. This guy is the one keeping them together she always has the things to say the speeches the lift them up. I mean you probably don’t believe half of it but that’s what he has been here.

I thought Mel Gibson brought sadness and sorrow but she brought the heart. I don’t the small budget to there a couple of times with the budget totally shows and that would usually be one of those things. It takes me out of it it did kind of take me out of it enough for me to notice an address but then enough for me to appreciate the more. I thought about it the more pondered. I mean we live in a world where usually a Santa clause movie like does that mean the workshop would be enormous you see Santa’s castle but really it’s this humble house with this factory that doesn’t look like. It can produce all these toys going out there and I just said what fewer toys are going out still you never see the slave fly. He drives a red truck and all of that’s probably because it’s like yeah budget we can’t make this too expensive.


I appreciated that it’s relying more on imagination and visual effects movie could be done better with its time management spends a lot of time building up this little. It is clearly a little psychopath whose sole purpose in the movies to get a lump of coal for Christmas because he’s ahead and then he hires the hitmen to go after Santa and now we’re kind of on the hitman. So ironing out that time management maybe didn’t need a little kid. The higher the hitman obviously hate center for his own reasons. So you can just have the hitman who was once a kid now go after Santa the point is we probably could have been 10 minutes shorter.

You get a pretty cool confrontation at the end of this movie. So I’m not gonna say 0. it’s totally just about the spirit of being in a rut that holds Santa Mrs. Claus being in a rut dynamic with their business is the thing that really hooked me even Santa is caught up in the hurricane of 2020 and you just feel for both just trying to make it to the end again don’t know what I was expecting. But I was not expecting to say the fat man is a good time to lock all required are so fat man have you seen it why did you think about what’s an obscure Christmas movie that they were not a lot of people know about me everyone knows Christmas vacation a Christmas story we know those let’s 1 where you’re like 0 I like this 1 not a lot of people do everyone likes Prancer or want for it may be but whatever it is whatever you think, below let me know.