Batman Mask of the Phantasm – Complete Review

This underrated Batman movie that underrated in the sense of it’s overlooked a lot of times when people think about the Batman movies like when you think about movies like Burton Schumacher and Nolan but in between Burton and Schumacher is this little gem called Batman mask of the phantasm source opposes underrated in that sense but most Batman fans are always like yeah mask of the phantasm 1 of the best Batman movies out there it is quite hidden gems of the plot is it is in the vein of Batman the animated series and there’s a new player in Gotham the phantasm who’s never actually called the phantasm in the movie but I digress the 6 of us we call the phantasm the vendor as it looks like a phantasm so why not in the phantasm is offering gangsters in Gotham.

Sure or and I remember thinking like phantasm this new Batman villain and even when I walked out of the movie is young and I was like oh Batman mask of the phantasm was the new villain that although phantasm is a great iconic new character I mean instant classic character among Batman I’m baffled that phantasm is not used more offense is not a villain like phantoms going around messing with innocent people phantasm like Batman only back I was like this is Caleb get it over with and once I realized that after the first time I saw him ask the phantasm if they just made the plot battered Smith mask of the phantasm more complex take a shot every time.

I say phantasm are you dead yet I’m sorry hello Bruce Wayne’s really conflicted guy in that first is seen this is actually the most conflicted I’ve ever seen Bruce Wayne in any of the movies like he’s always had that you know like I hear that the cave in cal it emits Rachel dots to be with me did you mean it yeah it’s always been like a drop the Cape in cal if you’ll be with me Rachel Dawes no she got blown up yes take Catwoman so Bruce Wayne struggling with Batman you know we’ve seen that yes what is any of it executed as well as that seen in mask of the phantasm or Bruce Wayne is just crying at his parents grave asking them for permission to go back on this promise that he made their music I didn’t expect to be happy but I’m happy is isn’t that okay it’s no it’s it’s it it reminds me there was this philosopher on an airplane and he kind of assessed a passenger was on the plane with them any sad moments of levity actually causing pain that is what I thought of when I saw this scene before doing this video it’s.

It’s could shed the phantasm actually does a really good job at balancing all the cogs in this machine in this hour and 15-minute long movie explaining it I would you would swear they needed more time to fit it all in but they somehow finished seeing Bruce Wayne becoming Batman this back story love story in which she’s conflicted with being Batman and he wants to be with this person you know we can’t have both this phantasm who’s offering mobsters people think it’s a Batman them amongst all of it thrown into the mix is the joker which they could have just thrown in because it’s the joker and it’s a Batman animated moving you kinda need the joker.

Because it’s the joker duties the star of the highest-grossing rated R. film of all time granted mask of the phantasm was decades before that but it just goes to show having joker on screen is usually not about that but he’s not just thrown in here for the sake of having the joker in the animated movie he’s a very important cog in this machine and he brings the kind of chaos and unpredictable nature you want the joker to bring into a movie like this just when you think you figured out the structure of mask of the phantasm joker comes invoiced by the legendary Mark Hamill to shake it the up and is actually a pretty epic reveal in this movie coupled with the joker’s laughter just chilled me to the bone.

when I was a kid actually still gives me chills now what I’m talking about it it’s so good and that this plot is complex is definitely the most complex Batman movie up until it came out definitely ever told Nolan took over even the end there’s a lot of things that the dark knight gets all the shine for the mask of the phantasm actually did first like Batman begins we see Batman’s origin mask of the phantasm is actually the first time on the big screen we saw Batman origin story sub-Bruce Wayne becoming Batman in these flashbacks registry or he gets the inspiration for the batmobile did you seize frustrated like they weren’t afraid to me they need to be afraid of me and you see how he becomes Batman and why becomes Batman the dark knight gets all the shine for being the Batman mob drama.

Mask of the phantasm was the first day of the dark knight goes deeper into it and do you know what does because of the time allowed I suppose that is the thing to address as much as they use the time they have to it’s fullest is still an hour and 15 minutes they have a lot of plot in there and it all works but there are a couple moments where like intrigue okay just give me the answer about the fantastic thing okay if this movie was a full 2 hour long movie or as long as the dark knight I can only imagine what they could have done with it but for the time they had been totally used it well I will say one of my gripes is sometimes the visuals I mean the animation is more refined the Batman the animated series not that Batman the enemy service back so if it’s the greatest animated series of all time in my opinion but about the series of Batman the animated series on Blu ray and I had mastered the phantasm the blue right in there and sometimes it’s crystal clear and sometimes it’s just fuzzier and you’re like oh that’s weird the fuzzy in the next scene it’s clear you’re like.

I don’t know why one of the graves I’ve heard I haven’t heard a lot but I have heard it in whispers and comments out there is the fact that this feels like basically a longer episode of Batman the animated series but I don’t think that is showing a lack of quality with a mask of the phantasm I think that just shows the quality of Batman the animated series in this movie is just an epic one it has a heart it has a motion it has the feel that has depth in a way that you want to see from a Batman movie it’s a compelling Bruce Wayne drama, as well as an epic Batman story and its phantasm, is tragedy phantasm is a tragic character.

But it never ceases to be Batman’s movie mask of the phantasm just has enough room for everyone to thrive and shine. In an hour and 15 minutes, it’s going to be the best time management I’ve ever seen in a movie Batman mask of the phantasm has aged like a fine wine and it is awesome. The will pick for its all right so Batman mask of the phantasm have you seen it what did you think about it’s on Netflix right now so check it out if you haven’t seen in years but a few years since I’ve seen it and I just got more out of it this time surprisingly so whatever you think of it.

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