Should You Buy A Nintendo DS in 2020

Should You Buy A Nintendo DS in 2020

The house of Mario’s cute little handheld a sold over 150000000 units since it hit shelves in 2004. It was loved and adored back then but could that love extended today we’re going to talk about why the sweet sixteenth anniversary of the Nintendo DS could be the perfect time to get one owning a piece of the past is an international pastime for good reason. It’s fun to pick up old things and wonder and imagine how much work and inspiration went into their creation and how revolutionary certain design features were back in the day 2 screens and a piece of tech isn’t all that impressive 2020 but everyone in 2004 looked at the Nintendo DS sake a Nintendo dual screen like why didn’t I think of that the air to the Game Boy advance the DS is bottom 3-inch screen was a touch screen and both screens.

This week that glide which was also fat-shamed after the DS lite came out as an 8-hour battery life not too shabby for an early 2 thousand handheld any of you older watchers remember how fast ghetto blasters ran out of battery. 20D batteries ain’t cheap not then not now D Massey D anyway. The DS has a calendar it’s one to schedule your gaming meetings with it it has picked a chat the zoom of 2004. NDS download plays for game demos and samples the wifi was also quite something at the time this tech was a quantum leap from Game Boy you did have to connect. The other DS is using friend codes so security was a little tight if someone gave you their DS friend code you knew they really liked you. Unfortunately, its servers are now disbanded.

It has backward compatibility that today’s consoles should be taking notes about you can play Gameboy advance titles on it expanding your library options by double for some odd reason. No, it cannot play Game Boy or Game Boy color games even though their successor. The Game Boy advance can but for the $50 or less you’ll pay for it at a flea market. We don’t think you can complain too much right now you have to pay on lately how much and the region locking on the DS is not a thing. So you can play the weirdest Japanese titles money can buy on the project formerly known as iris the lighter sleeker brighter DS lite is even better with 12:00 hours of battery life and things get incrementally better with the BSI. You get a full extra inch of screen in the bigger and better DSXL. The console is only as good as its games so this Cutie but to them is a group rate.

For the platform gamer who loves the new school masterpieces like Cup had pay homage and tribute to some old school classics like these 3 great sonic games sonic rush adventures and sonic colors. The new Super Mario Bros breathe new life into the NE as a classic. And for those looking to broaden their platform gaming horizons, their star 5 the Kirby derivative whose ultra-cute underwater adventures are charming Merial and sonic alternatives. The ingeniously titled Nintendogs are wonderful for dog lovers too lazy to walk real-world dogs running those virtual canines could ease the stress of even the most stressed-out gamer. It’s better sometimes when playing that game you do end up feeling like Sam Rockwell’s character in 7 psychopaths. As their voice recognition software wasn’t and isn’t all that top-notch and before kids were getting severely hurt playing Pokemon go there was the infinitely safer Pokemon game Pokemon platinum version the 5-star improvement over Pokemon silver version and Pokemon pearl version.

There are a lot of other Pokemon gold mines on the DS well worth Your time like Pokemon black Pokemon white Pokemon black 2 and Pokemon White 2 and lest you not forget Pokemon heart gold and Pokemon SoulSilver. Even though those last 2 sound like they should be prince albums their Pokemon classics another set of games that never meant to cause. You any sorrow and it never meant to cause you any pain are the final fantasy RPGs FF3 and F4. These are Capcom classics that you can play while waiting for them to finish final fantasy 60 come, Joshua. Your father will be expecting and for the truest of true role-playing game aficionados. You can’t talk about RPGs without talking about Zelda and no Zelda collection is complete without the legend of Zelda 4 swords anniversary edition the number of endorphins this sound releases in my brain. Always refills several of my heart pieces. For fans of the bizarre and lovers of the movie being John Malkovich.

There is Maryland Luigi Bowser’s inside story where you get inhaled by Bowser and spend time deep inside your arch-enemy in order to battle a bigger tyrant name awful. If you’re tired of dying every few seconds playing online in call of duty modern warfare. Take it back in we mean way back to the call of duty DS games where you can actually win sometimes. If you’re looking for a true blue DS classic there is animal crossing wild world a real garden of peace for really high strung gamers. It’s a place to go and get a full chill as nothing can truly get to you when you’re riding with the cap. And finally one of the rarest games of the mall which YouTuber Nick Robinson recently resurrected the McDonald’s DS game which you can actually use to learn how to work it makes this restaurant as it was an actual training tool the fast-food chain views great for McDonald’s lovers rare game collectors.

The US president what It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though for another kind of culinary artist wants to have an experience that’s the opposite of fun you can play handheld games is Cory in the house where you play as the teenage head chef of the White House and spend all your days looking for lemon sauce look. they can’t all be gems but with such a wide variety of games that’s bound to happen but the good games trump the bad ones for this now almost classic consul, yeah and for the rock guards out there I almost forgot there’s guitar hero DS that was amazing. The holidays are supposed to be a time of great joy and togetherness but what the hallmark movies don’t show is that there is also a time of great stress.

Sky-high expectations that are tough as nails to me and noise see the Grinch understands give yourself. The gift that’s entering the teenage years that can make the world go away with its historical appeal vast game library and it’s linked to a not so overwhelming passed sure you could play cyberpunk 2077 and accept all its bugs and flaws. But if you want to take a trip to the past and have a good time the Nintendo DS is always up for it and with some going as low as 10 Bucks and $10 on things that only lasted a few minutes and afterward I felt pretty bomb. The US could provide you with hours of joy for that same price if you think of it like what if you got to lose. What do you think about the BS do you only play emulators any old time favorites you’ve been wanting to try.

Will This Be The Last Console War

Will This Be The Last Console War

We always tend to call the popularity contest between councils of the same generation console war because Hey that sounds pretty bad but is the PS 5 versus Xbox series action actually a console war. If you think about it the console wars as we know them are finished whether it’s cross-play or the pricing of the Xbox series S. There are many factors that have led to the end of the console wars. I’ll even talk about how the previous console wars have gone and who seems to be winning this ninth-generation battle not a war between the PS 5 and Xbox X. Nintendo Sony and Microsoft are the great cultural creators of our time. They’re always trying to get the best of one another well except for Nintendo. They’re just super successful doing their own thing on the side that being said for the last 2 generations. When you talk about console wars you talk about Sony versus Microsoft or in this case the PS 5 versus the Xbox X and Sony and Microsoft Word taking jabs at each other or talking much smack leading up to the release of their next Gen console.

Both companies just let their hardware do the talking for them and we’re completely fine with that it was all friendly competition between the 2 companies. Even the fanboys Warner’s rabbit is the usually are so he decided to put a lot of focus on the controller of the PS 5 and give this to council option but both versions have the same specs as for Microsoft. They went with an incredibly powerful Xbox 3 X and a less powerful Xbox series S that undercuts the price of the PS 5 digital edition by $100. Do you know why Microsoft came out with a $300 series S. It’s because they know what’s up they knew that the PS 5 is going to sell better than their next-Gen consoles so they released the series S to entice those who buy a PS 5 also by the series S. Since it’s only a few $0 and it definitely works because of the PS 5 owner who’s really interested in the Xbox S?

I actually own a PS 5 and no I’m not going to sell it to you 3 times. The price I’m not that kind of guy anyway if you own a PS 5 and Xbox series S. You’ll most likely play games available on both consoles on your PS 5 since it’s the stronger machines as well only really be used for Xbox exclusives denture Microsoft doesn’t mind at all if you own. Both consoles are really a console war you’re sort of like a double agent that’s what Microsoft wants they don’t necessarily want you to have to pick between the PS 5 and Xbox XRS. They want you to have your cake and eat it too the Xbox series S alone isn’t what ended the call to wars oh no I believe another next Gen feature had a big stand that I’m talking about cross-play viability to play a game with anyone on any platform whether it’s Nintendo switch PS 5 Xbox series X.

Xbox series S or PC don’t get me wrong I absolutely love crossplay and think all multiplayer games should happen but it does have its repercussions for starters now we don’t have those call of duty players on Xbox. Who always used to talk about how their counsel had the best players and PlayStation players were all new I remember that as a PlayStation player always grinding my gears hearing my friends say that but now it’s over with everyone is playing with everyone so now the hold which console has the better players debate is moot the last 3 calls. A war we had was between the PS 4 and the Xbox 1 backward both consoles for the same price and there was no such thing as a prospect. We saw Sony and Microsoft take shots at each other and we already knew who won the war before the councils were even released after that sorry excuse of an Xbox 1 law seriously what was Microsoft thinking the whole connected bottle led to a lot of backlash with many players flipping to PS 4 since there was no backward compatibility in either console.

It was a complete disaster that Microsoft is still trying to recover from the main reason why PS 5 versus Xbox series X and S isn’t called the war is that both companies are fighting for the same price. Sony wants to uphold its dominance in the console market share and Microsoft just wants to get a bigger piece of the pie well it seems like it took forever for the PS 5 and Xbox X to be released. It actually wasn’t any longer than the weight from the PS 3 to PS 4. It took 7 years for Sony to release the call for both times so there’s definitely a trend here as for Microsoft there was an 8-year gap between the Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 and a 7-year gap between the Xbox 1 and Xbox series X. Nintendo is a bit more all over the place with when they release the call please but so you Microsoft seem to always follow the 68-year release cycle if the 7-year trend continues.

We could definitely see new councils in 2027 so mark 11/20/27 on your calendars and hop on the PS 6 and Xbox series. The hype train before it’s too late well I don’t. Google has also entered the console gaming sphere with the stadia in 2019 well let’s just say things haven’t gone really well for the cloud gaming could very well be the future of gaming. But I will have to be executed better than the Google stadia for it to have some staying power with the stadia you pay a monthly subscription but that doesn’t give you access to all the games in its library despite the subscription. Some games will still need to be fought if the subscription gives you access to all the games in the stadium’s library. There’s no denying that it would have been so much more successful but that’s a pipe dream PlayStation now Xbox game pass and Nvidia G force now are all better options since you get access to all the games in those libraries with the subscription.

What is streaming games the future of gaming? I don’t think so. I think it’s a great option for gamers. If they want access to a bunch of games that they could play whatever but it’s not going to replace the traditional by gameplay game system until all of that console’s exclusives are playable with the subscription as long as the libraries are primarily made up of older games. People will still buy and play games the traditional way that’s what I do what can I say I’m a very traditional gamer. When it comes to the console wars in the past I’ve got an opinion on every single 1 of them starting with the third generation. The third generation really put councils on the map and paid any S against the Sega master system simply put any S had much better games and dominated sales easily winning the third generation console war. The fourth-generation console war was much closer it was between the SNES and Sega Genesis Sega really took a step forward that year with some solid marketing and great games like sonic.

The hedgehog but it still wasn’t enough to beat out the SNES and its an incredible library of games the fifth generation war was the first 1 Sony to pardon while the Nintendo stuff with cartridges for the N64 so anyone that CD’s for the PS 1 which enticed plenty of third-party developers to switch from Nintendo to Sony most notably square Enix. The PS 1 completely dominate sales include all of the council’s out of the water with its incredible technology at the time Sony would continue their dominance with a PlayStation 2 in the sixth generation war. It was and still is the best selling console of all time the original Xbox and Nintendo game cube never stood a chance that’s literally all I need to say in a more controversial take I believe the Nintendo Wii won the seventh generation called the war against the PS 3 and Xbox 360 Nintendo went back to the drawing board after the game cube and came up with such an innovative consul.

It dominated sales and was fun to play in fact. I still play we to this day as for who won the eighth generation called the war the last great console war that would be the PS 4 the wi you flop and the Xbox 1’s horrible launch made it all too easy for Sony although the Nintendo Switch is a close second currently. It looks like the PS 5 is well ahead of the Xbox series acts Sony is selling twice as many consoles as Microsoft and there are many more people gushing about the PS 5 in the series acts but that doesn’t mean Microsoft console is flawed. It’s still a great console that selling well only time will tell who wins the ninth generation battle not a war between these 2 consoles. Like I said earlier all of the console war winners I picked were my personal opinion so I don’t expect you all agree with me 100 percent but I’d love to know which consoles you think one each generation’s war if you think the console wars.

Xbox & PS5 Why Console Storage Doesn’t Matter

Xbox & PS5 Why Console Storage Doesn’t Matter

Games getting bigger and bigger many believe that the future of game storage lies in the cloud. We’re going to talk about the Google state Microsoft X. cloud and how the never enough hard drive sizes of current Gen consoles may not matter when it comes to game storage down the line. Imagine a world where game cartridges and game downloads are a thing of the past and you can select your game as easily as you can select to watch. Captain Marvel on Netflix that is a tomorrow that Sony Nintendo Microsoft Google Amazon Walmart Verizon EA you be soft in the video and apple are experimenting with today.

Why with consoles like the series X offering storage sizes of 1 terabyte and the series as 512 gigabytes only 802 gigabytes and 300 64 gigs are available for game storage respectively. This means that if you want to play COD modern warfare at around 250 gigabytes with updates it would hold up a considerable part of your SSD. You’ve got cyberpunk 2077 and 70 gigabytes and who knows how big halo infinite will be SSDs and hard drives are like parking spots for video games. You don’t want 1 that’s too tight for 6 sites. It just limits your options down the line the fear with regards to the sizes of those perpetually pushed back games is building up and instead of having console owners expand their memory at their own expense making bigger parking spots for their current and future library could be the way.

You can lead the jumbo jet in the games could be hosted on a cloud remotely all gamers would have to do is pick up the remote find a screen with their cloud service on it pick their poison and wait the deal imagine. You have a subscription to a cloud gaming service and you’re in the middle of your flight simulator 2020 campaign on your TV at home. Then phone you have to fly to Miami to see your grandparents for Christmas for 4 years right to calm your nerves on the flight. You could conceivably log into the plane’s wifi and continue your quest on your smartphone pretending to, under the actual flight on navigating through the same weather conditions eccentric and if you bring your controller with you.

You could even play some more on your Miami hotels TV if it supports your cloud service anywhere anytime there’s a controller a screen and a wifi connection in the future. Many game companies are trying to build and as it stands you can try out different versions of this tech for yourself right now using game subscription services like steam PS 4 remote play Xbox app for windows 10 remoter rain play omen game stream PlayStation. Now jump vortex G force now steam link anywhere shadow by blade PlayKey parsec and Google stadia the major advantages to stream gaming are access to more games no more downloading no having to buy new consoles in the same way you don’t have to buy a new DVD or Blu ray player.

if you have Netflix no more getting up every 3:00 hours to change disks or cartridges and no more storage management issues as that is managed for you. Imagine your playing watch dogs legion campaign at home and then go home you have to go on vacation on a cruise ship for you right you bring your controller with you. As you’ve got big plans to pretend you’re inside London while you’re on the happy Caribbean sea instead of watching the ship’s comedian the trouble is the ship’s wifi packages not only fairly expensive but to slow your cabin rooms TV supports cloud gaming. But only X cloud and not you play plus where your game is actually located and after your 14-day cruise, you get home after gaining 14 pounds from eating cake after breakfast every day to find that watchdogs legion is no longer available in the same way.

Captain Marvel is no longer available on Netflix so you’ve lost all your games progress. So you decide to play rainbow 6 sieges but because you’re playing online and reaction time is critical. you notice the button latency as your button pressing has to register and be executed on the cloud and not in your homemaking. You lose over and over again until the whole world catches up to places like London Tokyo and Singapore in terms of wifi infrastructure cloud gaming won’t be for everyone the game in 4 K. You’ll need a minimum of about 35 megabytes per second which is 15.75 gigabytes per hour of data you’ll need an unlimited data plan as well unless the only play a few hours a month.

This is the main reason why console gaming still has its place consoles are used all over the world by people who live fairly remotely from big cities. These gamers don’t know or feel they need access to 100 streamable games from the cloud not yet anyway cloud gaming is still in development. But when it’s fully baked it may make us look at the current way we play games like the way we look at the way we rented movies in the 9 old fashion. Will cloud gaming be a part of your future do you wish you could stream games or are you satisfied with the current state of play.