The important question should we buy an arcade game

The important question should we buy an arcade game

There’s an age-old question that we all ask ourselves at one time in our young adult life probably the most important question ever asked should we buy an arcade game. We’ve all thought at 1 or another man with 2021 trying to shake off the slimy muck that was 2020. It’s time to revisit that idea you might think it’s crazy at first to invest in such a clunky block of retro gaming but what are the pros and cons of such a purchase that could bring you true childlike happiness or will it send you down a dark pit of despair as you get stuck on a level. You’ll never be able to pass well let’s discuss right now. Look I’m not going to lie to you the world is an incredibly advanced place technologically speaking I mean I can speak into my watch that connects to my Amazon account and within a day or a drone can drop off a package on my front doorstep all because I don’t want to put on pants and go brave the apocalyptic outside world.


It’s kind of insane when you think about it that technological advancement has definitely carried over to gaming in recent years probably one of the only good things to come out of 2020 was the release of both the PS 5 and the Xbox series X both of which are incredible looking and wield a truly impressive amount of processing power nifty new features. I heard there is a limited edition PS 5 that’ll actually do your taxes for you and make you breakfast in bed every morning but even though these new gaming systems offers some of the most stunning graphics ever seen and immerse you in storytelling that’s so realistic it sometimes feels like you’re watching a live-action movie rather than playing a video game.

Who has time for all that like excuse me for a second while I go check all my local retailers to see if any of the new consoles are available at the moment before spam bots flood? The system and by the mall and even if I could get through you’re telling me I have to find time to sit down and play a 400 plus our game not counting the installation time and then try to work in playing that on a daily basis schedule’s pretty packed. I have to do things like check my fridge constantly to see if new food magically appeared I have to spend an hour looking out my window to make sure the neighbors don’t steal my lawn gnomes and I have to rewatch. The office for the seventeenth time it’s a busy life so forget all those fancy gaming consoles who need them right think about buying a classic arcade game instead yeah you know the ones remember.


When we could go out to eat at places and you’d go to a pizza joint or bar to eat and while you wait you see that classic Pac man sitting in the corner and look at that you have yourself. The next recorder in your pocket so you play it remember that rush of excitement you felt that thrill of the chase as his scarf down fruits and avoid spooky ghosts well what if you could have that feeling all the time 2021 doesn’t look like it’s going to magically fix every bad thing in 2020 which means going out and socializing might still not be a thing so why not bring some of that entertainment right into your own home by buying a classic arcade game. Look I know what you’re gonna say arcade games aren’t that exciting in the long run why would I want to play Frogger. When I can play assassin’s creed Valhalla well that’s fair for those individuals who have the time and commitment to play console games.

You should stick with those but those aren’t for everybody some people just like to place an easy as games on their phones and call it a day an arcade game would be perfect for those people you’ll save your phone battery life plus give you a bit of a bigger screen to work off of and don’t you say some of those old arcade games aren’t hard enough. They’re extremely difficult especially as you rack up more and more points trying to beat your high score sure the controls for the old arcade games aren’t super fancy usually. They’re just a joystick with like 2 buttons but the amount of concentration that those games take is just plain crazy there’s no pause button no wait until your last move no save options no you just stand there and devote the time with your precious few lives than when you lose.

video games:

In the beginning, some say video games are mindless but I think arcade games will keep you focused help you hone your hand-eye coordination, and keep you cool under pressure all things that will help you in your future plus having an arcade game will immediately make you the most popular guy in the neighborhood. it’s such a novelty item that people want to come over and play when you hang out with them Hey maybe you can charge them all according to start the game and slowly start making back your investment. I should probably talk about the cost Austin is going to be a big factor here because these arcade games aren’t cheap any of the classical ones will probably cost you close to a minimum of $3000 and that’s not a small amount that’s a good chunk of change. It’s not something you can splurge on one Saturday afternoon plus you have to take into consideration that these machines won’t last forever if it breaks down and you need a spare part for it.


It’ll probably cost you another arm and a leg to get it fixed as you could easily see but Gillian Ayres having a game room back to the arcade games but for the everyday people who need to do things like I don’t know pay for food and rent yeah that cost isn’t going to be an easy one to swing so my advice if you do want an arcade game and are like many people who just don’t have $3000 burning a hole in your pocket search out old bars and restaurants that are closing. We try to buy their game off them for a deeply discounted price cost isn’t the only reason why you shouldn’t get an arcade gaming machine in 2021. You also have to think about the space it takes up arcade games are big and clunky. They’re perfectly suited for bars in general arcades but you try to squeeze in one of those into your living room not only will it take up a lot of space. It’s not like arcade games match whatever style you have for your living room unless of course, you have one of the retro gaming vibes to your apartment or house.

Classic Arcade Game:

But who has that nowadays and even though you may like the look and feel of an arcade game in your home isn’t that a little too old school. I was saying before we live in a technologically advanced age you could play almost any of the classic arcade games on your phone for free or even buy a much cheaper console that specifically has every single classic arcade game on it with those options available. it becomes a question of are you buying the arcade game to play or just because you like the visual aesthetic of an old school machine. if he absolutely just wants to play the game there might be better options for you out there overall. It sounds like there are a lot of good and bad reasons to buy an arcade game machine in 2021 it might be a ton of fun but also set you back quite a bit of money for something that’s not alternately worth it.

They were only like a few 0 Bucks instead of 3000 would that make the decision any easier right now for me. It’s the cost that’s really holding me up but that might not be the same for you. you might have a passionate love for arcade games and see the value of dropping whatever amount of cash to add to your collection or to spice things up at home. It’s 2021 now I’m not gonna judge you either way. If arcade games make you happy then absolutely. you should save up and buy 1 we’ve had a tough year instead of being hesitant about what we love we should treat ourselves a little bit don’t you think I think we deserve it.

Why Nintendo Doesn’t Care About the Power

Why Nintendo Doesn’t Care About the Power

With slogans like now you’re playing with power now you’re playing with superpower and portable power Nintendo’s machines have historically been less powerful. Then many of its competitors from the genesis to the series X and PS 5 Nintendo’s internal can hardly compare but like basketballs little man Mugsy Bogues. It’s found ways to succeed in spite of its lack of power or perhaps because of its EG as it can squeeze in the market where the others can’t and dominate in their own style of play. Even though their magazine is called Nintendo power.

Physical Power:

Its actual physical power is not why people buy it the legions of Nintendo nation ours by its consoles because of an overall experience and the company seems to be happy with that it’s cornered a market that is profitable as its clients don’t switch consoles for a teraflop. The twin towers of power have their OP thing it’s gritty games and top-shelf graphics and Nintendo has its family-friendly content more games. you don’t have to spend 20 hours learning the controls and doesn’t frighten users away with aggressive fear-based marketing.

The sense that it doesn’t make you feel as though you need to get one to get with the times to use early 90 Saturday Night Live characters to illustrate. Some of us are like Wayne from Wayne’s world and want what we can’t have the way he wanted that white Fender Stratocaster is PS 5 and some of us are more like cars and we live by his life philosophy and Nintendo’s future. When you buy one you don’t feel as though you just got something that will be relevant and not very long but that you are a part of something that’s timeless. As a company, Nintendo has a 31 year and running history their humble beginnings included manufacturing had food card games and evolve to video game consoles in 1977. They hit major league success with the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985 and had a cult following ever since for many of us Nintendo based memories are safe space a time where no 1 could hurt and we were in control in an out of control world.


I remember when I was a fighter and experienced my first major concussion the dream I had. When I was K out on the mat was of my brother and I and our childhood home in the basement playing super spike volleyball on any S thanks to its history Nintendo knows games and knows fun. Although the medium has changed and will continue to change people are people and people want to get together and have fun whether they’re playing Hawaiian style quickly racing Merrill cards having a Merrill party or cheating at cards and maybe even getting caught Nintendo was and is an instrumental part of that and that’s a reach beyond the light of raytracing graphics.

Sold Units:

In just 3 short years the switch has sold an estimated 60 5000000 units worldwide from 2017 to 2020. The PS 4 has done an estimated 113.5000007 years and the Xbox 1 an estimated 60 5000000 in that same time frame so yes Nintendo is doing the big numbers and staying relevant commercially as well as artistically with cultural phenoms like the legend of Zelda breath of the wild and Super Mario Odyssey and critically acclaimed index like creature in the well and hotline Miami collection even though compared to the PS 4 and Xbox 1.

it has less ram less storage and it’s customized video tech rep processor is technically less capable than Sony and Microsoft’s customized AMD jaguar CPU if we’re talking next year the series X and PS 5 specs blow the switch out of the water but Nintendo fans our next level loyal thanks to all the happy memories. The video game company has been a part of their lives many of them spent playing with other people live and in the flesh and as the old saying goes about loyalty. you can’t buy it and you can’t pay enough for Nintendo banks on and that is intended was true power what do you think about Nintendo these days is that something you love or have you moved on to more pretty and green next Gen games let us know.

Why Games Consoles Are NOT Liquid Cooled

Why Games Consoles Are NOT Liquid Cooled

The 2 most rushed most anticipated most hyped pieces of machinery sold out like hotcakes and are facing some alleged overheating issues and there’s about a 90 percent chance of them working. I’m thinking of the PlayStation 5 liquid-cooled system seems like the perfect fix so why did Sony and Microsoft just do it. We’re going to go over 3 reasons why we think they did it cost statics and the risk of making the problem even worse. In the movie fight club, the narrator teaches us that if you take the number of units of a product in the field Hey and multiply it by the probable failure rate B then multiply the result by the average out of court settlement CNG does 8 times B times C well that equals X. if X is less than the cost of a recall.

Risk Analysts:

We don’t do one to parallel that the risk analysts at Sony and Microsoft must have calculated that the number of consoles in the field a multiplied by the projected low failure rate of being multiplied by the cost of returns C. We don’t think these overheating machines will cause so much damage they’ll have to settle out of court made a value of X. Which was inferior to the cost of installing a liquid cooling system in the PS 5 and series X and S in other words installing a liquid cooling system would cost more than the returns. They get from faulty overheating systems thanks fight club also keep in mind that the increased unit cost would be transferred to the consumer trumping up those already fairly high price tags.

The next-Gen consoles are big machines they don’t want to make them bigger like our blockbuster movie stars. We the people want our electronics leaner tighter stream is Bochy seems old dated slow on the healthy liquid-cooled system would be just that thank you thick Porky chunky. We want our machines to look the way we want to feel sleek sexy handling liquid coolers can grow and are probably noisier than Microsoft’s vapor chamber or Sony’s liquid metal system and are always happy get fit a fatty under the TV not comfortably anyway not no more Liquid cooling is not a foolproof system as pointed out by YouTuber Linus from Linus tech tips.

Read Also: Why Nintendo Doesn’t Care About the Power

Mechanical Point:

It’s their pumps that add an additional mechanical point of failure going to a liquid cooler you just be trading problems on top of making the machines more expensive. The console makers risk making the part that’s failing a more expensive one to fix. If you’ve already got a PS 5 wars series X and they overheat you could give them away to worthy families like YouTuber Phoenix resale this for you guys I hope they like it. The gaming community forcing Microsoft to tweet this you can go to Travis Scott or Michael B. Jordan’s house and ask them.

If you can play their machines I’m sure there’s never break or go to Daniel Kaluuya is house and play the Xbox series sex and hopefully, you don’t fall into the sunken place. When you’re there sink into the floor or you can do with the wise old owls do and wait patiently for the next wave of next Gen machines until then old games will have to do unless. You’ve heard of this old school more reliable console called the PC do you think the PS 5 in series X should be liquid-cooled and he released a horror story to tell us.

How Far Are We From Ready Player One Gaming

How Far Are We From Ready Player One Gaming

How far are we from ready player 1 gaming in some ways? It feels like we’re already there we’re going to look at gamers and the VR gaming tech of today and guesstimate how long it will take for us in the real world to get to 2040 fives oasis. Virtual boy was pretty laughable even in 95 but more recently virtual reality machines like the PSVR and oculus 1 and 2 have made even the heaviest of haters take. We are seriously omnidirectional treadmills are a present-day possibility and haptic controllers are a thing so the last piece of the puzzle is full-on haptic bodysuits as the graphics in VR games are improving by leaps and bounds other things like oasis is pay to play is already a reality in so many games. Which tease us with extra in-game cash skins characters vehicles and straight up what is that why can’t I stop thinking about it I needed now stuff I’m the 1 who does in order.

Beautiful Alternative:

Some of us already need games like we need air as they can be a beautiful alternative from real life. It started with arcades they were the gateway then home consoles then reality TV. This is real life this final part is single disk around them better home consoles and then the real hard stuff VER. we’re still chasing the dragon with immersive interactive entertainment sci-fi has put its finger on it now all the tech has to do is catch up. Ready player 1 takes place a quarter of a century from now. I don’t know about you but after 2020 I’m just about ready to believe anything as far as the gaming tech goes we probably won’t even need that long to catch up to James Halliday’s future 2033 seems more reasonable as we went from PlayStation 1 to 5 in only 26 years.

So let’s have that number as 13 years from now feels like more than just a lucky guess the fully operational haptic suit should be out by then and by that time. You the viewer might have sent teams of your own living in your house read this post again on your kids is twelfth birthday or so and see if we had the gamer right we already have massive sandbox games where we can do almost anything like GTA 5 games that go on forever and ever like No man’s sky and instead of playing with action figures. You could have immersive virtual superhero experiences in games like Batman VR.

Major Technological:

It’s only a matter of time before we use games to physically act out our deeper needs. As we turn another major technological corner as a species we have to ask. The childhood I think I remember goes like this there was happiness joy of farm maybe loving parents who curiously look like Superman’s adoptive parent’s imagination quite ice cream. I didn’t need video games if I wanted to be Superman all I had to do was pretend it all seems like paradise but maybe it wasn’t all good in the hood maybe there was more darkness than I remember less fun less joy there might not have even been a farm.

if only there was a place I could escape a room where I could go to be anyone the star. The 100 percent center of attention all the time forever sounds like paradise. I want to remember haven’t even known even better underway sis reality bites sometimes but video games can never really hurt us okay maybe a little. I thought but the real world will always need escaping from and like all video game players. We’re just looking for the next level of that What do you think about the future of VR is it a good thing for the human race will you let your kids play BR let us know.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales – Game Review

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales – Game Review

I like spiderman so it’s probably a smart move on their part but still spider man miles Morales is a new spider man game in the vein of the spider man game that came out for PS 4. The same world as that game and that game you saw the intro of miles Morales and now miles has his own game in which you play as hand one of the things. I will say right out the gate if you were a fan of the spider man game before you’re going to jump right into this kind of like riding a bike in terms of the punch an enemy swing kicking enemy. Those basic moves are the same so you can get right into it from there swing around the city have your scavenger hunt elements in here that’s the game goes to great lengths. Let you know that you were not playing as Peter Parker. This is a different person and they do it wonderfully right from the music that the music in this okay the soundtrack should have a vinyl release and when they do is going to be mine.


This soundtrack is what currently of the vinyl release that’s inevitably going to happen because the music sounds familiar. When you’re swinging around New York you’re like this is the spider man music but it has that hip-hop beat to it. It’s still epically mixed to give it that spider man flavor but also miles Morales also the way he moves is different. When you’re swinging around the city or something clumsy get stylish about it. He’s not just swinging he’s falling with style and I like the fact that he moves differently van Peter Parker would be so easy for them to realize well. We do have the swinging animations from the previous game we can just put miles were always close on there and the miles Morales spider man suit and look at that follow-up new spiderman. It would’ve been so easy to do is we’re gonna lazy but they didn’t do that they went out of their way to make you for like oh this is not Peter Parker this is miles Morales complete with a new movie set.

Because miles Morales spider man has different moves than Peter Parker spider man to turn invisible. You have venom strike really powerful things you can upgrade here those are on a couple of the stealth missions. I was like I could really go for some impact webbing. I’m just sad but that’s to the point if you master the previous spiderman games the new moves in here are like but you haven’t mastered these so you have things to learn here new moves as well as new outfits. Which what I’ve locked the spider verse outfit I use that for a solid portion of the game and I love the fact they have this mod that you give to suit that makes him move in the frame rate from the movie. I just that’s a good bit of fan service I just love that I also love that outfit re has the jacket in the hood that’s just a cool looking outfit but most importantly the character of Miles Morales. You’re playing as the family dynamic the supporting characters how are they’re the ones who are going to bring me into the game and make me really care about miles Morales.

PS 4 spider man:

When spider-man takes off miles is now new York’s only spider man for the next few weeks and he has to step up in some really big ways to save the day. I mean I love spider personally his intro in the PS 4 spider man spider-verse. I was like oh yeah I like the kid is cool but now I like spiderman. Spiderman I mean Peter Parker’s also spider man and that’s why miles is kind of the gold standard of how you introduce a new character to be a new hero with the same name as the old hero. They don’t replace each other don’t cancel each other out or anything but you welcome him with open arms because miles is awesome he’s a good kid he has a good heart just wants to do right he exhibits the qualities. What I like about Spiderman I got attached to him I got attached to his family I mean the whole scene with his dad in spider man PS 4 games.

They’re like that’s no moon I mean the family dynamic is an important element in the spider-man story to me anyway that’s the thing that hooked me when I was younger also. I like the villain I mean there are a couple of people who were doing less than altruistic things in New York at this time but the point is the main 1 it wants to focus on is you get were the villains coming from you understand you empathize you sympathize miles Morales does too, however. This is not the way to 1 of those billing dynamics real like I get why you’re doing what you gotta understand. what you’re doing in terms of the technical elements not gonna get too technical. I’m not a technician but being on PS 5. We got to talk about some of the flares that PS 5 has to offer with this game first of all the low times yes the prince is actively short and we know that because the previous spiderman games out fast travel you know you’d be on the subway. He’s on the subway just hanging out doesn’t even give you that animation it’s like you want to fast travel suite now you’re there as the previous spiderman games Eichel fast travels pretty relatively generally speaking unless it’s across the city.


You could probably swing there faster but if it’s just the next sector over that’s. When I found anyways how it seemed anyhow in this game fast travel is truly just faster also graphically you have 4K at 60 frames a second or 30 frames a second with ray tracing which is a way of saying details are better but 30 frames a second set of 60 first place. I played through with all the jazzy raytracing second playthrough was at 60 frames a second either which I can show you here because I don’t export my 50004 or 63 is affected but they both look great in their own ways to which 1 you want to do that’s completely up to you. 1 thing I know for certain is PC gamers are out there like they have to pick between the 2 that are precious.

The game is comparatively short for sure it is reflected slightly in the price and the fact that the game 4999 and is that a 5999. We’re going around just 50 Bucks instead of 60 Bucks now you’re gonna compare it. I don’t know if the previous spiderman games 20 percent longer than the miles Morales spider man game to 100 percent reflected in the price. I don’t think so I think the gap between the 2 is a little longer and that’s where you have to keep in mind they sent me the game for free this is part of the reason. I don’t like it you should for free in terms of review but I like getting things for free because it kind of feels cool. We’ll just keep in mind when I say like the game is still fine you know like what I dropped 50 Bucks on this game yeah it is $50 worth of funding for going around picking up all the stuff and that’s what I’m saying here is all the side quests go into the price for is what I’m usually buying a game I like the core story to feel like a full game.

Game Length:

We can have a bunch of side quests that really beef it up and really Pat it now to get your money’s worth out of this game in terms of length. You have to do all the side quests because of what I did new game plus you keep all your gear. So you’re just powered up ready to go you can go right to the core game you even have to do the side quests of him that man is knocked out. while the core game is pretty short but this game played in the pocket and gave me what I like which is a great story about a hero who doesn’t start out feeling like a hero after that you get attached to him it’s an inspiring story really is I wanted to go around and clean up all the crime not just because I wanted to feel like I played a complete game.

Because I wanted to be the hero that miles is I loved the spider verse but there’s something about the well-constructed game that will get me more attached to the main character just the way it is and this game is that I thought spider man miles Morales was a worthy successor spin-off whatever you wanna call. it was a worthy spider man game with a worthy spider man here that I’m happy to call spider man versus spider man miles Morales have you played it what did you think about it.

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate – Game Review

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate – Game Review

Mortal Kombat 11 has come to the PS 5 not a PS 4 version for the PS 5 but a PS 5 version of Mortal Kombat 11 called Mortal Kombat 11 ultimately just to cover my bases again. They sent me a download code for the game but then I realized that if you put in your PS 4 desk into your PS 5 you get a free PS 5 upgrade for the game and all your content at all transfers over not as a PS 4 version. But the PS 5 version in which case me getting mortal combat 11 ultimate for PS 5 was no longer a full-price game. So I went ahead and bought the DLC gave the code to my friends that go head again but in case I just need to tell you they gave me a code they did I hope my friends having fun with all right so bases covered.


We talk about Mortal Kombat 11 alternate which for PS 5. We’re gonna talk about some obvious things or to talk about better load times an easy way to see the fast load times. When you highlight the character in PS 4 version was like I like the character, okay taking a second. All right there you go there’s the skin that you have for the character despite the version much faster much more instantaneous to see the version of the character. You actually have also look times in the match is much faster much improved and the 4K resolution for me an easy way to see the higher resolution is in the dead pool stage fatality in the PS 4 version. The Deadpool fatality the steam coming off of the skeleton made it look really pixelated. it was like everything else around the skeleton was high def but the skeleton through the steam just info get bumped down the low rose or something. but the PS 5 doesn’t do that it’s much more detailed.

It was an easy way for me to see that I mean I export my videos in 1080 so I imagine this video is not doing it justice but trust me when you’re tired it’s noticeable. But then K 11 ultimate is ultimately a new DLC pack with 3 more characters. You don’t have a news story that comes along with it like Mortal Kombat aftermath. So you don’t get a circular story that ends up exactly where it started bleeding basically exactly. I mean if you’re buying the $60 MK 11 ultimate game and you haven’t bought any of the Mortal Kombat 11 DLC that came before it does come with all the DLC but if you’ve kept up on the Mortal Kombat DLC that has come out thus far the new content. You’re gonna be rocking is the addition of 3 new characters wind rain. Which I guess is a fan favorite of never gonna rain person personally you know those characters in fighting games are like people love.


I just don’t really play isn’t the big win for me is Malina. Malina is back also she’s going once again that when characters die in a mortal combat game no matter how bad will come back but I’m always impressed with the fact that she’d never played exactly the same as Mortal Kombat 9 ax 11. She does play differently combos are different though they have the same flavor to them 40. she’s vicious ferocious feral and brutal and I just love her to death with her character in the case of my host Mortal Kombat characters are always one fatality. I prefer to the other AS one fatality review turns into a spinning ball of size and burns through the person. I like the end post she does but that fatality as a whole doesn’t hold a candle to the one where she rips open the opponent’s abdomen reaches up through their abdomen.

The fingers come out the face she grips the face and she rips the face down through the guts and she’s holding the face and they die. There’s something to show men shipped there that one ‘s very creative I love my fatalities brutal and creative and I say I love that one and this time around. we have Sylvester Stallone as himself or as the Johnny cage voice announcer. So eloquently puts it, John. You said it buddy John Rambo it’s in mortal combat 11 voiced by Sylvester Stallone no it’s been apparent for a while and the crude now the round. The big movie nerds like the movie references in mortal combat they’ve been around for a while and sometimes a really obvious sometimes. They’re deep-cut you like it did they just rest wow but it’s exponentially grown as they’ve had more movie characters and Mortal Kombat games the fact that they got Sylvester Stallone is John Rambo Peter Weller is robocop car here.

Movie Skin Pack:

You can to the gala as Shang soon and Keith David as spawn. You feel the movie love there you can tell they were like we have to get them to voice which also makes the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger does not voice. The terminator sticks out like a sore living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. Tom his impersonation it’s not a bad one you can tell that that’s the voice. They’re going for but it still sounds like an impersonation. You have to be reprogrammed to protect John Connor do you recall him in 88 waits while the bad guy. It feels different than the other characters who are voiced by the ones who played them in the movie is our voice them in the animation responded actually adding. I just found out that there is a moral combat movie skin pack for more come out 11 featuring Bridget Wilson as Sonya Linden Ashby as Johnny cage and Christopher lamb back in this fight is about personal injuries with a few extra Bucks. So I would have like that too been a part of the whole $15 deal say because now it’s 20 does speak of the fact that like I said movie nerds and the intro dialogues are so fun.

The fact that you see you in here John Rambo reference shall con as shall Connie says his name but that’s just that’s next level. If you just you’re like John Rambo’s in mortal combat but we’re talking intro dialogue spawn and robocop amazing bad language makes for bad. The feeling Perfect meal that mother too good the problem with MK 11 ultimate on PS 5. I don’t know if it’s a PS 5 thing or an MK 11 ultimate things just across the board but is definitely the problem I was having was the connectivity. I mean you can get into the towers of time just fine you can do a casual versus match just fine but getting into the king of the hill was a bit of a pain in the though eventually. I was able to do it and so was my friend I was like Hey can you try these things out he did the same as me. He finally got into the king of the hill but in terms of towers of time those group raid towers, 3 have to team up with 2 other people those socks you’re either is there waiting for it to connect with a couple of other people forever and it just never does it.


You find the connection with one other person but not a second person so it’s just 2 people taking on the enemy, not 3. I was actually talking with this do it online and I teamed up early all right. I guess we’ll 2 men rate it. I guess he was new to Mortal Kombat 11 because it was like I didn’t know they were supposed to be a third person. I thought it was just too I was like no that big blank spot under us that’s for another human so yeah I did it just waits forever and connects to nothing or connects to one other person. I will say it’s rare it never happens because it did connect to other people once tried many times because I want to get that truth. We were to team up with 2 other people finally connected to other people only happen once never happened before hasn’t happened since again. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the crossplay we’re just PS 5. I had my friend tested out he also has a PS 5 and he had the same problems in Iraq.

So yeah that’s a pain in the daytime the compromises the whole fundamental element of Mortal Kombat and that talk of trophies brings me to trophy talk in which if you have the PS 5 version of Mortal Kombat 11 and you’ve gotten your platinum before you got all your trophies in the PS 4 version. You can now get all those trophies again for the PS 5 version new set of trophies I mean same trophies but you can just get them again and I was curious about that all your content transfer some. From your PS 4 version so it was like does not know what is the story mode doesn’t know how many trusts. I’ve opened up and it does give you a bit of a bump it gives you a boost to help you out as the same apparently know what you have and haven’t done so instead of opening a couple of chess in the crypt or whatever you had to do. I just had to open one and it was like great here’s your trophy for opening up all those chests to sometimes.

You get a bump like that we just have to do one thing instead of the whole group of things not for everything but you still have to go through the classic tower with 10 characters still did that still have to fight 50 online versus matches luckily those did connect just fine. I did that also story mode all the chapters were unlocked and marked as completed. so I just did the last chapter in which you know Luke Tang you fight chronic on it was like great. I’m having fun with Mortal Kombat 11 again I thought we were done yeah it’s like Mortal Kombat 11 is kind of a gift that keeps on giving for a price so it’s the gift that you keep buying the point. We’re done with Mortal Kombat DLC you know the past would speak to the president the fact that we’re done no fear is another good point. I don’t know if they’re going to have another one but the roster is actually a lot of fun. it’s a great roster of characters and I’m personally not ready for Mortal Kombat 11 to be done and move on to the next thing that now the role might do or someone to come out 11 ultimate have you played it. what do you think about you have the connectivity issues that I’m having are you enjoying the content most importantly are you having fun with it.

Xbox & PS5 Why Cross-Platform Gaming Took So Long

Xbox & PS5 Why Cross-Platform Gaming Took So Long

There are certain internet rivalries that cut deep DC versus Marvel in the diesel versus the rock star wars vans versus other Star Wars fans. There’s the rivalry that will never end the one that has lasted since the early 2 thousand and will likely continue until the end of time Xbox versus PlayStation that being said in 2018 a small olive branch in this bitter bitter conflict was offered on a little game. You may have heard of Fortnite an olive branch called cross-platform play. once upon a time games were just built for the single-player experience. The developer would give you a nice plumber to jump through a world or super-soldier who wanted to shoot through a planet filled with space demons weirdly enough that still describes games that are coming out.

Single-Player Experience:

The difference is that this type of experience is no longer the only way to play in fact games like the Avengers make it seem like publishers are desperate to be done with that whole single-player experience altogether that’s because no matter how difficult the boss. You can make it will never compare to another human character sorry from software try as you might make as many dark souls you want but men will always be the most dangerous game more importantly online play will always be the most profitable game. You see no matter how much money could be made in offering new story content for your favorite RPG. it will never compare to the thrill of spending a ton of money on upgrades or loot for weapons.

You can use it to take down another player this entire business model started off on surprisingly shaky ground. The original Wolfenstein and doom started the craze with computer-based online competitions then things took off with its software’s quake world which put in a serious commitment to its online play. The game became a sport with players obsessive over every inch of the map this addictive new gameplay feature took off and became a true sensation which led to more titles like half-life and unreal tournament which blaze new trails for.

Online Gaming:

The online gaming genre things finally got to consoles with the Sega Dreamcast which was the first to offer this functionality, unfortunately. it was a bit ahead of its time internet functionality and availability wasn’t able to catch up to the rising demand to play against your friends from the comfort of home. Sega’s big launch into new territory did little more than paving the way for Sony and Microsoft on the market with their never-ending war for online dominance don’t feel too bad for say get up they had. The chance to get in with both companies and turned them down I mean I never thought sonic the hedgehog look like a great businessman so now that the functionality was out there everyone will be able to play together pretty soon right wrong technology maybe 1 thing. But business rivalries are a whole other problem over time.

The Xbox 360 in PlayStation 3 arrived that whole internet fad had really taken off many households now have high-speed internet that could support online play. Both devices were equipped with online functionality social media services and most importantly an online store with your credit card 1 click of a button away so with all this interconnected body. Why couldn’t these 2 Titans just play nice and let it all play together well 1 answer has more than a little to do with the game called halo you see Microsoft wisely spent a ton of money acquiring this property that could serve as the face of Xbox. This ended up becoming the choice that launched the Xbox into legend status sure the single-player campaign with the master chief was final but this game was all about the multiplayer while many still enjoyed getting friends together with that split-screen over beer and pizza life the real game was in the inevitable online explosion.

Halo was a first-person shooting online playing sensation not only that but you couldn’t play it on a PlayStation all those covenant monsters might as well have had the Sony logo plastered on their faces luckily that was far from the only sensation in town. The call of duty modern warfare franchise has become such a big game for online play that is probably the first franchise many long-time players think of when asked about online gaming the fast-paced battle of rage. Hollis is much an art form as it is a video game at this point the brutal showdowns between fans of the series was remarkably like the one had by its 2 main distributors instead of kill counts to track Sony Microsoft had daily active users the thinking.

PlayStation or Xbox:

There was that if you want to play with your friends then that would be a selling point to get you to buy a PlayStation or Xbox the more daily active users each had signed on to shoot and dismember their bodies. The stronger the chances were more their buddies buying a console to join in on the carnage that is a very modern style of warfare indeed that method of business continued on and on with the new titles releasing every year to try and tip the scales toward or away from the other. This heavy competition was the center of the generation expands passionately defended PlayStation or Xbox his superiority finally enough all of this effort over online play exclusives and super gritty games lost out to Nintendo’s silly week console that allows grandparents to bowl with the grandkids in the living room literally no one thought freak in.

we sports would be such a huge deal that’s the funny thing that happens when you sell games though you never know which surefire hits a-gonna flop and which flops are gonna hit harder than you could’ve ever imagined. Luckily it seems as if the competition is changed a bit during the current generation the idea of Xbox and PlayStation players actually being able to go head to head was once a fever dream and then it wasn’t on the subject of how no one knows what games are going to hit or not let’s talk about pub G. if you were going to gamble on what battle royale franchise would define a generation it would seem like player unknown’s battlegrounds was the one to bet on I imagine not a day goes by someone who worked on doesn’t look in the mirror and ask how in the world did we lose to 49 by all accounts. Fortnite looks like one of those games that would be a $0.99 app store shooter literally no one place objectively it has none of the things that the big shooters before it happened.

Gritty War:

It doesn’t have the gritty war-torn tone of call of duty the sci-fi spectacle of halo or the cynical humor borderlands with its cheap cartoony graphics and somewhat simple world. Fortnite barely even seems like a contender like we sports before it though there’s something Fortnite has that rakes in the most players crossover appeal young Gen Z. players love Fortnite millennials love Fortnite even Jack black love sport not it has become such a sensation. The players are literally paying people to train their kids on the game or to even teach them the dances its crossover appeal doesn’t just stretch to different generations of gamers though but also to different ways to game case in point.

If you took out your phone right now and downloaded Fortnite I bet you could be in a game before the end of this Article seriously race me and I bet you could win in a world where every new call of duty game almost needs a second PS 4 to store. The game you’re playing on the first PS 4 is insane. So it’s fitting the Fortnite would be the 1 to bring Sony and Microsoft together as of 2018 Sony finally caved on cross-platform play for Fortnite. This was a huge ship for gaming that could affect the future of the PS 5 and Xbox series next generation the idea that we could all be able to enjoy the call of duty or get disappointed by whatever EA throws at us together was at as much as this could be good for giant titles it’s likely even better for growing.

The player base of smaller titles at the end of the day gamers often flock to small games like rocket league among us and fall guys games like these depend on growing their player numbers quickly across multiple platforms. The more platforms people can play these titles with their friends the more games like these. We will see you thrive what we truly want our gaming experiences that are new and special ones. They push the gaming industry in weird ways that aren’t necessarily decided by a board room meeting more than anything else. We want to play these games together. There you have it how cross-platform gaming finally became a thing if you have any thoughts on the future of gaming.