WandaVision – Episode 3 (My Thoughts & Review)

WandaVision – Episode 3 (My Thoughts & Review)

This episode of WandaVision not gonna be a play by play not going to be a total walkthrough but you know spoiler is nonetheless because it was a WandaVision with that glimpse. We got at the end we have the sitcom gimmick of WandaVision and then the what’s really going on in WandaVision which has always been there I’m just saying I’m glad we have a glimpse of it now so the sitcom gimmick of WandaVision one does very pregnant doesn’t want to neighbors don’t want people to find out. Because I’d be really perplexing someone who wasn’t pregnant yesterday to be giving birth today and you know she gives birth and what she’s going into labor. She’s breaking the pipes in her house and everyone’s pipes in their houses are breaking and that’s it. She gives birth to twins but that’s not really what’s going on in WandaVision because you know I know some of the clues don’t mention something doesn’t mean I missed it just means I talk really fast and don’t script my stuff out.


Every episode seems like you can’t believe you miss that sometimes. They’re right sometimes I did say I just forgot to talk about but I sell the hydro logo on the watch. I totally did miss the sword logo though. Whatever like this our new dogs the friend was like well your brother got killed by Ultron and one was like wait what did you say what’s that around your neck people. We’re talking to you obviously that’s a sore lower open it appears that lady gets ejected like from this round well. I mean from that round from that realm of reality from that construct the reality from that question mark reality. Which does seem to be some mental Truman show bubble it did show that apparently. There’s this area in space-time where this is happening does need to have something tangible like that I will like it.

When a show gives me that clue that’s like Hey you have the stick you have the gimmick by the way here’s a clue it’s not an answer. But it’s a clue to let you know where it’s going pilot episode of heroes season one Isaac Mendez drew on the ground that nuclear explosion in New York and you’re like well that’s the thing we got to stop that I like it. When the show gives me the exact clue to keep me hooked the first 2 episodes of WandaVision felt like the first episodes of heroes season 2. Why am I here I’m pulling heroes references it is seen in that show. I forget how old it actually is season one so good though but it does show me that Disney apparently knew that would happen that’s why critics got the first 3 episodes.

Common Folk:

We common folk we lame and we got the first 2 because someone at Disney some bean counter was like oh well. If we give them the first 3 episodes and they see that hook at the end kind of insinuating and giving them clues as to where it’s going there’s a 40 percent probability that 20 percent of the people enjoy the first viewing 30 percent more. They were like all right let’s make that call is to give the critics the first 3 episodes. But I’m glad we have the Glenstone glad the show isn’t resting on the whole mid-century thing. I still don’t know why that is why that you know of all the constructs of reality. Why miss intrinsic com is it some remnants of hydro you know just a hydro the sword folks apparently. They’re trying to get in there and figure out what’s happening as well I don’t think they’re behind it honestly.

It’s probably her who’s behind it because you know she can manipulate realities in the comic books is one of our powers. I said in my last video nothing in the movie show that she could do that person brought up. When she know gave Tony stark those visions and that was manipulating reality. I see is different though because that’s like that’s giving Tony stark’s manipulating his perception of reality. So basically she gave him a bad Salvia trip which can be an interpretation of manipulating reality but it’s not like this this is literally manipulating in the area of space in the area of reality speaking of Salvia. I thought I was laughing before the show came on to realize that WandaVision is an episode of Tales from the trip right you could say that Wanda Maximoff on this episode of tales from the trip.

Craziest Thing:

She’s all like so this is the craziest thing that happened to me so I took some DMT and then I was in this mid-century sick calmer everything was black and white reality itself was in the 4 by 3 aspect ratio. This is very hard to explain but it made sense when you were there was a laugh track to everything we did and said and then while I was dancing with my dead boyfriends. I was instantly pregnant everything became color and now we were in the seventies then I realize. They’re coming for me and I didn’t actually take DMT it was in fact Salvia tales from the trip that’s right YouTube censors. I say this for educational purposes as a PSA don’t do Salvia kids that will scare you. So the questions are who’s doing this probably one does because no one why wouldn’t it be I think. They’re trying to throw people off of the recorders like Rhonda who’s doing this to you it’s like wheelchairs because apparently.

Rewind Things:

When things don’t go how she might want she can rewind things like she’s in the game parade also to answer that who’s doing this to your question. She’s like I am because I saw my boyfriend’s brain get ripped out right in front of me I just kinda want to hang out with them more. It’s as simple as that in which case are the people in here are they people are they construct like visions apparently a construct because it doesn’t actually mean the fact that he’s dead so we know visions a construct but it is a noticeable thing how vision acts differently than how vision acted in the Avengers movies. I mean the contrast between Avengers vision and bumbling sitcom husband veterans does not really the same person and then the neighbor. You know is like trimming the verbs and he was cutting into the brick-like he was glitching out or something like you didn’t even know it like he was an MP seen cyberpunk 2077 just like this is normal.

We saw that lady get thrown out of this reality ejected from this world out of the SEC fake reality into our world and you know she plopped and landed there because their locations not even from this place. She’s from the outside world and she molds her way yet but the questions. I have it if you take 1 of the neighbors and throw them out well. They just disappear well they are they from the outside world prisoners trapped in this sitcom reality. But they don’t want to be or they construct created for this reality in which case if you throw them out will they live can they live outside that reality really just will just disappear also will her babies disappear outside that reality. These are questions so the question is I’m glad. I have they have any questions before sitcom shtick sitcom gimmick there you go so I enjoyed. This episode largely because yeah that and glimpse it makes things come together. The optimism I saw WandaVision episode 3 have you seen it.

WandaVision Episode 4 (My Thoughts & Review)

WandaVision Episode 4 (My Thoughts & Review)

Wanda Vision the most compelling episode if that’s not the word. It’s the most satisfying episode of Wanda Vision. First of all spoiler warning for Wanda Vision. This week was a deficit forecast total episode for some spoilers for Wanda Vision. We’re gonna get right into it because you’ve been warned about the boys all those answers for I’d like a little more answers doesn’t ring a sitcom world because we got those not in a trickle all at once shows like here’s the episode folks here’s all of its 2 starts out after everyone comes back from the snap. The blip you know the phantoms thing everyone got snapped away so when they came back so we can see that we saw after they came back. They all threw down and fought but this shows when people reform what happened starts out with Monica Rambeau who is the little girl from captain Marvel because you don’t just make an extraterrestrial superhero friend.


When you were a kid and not you know kind of get into it all when you grow up Elliott from ET did not have a normal life. when you grow up you know his career path. He got into some crazy stuff I promise probably smoking a lot of pot in a trailer trying to tell everybody out there on his little podcast that aliens are real was on Joe Rogan. That’s a fact so now she’s come back to work she works for swords sword. We’ve seen glimpses in logos throughout Wanda Vision. It’s I do get asked though like were that I suppose these are also answers will get going forward but in reality, it’s a production thing. They were like all right we’re gonna do Avengers which shield and you know we’ll start out there and we’ll expand it as it goes there were a lot of situations were sort of would have been pretty helpful. They just kind of weren’t there possible for the sake of the MCU world sort got a lot more funding after the shield was compromised by hydro so but now we have soared.

Monica Rambeau another ager like they’re supposed to be a town here and there’s not so they need to find out why they can’t find the town of Storybrooke and for a while and Wanda Vision was like what does this remind me of this town that’s hidden and no one knows is a town there because there’s not a town there to them. But there’s a town there with its story broke from once upon a time before I think of anyway maybe scarlet witch should have done that when she blasted Monica out of the reality should be like home and it comes with a price Danny so sort brings in a crew of different specialists including kat Dennings and we haven’t seen in a while. I’m glad she’s still part of it just got to feel part of the MCU like you see that sometimes the MC was like that was a supporting character.


We’ve moved on now it kind of cracked me up it should start seeing broad catches as I need to TV as in an old one not flat easier way to do that be like a room full of fellow nerds which one of you is a retro gamer. Well, that’s a lot of hands it’s a lot of CRT center definitely a very well right now. I’m just saying man we nerds we love the sea are tasteless. It wasn’t for me that was really satisfying not just because of the answers I got not just because of the connections you see going back you know what it was like warm to what’s happening who’s doing this do you want to we now see what happened. What people outside of the town reality bubble what they were doing to try to connect with her and find out what was happening but I found a satisfying for that reason they were asking the same questions like wait there’s a stick.

The characters outside the fake one division reality and the reality have the same questions as I do as a person outside the reality within the reality misery loves company. But it’s not just misery just everything loves company misery loves company confusion loves company happiness loves company with everything loves company every emotional state so yeah satisfying to say but I think I actually loved most is seeing the characters watch Wanda Vision in the same way. We’re watching walking division. it forms some connection between that and the concept of higher dimensional beings watching us you know if they’re watching us it probably does feel like a sick on the back and then I saw the connection between something. I kind of think about it gonna be a bit of attention anyway attention from one division but it still is how I process this episode.

Ghosts Black:

I guess it’s relevant if it’s me talking about this episode which I think is probably what demons ghosts black masses all these things that the stories that we have, if they’re real and not just psychological plays not just something made up in people’s minds, don’t believe in demons are ghosts. But it probably would be some higher-dimensional beings trying to interact with our third dimension but they can’t you wouldn’t see them as they are we would see them as weak hands per our third-dimensional reality collector 2-dimensional beings. We try to interact with them and we put our finger into their realm. it’s a 2-dimensional thing so they’re not going to see a finger that just going to see a line that forms in front of them and then goes away because I can’t see the 3-dimensional object on a 2-dimensional plane. They can only see 2 dimensions of these 3-dimensional objects in a world of you know hauntings that aren’t just cricket.

He pipes in old houses you know black masses that growing corners. If they’re real they probably are that these higher dimensional beings trying to interact with us but it’s just hard for them to do that’s if that’s what that is but I lend more credence to VAT possibility of and you know ghosts and ghouls and goblins and then in the end, if they’re watching us it probably is a lot like the agents of sword watching this Wanda Vision that calm. I just got a kick out of that Right and I like the fact that that connection hit me seems like a stretch for this episode of Wanda Vision to make me think of that big of a leap but the someone who does talk movies this is something. I think about when I’m not talking movies so it’s always enjoyable when something that is entertainment that I make videos on kind of forms a connection for even if it might not have been intentional.


It’s just I enjoyed what happened to the beekeeper Gardasil hazmat suit turned into a beekeeper outfit and the rope that he was attached to turn into a jump rope because when things go into this Wanda Vision world there now accurate to the time. So that’s what the beekeeper was but as much as she’s like not but you know rewinds the broadcast you goes back is like nope. We’re going to go ahead and splice it ended now that didn’t happen but I’ve been to the beekeeper guy is he now outside the world because when they’re watching one division looking at it they’re aware that these splices, in reality, happened just disappear hope is all right and in the end.

We get the answer after Monica was blasted out she’s like I quite literally turned to the camera says it’s Wanda it’s all want us. The insinuation is one that is doing this she’s doing this probably because she wants to hang out with her dead boyfriend should reality out there sucks for her it does deal with cosmic microwave background radiation. Which is the echo of the Big Bang and they’re detecting the same energy signature in this one division reality. so if I’m hearing it right she’s using the same energy that created our universe to create her one division reality so it’s not just an illusion it is literally a little bubble reality she’s created to reality on top or inside of another reality. Its manifesto you know that there is still out there it’s Peter Fonda I don’t know as much as we’ve been told it’s one that’s all Wanda we saw a few episodes left in the words of the great Kane faith promises more twists before this drama unfolds completely, in the end, this episode one division.


I really dug it just for the execution of people watching reality and just that makes me think about our reality here that wasn’t the MCU’s intention. But that’s what I liked about it maybe it was an I don’t give the MCU enough credit. I don’t know I will say if next week we just go back to the one division world. We’re just living sick calm life again that’s going to feel like a backslide. I hope they balance it out don’t know but this episode was some solid payout for a dog. I saw one division episode 4 have you seen it what did you think about it.

Requiem For A Dream (2000) – Movie Review

Requiem For A Dream (2000) – Movie Review

Requiem for a dream movie that cracks your soul to the core. I feel like a lot of people’s experiences with a requiem for a dream are akin to mine. This is my experience and it’s the experience I generally get from people as they watch it and after they watch it they’re just like that was great. Never gonna watch it again but that was great which I kind of blame the guy who pitched it to us. You know it’s like going back in time we were all 19 years old my friends and I were all hanging out and then my friend’s roommate at the time was like you guys seen requiem for a dream-like he was the RC one. He was like you’re going to see this movie requiem for a dream and Ellen Burstyn you have to say it sort of goes should use really talk of is up. Let’s go rent it from blockbuster so we did we got a bunch of junk food and laid it out on the table.


We’re talking a lot of junk food too we lost 10 years off of our lives from the movie. The junk food the point is though he didn’t really prep the room it should have been like are you guys ready to change as humans which is why I prep you in that way maybe I’m over talking it maybe I’m overhyping it but I’d rather have you over prep than under prepped like I do have Gerald Leno Jennifer Connelly Marlon Wayans all giving great performances. They all live in this world of heroin will be using it dealing with it or addiction. This is a dry spell of product that happens and things get really real for them also Ellen Burstyn plays Jared Leto’s mom who gets hooked on prescription meds so she’s on uppers there on downers and it does not even out. It doesn’t feel like equilibrium it just feels like total soul fuckery that’s like you know the premise on the surface. I’m sure people have done deep dives of requiem for a dream.

You do have there a lot of you 2 videos out there in a world where I generally talk about how the movie feels you’re just gonna get my perception of it. But that’s what I like about Darren Aronofsky films you can showroom of 10 people. The same Darren Aronofsky film and they’re gonna all have a very unique take away from it requiem for a dream is no different the simple matter that you’re dealing with 2 different age groups that really works for this one because I mean when I first saw the movie I process the movie a certain way as I got a little older a sonic and processed it differently and now process it completely differently. Because that first I was just kind of more paying attention to Jared Letto and Marlon Wayans, Jennifer Connelly. You know the young crew not taking anything away from Ellen Burstyn from the get-go always been a powerhouse performance and you always know that no matter what age you are when you watch this movie. it’s her character that I’m more attached to the older I get so every time you watch this movie you just take something else away from it not every movie does that in fact very few do it’s what makes requiem for a dream endless anti mostly hunting all right I’ll cut the 4 play I’ve teased enough Ellen Burstyn in this movie.


This performance man I’ll say this very conscious effort in noticing this last time. I watched the movie which was yesterday at the time I upload this day before yesterday when anyone’s nominated for an Oscar. They get an Oscar you watch the movie and you’re like oh that’s the Oscar clip has to be or maybe you see a performance for someone’s really amazing. They might get nominated and it’s fun to be like what’s the Oscar clip what are they gonna play during the Oscars all up that’s the Oscar clip. I can’t pick in here every clip every scene every monologue with her every dialogue with her there are so many clips for you like any of these can be Oscar clips she should have gotten the Oscar for Best Actress that year. She was nominated she lost to Julia Roberts for Erin Brockovich no disrespect to Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich but I think it’s safely in the realm of possibility, in reality, to say Ellen Burstyn not winning the Oscar that year was the thing that made me cease to take the Oscars seriously at all probably help from the fact that it is a hard hit and it is a very tragic downward spiral you just see her circling the drain.

The entire movie does get closer and closer and closer like yep we’re here now the entire movie her entire performance is just amazing also I love the camera working here. There’s a very unique stylistic way that this movie’s pulled off in films it feels very creatively in the only way I can put it on someone’s making an indie film they don’t have the huge budgets of like what we have to fill it to look interesting. I just like the fact that there are some directors that thrive on a lower budget Darren Aronofsky. He’s just one of them whether it be that tracking shot was Ellen Burstyn’s just cleaning the entire room but it sped up at the camera is moving so slow your like they must’ve filmed her for hours this camera was barely moving then it sped up really fast. She’s like lightning just going through the house cleaning it up but the point is it’s a creative technique and it’s a simple way to give you all the information you need without wasting your time also that what I call the requiem for a dream camera shot.

Backgrounds Moving:

They’re walking and the backgrounds moving but they’re not I’m not saying requiem for a dream was the first movie to use that camera technique. But I do know is after requiem for a dream a lot more movies started using that camera technique. It’s just a hauntingly effective way to keep the camera on someone’s face and it gives you that sense of almost an out of body experience and I’ve seen directors using their movies and you can tell it’s like we’re not going to work it’s just called. I wanted to do it which I totally get and we’re not getting out here without talking about the Clint Mansell score. I just found out the vital exist that up immediately that score meant it’s a musical score that is in fact so epic and so good so long thing lord of the rings 2 towers used it for the trailer. It shows the power in music you know shows the power in a musical score because the music is every bit as haunting as the movie but it’s a chicken and the egg scenario is the music content because the movie is the movie more haunting because the music is the symbiotic relationship between film and musical score.

It just works perfectly in requiem for a dream actually the biggest bomber of requiem for a dream. This fact that my mom’s probably gonna watch it now like there are movies. I’ve talked about it for a couple of decades at this point requiem for a dream. Those are 2 of them and she’s always like all I need to watch that movie you know after the gentleman came out. I was like oh yeah guy Ritchie and snatches like I still need to see sounds weird semi-mom saying that but it’s what you say right now. She’s probably finally going to watch requiem for a dream and mom if you’re gonna watch requiem for a dream now. I know you are because you’re a supportive mom you gotta remember the words of the great Illidan. This movie different from the person you’re gonna be a different human. When you walk out of it than the person you were when you went into it I’m not watching it with you sorry everyone has to look at it or I can watch it with you Intel chief David comes on the screen than on balance and I’m out nope Keith David is amazing in this movie to amazingly creepy.

Charismatic Creep:

Because he’s a charismatic creep anyone in that room would be able to read the room read the vibe that she’s giving off and just put a stop to it. This is a wrecked wavered dream no one comes out of this story on skates you know the best part about key David being in this movie. If you’re a fan of editing you can make those spawned by a large Mortal Kombat 11 a lot more interesting. But instead of lightening the mood already knows one of those videos after upload it. I’m gonna think of more things I would have wanted to say that I’m just not thinking of now and next year I can probably do a video on requiem for a dream. it would largely be a different video watch it yearly at this point because why not everyone who watches movies. I’ll never watch again but trust me you the gap between when I first saw it and I saw it the second time was much larger than now. it’s just like you know the jacket smaller and smaller until you watch it annually I just kind of going to Darren Aronofsky Bender and that’s that is my recharge for the year but I’ve no doubt next time.

I’ll notice something else and that’ll just hit me and I’ll process it differently than I did the last time and that’s what makes requiem for a dream a very unique experience for me but what I’ll say is I love what this movie does in terms of breaking down the perceptions of addiction and addicts for people in people like putting things and other people inboxes. You see it all the time so it’s easy to be like oh that’s addiction those are addicts that’s their world over there is my world over here and never. The Twain shall meet but that’s false security that’s a false sense of reality or requiem for a dream shows is those 2 worlds are not so separated not as separated as you might like to think they’re really hammering that home with Ellen Burstyn’s character you know but it does show you that downward spiral. You see her going through it can really happen to anybody something as simple as the very understandable wants to just go back to a time where you might have felt better about yourself can lead you down the road to very real and personal health and that’s how we’re diction happens now with several okay.

I want to be an attic today just sounds fun it always starts out a different way and it always leads you to a bad place maybe weight loss pills. He’s wanted to lose that weight maybe you had surgery and hate here’s a prescription for the bike it is a very common thing it’s a very common story of addiction and that can happen to anybody and it’s a very uncomfortable reality to deal with but it is the reality it is particularly crushing at this point. She’s on this train and because you know her story you know her intention of the context you know what she’s trying to tell people on this train but also you see it from their perception and she is just jacked up wired up she looks like a mess. She’s swatting them if you think about anyone you may have seen as a tweaker that you passed on the sidewalk or been in a subway car with it makes a really ponder the story of how they got there and it makes you grasp the tragedy of it.

It brings humanity to addicts and an understanding of addiction that’s largely lacking any and requiem for a dream. It’s a very unique cinematic experience it’s probably it’s not for everybody. I get that but if you can get there if you can take 3 deep breaths and make that dive and watch it. You’ll take something away from it’s like most of the movies. I talk about on here it’s movies you know we’re here to enjoy ourselves have fun very few times will I say this movie is necessary viewing but requiem for a dream is one of the times I’m gonna use that card and say this isn’t necessary viewing at least once and are now saying my audience needs to have they’re sold just fractured it in some form from a movie yeah absolutely but I will say this Requiem for a dream is easier viewing then the news.

I got no jokes that are just that just is thank you to a dark place what is the place you got to see at least once yeah but I can’t deny that talent the impact it had on me the artistry of it and every time I watch it I take something else away I noticed something different. I suppose more accurately put I process the movie differently. I internalize it differently and that gives me a different perspective literally like watching a new movie. Watching the movie for the first time all over again great acting from everyone’s powerhouse acting from Ellen Burstyn the musical score is hauntingly epic and the requiem for a dream is awesome. You did it folks you made it. I’m so glad summer you’re gonna watch requiem for a dream don’t blame me first a requiem for a dream have you seen it what did you think about it.

WandaVision – Episodes 1 and 2 (Review & Thoughts)

WandaVision – Episodes 1 and 2 (Review & Thoughts)

The first 2 episodes of Wanda vision because that’s just how I talk about TV shows I guess for the running for the first 2 episodes of Wanda vision. Wanda vision is a new series on Disney plus stars wanted vision the title would entail it is executed like a mid-century sitcom What we have to go on and I feel like that’s how I have to judge because that’s all the show gives me you know like I mean we know some bullshit going on. We know some fuckery is going on because the MCU isn’t a mid-century. We don’t know why it’s bullshit you like or do you see in a good place is she in some sort of snap purgatory is an issue in that episode of Batman. The animated series The Batman figured out because all the words in books were all scrambled around you don’t know if she knows it or not I know that she can manipulate reality is but nothing in the MCU’s ever shown me. She could do that so maybe this is the start of that you know comic books and their comic book adaptations on screen.

Comic Books:

They’re different you know like as she’s magneto’s daughter in the comic books which could be now that they have the X men. Which would actually be really awkward because Quiksilver Sir brother quicksilver is also magneto son but the quicksilver that’s magneto son is not the same quicksilver that’s her brother you just any house beside the point. But you know something’s up you already know that because you’re already very familiar with the MCU. Which is kind of working against Wanda’s vision. Because it’s relying on your attachment to the MCU to keep you intrigued. I know that because if you’re judging it based on these 2 episodes for judging the show based on just the 2 episodes it’s not that intriguing actually not that clever is sick on either I know it’s bullshit that comes like a parody of a second. But it’s not executed that way it’s executed lake a couple of episodes of the sitcom cheers episode one of Wanda vision.

it’s Wanda and vision’s anniversary wanders planned a very romantic dinner with vision things. He’s supposed to bring his boss and his boss’s wife over. They’re going to have a couples dinner wind is very I’m prepared for that so she has to prepare a meal in the kitchen without them figuring out that she wasn’t prepared all right and then the here’s episode do vision eats a stick of gum which comes up his inside so we act so weird and loopy and drunk the entire time but while he is weird to be drunk and literally gummed up on the inside. They have to perform a magic trick in front of the town so should never give them like that’s what it is that’s all. when the show doesn’t give you enough of that intrigue to really hook you and keep you going for the rest of the show at least in the first 2 weapons are only give you a couple of glimpses at the end of the first episode like it zooms out.

Wanda’s vision on TV:

There’s a TV work it’s like the doctor claw V was just an arm with the remote and someone’s watching Wanda’s vision on TV looks like the super evil lair colors like the back had to be on his way. The arm of one of the Turks from final fantasy 7 is watching one division on TV like okay that’s where it was just one thing in the first episode was at the very end you just one quick glimpse in the second episode. you know on the radio you hear some voice computer core wonder who’s during the streak and so that’s what you have also some beekeeper look into crawls out of the sewer and time goes backward and then it’s like it didn’t happen. But these are very quick glimpses of things that’s all you have the other 58 minutes of these 2 episodes put together because each episode is half an hour long. It’s not that funny is not that interesting just much rather prefer the intrigue being built up by interesting character interactions interesting tension that’s building is just not if it really happens on the first 2 episodes of Wanda vision anyway.

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This is where I do understand why shows released episodes a week to week still in a world. Where some shows just released everything at once because it keeps the internet talking. If you look at Mandalorian people were talking about man to Laurie and week to week chatter lasts a week and then the next week rolls around there’s another episode, not chatter last week so you get a lot more online chatter about your show YouTube videos go up it feeds the machine. They get more out of it that way. I totally get it where you look at the Netflix formula cobra kai people talk about it for a week or 2 and then it’s done but I really think Wanda vision would benefit by releasing all the episodes at once. it’s like Wanda’s vision was filmed and executed as a show where all the episodes will go up at once to these first 2 episodes that were just a subpar sitcom that is fine because you could binge the whole thing so by the end of the day.

Wanda vision Mystery:

you have your answers in the intrigue builds throughout so an hour of sitcoms that’s it works and here I am in my head going okay is the whole MC you being a part of it working for it or against it. I mean if you show the control group these 2 episodes of Wanda vision. what do you think most people be like why do I care about the show where the characters are not interesting interactions in there and is an intriguing drama mystery Twilight Zone thing that is executed like a sitcom. it’s not that interesting but with the MCU backing, it is easy to be like. you know I’ll give it a chance we’ll see where it goes. it’s not that I’m not intrigued as to what’s going on I am but I am because I know the MCU and I know this world isn’t what the MC windows so obviously something’s here but that’s my knowledge of the MCU making.

The show intriguing not the execution of the show itself I really think this set up which is the first 2 episodes just dragged on at first. it was kinda cool clever and different but then I’m like okay. Let’s get on to actually getting to the interesting part of this weird Twilight Zone world but we never got there was just some great be sick common. I was sick all right under the third episode next week I guess. I feel like a grumpy deck I don’t like being a grumpy deck on the go head to speed this up to get to the end of the Wanda vision the first 2 episodes have you seen.

Godzilla vs. Kong – Official Trailer (My Review)

Godzilla vs. Kong – Official Trailer (My Review)

We’ve all been waiting for that is a big-budget blockbuster movie-going experience theatrically released. We’ll take anything at this point turns out the trailer for Godzilla versus Kong of battle royale make the 2020 election looks like a game of cake that’s also coming to HBO. I’m glad there was a compromise there is really like some movies you got to see on this grand scale so I’m glad it’s coming to theaters and also HBO Max for people who like I don’t know theaters in my state I don’t even know of are there any at all national. I don’t know it’s like you notice the things of King Kong but you know it’s different they’re changing it up because it is a different telling of the story of Kong brazen shackles is being brought over on the boat not to necessarily make money on Broadway and now Godzilla is freaking out for some odd reason like Godzilla is just kind of flipped and turned into a villain.


We don’t know why there’s something happening in there I’m sure someone of the conversation of like Hey you guys saw Pacific Rim we can build a big robot in fact we can make it look like Godzilla will call a mecha Godzilla will fight Godzilla this is way too expensive fine. I know a guy will bring over it which case comes like a lonely talk to the kid com seems to be like I don’t like people but the kids all right it looks like comes I got right the fact that the kid asking Godzilla wrecked my boat or I’ll punch him in the face. You got till it’s a fight that’s happened for onscreen. it’ll happen again on screens for the spices just system navigable I will say Godzilla has better-ranged attacks so hopefully for Kong doesn’t fight Godzilla online otherwise got delicious gonna zone in the entire time like a big do you know what I’m talking about. I mean you know we can count on another city to destroy it because it’s kind of what happens cities and fall to the clash of these Titans and it’s like they’re like hey look at this place are nice all right.

My Concern:

This place up for good measure believing to the fan some floors acts thing from Avengers infinity war so what I thought of any way I don’t know why I did differences Kong went for the head my concern with this movie. The whole thing is really the human element thing that’s a reasonable concern because it’s a Balancing act you know it’s a balance that this movie has to reach in using humans to take the audience through it. But also not having these humans who are definitely not as interesting as monsters clashing overshadowing. The monsters and detracting from that experience so I hope they strike the balance you know because in a world where Godzilla is freaking out it’s gonna be this whole human investigation of like all-wheel why is Godzilla freaking out he was so nice before is he experiencing Godzilla upon far he’s just thermal waving people for no reason apparently.

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I thought the trailer for Godzilla versus Kong solid trailer you see Godzilla wait for it fighting Kong. For doesn’t hurt that it’s just it’s that trailer that’s the blockbuster feeling of a theatrically released film. The lot of us probably won’t be able to see it the actor cliff maybe well maybe I will I don’t know what the future is not written but it gives you that feel in a trailer that I haven’t experienced in a very long time. It’s a feeling I missed so I’m glad even if the movie gets delayed until 2028 or whatever glad I got that feeling with this trailer also sees using Optimus prime’s words. All right so the trailer for Godzilla versus Kong have you seen it why did you think about it.

Stephen King’s SILVER BULLET – Movie Review

Stephen King’s SILVER BULLET – Movie Review

Let’s talk about the wheels the wearable Stephen king’s silver ball it’s a silver bullet that came out in 1985. It’s a werewolf movie it’s a mystery movie. It’s a mystery movie about who’s the werewolf and it’s very Stephen King also a movie that scared the living hell out of me. This movie before I saw the job as I was a little kid and it was a movie I was like okay I’m sleeping under my covers from all that like you know help people sleep under the covers. The covers are a magical force field that keeps the werewolf away and I sleep with my head under it and now I got to choose because oxygen depletion is a thing is your breathing under the covers. So do I want to poke my head out and take a breath and take a chance for them to come face to face with the werewolf or do I just keep my head underneath so I would do I think we just make a Hollywood for a solid month after watching silver bullet scared me to death for the characters in this movie?


The one I love Terry BUC as the uncle is the alcoholic self-destructive yet cool to his nephew and niece’s uncle. I mean there’s an arc with him at a point he stopped drinking is like his nephew going Hey there’s a werewolf out there and you’re like all right. We’ll help you out I guess if I kind of believe you which I do kind of believe you it causes him to stop drinking and being so self-destructive but it’s you gotta pay attention to it’s not like anyone. You’re suffering really produce a solid arc with him but he’s also amazing. I was the cool uncle he just feels like the kind of vocal you want to have his own. He’s really calling for his paraplegic nephew hill building this rocket wheelchair that’s completely not within code will probably get the kid killed.
It is so easy to see Gary Busey is just the crazy guys like all it’s crazy Gary Busey but the dude has a catalog of performances in roles in movies where he’s a really good actor. I thought he crushes it as the uncle and silver bullet also. The late Corey came in his youth he’s a paraplegic can’t you start to be like wait a minute. I think there’s a walkable from those down so he is the star of the show as true Stephen King small town. In that Stephen King way, this movie really does concentrate on the small-town drama and Hey there’s this supernatural element that’s rearing its head and none of the adults believe there’s a supernatural thing that’s why a kid in a Stephen King story. This is so important because the kids have the imagination to take that leap like most of the time in the real world.

They’re just kids being kids with imaginations and they’re ridiculous and that’s why we defer to the adult opinions but there have been enough Stephen King stories out there that show that in a Stephen King story. These kids are the ones who have the imagination enough to see the truth needful things a town full of idiot adults just fallen for any kid with a sniffed out Leland gaunt and Bryan rust did look where that got it but that’s the point kids have that superpower of perception. I was like Stephen King illustrates that and this was the movie that terrified me. This was in fact my job not only did I see this before side jobs but it was more likely that a werewolf was going to kill me than a shark-like jaw was intense but it never scared me as much as a silver bullet.

Movie Feeling:

This movie is very near and dear to my heart you’re getting a peek into my soul with this post When I would look into the deep dark blackness of the would that be like yet wearable territory but I still say it’s more likely that a werewolf would kill me in the northwest then a great white shark. I just that’s real to me I still want to look into the woods I get this uneasy feeling. It’s probably because of this movie silver bullet excels. When it is being jobs and that is one thing you don’t see the creature that’s when the silver bullet that is scary that’s when it’s at its most intense you know just has the POV camera that shaky camera makes it feel different than the rest of the movie. The snarling of the wire will really scary intense stuff. When you don’t see the wolf that it’s at its most intense couple of wearable transformation scenes really horrific imagery. I like those but in the end, when the movie starts getting brasher is like okay now you can see the wolf.

It’s just not a scare you’re like aw you just look like a guy in a fin Baron fit well that’s not scary seeing the shark in jaws never compromises. The feeling of the job seeing the world from silver bullet doesn’t compromise silver bullet but I really like revisiting silver bullet as I was watching silver bullet this time around it was like yeah this is something kids probably shouldn’t watch at least the kid in the late eighties. I’ve fundamentally changed forever plus my parents tried their best to get me not to watch things like this but whenever they were occupied. I knew I had the TV guide I enjoy it even watching this time around I rob was really hooked by and it’s the Stephen King town. The Stephen King execution of Gary Busey in Corey Hamm vat all works for me. When you don’t see the werewolf.

wearables movie:

This movie is actually a great wearables movie it just ends very abruptly you know I don’t know if the book ends this abruptly it probably does because it ends kind of like a book but a movie should kind of pad the ending to give the audience time to kind of decompress from the experience. You look at the book the Martian it ends pretty abruptly after mark Watney is rescued in the movie. It has a whole extra scene where he’s on earth and he’s giving a lecture just gives the audience more time to go we’re breathing would be compressing where all right now we can go back to the world. I think the silver bullet could be used to seem like that doesn’t have that subjectively to me. I love silver bullet for a first time watch if you’ve never seen it. It’s fun to be like who’s the work will I think silver ball it’s a good time no alcohol requires a silver bullet have you seen it what did you think about it.

Pixar’s SOUL – Movie Review

Pixar’s SOUL – Movie Review

This movie starts in there’s no Pixar short of the beginning that’s part of the experience I don’t see what anyway maybe they’ll put it later I just throw off the whole vibe. So the new Pixar film the biggest Pixar film you’ll see on the that’s just the way it’s going to be for a while. He wants to be a jazz musician he’s a middle school band teacher at the moment but he has this big opportunity in any dice which caught me off guard. I didn’t know what the movie was about this is 2020 is the year where I don’t have to see trailers because I don’t go to the movie theater so I’m like if I don’t have to watch trailers.


This is the year right just I have largely stayed out of trailers. I thought it was about a guy pal around with Casper turns out he does not a man full of that 1 way to go is he doesn’t want to go to great beyond. He’s not ready in the breaks through and goes to this other place which is great before I believe. They call it which is where souls start out and they get props to go to earth very LDS city meets up with the soul who’s the only soul smart enough to steer clear of earth. Don’t worry you can’t crush a soul here that’s what life on earth is far better than 22 knows. what’s up also that’s the best line in the movie shocks they show up at the trailer park trailer told that once all right now we have a journey of self-discovery in which 2 people are going to walk the spirits I suppose are going to help each other find out about each other in a story that goes straight to the Seoul. But I was a lot of set up for one video but there’s a lot to like about this movie. Every first of all Jamie Foxx plays the voice of Joe Tina fey plays 22 believe Tina fey plays 22.

It sucks when you get information wrong to the video if you like less permanent as they are now but they did well together. They worked as a parent I love the story of Joe because Joe is characters the one that asked the real question is the entire time. I was like yeah 20 to Tina fey’s character. I agree wholeheartedly moving on to Joe granted throughout the movie 22’s gonna get brainwashed into being convinced that she’s wrong. She was completely right avoiding risk 5 what a Downer this video I’m sorry I mean to be a downturn just saying that you can hang out in some cosmic wonderlands. You know given the choice of the 2 but I really gravitated towards the story of Joe you know he’s the guy who wants his shot hasn’t really gotten his shot hasn’t regretted it in life he wants to have that shot like there are a lot of mature themes in this movie other Pixar movies.


This is probably the most mature that’s not to say you know sex drugs and rock and roll or anything like that it’s not like that but in terms of the themes. It’s dealing with it’s just there seems that in my experience kids don’t really contemplate yet. I mean they will eventually when they’re no longer kids when they’re old enough to be adults who have possibly made the wrong decisions or at least made decisions in their life that are provoked them years after the fact to reflect on their lives and wonder. I make the right decisions that you have to be old enough to have made monumental decisions in your life enough to where you possibly have regrets that’s really. The demographic of the movie soul in which case is probably its greatest strength and maybe its biggest weakness more of a strength and a weakness for me because I connected with that you know because we all think about that stuff for a lot of takeaways.

I had this movie that made me think back to actually a conversation I had with my dad a couple of days ago restock of my dad’s really talented in music and electronics. He made electronics his career because that paid the bills when he had years married and had kids he was talking about how if you get was given the choice. He would have stuck with music more but if he had made his hobby his career what do you’ve gotten sick of it because at a point you kind of got burned out electronics music is still his passion to this day so would that be the case if he had made music his career I don’t know but this is the takeaways I had from Seoul. They’re actually pretty monumental form doesn’t intend to take away but it was for me such a matter is actually great terrible lesson monologue in here that really put that into perspective for everyone else but again it’s one of those things that I don’t think kids are really going to connect with it’s good to Have they have that lesson to reflect back on but for the sake of this movie.

Family Movies:

They’re probably gonna be like I really dig the part where the person and the cats are calling around and it’s a person cat buddy movie and Pixar’s always have teams that hit with adults and kids. You know the family movies in the sense that parents can take their kids to these movies and not want to leave it out there now like I’m here for the kids I hope you’re having fun no adults can log into really well. I really like that I took away something from this might be the Pixar movie where adults select all wow that’s perfect and stuff and kids alike I want to watch cartoons the deeper themes of this movie might go over their heads because they’re just not very yet. I also like the bars where deal with people in that Transtech Tino this state in-between states basically the people you think are hippie crazies and like whatever they’ve just figured it out this began to Disney Pixar movie.

They could not have Joe Rogan on any substances in here but if it wasn’t a Disney Pixar movie. He would have been I promise in the end I really dug soul I heard like you know everyone cries at the end of this movie I didn’t cry was what got hardened horrid human folks look at my face. I’m just here now but it was a really touching movie. I really dug it it’s a touching character film and a relevant human fell just in terms of the philosophies of life and how to live in how to see your life. Your talents your calling in life that’s an important thing in a world where the questions on such matters seem to grow exponentially the questions grow the answers are fewer and what to do this is a movie that attempts to give you a good philosophy to look at and I was entertained you know if I can have both that’s ideal but it’s another win for Pixar. you probably already have all right so soul have you seen it what do you think about it whatever you thought.