Xbox & PS5 Death Of The Disk

Xbox & PS5 Death Of The Disk

The series X and PS 5 the living funerals for disk drives give him a fighting farewell with digital media selling big we are going to talk about the disk drive and the possibility that physical media Blu rays and 4K UHD disc specifically could be facing their final curtain. This is the era of less stuff or will we rebel like teenage Bad Girls smoking in the boy’s room you want something although NewTek frightened some of our others of us are like double oh sevens mentor Kincaid eternally fighting to preserve the old ways. The old ways of the past If I recall my high school business classical actually. There are 5 types of technological adopters innovators early adopters early majority late majority and laggards the innovators 2.5 percent of the adoptive population are the types to have been downloading games as soon as 1980 ones in television play cable came out with Mattel streaming service gamers could download games through a coaxial cable as the company’s frontman baseball legend Mickey mantle iterated innovator consumers pay $12 a month for a selection of 25 games and didn’t care if they failed.


They were first to get this new tech Mattel probably never imagined that although the actual monthly price for that same device hasn’t changed much in 40 years not adjusted for inflation that their idea and business model has grown into a juggernaut of the thing with an estimated 11.5000000000 in revenue in 11/20/20. The innovators communicated their excitement to their followers and social circles trying to convert the next year in line with the early adopters to get it. The early adopters 11.5 percent of all the doctors are the folks who once they know the new tech won’t explode and will give them what they won’t get it you may have seen some of these gamers casually checking stock in department stores and all going at the cartloads of series axes. The employees are swinging around on carts this is of course after they’ve learned that those overheating videos of the series acts were just tricksters blowing vape smoke up archy stirs.

The early majority 34 percent of the doctors take their time with new tech but still like it and flirt with new ideas and products these are the open-world gamers who will download cyberpunk 2077. once the bugs are kicked out and they’ve read a certain number of positive reviews from the early adopters and innovators the late majority also 34 percent of the doctors will get a game or piece of tech as a reaction to the peer pressure they get from their friends family and even the media. I don’t know about you but sometimes it feels like Cano Reeves is going to come and punish me if I don’t get cyberpunks and finally the laggards the 16 percent of the doctors who hold on to their dole and hold on to what they know until they feel the landscape has changed so much that they need to run to keep up.

Disc Players:

This is the last person you need to get a cell phone the game whose first console was an innovator’s 9 or the gamer who just started playing online in 2021 because they’ve exhausted. The experience of playing the CPU okay why did it feel like we were just reviewing for an exam well let’s quit ourselves. where are we now with physical media it’s on the decline in terms of sales and the big dogs are preparing for it Sam Sam the numeral manufacturer of 4K Blu ray disc drives won’t be making any more of them as of February 2019 due to declining sales 5.6000000 Blu ray and Blu ray 4 K disc players were sold worldwide in 2000 164.8000000 in 2000 174.2000000 in 2018 and 3.1000000 in 2019. The writing is on the wall streaming is coming to dominate over physical media thanks to its convenience and accessibility in households. There’s less and less of getting up every 2:00 hours to change movies and on the PS 5. If you’re switching from playing 1 digital game to another when you use activity cards you don’t even have to jump back to the home screen and you can resume from a safe spot and you can switch games even faster on the series axes.

You can pause and switch to another digital game at a previously paused spot using the quick resume function for the gamer of the day less stuff around the home is more as we want to travel lighter and be happier with less training its furniture. We go on tour even now in a digital way we now have access to so much more Sony and Microsoft are still making disk drives but are offering less expensive all-digital alternatives for their consoles so it looks like we’re in a laggard phase with digital media many games movies and other media content are not even available on physical media like let’s say for example this video the first media free video game. We were able to find with space war created in 1962 by MIT Egghead Steve Russell for the PDP 1. So since digital games have been around longer than some of your dad’s should we accept that even collectors may have to let go of physical media.

Consol War:

The eternal war of the old versus the new is forever fought in the now and that war has left many pieces of physical media in its wake let us have a moment of silence for those pieces of physical media that have been swallowed up by the tsunami known as the future the 8 track. The audio compact cassette tape. The Betamax HD DVD Father time is not coming to tack. We are told we want and deserve better at every screen magazine ad and innovator friend. We encounter and we believe it and once we get a taste of it. It’s hard to go backward in lifestyle is there no hope for the preservers the romantics the remember of good times. He’s always in the story of physical media there are inspiring resurrection stories vinyl has been coming back more than Arnold even to the disbelief of those Bruce Willis is out. There that think it’s been back enough the CD and DVD well past their glory days are still Kickin do blue-ray discs have that kind of staying power.

CD’s and DVD’s

If necessary even return power in my opinion they will phase out slowly over the next 5 years given the late adopters and laggards. The time to let go and even sometime tomorrow the tech inside as good as the PS 54 K UHD is can support up to 100 gigabytes per disc. But games are growing and growing in magnitude PS 6 game should surpass 100 gigabytes per game on average easily vinyl CD’s and DVD’s are much cheaper to produce than Blu rays pressing a 2 sided vinyl liquor costs an average of $400 for a master and then 100 presents go for about $2000 or $20 per vinyl CD’s cost an average of $1000 to master and $0.50 to duplicate and DVDs 2000 a master and $1 70 to replicate to contrast Blu rays will run you $40000 to master and $2 per unit to replicate and numbers on manufacturing a 4 K. UHD Blu ray are scarce.

you’re probably looking at $60000 plus for a master and well over $2 per disk on average unless innovators find ways to decrease these costs down the line look for the Blu Ray and 4 K UHD to be terminated. There will always be the Die Hard holder honors who will preserve and trade what Blu-rays and 4 K UHD is they’ve collected these historians will show off their collections and rare gems proudly to those passing through their museum-style living rooms and basements. They will say that the quality of the digital copies doesn’t match the Blu ray and 4 K. UHD quality. They’re absolutely right especially when it comes to movies but this war it looks like it will be 1 by a digital majority maybe they’ll make a movie about this war Sunday a digital-only release of course since we all can’t live like millionaires. We can at least game like them and digital media allows us that luxury that seemingly infinite choice. This is the future Mickey mantle advertised to us in 1981 with a television digital gaming only a millionaire and want to play any other way what do you think about the future of Blu ray discs and physical media is at the end.

The Evolution Of Haptic Feedback

The Evolution Of Haptic Feedback

We’re all familiar with that sudden buzzing of a controller. When the action heats up but have we ever wondered what that’s called welcome to the world of haptic technology games can mean a whole lot to us they riches emotionally engages with complex plots exciting action or just mindless fun feeling engaged in the action is getting more and more immersive as technology advances giving our favorite tech. The ability to make sure we truly feel the experience shake of a controller of buzz the tension of the triggers. This may seem a fairly common feature we may barely even registered anymore. It’s all par for the course but it had to start from somewhere when did our machines start to touch is back so a quick catch up for anyone unfamiliar with the term haptic tech haptic technology is the term used to describe machinery or tech that interacts with the user via touch base sensations reactions in communications from machines usually break down into a few categories normally vibration force feedback air vortex rings and ultrasound early forms of this were used in aircraft to warn of dangerous conditions.

Game Experience:

The resistance sometimes used on the controls was implemented in excavators and heavy machinery. It was also tested in regards to neuroplasticity in medical treatments so how did this end up in games. The first game noted to include this feature with the arcade cabinet racer known as motocross released by Sega in 1976. The motorbike handles on the cabinet vibrated during an in-game vehicle collision from there the sky was the limit other companies took notice and other racing games eventually implemented similar features and expanded into other sensor reactions including force feedback. The pinball machine earth-shaker also adopted some of these features the rumble motor would announce. At the beginning of the bonus round along with the voice line earth-shaker, these early examples showed how much the century additions could immerse or involve the player in the game experience cementing.

Its role in future consoles and gaming hardware after taking the arcade by storm haptic technology eventually made its way to home consoles and hardware. They started as additions that could be attached to the original controllers in order to add the vibration effects commonly referred to as rumble packs the N64 unveiled. its rumble in 1997 soon followed by the sidewinder force feedback program across soft and the dual shock by Sony. The Sega Dreamcast had 2 options by 1999 both with the Sega jump pack and the performance tremor pack 1 oddity in the nineties with the interactive fest created by or assistance. This force feedback device was created to allow the wearer to feel the impact of a punch or kick in the game through the vibration. This wasn’t the last of the gamer vests and immersive reality though the trend would die down for about a decade with few changes or notable additions 2007 had a resurgence with the force where vast later called the 3 RD space best released by TN games.

Hardware Change:

The big change with this hardware with the direction ability action that was not within the player’s view would be taken into account blows or attacks from behind would be felt reminding the player to watch their backs. This has worked with over 50 titles many being the ever-popular first-person shooter format 2010 brought us another work being the tactile gamer vast not just kicks and punches anymore. This hardware boasted the ability to simulate gunshots slashing wounds and blow flow sensation body blows environmental impacts and temperature features were also developed allowing even deeper immersion still this may seem a bit overkill for the standard gaming experience. But the Extreme measures of this best are incredibly useful for military training practices replicating an environment rather than just an image in a bus a far cry from a shaking handlebar.

The links we’ve gone to for immersion are incredible and the story doesn’t stop there one of the biggest buzzworthy pun intended news points of recent memory would certainly be the PS 5. The haptic tech involved in the controller is one of the most wasted features but aside from the rumble or shake what does this one do differently the deal since the controller on the PS 5 includes a new shape and houses voice coil actuators instead of the previous motors or wait the feedback devices used the same tactics speakers do to create the vibration. This upgrade makes the vibrations more precise stopping and starting with a moment’s notice but the features on this controller move further than the standard rumble trigger haptics are included to further the experience previous spring-based systems and triggers created some tension but it was uniform all around now each trigger can feel unique a pistol again something deadlier like a grenade launcher more than just firearms think of the pedal of a car.

Human Experience:

The resistance of a paved road against grass or mud. It’s something we don’t think about actively most of the time but it’s still part of the overall human experience an article by wired notes that bowstring tension could be experienced through the new trigger features compared to the easy toss of a bowling ball on the old Wii sports unit these measures make the situation all the more real controllers can only do so much in terms of full immersion. This is where VR steps in to take the lead nothing says immersion like virtual reality and interacting with 3-dimensional space there are no outside distractions are discarded soda cans to pull you out of it and though there is much less sitting and relaxing. You can’t say it’s not incredibly surreal now we’ve covered vibrations intention triggers but beyond that lies an even larger realm of possibility some companies have done away with the controller altogether how is this possible well in a couple of ways to feel.

The sensations without an object in hand something else has to provide the environmental reaction one method. Which has been worked on by a few companies including Microsoft is with air vortex rings jets of air emitted by the speakers that did not lose their shape or precision like a normal person affair would allowing for interaction without any controllers needed. This is meant to allow users to interact with the tech at a distance even more precise than the air vortex ultrasound waves are also a new tool in the world of haptic tech companies like cultural leap have created speakers that can be arranged to create a form of interactive space tracking hand motion and creating different sensations midair no controller necessary and while we are in the space age yeah there’s a world of possibilities yet to come maybe holding something in your hand isn’t your speed.

Gaming Vests:

But you already strapped on the headset so water a few more wearables today’s industry has you covered those gaming vests have only gotten more advanced baton using more and more different forms of vibrations to mimic an environmental reality for more than just video games. These best can be compatible with movies as well some are marketed towards DJs and performers to provide more immersion into their music haptic tech shoes or even coming on to market intending to get the feel of moving into BR space even more letters in the R can already be deceiving now you may even be able to feel the bars as you climb haptic isn’t just reserved for the video game industry in terms of entertainment movies have been using their 40 formats in recent years movement of seeking puffs of air in order to create a sensation that matches.


The screen in front with the addition of a fairly cushy chair course. This feature is a draw out of the bigger theaters as a whole movie experience is incredibly common with platforms like Netflix and Disney plus giving us endless content with additional new releases. These tactile experiences in the theater are giving him the edge over the living room couch the times are still changing now as the multi-level experience is finding its way into our homes. The smart house of today with systems like Google home can react to many things around us without the press of a button additional speakers and brakes are getting more and more compact. but the already digital houses the control panel is already present with adjustments to external devices reacting to the film not far fetched at all with haptic feedback and temperature controls the power is in our hands the atmosphere tech is there ready to step from our movies into our games in VR worlds entertainment aside.

The tactile abilities of haptic tech have been introduced in many different technologies for a more interactive or precise experience medical tech used by both doctors and patients are being improved with haptic technology surgery simulation can be done to a higher degree of realism giving an overall improved education simulation for astronauts and pilots are also enhanced thoroughly as the physical sensations of the changing altitudes and gravity is something that should be prepared for now. It can be simulated drivers can be notified of possible dangers through vibration in the seat or feel the touch screen respond with a bus without drawing their attention off the road haptic tech is more than just for gaming. But it certainly is fun the future is truly now well this is amazing. I’m still waiting on the back jokes aside I’m not joking where my Max the future of gaming and interactive technology is bright and I can’t wait to see what comes next to let us know.

Showdown LaVie Mini VS The Alienware UFO

Showdown LaVie Mini VS The Alienware UFO

We should either start to believe in UFOs or should we tell alien ware sorry pretty machine C levy based on specs tech feelings and potential future dealings in 5 minutes or less we’re going to tell you which of these 2 prototypes. You should covet more the noble and NEC’s new kid on the block is cute but is it only cute because it’s new the 8-inch screens transforming many can easily fit in a regular-sized man a woman’s purse. You type things on its keypad things like I don’t know the script for a YouTube video maybe then when you’ve written your last point and double-check your work. you can fold the keyboard in behind the screen and snapping your controller on it and get started on uncovering resident evil Eight’s village. Its Bluetooth capability should allow for a wireless controller. If you want it that way it’s theoretical 1920 by 1200 P display is prettier than this which is a 720 P display.

Future Machine:

You can HDMI it into your TV for the big screen experience. This future machine sports a tiger lake Intel core I7 processor and an iris Xie graphics card. The tiger lake is so small and light that it’s integrated right into Intel’s eleventh Jan core processor of this ultralight 579-gram device although it’s still heavier than the original switches 400 grams. The card increased and reorganization of its execution units use high clock rates thanks to 10 nanometers superfan transistor technology and new data compression algorithms naturally beg. The question is the levy many good enough to cyberpunk on in theory. You could run this hardware intensive game without ray tracing on and with medium graphics settings not too shabby for those of you that want to game everywhere.

Dell’s flagship mobile gaming product the UFO was revealed at CS 2020. This handheld with sculpted to be as comfy in the hands as an Xbox controller like the levy many this is another 8-inch screen device that won’t fit in your pocket unless you wear size triple XL pants and much like this which you can docket in to play games on your TV and remove. Its control staff clicks them in another piece transforming that into the controller 1920 by 1080 P full HD screen is about the same as the lobby minutes is the UFO powerful enough to cyberpunk on like quote-unquote real UFOs. The secrets to the innards of dell’s prototype have remained classified up to now but we suspect it will be probably if it isn’t many folks may not even glancing at UFO’s direction this is not professional west.

Device Experience:

Better do your hand exercises though as this baby weighs in at 900 grams perfect for electronic chubby chasers. He’s like a Chevy Chase. The awful and levy many will run on windows meaning. you should be able to play all windows games like minesweeper solitaire and resident evil 7 biohazard as well as all Xbox games like the old tales the better hello and the new upcoming. This makes these devices unofficial handheld Xbox gaming devices. I understand this could also open the door to modding games and even using emulators to play Nintendo games on maybe you could even use them to modern play Nintendo games.

Estimated Price:

The idea of having access to all windows and Xbox titles is enticing as who wouldn’t want to play train sim world on a plane or flight simulator on the train. Forward to a future where both these concepts products are on the shelves at an estimated price point of about $800 each a premium price for a premium device which for reference is $500 above the switch our mobile gaming compass is leaning towards alien where’s you FO even though the Lenovo many is lighter slimmer and is more likely to come out as the lobby pro is already out there and its the graphics card is more on the ready to go side of things. It’s those foods Alienware curves. we can’t resist if the device looks good the games may actually appear to look better on it.

Even if they actually don’t ugly devices rarely make it as far as the beautiful ones no matter what they look like on the inside that’s because so many relationships are based on looks all home Michael is so beautiful that’s true with our relationships with consoles computers cars and people you spend a lot more time looking at someone they do talking to them. Even though it’s only slightly less heavy than the switch and levy many combined like so many modern and historical symbols of you know what we believe it’s time for gamers to embrace. The concept that sometimes bigger curvier and smooth there is better I know IBBW main big booty women. Does picking gaming apparatus based on let’s make a shallow do only shallow people know themselves would you rather the levy meaning or the UFO don’t be shy to tell us.

Should You Buy A Nintendo Wii In 2021

Should You Buy A Nintendo Wii In 2021

We here at the game thinking what you’re thinking we’ve got we brain as bad as anybody else so today we’re going to answer the question should you buy a week and 2021. All those the gamer stands out there will remember we’ve covered other consoles like the PS 3 and PS vita and whether or not you should pick 1 up today. This is going to be a little different because there exists a wonderfully powerful and robust GameCube and Wii emulator dolphin the media and the PS 3 don’t really have any leaders at that level so to buy we in 2021 can be a complicated proposition that ultimately depends on who you are and what you want to strap in because we’re diving into that complexity now to finally answer the question we’ve all been asking should you buy a week and 2021.

Console History:

The Nintendo Wii released back in 2006 as part of the seventh generation of home consoles. This was intent on his first major console release since the game cube in 2001 but we weren’t much more powerful than the game cube in terms of its hardware and we were miles behind the Xbox 360 and the PS 3 what we did have woods. It’s totally new way of playing games by way of the Wii remote plus the original. We could play all of your game cube games for backward compatibility so this feature is based on later revisions of the console well it might not sound like much joy Leslie listed as a series of facts was an unbelievable smash success that dominated. The market selling over 100000000 consoles which are significantly more than either the lifetime sales of the PS 3 or the 360 however most of its success came from its novelty factor in less so from legendary games the most successful games.

We are as you would expect the usual intend no fanfare your Mario your smash Bros yourselves all of the franchises in games. You would expect except built from the ground up around the idea of motion controls if motion controls appeal to you there’s a lot of games to love what’s less lovable is the massive library of third party games that were often dean makes or pared down games with fewer features and simpler graphics and tacked on motion control mechanics looking back as a now-defunct device. We certainly have fewer must-play games the other consoles of the time but that is far from saying it doesn’t have a library of classics. When we launched it retailed for mir 200 and 4999 which was much less than the asking price of the Xbox 360 in PS 3 in the context of the hardware though the price point makes sense with internals not much more impressive than the 5-year-old game cube selling we are a premium competitor to the 360 or PS 3 would have been a recipe for disappointment.


Today we are cheaper than ever likely because of the truly extraordinary number of them manufactured and sold eBay is usually the most reliable seller today and you can pick up an older one. We model usually advertise this game Q compatible or newer we model or even lease with custom firmware and homebrew apps pre-installed the condition of the consoles. You’ll find is usually good. If freon and price regardless of specific we model tend to hover around $100 though if you’re looking for a sweet bundle or find a great deal may end up paying a little more or less we game too are everywhere so they won’t be too much of an issue locating traditional brick and mortar places like GameStop are likely to have we games around but for prion stuff. We generally recommend eBay GameStop prices for major we release even preowned like Mario party or Super Mario brothers can still be steep today how much of a deal.

You can get on a game will definitely vary based on the game’s popularity but you should almost always be able to find game significantly cheaper than they retail for originally another breaking. What’s the council has more than a few years of life behind it is overseen tends to open up the most popular thing to do with homebrew tends to be emulation allow you to play many more games on your console than you otherwise could other popular reasons for selling home for on your console or to rip your games store them on a hard drive use media players file explorers and install custom maps as well as much to your game all of this is entirely possible. I’m weak the process is not at all involved depending on your week following along with the popular V guide site through the Nintendo Wii modding process requires at most an SD card flash drive in computer ultimately though well cool to add more functionality to something you won’t the state of Wii homebrew doesn’t offer the widest compatibility with emulators emulation on the weeds doesn’t get more advanced.

Nintendo 64 Sony PlayStation:

The Nintendo 64 Sony PlayStation but that doesn’t mean the wee isn’t totally capable of playing your favorites from any SR SNES here and the like in short homebrew is a cool thing. You do with your week but it’s probably not going to blow your mind either way for If you’re really into console modding and emulation there are better options. But if you’ve got a wee it’s as they say pretty realistic. Well, emulation on wi isn’t the most interesting emulating the wi itself is quite interesting the popular game Cuban we emulator dolphin is capable of extraordinary things and you can download this free application for yourself and play it on your computer with hardware. You already half dolphin lets users play games regardless of the region run tool-assisted speedruns cheat and map GameCube controllers and we remotes to traditional PC controllers plus actual Wii remotes and game cube controllers are supported too as well as controller expansions dolphin also comes packed with multiplayer both emulated local multiplayer and intend to wifi multiplayer.

The major dropped often as often and its graphical improvements stopped often allows you to run games at whatever resolution. You like as well as use custom higher resolution texture packs and seeing a week classic running at 4K 60 FPS with hi-res textures is an absolute sight to behold higher resolutions allow for much more details to come through and even lower resolution textures can come alive at higher resolutions. What you can do with a dolphin is pretty legendary and extremely flexible but it may take you some time to get it running smoothly on your particular set up and if your gaming purists this kind of experience can be far removed from playing the original game on its intended console if that sort of thing matters to you.

Nintendo games:

You buy a week and in 2021 the first question you have to ask yourself is if you like the idea of motion controls because if you or your friends and family do and you happen to be an antenna fan. We are not expensive and can be countless hours of fun all the familiar Nintendo games are there on us so whether you’re playing alone or with friends. There will be loads to do if you’re in it more for the games themselves and you aren’t a huge fan of motion controls the flexibility of an emulator like dolphin will let you play games however you like on your normal set up at much higher fidelity when we swept the world people generally fell into 2 camps and that’s still true. Today if you’re in it for the sheer entertainment value of it and want to cool a new toy we still do that really well and it’s cheaper than ever if you’re just a gamer wanting to play more games an emulator might be your best bet if you have a decent enough Rick though.

We are not expensive depending on what condition you’re willing to accept them where you look you might find 1 for next to nothing out there. If you got a next Gen console-sized hole in your heart we won’t break the bank and it will be fun. you’re not sure if an actual we are worth the money consider helpful to your memories can be games that looked amazing a decade ago might let you down today. If for no other reason than resolution and frame rate being able to play old games especially ones locked to a singular platform unlocked resolutions and frame rates it’s an absolute treat.

Some Things You Didn’t Know About Nintendo

Some Things You Didn’t Know About Nintendo

10 Nintendo facts for you now these delicious morsels of information about Nintendo aren’t state secrets and most of you will likely know about a few of them but hopefully, all of you don’t know all of them is important things to know about the company. Especially if you’re a huge fan in the year of our lord late-stage capitalism 2021 very few companies out there work how you think they do so strap in because we’re taking a look at 10 sometimes weird sometimes cold and sometimes no good facts about beloved video game maker Nintendo before so he left. The walking behind it decided to start producing little boxes you can insert the strange new things called compact discs into to play video games on Sony tried to collaborate with an established player in the video game industry Nintendo.

Disc Games:

The story goes like this Sony wanted in on video games so they will produce an add-on for the SNES to play disc games. They will release a new system that would play both cartridges and disks the Nintendo PlayStation. This obviously didn’t work out and intend to announce to deal with rival electronics company Philips to develop a CD-based games platform leaving Sony to go off and do their own thing. Supposedly 200 prototype units of the PlayStation exist and occasionally they’re spotted on the lock-on option for absurd amounts of cash Nintendo is an old company that’s pretty well now it’s not uncommon for boom arrest data types to revere the days of super Nintendo above all other petty desires of the flesh but what you might not know is just how old Nintendo actually is the company was founded way back at the end of the nineteenth century in 1889.

The company was originally founded by who’s a hero yeah I’m out she to produce how-to food or Japanese playing cards through the 19 sixties. Nintendo experimented with various business models until settling on video games in the late 19 seventies into first gained international acclaim with the release of the any S or Nintendo Entertainment System in 1977 but the company has been around for nearly 100 years anyway back in the days of the Nintendo 64 goldeneye changed pretty much everything shooters on consoles had a bit of a rough start due to the technical limitations of both controls and hardware but golden I managed to tap into something magic for many. The magic was at its strongest in the game’s multiplayer what you might not know is that the gold nice multi-player took just 6 weeks to make all the way to the end of development according to the composer of the game’s music nobody even like the idea of multiplayer. We’re incredibly reluctant to put it together which is why it only came together late in development once it was working the team began to understand what they had on their hands but if they had had their way originally it wouldn’t even be part of the game.

Revenue Nintendo:

When we talk about video games today we often look at Nintendo Microsoft and Sony as competitors as peers as if 1 company is responding or should respond to another this idea is deceptively disingenuous because these 3 companies exist at vastly different scales. For example, in 2020 Nintendo took in approximately 1.3000000000000 yen in revenue 2020 so he took in approximately 8.3000000000000 yen in revenue, and Microsoft in 2020 took home a staggering 140 $3000000000 in revenue Nintendo is much smaller than sound who is in turn much smaller than Microsoft. This means that on a fundamental level Nintendo not only doesn’t want to directly compete with Microsoft and Sony it can’t if you smash fan we’re sorry then you’re probably sorry too if you don’t already know the longest-running smash tournament in the US. The big house got hit with a cease and desist from Nintendo because 20 twenties event reportedly required the use of illegally copied versions of super smash brothers melee as well as made use of an unsupported mod the slippy online net code legally speaking by all accounts Nintendo seems within their rights but to shut down a fan-funded fan-operated passion project literally exclusively about playing 1 of their games during a year where playing these beloved games with friends and loved ones were particularly hard.

Because of some archaic legal technicality that allows you to do so is in no uncertain terms just a huge middle finger to Vance joy-con drift has become the biggest gaming hardware failure scandal since the infamous red ring of death like Microsoft Xbox 360 line of consoles. Nintendo hasn’t exactly been great at responding to the disaster and while the worst problem Microsoft did eventually acknowledge their problem at least offer to repair brick consoles this is like 2 in recent memory a mother suing Nintendo on behalf of her kid because of multiple defective joy-con suffering from the joy-con drift issue. If you are familiar with the issue itself it’s not complicated many switch users report problems with joy-cons drifting moving without their input over time this affects different people to different extents and can or cannot be solved by replacing the joy-con to this day people still think of Nintendo as a company that makes games just for Nintendo platforms people wonder what life would be like if these games went through other platforms.

Good News:

The good news is you don’t have to wait for Nintendo has already launched 7 mobile games on iOS and android that brings series like Super Mario and knees and fire emblem and animal crossing to platforms Nintendo didn’t make. There is also a good number of licensed Pokemon games on other platforms out there now no this isn’t a flagship Zelda coming to PC which would be kind of redundant when you think about an emulator like senior but Nintendo for years has been and continues to bring their games to other platforms. Nintendo is also pretty well known for its consumer-friendly stance on microtransactions they don’t put them in their games even still people were worried in the lead up to animal crossing New Horizons release wondering.

If the beloved series would be perverted by Microdrones actions that didn’t happen thankfully but if you want to peek behind the curtains and a darker timeline you can go ahead and download animal crossing pocket camp contenders mobile animal crossing game that’s full of all the traditional micro-transaction fine you find mobile games for games like animal crossing selling items and money and time savers to the player really messes with the fundamental nature of the game’s progression an economy which can be seen pretty clearly.

Portable Console:

When playing pocket camp if you missed it control and hitmen 3 are out now for switch the twist is that they are playable on Nintendo’s portable console only by way of clouds streaming cloud streaming for games become exponentially more popular with the launch of services like Google stadia. The switch is an excellent candidate for such service because the switch is more than capable of streaming and playing even cyberpunk 2077 through the cloud with this technology the switch could play PS 5 in series X games without issue though as always with these kinds of services how livable the latency is it’s going to be the deciding factor and there’s no good way to know how smooth your experience will be until you try it out on your internet connection Nintendo like apple has a reputation for being unfriendly to modding modders emulation hacks exploits all of it. They are fans of their fans trying to use their products in ways the company doesn’t sanction what you might not know is that Nintendo is in regular contact with the hacking community.

It’s not uncommon for Nintendo to approach a certain hacker to discover an exploit and make a deal to pay them higher than for sometimes. Even try and intimidate them into keeping whatever they discovered secret it’s not always some shady process any allegations of intention in us are by their nature impossible to verify but it’s true Nintendo has dealings with hackers in yet another attempt to keep their platforms closed thinking back to the first entry on our list. The Nintendo PlayStation what do you still like to see something like that today shouldn’t handle trying to compete at the high end and genuinely bring their games to other platforms or do you think then tendon size and business decisions are what make them the company we all know and love I was here the game or think it’s a little bit about but the thing is made possible by emulators like seeing you and use you are massively inspiring and definitely whet the appetite for Nintendo games on new platforms.

Should You Buy A Nintendo DS in 2020

Should You Buy A Nintendo DS in 2020

The house of Mario’s cute little handheld a sold over 150000000 units since it hit shelves in 2004. It was loved and adored back then but could that love extended today we’re going to talk about why the sweet sixteenth anniversary of the Nintendo DS could be the perfect time to get one owning a piece of the past is an international pastime for good reason. It’s fun to pick up old things and wonder and imagine how much work and inspiration went into their creation and how revolutionary certain design features were back in the day 2 screens and a piece of tech isn’t all that impressive 2020 but everyone in 2004 looked at the Nintendo DS sake a Nintendo dual screen like why didn’t I think of that the air to the Game Boy advance the DS is bottom 3-inch screen was a touch screen and both screens.

Battery Life:

This week that glide which was also fat-shamed after the DS lite came out as an 8-hour battery life not too shabby for an early 2 thousand handheld any of you older watchers remember how fast ghetto blasters ran out of battery. 20D batteries ain’t cheap not then not now D Massey D anyway. The DS has a calendar it’s one to schedule your gaming meetings with it it has picked a chat the zoom of 2004. NDS download plays for game demos and samples the wifi was also quite something at the time this tech was a quantum leap from Game Boy you did have to connect. The other DS is using friend codes so security was a little tight if someone gave you their DS friend code you knew they really liked you. Unfortunately, its servers are now disbanded.

It has backward compatibility that today’s consoles should be taking notes about you can play Gameboy advance titles on it expanding your library options by double for some odd reason. No, it cannot play Game Boy or Game Boy color games even though their successor. The Game Boy advance can but for the $50 or less you’ll pay for it at a flea market. We don’t think you can complain too much right now you have to pay on lately how much and the region locking on the DS is not a thing. So you can play the weirdest Japanese titles money can buy on the project formerly known as iris the lighter sleeker brighter DS lite is even better with 12:00 hours of battery life and things get incrementally better with the BSI. You get a full extra inch of screen in the bigger and better DSXL. The console is only as good as its games so this Cutie but to them is a group rate.

Platform Gamer:

For the platform gamer who loves the new school masterpieces like Cup had pay homage and tribute to some old school classics like these 3 great sonic games sonic rush adventures and sonic colors. The new Super Mario Bros breathe new life into the NE as a classic. And for those looking to broaden their platform gaming horizons, their star 5 the Kirby derivative whose ultra-cute underwater adventures are charming Merial and sonic alternatives. The ingeniously titled Nintendogs are wonderful for dog lovers too lazy to walk real-world dogs running those virtual canines could ease the stress of even the most stressed-out gamer. It’s better sometimes when playing that game you do end up feeling like Sam Rockwell’s character in 7 psychopaths. As their voice recognition software wasn’t and isn’t all that top-notch and before kids were getting severely hurt playing Pokemon go there was the infinitely safer Pokemon game Pokemon platinum version the 5-star improvement over Pokemon silver version and Pokemon pearl version.

There are a lot of other Pokemon gold mines on the DS well worth Your time like Pokemon black Pokemon white Pokemon black 2 and Pokemon White 2 and lest you not forget Pokemon heart gold and Pokemon SoulSilver. Even though those last 2 sound like they should be prince albums their Pokemon classics another set of games that never meant to cause. You any sorrow and it never meant to cause you any pain are the final fantasy RPGs FF3 and F4. These are Capcom classics that you can play while waiting for them to finish final fantasy 60 come, Joshua. Your father will be expecting and for the truest of true role-playing game aficionados. You can’t talk about RPGs without talking about Zelda and no Zelda collection is complete without the legend of Zelda 4 swords anniversary edition the number of endorphins this sound releases in my brain. Always refills several of my heart pieces. For fans of the bizarre and lovers of the movie being John Malkovich.

Inside Story:

There is Maryland Luigi Bowser’s inside story where you get inhaled by Bowser and spend time deep inside your arch-enemy in order to battle a bigger tyrant name awful. If you’re tired of dying every few seconds playing online in call of duty modern warfare. Take it back in we mean way back to the call of duty DS games where you can actually win sometimes. If you’re looking for a true blue DS classic there is animal crossing wild world a real garden of peace for really high strung gamers. It’s a place to go and get a full chill as nothing can truly get to you when you’re riding with the cap. And finally one of the rarest games of the mall which YouTuber Nick Robinson recently resurrected the McDonald’s DS game which you can actually use to learn how to work it makes this restaurant as it was an actual training tool the fast-food chain views great for McDonald’s lovers rare game collectors.

US President:

The US president what It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though for another kind of culinary artist wants to have an experience that’s the opposite of fun you can play handheld games is Cory in the house where you play as the teenage head chef of the White House and spend all your days looking for lemon sauce look. they can’t all be gems but with such a wide variety of games that’s bound to happen but the good games trump the bad ones for this now almost classic consul, yeah and for the rock guards out there I almost forgot there’s guitar hero DS that was amazing. The holidays are supposed to be a time of great joy and togetherness but what the hallmark movies don’t show is that there is also a time of great stress.

Sky-high expectations that are tough as nails to me and noise see the Grinch understands give yourself. The gift that’s entering the teenage years that can make the world go away with its historical appeal vast game library and it’s linked to a not so overwhelming passed sure you could play cyberpunk 2077 and accept all its bugs and flaws. But if you want to take a trip to the past and have a good time the Nintendo DS is always up for it and with some going as low as 10 Bucks and $10 on things that only lasted a few minutes and afterward I felt pretty bomb. The US could provide you with hours of joy for that same price if you think of it like what if you got to lose. What do you think about the BS do you only play emulators any old time favorites you’ve been wanting to try.

Will This Be The Last Console War

Will This Be The Last Console War

We always tend to call the popularity contest between councils of the same generation console war because Hey that sounds pretty bad but is the PS 5 versus Xbox series action actually a console war. If you think about it the console wars as we know them are finished whether it’s cross-play or the pricing of the Xbox series S. There are many factors that have led to the end of the console wars. I’ll even talk about how the previous console wars have gone and who seems to be winning this ninth-generation battle not a war between the PS 5 and Xbox X. Nintendo Sony and Microsoft are the great cultural creators of our time. They’re always trying to get the best of one another well except for Nintendo. They’re just super successful doing their own thing on the side that being said for the last 2 generations. When you talk about console wars you talk about Sony versus Microsoft or in this case the PS 5 versus the Xbox X and Sony and Microsoft Word taking jabs at each other or talking much smack leading up to the release of their next Gen console.


Both companies just let their hardware do the talking for them and we’re completely fine with that it was all friendly competition between the 2 companies. Even the fanboys Warner’s rabbit is the usually are so he decided to put a lot of focus on the controller of the PS 5 and give this to council option but both versions have the same specs as for Microsoft. They went with an incredibly powerful Xbox 3 X and a less powerful Xbox series S that undercuts the price of the PS 5 digital edition by $100. Do you know why Microsoft came out with a $300 series S. It’s because they know what’s up they knew that the PS 5 is going to sell better than their next-Gen consoles so they released the series S to entice those who buy a PS 5 also by the series S. Since it’s only a few $0 and it definitely works because of the PS 5 owner who’s really interested in the Xbox S?

I actually own a PS 5 and no I’m not going to sell it to you 3 times. The price I’m not that kind of guy anyway if you own a PS 5 and Xbox series S. You’ll most likely play games available on both consoles on your PS 5 since it’s the stronger machines as well only really be used for Xbox exclusives denture Microsoft doesn’t mind at all if you own. Both consoles are really a console war you’re sort of like a double agent that’s what Microsoft wants they don’t necessarily want you to have to pick between the PS 5 and Xbox XRS. They want you to have your cake and eat it too the Xbox series S alone isn’t what ended the call to wars oh no I believe another next Gen feature had a big stand that I’m talking about cross-play viability to play a game with anyone on any platform whether it’s Nintendo switch PS 5 Xbox series X.

Multiplayer Games:

Xbox series S or PC don’t get me wrong I absolutely love crossplay and think all multiplayer games should happen but it does have its repercussions for starters now we don’t have those call of duty players on Xbox. Who always used to talk about how their counsel had the best players and PlayStation players were all new I remember that as a PlayStation player always grinding my gears hearing my friends say that but now it’s over with everyone is playing with everyone so now the hold which console has the better players debate is moot the last 3 calls. A war we had was between the PS 4 and the Xbox 1 backward both consoles for the same price and there was no such thing as a prospect. We saw Sony and Microsoft take shots at each other and we already knew who won the war before the councils were even released after that sorry excuse of an Xbox 1 law seriously what was Microsoft thinking the whole connected bottle led to a lot of backlash with many players flipping to PS 4 since there was no backward compatibility in either console.

It was a complete disaster that Microsoft is still trying to recover from the main reason why PS 5 versus Xbox series X and S isn’t called the war is that both companies are fighting for the same price. Sony wants to uphold its dominance in the console market share and Microsoft just wants to get a bigger piece of the pie well it seems like it took forever for the PS 5 and Xbox X to be released. It actually wasn’t any longer than the weight from the PS 3 to PS 4. It took 7 years for Sony to release the call for both times so there’s definitely a trend here as for Microsoft there was an 8-year gap between the Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 and a 7-year gap between the Xbox 1 and Xbox series X. Nintendo is a bit more all over the place with when they release the call please but so you Microsoft seem to always follow the 68-year release cycle if the 7-year trend continues.

PS 6 and Xbox series:

We could definitely see new councils in 2027 so mark 11/20/27 on your calendars and hop on the PS 6 and Xbox series. The hype train before it’s too late well I don’t. Google has also entered the console gaming sphere with the stadia in 2019 well let’s just say things haven’t gone really well for the cloud gaming could very well be the future of gaming. But I will have to be executed better than the Google stadia for it to have some staying power with the stadia you pay a monthly subscription but that doesn’t give you access to all the games in its library despite the subscription. Some games will still need to be fought if the subscription gives you access to all the games in the stadium’s library. There’s no denying that it would have been so much more successful but that’s a pipe dream PlayStation now Xbox game pass and Nvidia G force now are all better options since you get access to all the games in those libraries with the subscription.

What is streaming games the future of gaming? I don’t think so. I think it’s a great option for gamers. If they want access to a bunch of games that they could play whatever but it’s not going to replace the traditional by gameplay game system until all of that console’s exclusives are playable with the subscription as long as the libraries are primarily made up of older games. People will still buy and play games the traditional way that’s what I do what can I say I’m a very traditional gamer. When it comes to the console wars in the past I’ve got an opinion on every single 1 of them starting with the third generation. The third generation really put councils on the map and paid any S against the Sega master system simply put any S had much better games and dominated sales easily winning the third generation console war. The fourth-generation console war was much closer it was between the SNES and Sega Genesis Sega really took a step forward that year with some solid marketing and great games like sonic.

Fifth Generation War:

The hedgehog but it still wasn’t enough to beat out the SNES and its an incredible library of games the fifth generation war was the first 1 Sony to pardon while the Nintendo stuff with cartridges for the N64 so anyone that CD’s for the PS 1 which enticed plenty of third-party developers to switch from Nintendo to Sony most notably square Enix. The PS 1 completely dominate sales include all of the council’s out of the water with its incredible technology at the time Sony would continue their dominance with a PlayStation 2 in the sixth generation war. It was and still is the best selling console of all time the original Xbox and Nintendo game cube never stood a chance that’s literally all I need to say in a more controversial take I believe the Nintendo Wii won the seventh generation called the war against the PS 3 and Xbox 360 Nintendo went back to the drawing board after the game cube and came up with such an innovative consul.

It dominated sales and was fun to play in fact. I still play we to this day as for who won the eighth generation called the war the last great console war that would be the PS 4 the wi you flop and the Xbox 1’s horrible launch made it all too easy for Sony although the Nintendo Switch is a close second currently. It looks like the PS 5 is well ahead of the Xbox series acts Sony is selling twice as many consoles as Microsoft and there are many more people gushing about the PS 5 in the series acts but that doesn’t mean Microsoft console is flawed. It’s still a great console that selling well only time will tell who wins the ninth generation battle not a war between these 2 consoles. Like I said earlier all of the console war winners I picked were my personal opinion so I don’t expect you all agree with me 100 percent but I’d love to know which consoles you think one each generation’s war if you think the console wars.