Baking a Cake in a Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

Today I am so excited because we’re doing something that we’ve never done before on this site. It’s because I got many suggestions from you guys to make some crockpot recipes. So let’s talk the pox now typically this crockpot over is terrific for baking meals and dishes and food everything savory. This was given to me as a house warming gift. I’ve been using it for years, and I love it but when I bake the cake in here the lead first off has two holes you know to let out steam never had a problem with it until I baked a cake my cake after even 3:04 hours the edges were starting to burn in the middle was just mush just like putty mush. It was terrible so the second test I cover the holes I’m a Guyver day and put a towel down and baked again. I had better results.

The crockpot has a digital programmable interface and to keep them safe from the heat I guess the heating element that goes all the way around it conducts heat except for in the front. I had no idea because I cook so many Nielsen hearing never had a problem. But when you’re baking a cake differently. This is a crockpot that I would recommend and what worked for me, and it worked well, and it works the first time it is their manual crockpot this one is a seven court and look at this the lead. It has no holes what you get even heat all the way around, and the cakes bake well incredible you can bake a cake.

I am very passionate about baking, and I want you guys to have great results. Let’s get started first step to making a cake in a crockpot is you going to line the bottom of the stone. wherewith the piece of aluminum foil takes off the land. I move this over here do. If you’ve never used a crockpot before this is the stone where. Right here place a piece of aluminum foil to the bottom. You want the entire base to be covered and then a little bit about an inch or two around the sites. I’m being gentle and trying to squish the aluminum to be as flat as possible. Because your cake will pick up the shape of the aluminum if it gets a little wrinkly on the side okay still going to taste good and you can cover it with icing you line the stoneware with foil so that the edges of the cake as it slow baking the edges will burn.

It also makes it easy to take out, so when the next step is to grease the foil lightly. When I say light I mean the morning you don’t want a heavy grease displayed otherwise it’s going to like to fry your deal. When it’s slow cooking so just a little, this is like a bit of hairspray; it isn’t just a little bit. A little goes a long way would turn it this way the other side. Beautiful places here place is off to the side and let’s make some cake batter thinking making today is like homemade vanilla fined 30 K. because I love playing cake, but you can make any cake you’d like. We’re going to put together dry ingredients in a large bowl I’ve got flour baking powder we. He always together until well combined and then send it off to the side next step or underwear butter mixture in a large bowl you’re going to cream together your butter and sugar, but this is a little different because we’re first going to mix our butter in cooking oil.

Pro-tip you want you’re better to be at room temperature. You do not wish to melted butter you do not wish to cold better right out of the fridge you wish to room temperature better. It’s soft but not melted but that in the fall. It makes it the perfect consistency to crane put it in the bowl along with your coconut oil. I’m using coconut oil as a replacement to shortening that’s what I love about baking you can always replace an ingredient you can still make a recipe better over the years. This is one of the elements that I changed over the years, and I love it now using an electric hand mixer I’m just going to mix these two also in between mixing you can use a little spatula scrape down the sides this one to be nice and smooth now. We’re going to mix cream or butter and sugar just like usual we’ve done this all 0 times. We have done this hundreds of times add your sugar to the bowl.

Then again using an electric hand mixer. We’re going to mix together till light, and fluffy usually takes about 4 minutes. It should look like a smooth that is that looks like a broader cloud that’s precisely what we want next to add your extracts and mix it up reading a little bit of an L. extract almond extract then mix it up again. Then latter aids we got our vanilla flavors in there without a bit of bit only just to give it an extra something never going to enter ages. it’s 5 aids but we’re not having the whole 8. we’re just adding that big white Sir going to separate our eggs from the yelp to do this. I just cracked Megan to do the digital method. I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid. I don’t really know why you just crack it in half and you jiggle the yoke back and forth letting the airwaves strip into the bowl doodle day girl 20 that all your eggs in the bowl.

We’re just going to mix well mixed together and scrape down the sides. I’m getting excited things are really starting to come together. we’re going to alternate adding our flour mixture and milk to our butter mixture starting and ending with flour. you and about a third of the flour mix it up with the milk mix it up the second third of the flour mix it up the rest of the milk mix it up the last of the flour and mix it up look at this batter looks amazing. we are almost ready but lasting greeting it is fun you can have a fun birthday cake without the fun fifties. this is what makes it fun the rainbow sprinkles are going to perform all of your cake batters. I love it and you just kind of pulled together using a big spatula. you want to pull them into the batter gently. because you want them to keep their color and shape.

if you use an electric mixer you can grind them into dust so just be really gentle. if you’ve never folded before it’s very easy you just take your spatula to scoop underneath the battered group folded over the top leave a little air. Turn your bowl under overturn under overturns and just keep doing that until well incorporated and then we’re ready to mate did you our batter is ready and now we’re going to bake a cake in the crockpot all right so take off the lid pour in your batter. Then using a spatula smooth beer-battered so it’s nice and flat on top get a nice even bay last step before we let this bank is we’re going to place a towel on the top and that’s because crockpot lids fit loosely. Like that so placing a towel on top is going to create a little bit more of a seal to keep that heat and it’s also going to absorb the condensation the moisture that the cake is going to release otherwise if you don’t know a little bit condensation and water will just be dripping down on to the top of your cake you gross it will be like it’s raining on your cake soggy cake.

I would recommend either doubling up or in this case, I’m using 3 just to be sure to absorb all that moisture easy peasy just place it over the top make. it super easy you just turn the temperature to high and let it cook for 2:00 hours Ian pro tip. while the cake is cooking, don’t open the lid at all after 2:00 hours. You can use a little too thick or a cake tester right here they’re just a little bit longer and you’re gonna poke the center of the cake. if you place it down and pull it out and it comes out clean. it is done it is baked and ready to eat and if any gunk is stuck on there and still doing it needs to bake for a little bit longer the big times can vary based on what cake recipe the batter that you’re using a hand the size of your crockpot again. I’m using the 7 chords and this recipe works really well. These on you’re going to remove the stone wherefrom the pool in a place over here on the counter and you’re going to let it cool in the stone where for about 15 minutes before removing it so just let it cool let it do its thing then you can remove the cake and place it onto a cooling rack.

What’s your cake has cooled place it onto whatever serving trade like to you can just place it on a basic plate a cake plate or cake stand or making a birthday cake. I want to put on something fun I’ve been on the cake stand and it’s so cute. I was so excited that this works impressively that this can remind me of the sheet cakes my mom used to make cheese to bake a cake in those casserole dishes but instead of being a long rectangle, it’s a little overall I mean. Okay I don’t know that I’ve ever read in the home okay this may be my first oval K. but I love it, so before a translation, I wanted to decorate. I’ve got some white buttercream icing.

I’m just going to frost the whole thing and decorate with s’mores sprinkles to iced the cake mustard on the top I’ve been outlaying all the way around like a fence, and then six sounds fill it. In then using an offset spatula to move it out on top and then we’ll do the same to the sides. I can’t turntable. Indeed your table here is that turntable if you’ve got a turntable he’s helping women deal we compare pricing in lines all the way down and then smooth again.

An offset spatula cake is I am now is virtually optional if a little bit more buttercream into a piping bag with the open star tip at the end. The one that looks like small teeth I’m going to add a few little details on the top. Before the sprinkles, this will make it look like a birthday cake you do little waves just a little pattern all the way around there so we different patterns you can do something simple and now smell rainbow sprinkles. Yes, this is awesome. I love it. There you have it a birthday cake made in a crockpot I can’t believe this works. I’ve never done this before a big thank you to you guys for suggesting that is now right now. I was so excited I was. Let’s do this we mean we do we when we do it to save it. It’s so good it’s incredible, it’s fantastic. This may be one of the finest recipes I’ve ever done I’m in love with this I will make more things across.

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