Bill & Ted Face The Music – Movie (My Thoughts)

Bill and Ted face the music so bill and Ted face the music is the third bill and Ted movie and the first sequel in almost 30 years selling 10 are a bit older now. they still haven’t written that song is gonna unite humanity but well the stakes are a bit higher now they have to save existence is funny. Because this is pretty much them saying humanity is not suitable for the bill and Ted was like I have to write the song to save humanity never like you need to save existence. because it’s probably more likely saving existence is more possible than saving humanity I don’t disagree so now they embark through time to steal the song from themselves who will have written the song while their daughters go through the time and assemble a band made of great musical legend hopefully the song it’s written in existence gets saved in the end.

I felt was movie pretty endearingly sweet first of all bill and Ted being back together it is risky it is because like women are they still gonna be bill into they do feel like bill and Ted. which is a leap you have to tell them to tell you most people who talk like do you know way back in 1989 now they probably talk like you know that was it was we talked back then in San demi’s crazy I don’t know maybe you can see him doing this all those yet but maybe your guns are I don’t know as much as is it seeing Keanu Reeves back is really Alex winter. I just want to give him some love because every key on Tuesday Keanu what we know Keanu he has a big tail is he’s no introduction there is a movie about a cat named after him there’s no movie about a cat called Alex losing Alex winter in the bill and Ted face the music it reminded me of watching cobra kai reelected Johnny’s also Alex winter rocking that sweater tied around the waist good for him.

I have a sweater around my waist right now don’t believe me you’re right I have nothing on from the waist down adult also their daughter Samara weaving and Brigette Lundy Paine hope. Pronouncing that right could be lying to you never know with names so that there is all the greater they’re doing building 10 person actions feds daughter Billy it’s strict up doing a tad impersonation cheating kind of squeeze your body back and forth like that like if I was hanging out with her and she was like Hey who do the billing or your tenth-year look at the total point as they were both solid and it starts to hit that point rose like all right bill and Ted gonna get pushed to the side because everyone goes on their adventures like billing Ted to go on this quest.

The daughters go on this quest I did I will I was like I still want bill intended to be it’s bill and Ted face the music and I will say they did a good job at mixing all of it together it’s a collaborative effort it’s a family movie funny enough one of my article talking about the trailer those are all I hope to have the historical figure thing going on and that’s what the daughters going do actually more invested in the bill and Ted’s quest then the quest to go get the historical figures it’s probably because the historical figures as they’re treated in this movie like forgetting to gather together so they can form this band and play this music that’s going to save existence.

you don’t get as much time with them like in bill and Ted’s excellent adventure there’s a scene in the mall over the office to start reckon the mall it felt like you got to know the historical figures an excellent adventure and this one is really like all right let’s gather him up and let’s do the band back also death is back William Sadler as death from bill and Ted’s bogus journey I didn’t know how much I would love seeing him back until I saw him in this movie and I was like how could you not have this guy back he’s one of the best parts of the movie is not just me starting here for nostalgia shirts okay death from bugs journey.

But he still important to the plot it does have a bit of a different I know use this term a lot my Batman trailer video but I’ll say it again vibe it has a different vibe in the bill and Ted’s excellent adventure and the bogus journey is bill and Ted’s excellent adventure was a high school comedy with time travel even bogus journey felt like it was in the same universe bill and Ted face the music feels a bit differently it’s still for. It was like it’s in the same universe because you know that the same actors in your same premise the phone booth is that you do have these key elements that remind you.

This is part of that world but in terms of how it feels it feels more like a man in the black movie than the bill, and Ted’s excellent adventure took some about this movie that felt very men in black I don’t know if it’s. because when they go to the future they’ll quickly step into a mac store I don’t know if it’s because the time egg just reminds me of some men in black tack minimum black billet that had a kid it would be this movie is 1 of those movies that just in broccoli ends.

it’s like I don’t do anything about it and I got to assume they didn’t run out of time but it definitely feels like the ending was cut short kind of going for a little more wrap up yourself phrase is not as much fun as the first 2 not as classic as the first to be definitely not as bad as it could have been but I think anyone 30 years from now it’s going to be like yeah but have you seen bill and Ted face the music but in the end, I just enjoyed myself first bill and Ted face the music do you want to see it are you interested in seeing it what’s your favorite bill and Ted’s excellent adventure or bogus journey whatever you think let me know.

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