Xbox & PS5 Why Console Storage Doesn’t Matter

Xbox & PS5 Why Console Storage Doesn’t Matter

Games getting bigger and bigger many believe that the future of game storage lies in the cloud. We’re going to talk about the Google state Microsoft X. cloud and how the never enough hard drive sizes of current Gen consoles may not matter when it comes to game storage down the line. Imagine a world where game cartridges and game downloads are a thing of the past and you can select your game as easily as you can select to watch. Captain Marvel on Netflix that is a tomorrow that Sony Nintendo Microsoft Google Amazon Walmart Verizon EA you be soft in the video and apple are experimenting with today.

Consol Storage Sizes:

Why with consoles like the series X offering storage sizes of 1 terabyte and the series as 512 gigabytes only 802 gigabytes and 300 64 gigs are available for game storage respectively. This means that if you want to play COD modern warfare at around 250 gigabytes with updates it would hold up a considerable part of your SSD. You’ve got cyberpunk 2077 and 70 gigabytes and who knows how big halo infinite will be SSDs and hard drives are like parking spots for video games. You don’t want 1 that’s too tight for 6 sites. It just limits your options down the line the fear with regards to the sizes of those perpetually pushed back games is building up and instead of having console owners expand their memory at their own expense making bigger parking spots for their current and future library could be the way.

You can lead the jumbo jet in the games could be hosted on a cloud remotely all gamers would have to do is pick up the remote find a screen with their cloud service on it pick their poison and wait the deal imagine. You have a subscription to a cloud gaming service and you’re in the middle of your flight simulator 2020 campaign on your TV at home. Then phone you have to fly to Miami to see your grandparents for Christmas for 4 years right to calm your nerves on the flight. You could conceivably log into the plane’s wifi and continue your quest on your smartphone pretending to, under the actual flight on navigating through the same weather conditions eccentric and if you bring your controller with you.

Cloud Service:

You could even play some more on your Miami hotels TV if it supports your cloud service anywhere anytime there’s a controller a screen and a wifi connection in the future. Many game companies are trying to build and as it stands you can try out different versions of this tech for yourself right now using game subscription services like steam PS 4 remote play Xbox app for windows 10 remoter rain play omen game stream PlayStation. Now jump vortex G force now steam link anywhere shadow by blade PlayKey parsec and Google stadia the major advantages to stream gaming are access to more games no more downloading no having to buy new consoles in the same way you don’t have to buy a new DVD or Blu ray player.

if you have Netflix no more getting up every 3:00 hours to change disks or cartridges and no more storage management issues as that is managed for you. Imagine your playing watch dogs legion campaign at home and then go home you have to go on vacation on a cruise ship for you right you bring your controller with you. As you’ve got big plans to pretend you’re inside London while you’re on the happy Caribbean sea instead of watching the ship’s comedian the trouble is the ship’s wifi packages not only fairly expensive but to slow your cabin rooms TV supports cloud gaming. But only X cloud and not you play plus where your game is actually located and after your 14-day cruise, you get home after gaining 14 pounds from eating cake after breakfast every day to find that watchdogs legion is no longer available in the same way.

Playing Online:

Captain Marvel is no longer available on Netflix so you’ve lost all your games progress. So you decide to play rainbow 6 sieges but because you’re playing online and reaction time is critical. you notice the button latency as your button pressing has to register and be executed on the cloud and not in your homemaking. You lose over and over again until the whole world catches up to places like London Tokyo and Singapore in terms of wifi infrastructure cloud gaming won’t be for everyone the game in 4 K. You’ll need a minimum of about 35 megabytes per second which is 15.75 gigabytes per hour of data you’ll need an unlimited data plan as well unless the only play a few hours a month.

This is the main reason why console gaming still has its place consoles are used all over the world by people who live fairly remotely from big cities. These gamers don’t know or feel they need access to 100 streamable games from the cloud not yet anyway cloud gaming is still in development. But when it’s fully baked it may make us look at the current way we play games like the way we look at the way we rented movies in the 9 old fashion. Will cloud gaming be a part of your future do you wish you could stream games or are you satisfied with the current state of play.